Episode-2562- Listener Feedback for 12-9-19 — 3 Comments

  1. Tulsi Gabbard could stand toe to toe with ,” Our dingbat in charge.”

    Only for what everyone wants to hear in a one minute debate.

    Noone considers Hawaii as a real state, but, Barrack Obama didn’t show up until February so…..

    ,But, the Democrats don’t want to win this one as usual. We’ll see them four years down the road.

    Not that I will vote for her. She could win on an ” ok Boomer” movement.

  2. Gabbard is only on the radar at all due to being considered “anti war” sadly that is not the case. Gabbard is anti regimen change but totally a war hawk on the “war on terror”. There is no war more endless than a war on a concept. Regimen change is actually about the only type of war with a clear objective and a clear end. I am not saying we should be doing it, but what the fuck is the “war on terror”?

    I will tell you what it is, an endless permit to bomb people all over the world and that is what Tulsi is for. She can go fuck herself in the ass with a cactus like all the other politicians.