Episode-1262- Listener Feedback for 12-9-13 — 26 Comments

  1. I will add that my monitor is plugged into my UPS (which are pretty well all modified sine wave) and sure enough the monitor does not come on when I disconnect the UPS from the grid. The monitor is about three months old; LG 27EA33 and the UPS is an APC ES 750. I would be interested to hear from Steven Harris on this.

    In a grid down scenario, I would probably stick to my notebook anyway. Since that plugged into a modified sine wave will keep the notebook charged. And at 13 watts, I could get alot of mileage out of a Group U1 battery

    • That is really interesting because my LCD absolutely does worth with my UPS, though it is a pretty high end UPS I don’t believe it is a full sine wave invertor.

    • Update:
      I have a dead outlet on the UPS. When I was doing my testing I kept pluggin in subsequent monitors into the same outlet on the UPS. It worked with my sine wave inverter because I had it hooked up to a separate SLA. So once I plugged it into another UPS outlet all three monitors worked. It goes back to your emphasis on troubleshooting; I should have verified that first.

      Thank Jack

      • Huh the mystery deepens! What modified sine wave inverter/s do you have.

        I ask because I can’t believe most UPSs have a true sine wave inverter in them. I wonder if you have an inverter that doesn’t play nice with LCDs for another reason.

      • I guess what I am saying is the monitor worked all along with my APC modified sine wave UPS, it was just a dead outlet. As far as my pure sine wave inverters, I have a yellow PowerBright, 150 watt (300 surge) and a larger 1000 watt blue powerbright.

      • I did some more research and found some obscure technical info on them. But basically it had to do with the circuitry used to convert the DC to AC and the timing of the ‘peak’ and duration. I wish I could find it again. A fellow on Youtube ran the new CREE LED bulbs on MSW and noted they run hotter. Which may reduce the life of the bulb. I am on the fence; while I see Steve Harris’s point that LED/computers/tablets are all ultimately DC, it’s the tolerances of the chip or whatever and it’s expectation level as to how dirty the AC coming in is.

  2. You mentioned slipping on ice. Get a footwear product called “Stabilicers”, about $50 a pair. I use them whenever the driveway or yard has iced over, or I just want to go for a walk in the woods during slippery conditions. I love mine. They’re amazing… you just can’t slip when these are strapped onto your shoes (with the possible exception of oak leaves on top of wet ice — that can still slip.) There are many similar products, but I’ve found Stabilicers to work the best.

  3. Very interesting episode. Your comments about young muzzy headed Permaculturists really struck home as we has a wild “discussion” on about whether it was right to involve Permaculture (as if its some kind of sacred cow) with business, or should we just do it for free, for the betterment of all. Im sure comments like “fair share”, in the form of socialistic collectivism were bantered about as well. I caught some heat for saying that the only fair share deserved by my work was my share. That while it was good to be charitable, forced charity was nothing less than economic slavery. There are too many young, idealistic Permaculturists who fall into Geoff’s label of a “walking type 1 error.” Sorry for the rant but I get a bit excited when muzzy heads tell me that I should work for free, or barter. My landlord doesnt take barter. Neither does the gas, water, sewage or electric companies, as far as I know.

    Cutting edge, brother. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. I heard a coworker complaining one day that she saw a sign at her bank about opening an account for non-citizens. Her point of view was very narrow minded and she just assumed that it was to facilitate illegals getting bank accounts. When I suggested that she think for just a second about all of the foreign legal workers that do live and work in the US from all over the world she seemed to see the light.

    I mentioned an engineering office in Atlanta that I had worked in that was comprised mainly of Canadians. All of whom were working legally and paying all local taxes entailed in day to day living. They certainly needed access to the banking system and they weren’t citizens, didn’t have green cards, but were here on work visas. Your story about critical thinking and reversing the situation was essentially what I had to point out to her to make her think it through. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder now for Americans to open bank accounts in other countries they are legally living and working in.

  5. Any of you guys ever read “Snow Crash” by Neil Stephenson? One day this country will a nation of corporate / national neighborhoods.

  6. FYI The Stitcher Feed cuts off before you finish your intro. It did this last week during a interview as well. I’ll catch it on the computer feed but you may want to look into it. NOT COMPLAINING Just FYI. Thanks for all the great info, your Podcast is the only one I do not miss.

  7. Jack, check out the yaktrax pro for walking on the ice. I have been using the same pair off and on for the last 5 winters. They give great traction and aren’t as clunky or damaging to surfaces as the crampon like versions or the ones with carbide spikes.

  8. How does this relate to topic of our government grabbing private wealth? Swiss banks agree to US tax deal, more expected to follow

    • Theater and nothing more. The true wealthy with funds overseas don’t have the funds in their names. They have foreign companies that hold the money. They spend the money mostly outside the country so there isn’t shit that can be done about it. This is mostly the 500 million and above club.

      This type of crap is for the small guy worth a few million dollars that somehow snaked into a Swiss account before the crack down. It means nothing to you because you CAN’T open a bank account in Switzerland anyway and neither can I. Any US citizen that put money into such an account in recent time did so because they have dual citizenship and did so as a citizen of that other nation. Hence this agreement doesn’t effect them either.

      All you see now is a desperate broke ass government trying to implement as many capital controls as they can and close as many doors as possible. They claim to be after the “rich” but the are the ones that write the laws and control them, so it is nothing but theater.

      • My wife had a green card so I was wondering if this provides a benefit I otherwise wouldn’t have, to be able to open accounts anywhere with her name. I am assuming she could still do this as a dual citizen, but I’m not sure on that. I am no longer sure going for US citizenship has any benefit, other than green card expires if leaving country for a year or more.

    • But nothing about how much is currently being funneled into Government Debt. This is classic watch the pretty girl while I pull a rabbit out of the hat crap.

      Everyone is so worried about a direct assault that no one sees what is being done right now.

  9. I can personally attest to the requirement of government agencies to spend every penny they receive. I work at our lowest levels of government, a non-TSA, DHS law enforcement position. For the better part of a decade, every year around mid-September we magically find money in our budget after being short most of the previous fiscal year. When this money is found, we staff at sickening levels. Overtime will be assigned when no one is needed, and we’ll be tripping over officers. Special operations will be dreamed up that make no sense whatsoever just to use up this money rather than giving it back. “Under budget” is a term that does not exist.

  10. My company has a similar 1% auto-enrollment for 401k that auto-increases 1% per year, but stops at 6%.
    However, to their credit, it is very well communicated, can easily be stopped through an online login, and defaults to a well diversified mutual fund chosen based on your age.