Episode-2337- Listener Feedback for 12-3-18 — 6 Comments

  1. My guess is that the door was unlocked but closed.

    She put the key in the lock and as she done so the door pushed open.

    What I would like to know is, when she fired at the guy in his home, was she standing between him and the door (in which case she had a voluntary escape route).

    Or had she already walked past him and then believed that her exit might be blocked.

    Wonder what would have happened if he shot her, what would he be charged with, given that she was in uniform but it was dark inside (I think)

    This is a dificult case, if I imagine myself in either persons shoes.

    Best of luck to Judge and Jury.


  2. Good analysis of the metoo movement.

    Good spotting of the ‘victim – club’, well explained.

    One thing that puzzles me, given that the corporate on mainstraem media are well supporting the meeto movement.

    So too are the courts supporting it.

    What is in it for both of them, what is their bigger agenda ?

  3. Thomas, if you’re monitoring the comments here and are close enough to Eastern PA, I’d be happy to help you get started with hunting and gun ownership. I can also point you in the direction of some local clubs. If you’re on the other side of the state, check out the zello channel or other groups to see whos around.

    The 10/22 is a fine first choice and something I’ve also recommended to multiple new shooters. It’s more than capable of anything you’d expect a 22 to be able to do, something you’ll never “outgrow” and “move on to something else.”

    On hunting, PA did change the law to allow semi auto rifles “22 rimfire or less” for hunting small game last year. I was surpised to learn that my trusty squirrel gun in another state was not allowed to hunt them when I moved back to PA a few years ago. I also recommend waiting until next year for hunting to learn and hone your skills. Groundhogs have “no closed season” in PA so take that as you will. Jack’s idea of talking to a farmer about them is spot on and should provide opportunity.

  4. Eve of Destruction was also the song one of the characters in the Movie version of Stephen King’s “The Stand” was playing as he sat on a car hood on the highway after the sper flu had killed off most of the population. LOL

  5. Hey caller from PA, I’m in central PA near State College. I moved from nyc to build a homestead here and I’m looking to hunt too. I have land here you can use if your local or looking for a road trip. I own the 10/22 and in my limited use I love it.

    Reach out to me if want to come by one day. This applies to any listener out there. I’d like to meet some local listeners