Episode-2568- Listener Feedback for 12-16-19 — 2 Comments

  1. I LOVE my VAA (Voluntary Association Association) t shirts. Can we get some



    NO LAW…



    shirts Made?  I’ll take 2- men’s large.


    I don’t see why tariffs with China were such a bad thing. If the Chinese economy was to dominate the world economically and being a communist country that could have serious negative impacts. If tariffs helps prevent that, then that is positive. How can they say China may be a serious military threat in the future but then say we must have free trade. That is a contradiction but I would not agree that tariffs must imply hostility leading towards war and free trade always helps prevent war.

    why is non political activism a badge of honor ? If you don’t want to vote that’s one thing but if others vote and it results in trump over Hilary then something good happened from voting unless you literally believe there is never a lesser of two evils and whether Hillary or socialists come to power is irrelevant