Episode-2132- Listener Calls for 12-14-17 — 3 Comments

  1. Iowa Schools:

    Just wanted to drop you a note.  I work for the Federal prison system, and we don’t even put hardened “ misbehaving” inmates in dark holes without light. The area nick-named “the hole” is like a jail inside a jail.

    In the “hole” at every institution the cell has at least a window in the door so we can see in.  All our cells have windows facing outside plus a bed toilet and sink.  To place a an inmate in “the hole” it takes a supervisor and an incident report.  Most of the time we try to cell them with another inmate to reduce the chance of suicide and do 30 min. Checks.

    You better off in federal prison than Iowa schools.  Just another reason to home school!

    God Bless

  2. How can I learn the essentials of what I need to know to run an aquaponics system like this? Can you give a list of the core principles to get started – then I can apply the learning system you talked about with the herbs and teach myself.

    The aquaponics indoors idea piqued my interested a LOT. I’ve been interested in aquaponics ever since I found your show 2.5 years ago. But the indoors idea really makes sense. I want to see if I can make it work.

    • Its really not that hard, learn to make a bell siphon, put the thing together and go from there. Draw it out based on my description, start building when you hit a stumbling block use google/youtube to get past it.

      That said this would be a good show to listen to if you have not already,

      And this video play list of mine may help, it is all outdoor stuff but the principles are the same.

      I will also be setting my 300 gallon indoor tank (garage tank) I HOPE today but it is family Christmas party day, if I do I will be doing some video of that. Over the next week I am building two ebb and flow beds from scratch and will have video of those as well.