Listener Feedback for 12-12-22 – Epi-3215 — 4 Comments

  1. Our Labrador is allergic to eggs (not uncommon)… causes him to lick himself to bloody sores. Also applies to chicken droppings — had to stop free-ranging the birds.

  2. When we moved to Florida one of our dogs got bad allergies. We use Apoquel, an allergy med prescription from the vet. It’s not cheap but without it we were doing 4 benadryl a day, zymox, daily ear wipes, and the cone of shame because he kept ripping spots open. Now he gets one Apoquel a day and occasional ear wipes and is a much happier dog which means much happier owners.

    • It is what we have Charlie on now. The vet talked me into a shot first that cost more, was to last six weeks and do a better job. It didn’t really work, it was a tough injection for him to accept (long slow push) I had to muzzle him and the vet tech we had was dim and didn’t think he’d bite her when I told her she was going to be bit otherwise. Very stressful and did not work

      The Apoquel seems to be working really well about 7 days in. We have a great vet but it is a multi doctor practice and he was on vacation. I try to only deal with our guy but he isn’t always there and I hate it that he is at an age where he may soon retire.

  3. Decent chance that it is fungal (hot spot). For that I shave the area with electric clippers and spray it a couple times a day with Tinactin or any other athletes foot / jock itch spray. After that dries, which only takes a few seconds I put on some comfery/plantain salve over it. This combination worked much better than the steroid based treatments from the vet. We did find that our old lab was much more likely to have those issues after he ran around in wet grass.