Episode-546- Listener Feedback 11-8-10 — 3 Comments

  1. Are you taking pictures of the before and after? And are you going to share. Fixing up a house can be hard but when done the satisfaction of the new look is so nice.

  2. The Stimulus / QE1, provided capital to the Big Banks. Very little has been loaned into or used in the economy and therefore is not being multiplied by the fractional reserve system. If the FED really wanted banks to be motivated to loan and therefore get the economy going, they could cease paying interest on the $1T in excess reserves the banks currently have on deposit at the FED. If that didn’t get the banks lending, the FED could charge fees to the banks for these excess reserves. The $600B QE2 is just another way to get money to the big banks. The FED knows that sooner or later ALL the bad mortgage debt is coming home to roost at the big banks and the next bailout will be opposed. This is just an easy way to say “we’re stimulating the economy to grow jobs” while handing free money to the big banks.