Episode-1894- Listener Feedback for 11-7-16 — 17 Comments

  1. I get a message that the download is unavailable. Is there a problem with the link? If not I may have a problem on my end but I have checked that all my connections are good. Thanks.

  2. Scan and go is the bomb! (That means good).
    I have never felt that lack of a High School diploma or GED was a real impediment to success, until now, and I still believe that College is mostly unnecessary.
    Hard work and dedication are no longer enough to make a success. (Maybe it never was, but I know people who have managed to fake it for decades.)

    It’ gonna take innovation and entrepreneurship. The only “jobs” that will be available will be working for an entrepreneur. (Until he can afford to automate.)

    Here’s a niche for you ; become a pathfinder to guide these businessmen and women on their journey to automation.

    • The Quiet War
      “They” call it the Quiet War because you’ve never heard of it.
      Quietly, silently they’ve shaped your mind,
      formed your values
      and constructed your reality
      in order to push you off like tiny toy sailboats;
      ambassadors for their sardonic agenda
      of peace that was never their intention,
      of greed masked in words of freedom,
      and coercion couched in terms of righteousness.

      And you do this
      because you were never given a firm foundation in truthfulness.
      And you do it,
      because the only tradition you’ve ever learned is one of blame and judgement.
      And you do it,
      because their power seems to be incontrovertible.

      There is more product than person in you.
      But there is a place in your heart that they cannot reach.
      There is a place in your heart that is yours alone.
      Somewhere inside, you have always known this.
      And while they can cajole, encourage and misinform you
      to make unsustainable choices.

      Somewhere inside, you know that the choice is yours
      and yours alone.
      No one can take this from you.
      No one.
      You can choose something else.
      You can choose Joy.
      You can choose Gratitude.
      You can choose to align yourself with a power
      that is greater than all of their machinations,
      depressions and manipulations.

      Divine power.
      The one that birthed the Sun.
      The one that created the planet, the galaxies
      and the grand expanses of this spatial Universe.
      A quiet war demands a quiet revolution.
      Choose something new today.
      Choose Joy.

      Choose quietly in your heart of hearts
      and you will become Revolutionary.
      Just you,


    • I just got a notice from Walmart that I can buy my groceries online, drive to the store and pick them up curbside. I think they are even going to start delivery…

  3. modern survival, I have listened to this show for years and have heard you mention so many times that one of the pathways to entrepreneurship is to work a regular job and then when you get off that regular job, you go to work on your biz. What does this look like when you are so tired you cant keep up your head from wobbling off the spinal cord. Is the only remedy coffee? I guess it is but it is always something I think about it when you mention starting a new business. I also understand that one of your teachings is that we must recognize the limits of our abilities and too much coffee really takes a toll on my body (adrenal glands). I really really want my own biz but Im just finding it difficult to work that 80 hours week ( in fact, I have never been able to do that week after week after week) you refer to in this show and still be effective and make change.

    • You can say something is hard and not do it, or you can do something that is hard and gain an advantage over those who won’t.

      What does it look like, for me it looked like getting up at 330 AM, doing everything but the recording for the day, doing the show in my car, uploading when I got to the office, hitting publish. Then working 10-12 hours at my “job” which was three jobs really. Sometimes doing 1-4 hours of client entertainment, driving an hour home listening to my own show from that day to get better. Being the best father and husband I could for a few hours, falling to sleep on my way to bed, get up and do it again.

      Spend half my weekends researching topics, etc. Wife often mad, but the promise, it won’t be forever.

      18 months and I quit my job, 12 months later she quit hers. Everyone sees the end and says, must be nice, few walk the path, but many point out how difficult it is.

    • I guess, in the end, my question really is how did you keep your energy level up to the point that you could function and still be effective? coffee coffee and more coffee? I feel like it is such a stupid question, but I want there to be a better answer, better than coffee.

      Not only that, and I know this is a very personal question, one I can only answer for myself , but I am having alot of trouble sticking to one idea and not getting pulled down by the paralysis analysis and focusing on the negatives of any one business to say ahhh hell, that is not a good idea.

      • How, you just fing do it, it is amazing what a person can do when they decide to do it.

  4. in reference to the police portion, watch the robert leone video on youtube, no convictions in that case, either! bullshit! betcha cant finish the whole video.

  5. Been using the Sam’s Club scan and go for several months. Works great. BTW – Kroger has a scan and bag app that’s available for use in certain markets.

  6. fascinating you’re catching flack on automation..

    came across this link today ..

    Robots Will Take Two-Thirds of All Jobs In the Developing World, UN Says
    November 9, 2016 // 07:00 AM EST

    It’s a common belief that low-wage workers will be hit the hardest by advanced robots in the workplace. When we take a global perspective on this, the people that will be most affected by widespread automation won’t be workers in North America, according to a new United Nations report—it’ll be people in developing countries.

    Automation stands to reduce opportunities for low-wage workers in North America, the report from the UN Conference on Trade and Development states. But the types of jobs most likely to be eliminated entirely are more prevalent in developing nations. That’s because those same jobs, in sectors like farming and manufacturing, have already mostly dried up in wealthier nations as corporations have moved their operations abroad, in search of higher profits through lower wage costs.

    The developing world stands to lose “about two thirds of all jobs,” according to the report. That’s a staggering figure, and well above most credible estimates for job losses due to automation in the West.

    “The increased use of robots in developed countries risks eroding the traditional labour cost advantage of developing countries,” the report states. “Adverse effects for developing countries may be significant.”

    While the UN report is talking about the effects of robots in the workplace, what’s really at issue is the profit-seeking behaviour of corporations. And in a globalized economy, shifts in labour power aren’t just felt in wealthy nations, but all over the world. In China, for example, factory owners have already used robots and automation as a tool to do away with rabble-rousing workers.

    The countries with the most robots will likely see the greatest gains in productivity, the report notes—China is currently leading the pack in robot acquisition, the UN says—but there is an upside for countries without enough wealth to bring in enough robot workers to stay competitive… sort of.

    Countries with a large pool of low-skill (read: low-wage) labour may excel in areas that robots aren’t great at yet, like garment-making, the report states. In other words, the cost of developing and deploying robots may be higher than paying next-to-nothing to a bunch of humans with already-nimble human fingers.

    “Disruptive technologies always bring a mix of benefits and risks,” the report says. Indeed, market-directed thinking often holds that if companies automate some jobs away, the economy will demand higher-skill jobs to take their place and eventually equilibrium will be restored.

    To that end, the report recommends education: teaching kids how to work with new technology so that they can step into the higher-skill occupations that haven’t yet been automated.

    As it is, though, the UN report paints a pretty bleak vision of the future: fewer jobs here, and way fewer jobs over there. But hey, at least some people will be making money.

    there are hyperlinks in the link