Episode-1240- Listener Feedback for 11-4-13 — 58 Comments

  1. Regarding your query on Alert USA service, I signed up for them when they were new… I think it was like almost 10 years ago. I signed up based on a discount offered by Steve Quayle (which should probably give you a hint about the alarmist nature of the service, if it is anything like the host that offered it — and no, I long ago stopped listening to him). The discount was for 1 year; I did not renew, but they forgot to disable the service and I had it for free the next two years.

    I didn’t find the info too useful, and it was more alarmist in nature. I don’t recall a single bad thing that actually happened that was mentioned in the alerts. Plus, these days with smart phones getting push notifications from facebook and everything else, I figure I’ll find out pretty quickly if something big happens, somehow. Technology-wise, the alerts always worked fine. I just didn’t care for their contents. I wish I could find a service that may be more useful, such as only sending an alert when something just happened or is in progress, etc. I’m sure this service would send out those alerts too, but that’s the only alerts I want. If it isn’t in progress or likely, I don’t really need to hear about it.

  2. I haven’t heard the show yet, but when I read “No the damn government isn’t going to shut down the grid in November” I just laughed.

    They didn’t shut it down for GridEx 2011 and they won’t shut it down for GridEx II. That would be way too obvious. If they’re going to false flag us they’d wait a few months.

    • Jack, now that I’ve heard the show I hear your reasoning is the same plus you added many more helpful thoughts.

      Even so, we must prepare. But as you said in the grasshopper to ant show, don’t focus on one event. Wise words.

  3. WRT Alerts USA – I have been getting the freebie level alerts since I first heard of them from TSP.

    For the first month it was very unsettling, though after several weeks of reading that the Zombie apocalypse was imminent, I stopped paying close attention.

    I still scan the email alerts, but honestly I take their suggested threat level and divide by 100. If they marketed as “current world events to pay attention to”, that’d be much more accurate.

  4. Re: Alerts USA, I signed up for the freebie alert’s after the first time you mentioned them on the podcast, I discontinued the newsletter about six months later because I was tired of being told I should be panicking once a week. By all means Tell them to either shape up or screw off


  5. I’m thinking pound sand on the Alerts… I hate to say it but I quit listening to them early last year.

  6. By the way, great ending for the show. The stuff they’re doing doesn’t normally make me afraid. My usual reaction is to get angry. How dare they think they can do that to me or someone I care about! Who made them my supreme overlords that I must do their bidding and believe whatever lies they spew. Those in charge are utterly useless. They produce nothing. They only take and destroy. They hate us, but they can’t survive without us since they can’t actually produce anything at all on their own.

  7. I’ve been thinking about joining Oath Keepers for some time now, today’s show pushed me over the edge. I’ve just signed up for the lifetime membership. To be that petty and political to a group of people who have given so much shows how low these bureaucrats have sunk. So now I’m a member of the MSB here, NRA and Oath Keepers. My next security clearance review should be a blast.

  8. Coming from one who started out with secrets guiding my prepared lifestyle, I now dare you. Wide open brother Spirko, wide open. The loss of degenerate ‘friends,’ is not such a loss after all… Honor treats me way better!

  9. A few months ago I followed the link to see what the Alert USA deal was. First of all the link feeds you to a 10+ minute video as to why their service is awesome and why you should buy it (I think if I clicked on the link I was already sold) THEN it didn’t work, it redirected to a blank page after all that. Well I just checked and it is now fixed, but yeah they are a LOT tin foil hat, and the free updates from them as well as similar updates from other sources. I don’t think their attitude represents yours Jack. Not sure it hurts to leave them in the MSB but I would strongly avoid paid advertisement from them considering your model.

  10. A few quick items:

    1) I signed up for the free AlertsUSA e-mail right after the gentleman was interviewed on the show. Last spring I unsubscribed because most of the info just seemed to be alarmist and not really anything that I would consider “actionable” for myself. I would drop them from the MSB to safeguard the brand.

    2) Did High Mowing Organic get dropped from the MSB? It was actually a company that I supported over the years and used my discount with.

    3) Any chance Nicodemus is working on a “Fire Ant” baseball cap? The end of episode 1237 got me thinking about this one.

    • Ditto on High Mowing Organic. I loved the free shipping deal, whether it was heavy bags of cover crop seed, or a single packet of vegetable seed.

  11. Looks like Alert USA should have listened to you Jack when you warned them earlier about posting so many alarmist posts. You did warn them earlier, right?

  12. I think maybe the Stihl chainsaw that you are referencing is the Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ or the MSA 200 C-BQ(the “A” signifying the battery power). The 160 is a 12″ bar and the 200 is a 14″ bar. You will have to buy a battery and charger in addition to the cost of the saw and they have different size chargers and possibly batteries. Also, you are correct in the fact that you can only buy them from an authorized dealer so you can’t generally find them new online. The MS 171 you mentioned is a gas powered saw … an update from the MS170.

    • Thanks for the correction, that was the saw on the page Sthil is advertising for the term “battery powered sthil saw” on Google. Perhaps their marketing people need to do some refining.

      • I’m planning on getting a new chainsaw soon. And I’m planning on going MSB is there a MSB sponsor that sells these and provides a discount.

        Also is there a recharger thar plugs into a cigarette lighter so I can keep a battery charging.

        How long do the batteries last?… My reciprocating saw is like 20 minutes per charge which if I’m out cutting wood to build a hugelmound I’m figuring half a day of cutting.

    • I havent used the oregon saw but work for a stihl dealer. We have had the Stihl battery saws for at least a couple years now. They are great saws for use as you talk about. The gas saw is faster and cheaper but the battery is always ready for most small jobs. The battery and charger IS ADDITIONAL COST close to another $300. The bar and chain on the oregon saw can be put on most other saws for about $50. It is called a Power Sharp. Its a special bar and chain you slide a small cover over the bar tip and hit throttle and push on ground a few times. Performance is probably going to be slightly better in the stihl but probably very similar. The stihl is also probably going to feel more comfortable and better built. Stihl dealers are pretty easy to find and if you happen to be near one im sure they would let you try one out for a minute. Try the small engine shop not the hardware store if you wanna do more than look at it or maybe touch it.

    • Stihl also has hedge trimmer and blower for sure (I trip over their display on the way to time clock in the am lol) They take the same battery as the saw so that saves a little cash if your going to use other equipment also.

  13. RE: Alert USA, I agree very alarmist. Ive been tempering it and cataloguing info for the just in case there is some moment of truth. I thought Steve Harris had something to do with the Alert USA program, amd I wrong?

    Overall, I will go with the majority on it who dont seem to get much value from it.

  14. In regards to Alert USA, I just get the txt messages and don’t pay attention to the newsletter, emails or their podcast. There were two occasions this year (I don’t recall other than remembering the number 2) that they put something out the MSM didn’t pick up on for 6 to 10 hours. Living in the DC metro area I appreciate the heads up and like everything else it needs to be filtered and taken with a grain of salt. That being said if there wasn’t an MSB discount I don’t think I would pay full price.

  15. The part of this podcast on MRSA was right on, but its worse then you think.
    Your focus was on antibiotic resistance, but another side is as important. That is prevention of the spread of MRSA. I am an employee of a hospital in North Florida and have been for many years. when a person has been diagnosed with MRSA form that day forward on any admission they will be isolated to a single patient room, good right! This requires the employee to gown up and glove on entering and exiting the room. More good news!

    The problem lies with reusable equipment and medications brought to and from the room. Reusable Medication are kept out of the room and brought to the patient. These meds are stored in a PYXIS, a medication dispensing machine which has draws for each room. MRSA patient medication are kept in these draws open draws and travel back and forth as long as the patient is hospitalized.
    The crux is these draws are never cleaned. Patient after patient like a motel these draws are used different patient one after another on and on. You get admitted to a room of a former MRSA patient, your meds go in that ben and slosh around with the germs of the previous patient.
    I have spoken with employee health and they seem to find no problem with this.
    Stay healthy and stay out of hospitals

    • I wonder how the head of CDC can talk about overuse when the government MAKES hospitals give antibiotics in to meet guidelines. Antibiotics that we are supposed to be using judiciously are being used every day. They have the power to reduce over utilization…… ?!?

  16. Good show Jack. Could you fo me a favor and lay off alex jones a bit I listen to you both every day and yes you are more positive than he is but in my experience he speaks the truth and often what he covers comes out in the msm weeks or months later. Also I have heard him talk about the grid exercise and he came to the same conclusion as you. He never said they were going to take it down and if he did I didn’t hear it and I listen every day. Just one last point your show on the police state last week waas good as a shoe on something so depresding could be and almost 100% in lin
    e with what I have learned from aj. Thanks for all you do and for all the soloutions you offer

    • I had to stop listening to Alex Jones. He is a fear monger. He always says ” People are coming after me right now for this. I may not be here tomorrow”. Yet he is still on the air. Was making me nuts!

  17. Re: Being on the ‘lists’.
    I went to a little marksmanship clinic a couple years ago, where a couple of the instructors told some stories about the founding of our nation.
    Paul Revere was one of the characters in those stories, and he had an encounter with a British patrol that was out looking to detain the alarm riders, such as himself, on April 19, 1775. He was captured, and when asked by the British officer who he was and what he was doing; his response was that he was Paul Revere, and he was alarming the countryside that the British troops were marching to Concord from Boston.
    Long story short… An instructor later asked “So, are you a “Paul Revere”, or a “William Dawes”? For some reason, that question has stuck with me ever since. 😉

  18. I would just like to point out that the lead smelter that is closing is for primary lead. There are still secondary smelters in the US. I dont know about all bullet makers, but Sierra issued a statement last week saying they have never got lead from the smelter that is closing. They have always got there lead from secondary smelters.

  19. Hey, a little truth behind the Navy SEALs and the “Don’t Tread On Me” Patches. It’s not something they’ve worn “since their inception”. The DTOM patch is based on the original Navy Jack (the small flag flown at the bow of a Navy ship while in port). When I first joined the Navy, the Jack consisted of the blue field with stars from the US flag. In 2002, the First Navy Jack (DTOM) was authorized to be flown for the GWOT.

    The SEAL flap came about because of the Navy’s stupid uniform regulations. The newest Navy digicams have velcro on the sleeves like the Army ones and the SEALs had US Flag and First Navy Jack patches made up (in IR reflective material for identification at night) and started wearing them. Then some REMFer in Norfolk looked at the regs and said “You can’t wear that”. According to several sources, the “cease and desist” has been ended and a proper bureaucratic solution implemented.

  20. 1. AlertsUSA-Drop them. I just unsubscribed, as I have not gotten any substantive information from them that follow your motto, “making life better, if times get tough or even if they don’t.”

    2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the motivational send-off. Even though I’ve known what you said at heart, it’s easy to get discouraged when so many (including close family) refuse to take the mental “blinders” off and look around. Can’t thank you enough for the motivational kick-in-the pants that you give us once in a while to shake us out of discouragement and back into action.

  21. My Buddy’s 14 year old son has to wear an insulin pump 24/7. I turned him on to Steve Harris and he built a batter backup in his storm shelter. Put in a dorm type refrigerator, a yeti cooler, a 12v ice maker, small gen set with an insulated box to throw over it ( to make it quieter) when he takes it out side to run it, and a mid-sized battery bank. He went to several doctors before he found one who would help him get a years supply. Also he got a lot of gas in blue drums buried in the yard for the genset. He thinks he can keep the insulin cold for at least a year and maybe longer. H has extra pumps, batteries, and other stuff. He is manly worried about tornadoes but due to the nature of this he wants to have it covered. Thank You Steve Harris

  22. I get the free Threats Journal from AlertsUSA and I like it. Yes, it’s alarmist so I take it with a grain of salt.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the Fukishima threat. The risk is very high. I hope to God they pull it off safely.

  23. I saw a commercial the other day for an insulin pen that can be kept un-refrigerated for something like a year. I dont know know anything about insulin but this seemsvlike a good product for diabetics for long term problems.

    As for alert USA, I have stopped going to sites like quayle and Debka because none of the things they predicted came true. I am waiting for the food stamp riots I think Alert warned about was going to happen Nov 1st.

    • The pen was for some non insulin product, don’t recall the exact name. I remember it made me angry though… Fat tubs of lard walking around with big stupid smiles watering gardens, because they lowered their blood sugar with this instead of by, I dunno, eating less sugar.

    • Levemir Flex-Pen is probably what you’re thinking about. Once you take it out of the fridge, you can keep it unrefrigerated for 42 days.

      I think the key is making your insulin work better for you. If I didn’t eat a low-carb, high-fat diet, I’d need insulin. Eating low-carb, high-fat keeps me insulin-free, and it keeps Type 1s on VERY small insulin amounts.

      Now, I don’t know how long you can keep the Levemir in the fridge BEFORE using it. I’d guess it’s maybe a year. The flex pens are expensive though. It’s probably cheaper to get a battery setup/ice maker/mini fridge/etc. to keep regular insulin refrigerated instead of spending the extra $$ on the flex pens.

      • I was surprised Jack didn’t talk about this. Maybe it doesn’t work for enough type 1 – not sure, it’s not my issue.

  24. IMHO

    Someone has got to be the ‘first’ to stand up in their family/city/county/state. Most of the herd, even if they want to stand up, won’t be the ‘first’. They’re looking around at the crowd to make sure its OK/acceptable. They need someone to make it OK.. and that means someone else doing it first.

    So initially.. this is a job for the ‘pioneers’.

    (as a negative example)
    If you’ve ever done a military ‘fun run’ you know that when that first guy drops.. suddenly a whole bunch of others, that didn’t want to be first.. now have ‘permission’ to drop out.

  25. Regarding us eating what our food eats, I learned something interesting last week. I was researching a blog post about my search for grass-fed butter. A friend didn’t understand why I cared, and one of the things I told him is, “Think about all the glyphosate that grain-fed cattle ingest. They bioaccumulate that crap, and I don’t want to eat it.”

    So I was going to use that argument in my blog post, and I started looking for info on glyphosate (Roundup.) I started reading the Wikipedia article and I came across something that astounded me. The Wikipedia post claimed that glyphosate DOES NOT bioaccumulate — that it’s excreted by the animals through their urine.

    Granted, the Wikipedia post may not be trustworthy, and even if it IS excreted in urine, I still don’t want to drink milk from cows that are eating it. I thought it worth mentioning though since we’re always talking about bioaccumulation, and we always seem to throw Roundup out there.

    Just to be clear though, I wouldn’t think that Roundup’s as safe as the government claims even if it didn’t bioaccumulate. I was just interested in sharing factual information, and I MAY have nearly made a big mistake by perpetuating incorrect information. Anybody know for sure?

    • I don’t know for sure but I did hear a podcast with Nicolle Foss (TAE) and she said that while Roundup & it’s residuals supposedly does not effect mammals, they had not studied how it may effect our gut flora.

      I’m not saying that it does but we’ll never know if they don’t study it. Something to think about.

  26. Jack,

    Catching up on episodes, as I was behind, so sorry for the late reply.

    Okay, I will admit in a public forum: I was concerned that at least an east-coast blackout could occur during the NERC GridEx drill.

    I thought (you can check my blog to see that I am telling the truth) if there was an “accidental” on-purpose East-Coast blackout while everyone is looking, they would do it for the exact reason you said: to point the finger at the Chinese, and say, “SEE! The threat is real! Let your government take over the electrical grid entirely, and we will protect you.” And if there were casualties, well, fewer EBTs to issue.

    But I must admit: you’re probably right; it won’t happen on November 13-14.

    Still, I am going to be prepared to get stuck far from home while I am travelling on business this month. Food, water, stuff to make temporary shelter, energy, security. That is a good idea no matter what. Weather, or anything else could happen.

    Like you always say: if times get tough, or even if they don’t

    • Sorry, I seem to have messed up with HTML tags in my previous post. The title of the story is “And Then There Were None”, and the link will take you to an online copy of it. Still a good read, despite being over 60 years old.

  27. I have the USA alerts freebie news stuff. Not worthless, but not valuable enough to subscribe to. It really just comes off as a wannabe Statfor with a heavy dose of tin foil hattery, and whoever posts on facebook is a bit of a bigot. I don’t see them as having a breach of integrity though. They list things as threats, not eventualities. The tone is typically things to keep an eye on rather than OMG the sky will fall on December 3rd at 3:54PM EST. If it were an integrity thing, they aren’t the first vendor I’d drop.

  28. Also, if you are looking for good show materials, the episodes featuring sorting through conspiracy theories and vetting facts and BS are always quite entertaining.

  29. Please keep Alerts USA in the MSB for the discount.
    As long as you discount the alarm level I think it is
    worth it. I don’t watch any mainstream news and
    so I find it useful.
    Thanks Jack