Episode-1892- Listener Feedback for 11-3-16 — 39 Comments

  1. Secret cure: crystalized ginger. Pretty hot but, helps with congestion, inflammation, and upset stomach.

  2. Iron sites on 22. My dad’s hunting rifle has scope rings that raise the scope and u can see the iron sites under the scope.

    • I have a 22 with this. The rings are a bit more fragile than a normal scope mount, but I’ve only ever had an issue once. They’re handy to have.

    • Okay yea you can do that, problem is they suck ass in my view.

      They put the scope so high a good cheek weld is all but impossible. Sooner or later it results in what looks like a bloody cross on the shooters forehead with anything that recoils.

  3. Jack, you mentioned persimmon mead. Can you tell me how you did it? Got loads of wild persimmons at my in-laws property and I want to make made with them, but I’m not sure on the procedure.

    • To a gallon I did about 1.5 pounds of persimmon, one orange zested and “meated”, 3 lbs of wild flower honey, fermax, water and yeast, that’s it.

      I make it up so that it has good head space and that leaves a pretty low yield so I top it almost all the way up once fermentation starts so that I am sure I don’t blow the airlock.

      Ferment till it really slows down and everything starts to settle. Then rack to a one gallon secondary, top off with clean cool water and ferment until done and clear. Then rack to a bottling container and bottle.

      Should take about 45-75 days, depending on yeast, temps, honey, etc.

  4. Jack, I have been mostly ignoring the DAPL news because it is outside my sphere of influence. But, when this protest first started I found as you did that none of the land was “owned” by the tribe protesting.

    However, I thought I remember hearing that the land the pipeline was being put in on was on land “owned” by the Army Corps of Engineers. As you know the federal government is not allowed to own land outside of D.C. and Forts and Ports. So from that angle I was “in spirit” in support of the DAPL protesters, as I was in support of the Bundys for protesting the BLM.

    Is this not the case? Is all DAPL land privately owned, with voluntary easements granted?

    • Well first, if you are going to argue that constitutionally that bird flew away long ago. Next though I know of no land in that area owned by the Corps of Engineers.

      The land the protestors are occupying is privately owned land.

  5. I’ve never met anyone with Fibromyalgia that wasn’t a morbidly obese middle aged woman with a poor lifestyle.

    My mom has spent the last 20 years trying to convince me that bad knees run in the family and it’s not her fault her knees are bad. My mom is a morbidly obese middle aged woman.

    When I got pregnant I blew up like a balloon, gaining 80 pounds. And you know what? My knees hurt. But now that I’ve lost the weight my knees are fine.

    I would bet large sums of money that Fibromyalgia could be “Cured” by dropping the standard American diet.

    • Sorry calling that one BS, I have known more than a few people with Fibromyalgia there were not over weight.

      Could some people with it have obesity as the cause, sure, but it isn’t “the cause”.

      Additionally while more women have it then men, men do get it too.

    • Thanks Jack,

      All fibro suffers I have met are thin. This may depend on area of the country. If the local cousine makes it easy to put on weight, and you cant do much physical due to the fibro, then some people would put on weight. Again, in the coastal CA region, fibro suffers are thin.

      • Agreed I would say almost all of them I have met seem not only thin but too thin. I am sure it goes both ways, kind of to my point, they don’t know what it is, it is not a disease it is a condition, they made a label for it and that means there are likely many different underlying things that cause this condition. Hence treatment must be individualized.

        • Yep, I was diagnoses with Fibromyalgia many years ago, and then the second opinion dr I saw agreed that I fit that discriptor, but that there were different underlying reasons. Mine is Lyme disease, and treating that did result in a huge syptom improvement.

          I was unhealthily skinny also for many years, not now : ) While not obese, I got enough of me healthy to be able to easily be able to put on weight again, like any other woman of my age

  6. While not exactly a putty, with a welder and some skill, you can fix pretty much anything metal.

    Although the skills to weld a rifle, not to mention either not fixing heat treating, or not messing it up, is out of the realm for most people.

  7. Great song selection as usual Jack! Aside from the eye-opening, life-changing advice you’ve given me from your shows, you’ve really given me a lot of great music to appreciate too.
    Wanted to add interesting take by Tupac on his reinterpretation of Hornsby’s “The Way It Is” I’ve always appreciated.

    Tupac – Verse from “Changes”
    We gotta make a change…
    It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes.
    Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live
    and let’s change the way we treat each other.
    You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do
    what we gotta do, to survive.

    And still I see no changes. Can’t a brother get a little peace?
    There’s war on the streets and the war in the Middle East.
    Instead of war on poverty,
    they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me.

    A lot of insightful stuff in the song from 1992. Needless to say, the song does contain explicit lyrics.

  8. Jack, Stay off the politics – I come to you for NOT that.

    We already know your meme / POV . – libertarian anarchist.

    • I cover what I cover as need be, the show has been the way it is for over 8 years, I won’t change that because a person asks or demands it.

  9. Well to start with, about the apology, it’s unnecessary because even though some shows lately have only been worth 17.6 cents per episode this one was worth over 19.2 and since I got the MSB on sale I won’t complain too much.

    About the protests if the so called “native” Americans don’t like it, they can go back to Asia where they came from. They were immigrants just like we were, they just walked East earlier than we sailed West.

    For the guy with no savings, having savings can pay better than nearly any another investment. It let’s you take advantage of opportunities you would otherwise miss and not fall into traps you would otherwise not be able to avoid. For example, several years ago our water heater died. Without having any savings I would have had to go buy another regular unit, put it on a card and pay interest on it. By having savings, I had a tankless gas installed for about $2800 cash. It just so happens that the city had significant rebates and the fed had huge tax credits available for these upgrades. Enough that once all that came back, the water heater only cost me about $50 after tax time and I am still saving about $30 a month on the utilities. Having savings paid back a $2800 investment in less than a year and continues to save me $360 a year which goes into, you guessed it, more savings. This does not include the savings on interest. If nothing else, the peace of mind that comes along with not living paycheck to paycheck is worth way more than the temporary pain of saving the first few thousand. Once you get to that point, turning it into ten then twenty thousand is easy because the ability to spend more in the short term allows you to spend much less in the long term.

  10. Hey Jack, big fan. Love to listen to gain some perspective. I’m wondering if you can offer any direction where you found the Standing Rock info. All I’ve found is on the SayAnything blog and a little blurb on I’ve seen some aerial drone photos and there’s no other line visible. I know you are busy but would love the help. I don’t usually have issue finding this info but am having a heck of a time digging it up. Thanks again.

  11. Jack, do you have a link you can provide explaining how the pipeline is crossing under the river? I’ve looked and looked, but can’t find the details you gave in the show.

  12. I hate having used ADD meds on our son. We tried them sparingly, eventually he had to leave the school system early, get a GED and started full time in the food industry at 17. He has been on his own for 3 years now doing what he loves as a chef. Guess what, he’s an ESTP. My ESTP brother was the same way, leaving school early, and has been successful as an entrepreneur for 30 years.

  13. Another parent of a child with ADD here, and yes, you’re damn right that parents of kids with ADD/ADHD will comment on these shows! I enjoy The Survival Podcast greatly, and I appreciate the discussion of ADD to a point — but I’m not going to listen to weekly guilt trips about medicating my son if that’s where we’re going with this. Like the above poster I hate doing it, but it’s getting him through the school day. We tried coffee the other day and I got an email from the teacher right away and now she’s checking up to see if he’s taking a pill every day, he is. He’s on a low dose and I hope to wean him off it as he grows. We also see a therapist. I am considering shifting to home schooling, it is not an easy decision to make . My kid is not the same as young Jack, every kid is different. We are honestly trying to help our son. If we’re talking ADD as “epidemic” then let’s not waste all our time bitching and whining about it, let’s talk about raising great kids of all types — because *that* is helpful! Some of the shows on parenting have been inspirational and among the very best episodes. I’d like to hear more of that.

    • Your listening skills need a shit ton of work K, a metric fucking shit ton, that is all I will say on this.

      If you don’t like what I have to say tune out, however again at least LISTEN AND COMPREHEND WHAT I ALWAYS SAY ON THIS SUBJECT.

      As to this additional comment below,

      “It’s your job to help everybody do better.”

      Oh really you are here to tell me what my job is? Well let me say that is NOT your job and you got my job description wrong as well. My job is not to help everyone do better, my job is to speak the truth as I know it, challenge every thing you think you know all the time, and allow those that wish to do so, to use that to do better for themselves.

      I always say, “there are likely some small percentage of kids who are actually helped by these medications but some of you that insist that is you will get but hurt in spite of me saying this. You will act as though I am personally talking about you.”

      Why the hell is that not good enough K? Perhaps because you have a teacher that calls you and leans on you to medicate your child and even though I always acknowledge there are some exceptions your frustration is directed at me, rather that the institution that deserves it?

      I don’t know, perhaps your kid needs these meds but my gut is there is NOTHING wrong with your kid, except he doesn’t conform sufficiently for what the system demands.

      We all must decide for ourselves what we do to get through the system edges we must cross. I am sure you are a damn fine person and if you take anything I say personally all I can say is, don’t.

      • What about, “help you live a better life if times get tough or even if they don’t”? If ADHD is going to be a recurring show topic, go for it, but I’m hoping for more practical information that we can use rather than a rant about how terrible things are.
        Hope you’re feeling better this week.

        • I don’t help you live a better life by doing it for you or spoon feeding you. Doping our kids is a sin to be blunt. By that I mean the broad scale any kid that wiggles in his seat gets meth to make him focus policy we have.

          You want solutions, parents questioning and resisting is the solution. What you do and whether or not it is necessary I leave to you. As I said I am sure there are a small percentage of kids who do benefit from the use of these medications. How the hell is that not good enough K? If you were 100% confident in your kid fitting that description I think it would be. If it isn’t good enough or if you want it watered down, seek your entertainment elsewhere.

          Why is it that some of you think a show that has been the same for 8 years will be altered for the feelings of one individual.

        • And frankly if it is necessary, how the hell did everyone get by 25 years ago before this doping began?

  14. Be careful you’re not letting parents of “normal kids” get a superiority trip by putting my kid’s situation down. It’s your job to help everybody do better.

  15. Looks like Hillary got that gift handed to her from the FBI in the 11th hour like you were mentioning Jack. The FBI cleared her for the 2nd time, and the market went up 300 points immediately afterwards.

  16. Hey Jack just wanted to chime in on the 22 so maybe other listeners would be able to watch out as well. Remington makes most of their model 597 as scope only 22 in standard and heavy barrel. They throw a cheap scope on it so they can sell them cheaper.

    • Thanks Luke. So back to the original question, we have a 215 dollar MSRP on this gun, so street price is gonna be about 150-170. Having a smith put irons on it is going to cost at least that much, hence buy one with sights, have two guns or sell the other one and use the money to buy something with both options.

      FWIW I wold not buy a 22 without irons, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Yeah I understand that, I just wanted to give the heads up to people that may be looking at them… I used to sell them at a Dunhams sports store and I had sold them before to people that didn’t realize there weren’t sites on them. They just saw the price which at the time sold for $179-279 depending on advertised sales at the time… I actually had to start pointing out the fact that there weren’t open sites on them because people just assumed all 22s had them, just as you said you didn’t know of any. Thanks Jack for everything you do.