Episode-1905- Listener Feedback for 11-28-16 — 35 Comments

  1. Epic rant there on soil Jack. It is indeed the lifeblood. The water as well – the water gets forgotten a lot – it’s even more primary than the soil and made way for it on this planet.
    Then you lay into the global climate change is BS crazy stuff – i just have learned to ignore that, LOL. And take the good with the bad. You’ll come around on that, like with other aspects, eventually I am sure.
    I tuned into because I wanted to hear what your take on the alt right was by the way. I disagree that someone in Trump’s position should disavow high profile endorsements from the KKK. Why should he just ignore it and say he doesn’t know anything about it? Only logical reason I can think of is that he wants the white supremacist vote. Got another reason?

    • Because Ben, you don’t control who endorses you and to be asked if you don’t support the KKK when you have never done a thing in your life to indicate that you do is fucking insulting and not worthy of response. I will rail on racist fucks but if they endorse me, (um and they did and I tore the shit out of the pricks at stormfront long ago) I might say something, but if a reporter said, do you disavow them and made it like being endorsed was my fault I would have done more than say, “I don’t know about that”, I would tell them to fuck off for asking a stupid question.

      As to Global Warming the same people who you know lie to you about 99 other things are the ones that say it is real and a problem, and you choose to believe one and only one thing they tell you. Why? It fits the narrative you want to support.

      Contrast this with me, I want everything you do from an actual environmental stand, perhaps more, so if I wanted to simply support what I want to see happen, jumping on the AGW band wagon would be easy to do. To not do so is counter to my natural perception bias. Can you think about that for a while, really?

      You name the positive environmental action (actual action not taxing exhaled air) and I am for it, most people so for it think AGW is the worst threat known to man. I could beat that drum for support of what I want for all it is worth and it would work, do you really, really get that?

      And I won’t, why, in a word integrity, it is that simple. I won’t claim to believe that which I do not, any more than I will claim to not believe that which I do. I have studied the evidence, very and I mean VERY deeply and it is wanting to huge degree. I find it ironic that intelligent people like you still buy into it, especially to the level that you guys do.

  2. Jack – interesting point – that it would be a waste of time for someone like trump to respond to someone like a leader of the KKK endorsing him. I don’t think it would be a waste of time at all – it’d take a minute and make clear that he’s not, assuming he’s not, a white supremacist.
    So, I don’t buy it. It’d be too easy and clear for him to disavow himself to that kind of controversial support.

    Anyway on the anthro climate change thing you’ll still not come around on:

    I don’t believe anyone’s research on ACC (not global warming, climate change is a more accurate term), I simply believe what I’ve experienced living on one of the world’s largest icefields, aka climate barometer.

    And to think, from a pattern understanding perspective, that transporting massive quantities of carbon from the geosphere into the tiny 6 mile-thick atmosphere) can’t possibly be doing anything, is beyond lunacy my friend. It’s full on quackery. I mean honestly – you believe in cause and affect, sound design, pattern understandings, permaculture concepts. How can all the carbon mining have NOT affected the earth’s climate? Do you dispute that CO2 doesn’t act as a greenhouse gas?

    Your natural perception bias is formed by your context – that of heartland USA – it’s in no way radical for you to think the human-facilitated climate change is a farce – it feeds into your hyper-individualistic, anti-government narrative to disbelieve in “experts, governments, taxation like carbon taxes” etc. etc. I’m with you on the anti government part my friend, but like many things even with smart people – falsities get lumped in with the truth.

    You’re onto a lot of truth but the concept that we haven’t affected global climate is honestly loony bin stuff buddy. I mean it doesn’t pass the muster both on pattern, common sense big picture views of it, nor on the science end of it. Please pass on sending me some research saying this isn’t the case, I’ve seen it all – it’s been an interest of mine since a decade before a single prepper in the US had heard of the word permaculture.

    I lived on the Juneau Icefield almost 25 years ago and studied along with geologists, some of which were Exxon geologists, how the ice field and other’s like it were melting worldwide despite us entering a period of what should be cooling according to sun spot cycles. For the past 25 years I’ve been into the same topic since experiencing warming directly with my own eyes.

    And since then have been in touch with people researching this stuff way before the idea of carbon credits or all the other stuff began. I’ll say it again, you’re a really smart guy who only in the recent time since I’ve known you have come around to a lot of things which are still new for you like organic food , GMO problems, agriculture as a whole, permaculture, etc.

    So I m quite sure that you’ll continue to step out of your narrative and contextual bias on anthro climate change and come around to that to over time (heck it’s only been a handful of years since you left the corporate drone world right?) and see it for what it is – not some whacky globalist taxation strategy (though they might want that!), not some liberal evil control agenda (though they might love that too), just simply what it is – a small fragile climate and a big project to move a lot of carbon from the earth into the sky – a lot of volcanoes going off at once. Simple stuff, forget the things attached to it that you don’t like (they aren’t inherent in whether the reality exists or not)….

    Peace, Ben

    • Ben said, “Do you dispute that CO2 doesn’t act as a greenhouse gas?”

      On any meaningful level at current concentrations yes, and this we have known as a law of chemistry and physics for over 100 years.

      Ben to be honest for fuck sake the climate “scientists” you guys worship DO NOT CLAIM CO2 has any direct major effect on temps at all at this point. Do you even know that? Seriously.

      CO2 has done what it can do at this point, sure push it to something stupid like 5% of the atmosphere and it can start to do more. But at .04% which is just about the current number you could double it and directly it wouldn’t do shit, due to the saturation limit of light waves it can actually directly reflect.

      Current theory the theory you believe is not that CO2 acts directly, it is that CO2 raises humidity and humidity raises temps. Man, you should know the actual theory you are so wrapped up in.

      Yes CO2 has acted as a green house gas but it has done what it can, the problems are now all the actual toxins that come with fossil fuels. I mean come on for all CO2 in our atmosphere humans are responsible for LESS than 3% of it. We are literally a mouse fart.

      • Oh and Ben, I never said humans haven’t altered our climate, and never said it wasn’t for the worse, just that CO2 is not the boogey man it is claimed to be.

    • “Jack – interesting point – that it would be a waste of time for someone like trump to respond to someone like a leader of the KKK endorsing him. I don’t think it would be a waste of time at all – it’d take a minute and make clear that he’s not, assuming he’s not, a white supremacist.”

      Ben you do realize that was a single time, and it appeared like he had no clue what the reporter was talking about right? You are there to take serious questions and some bimbo is like, “well the KKK endorsed you, how do you respond to that”?

      If I remember it was a response of “I don’t know anything about the KKK” given Trump was the most accessible candidate to the media in history and given everything he said was taken out of context, isn’t it just possible he had no clue what the reporter was talking about and simply deferred it, because frankly he didn’t even know if it were true?

      Frankly do we even know today if “the KKK” is accurate in that statement? Did the actual organization do it? Did some yahoos who are part of it do so? Did some leftists trying to slander him pretend to be KKK and do so? You know like the paid violent protestors sent to attack people at his rallies?

      Cause I could just see it, “do you disavow the KKK”, of course I do, headlines!

      “Trump Disavows Prior Relationship with KKK and Confirms they Endorsed Him”

      I mean the level of bullshit the press pulled on the guy was just stupid.

    • ahhh, more global warming stuff? Talk about “fake media”! 🙂 anyway, just a quick tidbit from an article I read on Sunday. Here’s the link for anyone so interested.

      “The February 2 testimony by John Christy included comprehensive satellite data of global temperatures covering 37 years (from December 1978 to the end of 2015) of the atmosphere from the surface to 50,000 feet. These data demonstrated that a speculated, pronounced warming of the atmosphere from water vapor does not exist.

      After over 35 years of speculation, 25 years of IPCC reports, multiple US government reports, and US government estimates that it spent over $40 Billion on climate science since 1993, and it spent over $150 Billion on activities to “fight global warming”; it is past time to produce physical evidence that the amplified atmospheric warming from increased water vapor exists. If the evidence is not produced, the hypothesis that human emissions of CO2 will cause dangerous global warming is as obsolete as peak oil theory, or that the sun is immutable, unchanging.”

    • Thanks Steve. But I understand normalcy bias quite well and I don’t believe most of what I see on mass media – which I don’t actually even tune into very often. Cheers, Ben

        • Most people are programmed/mind effed to some degree even if they don’t fully realize it. Even you Jack are not free of it as you may think or profess. You have no stranglehold on thinking or rationale, not even close. Your best ideas/info are about homesteading and most else is weak at best if not bogus.

          You talk a lot about business but you have never actually built or run a REAL business that pays taxes and workers comp and all manner of insurances with real employees ? And a lot of advice and info you have put out could get people buried in a lot of legal matters like having fake employees and no insurances or withholdings by calling them volunteers or apprentices or some such nonsense ?

          In other words a real full on, full bore legitimate business. So I discount much of what you say regarding business practices or advice because I know better from many years of hands on experience. Just saying the truth of the matter !

        • You Steve are totally full of shit.

          I have never advised anyone to fake an employee, that is just a flat lie.

          I have in fact built and run what you all a “real business”, I have had to deal with paying taxes and workers comp on such a business.

          You are just apparently a bitter little prick and I wonder why people such as you hang around and bother with TSP at all. I doubt you know half of what you claim you certainly do not know me or who I am or what I have done.

          Now be a good little troll and go back under your bridge.

  3. A few personal observations confirming assertions.
    “We are the freest nation in the world.” With the exception of gun laws, we are less free on a day to day basis than the people in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. One of the hardest things for my wife to learn when she came here were all restrictions we have here that they don’t have in Vietnam. I’m talking stupid shit like when we parked on a scenic pull off on the Pacific Coast Highway, she wanted to climb down the rocks about 50′ to go to the beach. Had we done that, the news helicopters would show us being “rescued” and arrested. You can’t fully understand our imposed and self imposed enslavement until you have seen freedom. We are still that fly that hasn’t yet seen the window.

    Conventional farming, GMO and soil health. When I can walk out in a corn field in August and still pull corn leaves from the previous year out of the dirt, something is wrong. The dirt is so dead it can’t even break down a leaf in a year. As far as roundup being a carcinogen, go to a dairy that feeds GMO silage and look at all the tumors on the older cows.

    Obesity and health problems: I haven’t read this book but I did listen to an extensive interview of the author about it on The Ruminant Podcast so I think I can safely recommend it. “The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor”
    The interview was enlightening enough that I am in the process of clearing out planted pines to resurrect part of the farm to grow my own food again.

  4. Here’s your perfect compliment/insult pickup line. (And no, I would never use it.):

    “You’ve got a pretty nice figure for someone who’s had (x number of) kids…”

  5. Jack – was it not David Duke who endorsed Trump?
    On the climate thing:
    You have said many times that you don’t believe in Anth Cl. Ch.
    And I am saying, how can we not have changed the climate – given moving so much carbon (and creating a shitton of methane and other gasses) from the geosphere to the thin atmosphere. I don’t need any research to be convinced of that, it’s merely from a pattern perspective alone. But I’ve also studied and even done some primary research on this for the past 20+ years.
    Please don’t lump me in with the liberal folks believing what’s in the press my friend – i certainly do not. That doesn’t make someone believing in climate change consensus of scientists, a kook with all of the left (and right for that matter) today.

    • Don’t know if it was Duke, no clue, I am pretty sure Trump had no idea what the bimbo was talking about when she asked him. I don’t pay attention to politics any more than I have to for this show, I likely watch less news than you do which isn’t much. I did see the question though and you could tell he had no clue what the fuck she was talking about.

      On CO2, it is in the math for me, man is responsible for LESS THAN 3% of all CO2 in the atmosphere.

      You want to bring up Methane up? Okay, we can talk, bad shit there bro, I agree. You want to talk trioxins and dioxins, I am ALL IN. You want to discuss deforestation, desertification and oceanic dead zones? I am there, all the way there.

      To me these are all huge problems and as I keep saying a reasoned case that is non political and non divisive can be made against all of them. Yet the SINGLE issue of the environmental left for 15 years now is what, global warming, um climate change, um global weirding and it is all linked to CO2, again the molecule you exhale with each breath that FEEDS plants.

      I am not lumping you in, you know better than that. I feel you might be lumping me in with the right though. I am about as anarcho libertarian as they come. I actually did believe in AGW due to CO2 15 years ago, then I did research and buddy it just doesn’t hold water.

      Have you actually watched this,

  6. Ben,
    Why are we worried about Trump supposedly being endorsed by some klan members and were not worried about Robert Byrd being Hillary’s “friend and mentor.”

    Don’t worry about global whatevering because it will be over soon. The only reason this has lasted as long as it has is because Gore and his buddies saw that their carbon credit bank could provide them with wealth that could put them on the top of the Forbes list. We will soon have another “cause” to worry about. So far I have seen starvation in Bangladesh, global cooling, starvation in Ethiopia and now global whatevering. So the cycle will have us worrying about some starving children in BFE and the sun and weather can go back to their natural cycles.

    My problems with it are the motivations and that that “they” don’t really get into the effects that global whatevering will have. Yea, the sea levels will rise and wash away Florida and the east coast a couple years ago. Hurricanes, tornadoes, locust plagues and every other calamity they can think of is what they say, but they never talk about anything but doom and gloom. They never stopped to think that when water warms it evaporates and rises. When it rises to the cooler air and makes clouds which reflect some of the suns heat away and block even more from reaching the ground. Then when the ground cools in the shade, the air stops rising and starts falling, down comes the cooling rain. So warming makes cooling. They also don’t get into the fact that temps have lead CO2 emissions and have not looked to see if the higher CO2 levels are actually the result of lower plant mass levels in the waters and on the land due to real pollutants and conventional agricultural processes. Freeing this sequestered carbon and making it available should make the plant life levels rise and following that, animal life levels.

    The vast majority of our acclaimed scientists have so narrowed their studies and experiences that they can’t look at a problem from any other angle other than from that which they have been taught. They don’t even consider simple solutions because all their studies have been geared towards finding complex solutions to complex problems. I have several of these people in my family and have worked with some of the top microwave engineers in the world. It has always amazed me how stupid these geniuses are when you get them out of their narrow field. They know a lot of facts and the accepted processes of how they are supposed to combine them but it is extremely rare to find one that can figure out how to get piss out of a boot without telling them that the instructions are on the heal.

    When you get down to it they lack REAL critical thinking. They lack the ability to find solutions to problems in areas where they have no education or experience by combining pieces of seemingly unrelated knowledge. They, as kids, were never told by their father to “figure it out.” They were either told the answer or told to “look it up” or had the problem solved for them.

    Or, maybe they’re just educated far above and beyond their intelligence.

    • Who says I’m not concerned about Hillary’s terrible advisers? Please don’t reduce this to partisanism.

      • Don’t reduce it to what it is? Senator Robert Byrd was a high up recruiter for the KKK. Hillary had nothing but public praise for the man and there was virtually nothing about it in the mainstream press. Some nut job endorses Trump and it’s a big deal that the doesn’t properly reject the endorsement? Either this is a leftist hypocritical partisan issue or a non issue. I choose the latter.

    • Could not agree more Dave. Robert “sheets” Byrd, as Rush Limbaugh calls him. The “Conscious of the Senate” as the Dems labeled him. Scumbag. Klansmen, yet not a damn one in the media ever called him out.

      • Oh and by the way, the soon to be head the DNC, Keith Ellison, was/is active in the Nation of Islam and supports the Muslim Brotherhood too. His history of racism and anti-semitism runs deep, yet, again, waiting for the media to report the truth is like waiting for the tooth fairy. Happens only in fantasy land.

        “fake news”? we’ve been dealing with it since the days of Cronkite, hell, Walter Duranty of the NY times wrote glowingly of the USSR back in Stalin’s heyday. People read his shit, immigrated to there because of it, and were summarily executed during Stalin’s many purges.

  7. So a burglar got all their guns, huh? Reminds me of the time I decided to take every firearm I owned fishing and lost them all in a boating accident. It was heartbreaking!

    • Likely because you knew what you actually had and what guns were actually all about.

  8. I get really sick of the claims that GMO increases yields. In 1994 my dad was an active farmer and had been for 20+ years. He heard all the hype for Roundup Ready soybeans so he bought enough for one field because the price was about the same as just about every other soybean see he could purchase at the time. He found that right out of the chute, Monsanto’s claims of increased yields were absolute BS and in fact saw a significant yield loss. In an adjoining field he raised soybeans conventionally and saw a yield around 58-60 bushels per acre. The roundup beans raised a paltry 35 bushels per acre. He tried this three years in a row, and would have sworn off the Roundup ready stuff altogether except for one small issue… His seed dealer quit handling conventional beans. Only within the last 4 or years has it been feasible to locate a source of conventionally grown, open pollinated soybean seed at scale. And at this point he’s in that 60 year old range, so why bother changing… But only now, after 20+ years have the roundup genetics improved in yield enough to break the 5 bushels per acre mark in our area on average.

  9. In the Mike Rowe segment, you talked about mortgages and that you think it’s smart to keep a mortgage if you can make better money via investments. I’m curious about this because a big part of my financial preparedness strategy is to try to pay off the rest of our mortgage (about $85k). In the event of a financial collapse, death, disability, or job loss, our living expenses will be so much lower. Financial markets are unpredictable (and I read that you sold stock before the election, I’d love to know more about that too). Are you saying that this preparedness tactic of paying off the mortgage is not a good idea? Thanks.

    • Everything is situational. If this makes sense for you do it.

      My decision to sell stock before the election is complicated and in my position I can only say so much. The Trump rally though is based on NOTHING at this point, stocks are over priced, there will be a correction an I am patient an waiting for it.

    • I kind of remember John P on an expert council show a while ago saying that the P/E of the market as a whole was fairly priced. Has that changed or do I remember incorrectly?

      • I think I do remember him saying something like that, but it was very broadly painted with a couple of caveats. Not the kind of statement I would use as general steering or advice because that should be done at the level of each investment.

        In the most recent episode of wealthsteading I believe I heard John repeat something he has said many times before, even though we keep seeing small corrections and hiccups in the market, it is still (generally) over valued and ready for a much larger correction.

        I tend to agree with Jack that the “Trump Rally” is just fluff but I also haven’t heard anything from John since the election.

      • No question stocks were well overpriced and valued before Trump was elected. Now they are even more so. You do know what happens when stocks reach all time highs right ? and they were there long before the election and have been on a fake pump for years now not months. Many people will get hurt with their paper gains as I said a long while ago.