Episode-2332- Listener Feedback for 11-26-18 — 12 Comments

  1. It made me laugh where you said something like “Those were the days when the king could have someone’s head chopped off”.

    It just reminded me that Trump is ok with some Saudi journalist (who lived in the US and worked for the Washington Post), getting his head chopped off and probably his limbs chopped off too, so long as Trumps friends get to trade weapons for oil, knowing that the weapons will be used to supress and kill poor people.

    (The more things change, the more they stay the same)

    However I am not too critical of Trump, he is only copying the example set by his murderous predecessors, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, Ragen, Nixen and all the other scum bags.



    • @michael I think you have TARD, I don’t think Trump is okay with it.  I think Trump is no Jefferson but he is learning what Jefferson also learned, once you are actually POTUS, there are things you have to deal with that you would prefer not to deal with.

      What is his alternative in this situation, and when you give it, THINK and lay out the chain of events that would come form it in the current system and state of the world.

      • Trump is definitely no Jefferson but I would rate Trump miles ahead of Obama and the Clintons.

        At least Trump has not started any new wars since he came to office.

        I have saw some funny but real pictures from last year of Trump and the Saudi prince dude ‘Salmon bin Catfish’ hugging and kissing each other like two gay guys, and I am guessing that next year when the journalist who was chopped up and buried in the woods or whereever gets forgotton about then Trump and the prince of fish will be back hugging and kissing each other again and maybe Trump will whisper in his ear the name of some CNN journalist or other guy who he thinks needs chopping up.

        There will be some more arms and oil trade and trump will get a few millions from the fish prince towards Trumps re-election campaign.

        (My own view is that there was colusion between the Saudis and Trump in organizing to have the dude chopped up, but it will never be proven).

        Though I won’t miss any journalist from mainstream media, (mostly liars and mouth pieces for Hillary, I don’t trust anything out of mainstream media anymore)

        (Just my humble belief on it.)

  2. Yep TARD not a severe case and it won’t go over to ReTard but you have it none the less.

  3. I suppose my alternative view is that Trump should ban all sales of arms to Saudi Arabie, better still ban all US arms export sales to all countries.

    Build hunting rifles instead and sell to the home population, return to nature.

    The fact that Russia, China and others export arms for profit and to fuel wars in smaller poorer countries does mean that the US has to do the same.

    The US is supposed to be of higher standards and democracy.




    • It is a start but keep going, what happens if we do that?

      Start with this fact the F16s we sell to the Saudis can fly for about 6 months without on going US support.

      • I’m not sure, I don’t know a longterm solution.

        But I think I am against the whole principal of arms trading between nations.

        I’m ok with the concept of each country building up its own army and weaponry to defend it’s on people.

        Tradeing food, cars machines across borders seems fine to me, just no export trading of weaponry especially not heavy weaponary.

        What I can’t understand is that there is a growing movement against the ownership of hunting guns in the US (which are primarily designed to hunt food, or target practice with the objective to become a good hunter ), yet there is no, or minimal oposition to building heavy weaponary for export whose primary purpose is to kill people.

        Surely the US and other countries could trade so many other great things or services besides heavy weaponary in exchange for oil.

        I don’t see any great path out of the current Saudi situation.

        It’s more that I see the need for some sort of reset button in global trade.

        I sort of think many of the worlds problems come from what you explained that, governments want to regulate, control,  tax and keep growing like a plant.

        I see the international arms trade as falling within that government plant theory but to the detriment of most people like us.



        • I am against a lot of things Mike, but those things are. This is the reality of being President vs. sitting here like we do and saying what they should do.

          Consider, Trump says hey Saudi fuck off, no planes or weapons for you. What happens? This is the thought expirment I asked you to do that you have avoided. So let’s do it together.

          The Saudi’s have money and want weapons so they go to the next best place to get them, it ain’t China, it is Russia. We now go from an ally we can’t really trust who we do control becuase they can’t run our planes and other tech without our support to one flying SU-57s, oh great joy! Russian builds a facility right in SA to support them, we lose our influence and good will with the ONLY actual ally we have left in the middle East and Russian now has influence beyond our own in Syria and Saudi Arabia. Of course a fucked up Iraq and a “death to America” Iran are right between them.

          So now what happens next?

          And please don’t explain to me of all people how we fucked up the middle east, yea, I know, but any POTUS in 2018 must play the hand dealt, they can’t ask for a new deck and dealer.

  4. Hi Jack, here are the steps I would like to see Trump doing, they are based on putting Principles before Proffit at any cost, which I think will in the very long run would return more proffit to the US economy and citizens anyway.

    1st : Trump cuts off all trade with Saudi Arabia, SA then developes close ties with Russia and buys its equipment from them. Since SA is joined onto the same land mass as Russia and are near neighbours then it makes sense that they be close allies and trading partners.

    2nd: Trump pulls all us forces, soldiers, equipment and army ships out of the middle east and brings them home thus saving a fortune on the hard working US tax payer like yourself who are currently paying huge taxes which are being wasted on loss making and unethical remote wars.

    3rd: Trump pulls all US army forces and equipment out of Europe and brings them home. Europe becomes a close trading partner of Russia who we are part of the same land mass. Europe leaves Nato and developes it’s own indecent defences but primarily trades non military commerece with itself and its nearest land mass neighbour Russia, hence less shipping, more use of rail, roads and pipelines thus saving fuel.

    4th: Trump developes much closer trade and military aliances with his neighbouring countries on the same landmass, Canada, Central America and South America thus creating a giant Americas Alliance. The US helps develope the economies of all the Central and South American nations, with training, education and group projects (not simple use the central Amarican countries as colonies to be exploited and abused by Cia baced dictators as happened under Regan in the 1980s etc (in some of the Central America nations).

    (I do appreciate that you built roads and schools in Honduras which is honerable, but overal the presence of the US interference in central america has been very exploitive in the past 40 years).


    5th: The Cia and Fbi stops selling weapons to Mexican drug dealers and helps develope their economy instead, then with Mexico and the Central American economies now booming, the immigrants are then queueing to go homeward southwards.

    Mexico with it’s economy booming, prosperty, reduced crime now welcomes US citizens to migrate and work there,  so to does other central and South American countries do the same.

    6th: White US citizens, Hispanics and American African dependants increasing inter marry and the Americas becomes a stronger more socially cohesive superpower with a new spurt of growth. The new Americas becomes the world’s leading economy and Superpower and is viewed with respect and admiration from around the world.

    7th : The US gradually gets it’s social welfare class back to work in developing this new Americas superpower and that along with not havving to support a massively expensive loss making  international remote military pressence around the globe then eliminates the need for property tax on hard working decent guys like Jack Spirco who will use the money saved to develop more interprise and services and ideas which will be good for the economy overall and may even employ people.

    Jack will buy a 10 or 20 acre farm with a wooded area and organize hunting trips with training which I will travel to the US on holidays, pay my lodging to stay in the onsite log cabin which jack had build and framed himself from felled trees.

    I will pay my holiday fee, hire a hunting gun from Jack for the holliday and learn how to hunt my own food.

    Hunting guns will be much more available  then since the military production will have much reduced in the appsence of the foreign wars and the manufacturers will have turned to producing hunting guns and amo which will bring down the cost of hunting amo.

    To Sumerise, I think that there is no way Trump can repair the existing mess which most of the people outside of the US now views the US as.

    Rather, Trump neets to dismantle and rebuild a new true capitalist based economy and society. (Not the current system of Too big to fail Socialism/Communism for the the bankers and corporations along with endless welfare for the lazy, which the hardworking middle like Jack has to pay for and prop up both).

    I think the current system will eventually grint to a halt anyway sooner or later, it can’t keep your going the way it is going, all the more reason to be prepared for when things turn bad which they definitely will for a while.

    All the more reason to have that log cabin ready and hunting and survival skills ready and prepared.

    I enjoyed writing this, my thoughts developed and it extended my mental boundries as I wrote.


  5. Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t seem to find a link to that coffee you mentioned for the show notes. Truthfully I’m trying to scare up the coffee of the month club though, I don’t think it was Mai Thai that offered that.

    I could give a long story about the education you’ve given me that I never got anywhere else, but I’ll save that for the day I get to go to a workshop. Suffice it to say, thanks for teaching me to be an ant, not a grasshopper.