Episode-1902- Listener Feedback for 11-21-16 — 10 Comments

  1. Yes nitro piston is easier on the scope than spring piston.
    I have a Benjamin. Keep them clean, dust will ruin the piston seals.

  2. Mastiffs, my daughter-in-law has an Italian mastiff. She went to professional training as soon as he was old enough. They trained together with a shock collar. She had a choose of ways to train him, and she choose not to train him as an attack dog. He is very obedient, but you have to remember protocol. When a new person comes over they introduce him to the new person outside before coming into the house. If you do otherwise, he gets very upset.
    She knew before getting her dog that she’d need to get professional training for a dog that size/bred.

  3. Scott Joplin, composer of Entertainer, had a father who thought little of his music and argued that it took the boy away from practical employment that would supplement the family income. His mother was very, very supportive.

    If any group ever wanted to learn how to oppose stupid stuff done by a school official, parents should take lessons from our high school students:

    A few years back, during Canterbury Tales (an outside festival by the senior classs and their English teachers), a senior with the last name Byrd jumped into the pond. (Another school tradition, every year at least one senior jumps into the pond) Someone put a video of him doing so on Facebook. Teachers never realized it happened. Later in the day the video was brought to the attention of a school administrator and the school immediately suspended the guy and pressed charges (something like public disturbance). The principal was out of town that day.
    His fellow students were upset, and thought it unfair and were busy on their phones, social media, talking to various parents including a lawyer and a guy who ran a print shop.
    Next morning there were students wearing #FreeByrd t-shirts, #FreeByrd on many student’s cars, students picketing across the street with #FreeByrd signs (which they did several days, I think until Byrd suspension was up. ) A couple of kids wrote #FreeByrd graffiti on the school. Other students were busy with markers writing #Freebyrd on their arms, foreheads, etc). A #FreeByrd Facebook group formed, youtube video created showing the principal as Hitler. Amazing how much was done overnight.

    So when the principal arrived the next morning he was bombarded with all this commotion and newsreporters. His first reflex was to threaten to have the cars towed away, and suspend all who had #freebyrd.

    Political Science teacher gave a class on what can and can not be done. Encouraged the students to look up the student handbook. To look up court cases on how students could legally protest. Skipping school would have consequences, spray painting school is illegal. But as far as they could tell they could wear their shirts and decorate their cars, etc.
    Other teachers also supported the student protest.
    No cars were towed away, suspension reduced, although a few other students were suspended.
    What I don’t get is why this kind of stuff isn’t done more often, especially on the grade school level.
    Last year, last day of school the seniors decided to all bike to school. Officials again upset because they weren’t informed. Remove your bikes from campus or we’ll have them removed. Irritated students took to social media again, but quickly school officials met with students to resolve issue (which should never have been an issue in the first place).

    Students showed how the rule book allowed them to ride their bikes and park in the designed parking area, and since no bike parking area, they parked in the only parking area they had. Nothing said they had to inform the principal to ride their bikes to school. Another area on campus became the bike parking area with security watching over their bikes. Much less commotion and an apology to the students, just a if you let us know ahead of time security can plan to keep your bikes safe.
    I believe teaching kids to stand up for themselves, to not take crap from school officials nor believe they have the authority to do what they say they can do is a good thing to learn.

  4. I am convinced the following rifles are a better option:
    Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle air rifle (B000W2YR96)

    Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air Rifle with 3-9x40mm Scope

    I’m not sold on a scope for a rifle that can’t get out that far. I welcome your thoughts.

    • Scopes allow extreme precision on game which can be very important with an air rifle. I have taken squirrels and rats out to 50 yards with my scoped gun. You should check youtube there is one guy on there can’t remember his channel but he is a brit, he has scope cam footage of pigeon kills over 70. His hold over and kentucky windage is impressive.

    • Oh and the Viper Express is a fine pellet gun, costs over 70 dollars more than the nitro, it is a good gun and if you are willing to fork out 70 bucks more for 200 more FPS, it is worth the money.

      To me the Fusion is a gimmick and not a very useful one at that.

  5. I got that same airgun advertisement verbatim from a newsletter entitled “absolute rights.” Not sure how I ever got on it in the first place but after reading that BS I invites him to do degrading things with his mother and hit unsubscribe.

  6. Gamo has a lifetime warranty and the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air Rifle with 3-9x40mm Scope has a suppressor design. Is it a better design and value?

  7. Another Amazon item recommendation.

    Dog training seems to be a reoccurring subject so here are 2 books that should be a big help to many in the audience. For full disclosure, I have not read either of these two but I, and several friends have used Water Dog, same author and I’m sure the same philosophy, with amazing success. Water Dog is geared towards labs that will be a member of the family and worked in the field. The author is less concerned about how to “train” the dog and more about getting you to understand what is going on in the dogs head. Once you are looking at things from the dogs perspective, understand his body language and recognize the attention span and excitement levels, training becomes almost intuitive. Everyone I know that has used these methods have ended up with dogs that we speak to in complete sentences. And they understand.

    I just read a bunch of the negative reviews. If you train yourself with these philosophies and apply them in the raising of a member of your family, you will look back at the bad reviews and feel sorry for them and especially their dogs.