Episode-1670- Listener Feedback for 11-2-15 — 16 Comments

  1. Your not crazy Jack, but in the school situation your incorrect. A teacher no longer has the authority to give either an after school detention or a week of ISS. The system is a disaster with very little power to hold students accountable for their actions.

    • Would not the “administrator” have such authority?

      If you say no all I can say is my contention that the school system is beyond repair is not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  2. Jack, I loved that song, I had never heard it….I recognized that guitar playing instantly, it’s Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits….I had to look it up to make sure it wasn’t someone just playing his style and sure enough it is him! Thanks for sharing…He’s one of my all time favorites!

  3. Tick-tock… That hit me hard today. Why? Because today is my birthday!

    21 years old. Freaking already. That is a hell of a kick in the ass.

    Freaking glad I’m getting shit done.

    • You have no idea how much BS you’re short circuiting by being 21 and having already found this show and just holding close the concept of “getting stuff done”. At least the experiences you’re going to go through going forward will be towards things that are important and of value.

      It took me till about 26ish to get that, and that’s after a full military tour with a deployment, and plenty of real world experience. I’ll take those as great lessons that build character, but not necessarily my current position in life. (Not complaining whatsoever!)

      Keep it up!

  4. I just tuned in for the school thing (I’ll catch the rest later) to see what you thought and I couldn’t agree more.

    People have lost their damn minds if they’re defending this guy, of if they’re defending the schools system and it’s policies that allowed it to happen -actually, the system makes sure there’s no other way it could happen.

    BUT. A shitty system is not an excuse for acting this way. “Doing my job” doesn’t cut it. When your job becomes slamming kids down, like this scum did, then it’s time to quit your job and go do some soul-searching.

    You can’t complain about how society has gone to hell and then go to your job and contribute to it.

    • I think you are underplaying the underlying issue that has been missed here. This child was in a state of emotional crisis. Mild perhaps but none the less present.

      This kid for whatever reason has used this situation to try and hold onto power and control in her way.. She is clearly not in a state of mind to have a rational discussion or expect to think things through with an balanced outlook. That is why your detention scenario won’t work. If it would have worked I’m certain the person would have acquiesced during the initial stages or at very least with police presence. That doesn’t mean she is or has a mental disorder all it means is that at this point and time she cannot be expected to think and respond as you would expect.

      For all we know the conduct of the teacher could have set the stage for the escalation.. who knows..

      The hinge pin in these situation is that you can never predict what direction they will go.. and there in lies the skill and experience component. It doesn’t matter how it turns out, when dealing with people in this state of mind, it is a dynamic situation but the key element is always time and patience. The staff at the school failed to recognize this, as did the police officer.. pride and power drunk this officer allowed his ego to supersede his brain.

      A mistake yes. Will he pay the price.. he should make amends. However they’ll never know if he was capable of learning from this mistake and becoming a better police officer because they shitcanned him. The problem I see here is with the sheriffs office not this officer. Yes he was the act but the preparation for this behavior started when he was hired. They did not properly prepare, monitor, train and guide this officer. Thus this behavior was never recognized early on and corrected. Perhaps maybe it was even encouraged.. who knows.

      What we do know is that the focus that this child was obviously crying out for some guidance and help.. clearly isn’t going to get it because the situation has been made political. And asses/assholes run for shadows when political lights are cast.

      • If you would give that asshole cop another chance, you are damn idiot. Seriously, and whether the teacher could have diffused it via the method I gave or not is not relevant to what the cop did.

        Since the girl was 18 an officer with brains would have given her a lawful order to leave the room, then simply wrote her a citation for disruption of the peace and likely a few other things, let the courts handle it and walked away.

        Not to mention this isn’t like the girl was in a private business or home, this is a state mandated school where her failure to attend is considered now a crime. Sure at 18 she can opt out and walk away but she’d better not do it with our filing the proper forms first. Because yes in most districts now truancy is now a criminal offense.

        In any event if you do happen to be a cop, turn in your badge.

      • “She is clearly not in a state of mind to have a rational discussion or expect to think things through with an balanced outlook.”

        You know what? Nobody in that room was in state of mind to have a rational discussion! There wasn’t one adult present in that room. That cop was nothing but an overgrown kid himself. THAT’S the problem! Adults don’t run to authority for every little problem. You think there weren’t problem kids years ago when there weren’t cops in schools?

        What do you think those kids learn every time they see a minor problem handled in an out of proportion or violent way? They see parents do it, they see cops do it, they even see the government do it.

        I remember when I was a kid, one of the coaches was doing some stupid shit during practice that was just asking for kids to be hurt. My dad and a bunch of other dads went and had a little meeting with the coach and told him he wasn’t going to be doing that anymore. Problem solved.

        I guess now the world is run by lawyers, committees, and jack-booted thugs. I give up! Go ahead and put him back policing kids. Tell him that the rules of engagement are that he can fire away anytime he feels a little scared. Thank God he’s there protecting the children from harm!

  5. In the 1975 movie Dog Day Afternoon, Sonny (Al Pacino) attempts to rob a bank. With sharp shooters surrounding the building he ends up coming outside and conversing with police and the crowd. Do you think in 2015 this would happen or would they just pick him off in a few minutes? Sure would make for a very short movie. lol

    • Suzanne,

      Pacino’s character, and the real life man he was based on, was trying to get money for his male lover’s sex change operation. Because of that, I doubt the MSM would let any of them get shot. In fact, they’d probably help them escape and then host a fund-raiser for them.

  6. So can Jack [or anybody else who understands the problem] explain why the original plan for Perma-Ethos was illegal and in what way?

    I didn’t quite catch the how/why behind that.

    • The basic orginal plan.

      Find land

      Break land into a common area (multi acre)


      Many 1 acre parcels

      Sell the 1 acre parcels and each parcel had a 99 year lease

      We also were working to bring in investors to make the numbers work. Investors were to buy in at 20K and get 4 acre parcels.

      Profit goes to investors as shareholders.

      Lease holders would be told X dollars exist in development fund per quarter and vote and suggest what they want done.

      Owners take this into consideration, make a decision on development each quarter.

      In time as operation becomes profitable, a portion of profit is returned to lease holders.

      Lease holders do as they will with their acre of land with very few exceptions.

      Due to the fact that I would have to publicly solicit (tell people about it) and that I was returning something of value based on profit, this violates the 1933 securities act.

      We looked at doing it as a co-op and it MIGHT have worked very close to that way. But finding land where what we were doing would not be considered a “sub division” was pretty hard. I also feel that this HAS TO BE no more than 2-3 hours from my house.

      That is not for my convenience, but because I believe that the project will not succeed unless I am onsite at least twice a month. Our lack of heavy progress in WV, only makes me more sure of that.

      If we try it again, I think the big loop hole will be off grid only with trailers or tiny homes. That may push a lot of people out long term though.

  7. I planted True Comfrey from seed and it has produced big plants with lots of blossoms but no seeds have been produced. It’s not a big deal because of the root propagation but I found it curious.

  8. I believe I have been able to successfully eliminate some from seed comfrey that I planted. It was a really sad thing to do because it was such a great plant, but it was clear that this plant was starting to get out of control and if I waited, it would be a LOT harder to remove.

    I had to go through the beds and pull up as much of the roots as possible. These were some nice, NICE crowns. I then had to go out every few days and pick every last little comfrey leaf that was coming up and make sure to dig down as far as i could to get any remaining roots. After a few months I think I have them knocked out. I am still monitoring those areas from time to time to see if any come back. (Hadn’t seen any in awhile).

  9. On the history segment:

    For those who do not know, the reason blacks were better able to survive malaria than whites was genetic. It was at least partly for this reason that black slaves kept being imported. Later it was found out that the same gene that allowed blacks to tolerate malaria and the sweltering weather was the same gene that causes Sickle Cell Anemia.