Episode-2329- Listener Feedback for 11-19-18 — 3 Comments

  1. What made the Civil War so bloody? In my opinion it was the reloading. You pretty much have to stand up to reload a musket. That was still what was in use during the Civil War. If there was a fortified position like the Union had time to put up on Cemetery Ridge. You had a better chance of surviving. There was an option Lee did not pursue, attack Washington DC drawing the Union off Cemetery Ridge and engaging them in the open. The war might have turned out differently.

    • It wasn’t the loading of the muskets that made it bloody, that had nothing got to do with it.

      It was the stupidity of aiming the muskets at eachother and firing bullets at each other which made it so bloody.

      If they had just fired the muskets up in the air they could have both enjoyed the fireworks and enjoyed a few cooked birds for dinner with a few beers.

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