Episode-2549- Listener Feedback for 11-18-19 — 2 Comments

  1. Jack, you might not have felt your best, but your answer on university research was just fine! It was the world I lived in. The universities aren’t going anywhere and I doubt their buildings will get sold because the research supports all of it.

    Some of the research is directly useful – for example, anyone with sheep or goats ought to have Maryland’s Small Ruminant page bookmarked. Some adds to knowledge, like the physics you mentioned – maybe useful someday. Nothing wrong with knowing more about the universe.

    It’s the incestuous complex of industry/military/government/university research where things get murky, as you said. The temptation overwhelms some researchers to keep the money flowing by “editing” research results to favor the funder. No, not everyone does it by any means, but it does happen. Scientific peer review has caught some frauds. Experimentation on the unwitting public has eventually revealed other wrongdoing (look up Philip Morris). Yet other research has saved thousands of lives. As usual…it depends.

  2. Here’s a life hack to share with your listeners. In the winter I  park overnight I position the car so it faces east. That means the morning sun hits the windshield and melts any frost giving me one less task before driving to work.