Episode-1250- Listener Feedback for 11-18-13 — 38 Comments

    • It isn’t that low, that is why they make volume controls for.

      Anyway I bumped it up 2 DB any higher than that and it will red line. Try re-downloading it, make sure to reload it before you do.

      • I’ve got the player volume turned up all the way and the volume on the speakers all the way up and I have to sit in front of the computer to hear it. Other podcasts are fine.


        • With the new version? Cause here is the deal if you push an audio file over 1 DB you get squelch and other issues for people on their devices. The DB of this episode is now peaking at -.09 DB which is considered about perfect. I used to encode a lot louder but got a crap load of complains about over blowing peoples speakers, etc.

      • The volume is fine and the same as it always has been for me. I listen with the Android app on a tablet. My tablet’s max volume isn’t very high (issue exists for anything, not just TSP), so car listening would normally be difficult. But, I plug the audio cable into the aux jack and then I can make it plenty loud.

    • It would be nice if you could state your thoughts without going overboard on emotion. I value your insights but the tone and sarcasm makes me tune out. Thanks

      • Oh OK so because you asked I will change the entire tone of TSP that has existed for 5.5 years to please one individual. How is that for sarcasm?

        • Lol! A dry delivery is fine for some things, especially if your Joe Friday, (Just the facts, mam) but emotion is an absolute requirement for some messages. Try taking out the emotion of the Veterans Day podcast. Now wouldnt that be boring.

          Great job as usual, brother!

        • I would bet that most people listen to your show for what you say, not how you say it. I imagine there are quite a few listeners who listen to your show in spite of how you say things, not because of how.

          You are a smart man with lots of knowledge about things that interest me.

        • Jack, I love the passion and emotion that comes through! Keep it up! It’s part of what makes you real!

        • @horatio
          I would completely disagree. It’s one reason why certain radio personalities do as well as they are. It’s not necessarily “emotions” but also just how you go about saying things, and the entertainment value in that.

          I can’t remember which podcast it was, but I tried listening to this permaculture podcast and it was awful. The topic was awesome, but I could not listen to it because it sounded like the guy was whispering in the microphone and it was an even more stale version of NPR. Very very boring. At least in general the way I think of with Jack’s delivery is just simple, and conversation/discussion like. I should note though, that through my worldly experiences, I will say its an American centric style of conversation/delivery, but since I live in America, and I’m at least a few notches MORE “expressive” than Jack on here, it works for me.

        • I think that while the emotion may be consistent for 5.5 years, but the sarcasm and egotism has increased 10 fold since the Jetta days. Just my observation.

      • I think anyone that starts something that lasts 5.5 years from nothing is entitled to do what they like.

        • @Woodbutcher, You would think so! Yet apparently not, I am told daily that my show will soon disappear if I don’t stop cussing or yelling or something like that. By people who I guess don’t have a damn clue how TSP was built.

          And @ Scott, clearly you didn’t listen in the beginning, your statement is total and complete nonsense and that ain’t sarcasm.

  1. Jim,

    You may want to check your mixer on your computer’s audio controls; it may be independent of the player volume and there may be other applications with low volume set… Hope that helps.

    The other Jim

  2. Great stuff on shelter in place. Get the f out and figure it out later. Law enforcement wants you to stay put because it makes it easier for them, not because it’s safer for you.

    “Get out” probably isn’t the best strategy for things like fires. Panicking for the doors is bad news, although it probably would have been better for a lot of people on 9/11.

    It def the best thing to do in an active shooter situation.

  3. Volunteer EMT in the state of Ohio here. I agree with you Jack, if the SHTF around you, active shooter or whatever, sheltering in place is probably not the best course of action. On the help getting there in time; at least in the state of Ohio, all EMT / Paramedics dispatched to a active shooting or other unsafe environment, have to “stage”. Meaning wait in a safe area until dispatch informs you to go in. I hope people don’t think the paramedics dropped the ball, I know that isn’t what you are saying, but I have heard people saying things like “what is wrong with the medics, they should have got to him sooner”. First thing they teach you is your safety, your partners safety, then the public. I know it sounds harsh, but the rationale behind it is, don’t be another victim, making the situation worse.

    • Indeed not what I am saying, a damn SWAT or Tac Team should have been in there ASAP extracting him to medics if at all possible. As we know it was definitely beyond “if at all possible”.

  4. Jack,

    I can’t believe you. Your volume is the same as always and you show passion.
    Damnit, I’m not getting what I paid for. You force us to pay for this show and then strap us to chairs and make us listen. You really should have a free show. And if ppl that want to support they can choose to pay you and in return get more back then they put in.
    Oh the humanity maybe one day! Troll On!

  5. No questions asked I believe/agree with you regarding spending time working on the land to learn your biome. In the last year I’ve certainly learned so much about this climate/location, just by listening and working with it, that I can certainly say that family members who have been around here their whole life are quite surprised with what I’ve discovered. But I will say the one thing I’m missing is that temporal knowledge that Geoff Lawton talks about. (That 15 year knowledge). Luckily my neighbor has been living across the street here for 30 years. I mean hell I started a blog almost for just putting out the information related to living in the Sub-Tropical climates and taking in the challenge seriously.

    I actually kind of feel there is some what of a derth of Sub-Tropical permaculture information out there. You either have Tropical, or Temperate climates. Starting next year I’m hoping to start blazing some more trails on this one.

    • He is much better today the key is to keep him from hurting himself worse during recovery.

  6. China & Bitcoin –
    China, by endorsing Bitcoin, now controls the largest BTC exchange in the world (BTC China). Which means they now set/control the global price. But sorry, no trading there unless you have an account in China.

    Their nearest competitor, MtGox (a Japanese company), was crippled earlier this year when US ‘regulators’ shut down the ability of its clients to withdraw US dollars.

    The 3rd largest exchange.. is in Slovenia.

    Way to go US ‘regulators’.. guiding us into the future!

    the FAIL of the US gov at this point is so profound, and so complete, that I need to never ever ever read or pay attention to anything it or ‘mainstream media’ ever says or does.. just to keep from having to medicate myself.

    • for anyone not getting that..

      The US has handed China a new, potentially Trillion dollar market.

      If you want to get in on that market, in any sort of big way (more than a BTC here or there) you need to move your money to China.

    • ..if your a big player and you want to sell your BTC and withdraw cash.. you can’t do it in the US. Period. You have to do it in ‘totalitarian’ China.

    • @Insidious
      Why am I not surprised you’re chiming in on this one… =) hahhaha

      There is also CoinMkt. I haven’t used them personally yet, although I do have an account. I just needed to send them money via a money order. If you’re a “big player” pretty much what you have to do is sell to individuals rather than through the markets.

      I’ve read a few forums where bitcoin “millionaires” basically get “investors” to buy their bitcoin from them. It’s definitely probably the best way to do it, especially since all the markets have limits anyways.

      • I was wondering how one sells a non trivial amount (wish I had that problem). I would assume selling presents a taxation problem, and not a well defined or tested one at that… And you have to get it right even if the IRS can’t tell you which is right. Probably best to sell in person, if possible.

  7. Okay, I feel better, I got my magical unicorn/rainbow fix! Always makes me laugh out loud. 🙂