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  1. 7LEn I have not listened yet. I am about to. Just a thought. The Paris attacks have me re thinking my edc. Instead of the micro 380 or Compact 9mm. I think I will be carrying a full size 9mm with extra magazines.
    Anyone else have the same thoughts?

  2. Well I sure hope it isn’t Rubio or Cruz. . .both are ineligible and the GOP is destroying the Constitution by letting them run under their banner.

      • They are ineligible. Emerich De Vattel in his compilation of natural law called THE LAW OF NATIONS, a reference work used extensively by the constitutional authors per Benjamin Franklin, defined ‘natural born citizen’ as a person born on the soil and of citizen parents. Obama, Jindal, Rubio and Cruz are all ineligible to be POTUS. I’ve been at this for over 7 years and while I won’t likely win, I am right.

        • “All three were U.S. citizens at birth and therefore are natural born citizens.”. . .Always the key that what is to follow is propagandist crap. That is not true.

          You are right that I will not win, Jack, even though I should. Did you know that there have been eight attempts to change the definition of ‘natural born citizen’?

          And by the way, I would love it if you would tell me what it was I said that is nonsense – preferably without a link to an opinion piece.

        • You are spewing idiocy.

          First nothing you are saying about these three guys matter.

          Second these three are big government socialists but they are the LEAST socialist of any running, so your point would be moot even if accurate.

          Third no one cares, no one is going to care all three were born citizens and NO ONE WILL EVER CARE except a small tiny group of conspiracy theorists who think they are technically accurate. If we were to live technically accurate to our constitution 90% of all laws would not exist, that IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, you sir tilt at windmills and worry way to much about the circle of concern and likely not at all about a true circle of influence hence your influence will be almost nothing. But good luck

          What did you say that was nonsense? That Rubio, Cruz and Jindel are not eligible to be president. This is total nonsense because even if you are technically right (which is debatable) US law and precedent does not concur on this issue. If any of them win, (long shot at best) despite equal idiocy of birthers, it will not matter.

          They will take office, they will do their thing and no bitching and moaning will change it. It is nonsense because it pointless, leads to nothing and will have NO EFFECT. That isn’t opinion it is fact.

          I found Obama birthers to be idiots and any future birthers will be idiots in my opinion but your claim here is idiocy is such based on facts, facts you won’t accept and therefor any further efforts by me are wasted and hence I am done. Believe what you want, I focus on shit that matters, this does not, will not and never will.

          The people who are really in charge will install what ever puppet mouthpiece they choose into the White House. We don’t elect presidents, we are marketed two candidates owned by the same people. If you wish to tilt at further windmills you shall have to do it elsewhere.

        • Oh and got to love this from the author of the article you try to use to make your point,

          “This article was written in the fall of 2009 after much research. Since then I have changed my position regarding McCain’s eligibility due to my ongoing research the last couple of years”

          So yea, um there is that too.

          It was in response to this comment by someone that actually has a clue what the fuck he is talking about.

          “Location of birth is irrelevant to natural citizenship. Parentage is everything. That’s jus sanguinis. It is the principle of natural membership in every group that man or animal is born into.

          Only location is relevant under jus soli subjecthood, not parentage. That is the principle derived from the Divine Right of Kings that justified the monarchy holding power over every soul born within its domain.

          It doesn’t matter where McCain was born. He was born of American citizens and therefore he was a natural American. Obama wasn’t. Children born abroad to American Ambassadors, diplomats and consuls are natural citizens also and the framers of the Constitution intended that they be eligible to be President, that’s why they required only 14 years residency. Born and raised abroad. At 21 years of age moved to the United States. Lived in the nation of their nationality for 14 years, at which time they would be 35 years old and eligible to be President.

          Don’t contaminate the pure principle of jus sanguinis citizenship with the bastardized principle of jus soli subjecthood by dragging location of birth into the equation. It’s irrelevant.”

        • I hate to belabor the point but you could have learned a lot had you read the comments below that article you sourced.

          I’ve been at this for 7+ years now. As you say, I likely won’t win however if an ineligible candidate is nominated/selected for 2nd seat, we will live another 4 to 8 years under the socialists. I understand that that isn’t terribly relevant to you but I have grandchildren I’m trying to protect.

          No, everyone should change their minds because they don’t know the facts. Your attitude surprises me. You’ve always been so level headed and willing to learn new things.

        • I love to learn new things, this is not a new thing, this is a no thing, you combine those words to make the word NOTHING.

          It does not matter, it won’t matter, 100,000 birthers could march on DC and NO ONE WILL CARE, NO ONE IS EVER GOING TO CARE. So there is NO POINT.

        • I bring jus soli into nothing. The fathers of all four men (Obama included) were not US citizens when they were born. They are ineligible. I’ve said enough. I will repeat – choose wisely, our future depends on it and with that I retire from the field.

        • I will choose no one I DON’T VOTE because I choose not to participate in the mass delusion that people call voting. I do not worry about what I can’t control and have no impact on, that is why I am effective at what I do.

        • BUT when you hang your hat on an author like you did here you may wish in the future to make sure they didn’t change their opinion after writing it, that is just effing rich! LOL

  3. Jack,

    Great show again, thanks for all the effort. Kill that coyote, soon. It’s funny how you said this Paris event will be used to whip up some fresh fear to take control as my neighbor who is a stone cold democrat asked me about buying an AR-15. That is frickin crazy fear as he is a former California resident. So, I’m going to school him and take him to the gun show and maybe he’ll listen to me or not. He is my ham radio Elmer so, turn about is fair play with the learning aspect. This show and so many of your recent shows have really struck a chord with me and my current situation and really been a positive force in my family life.

    By the way, I did my final bee hive inspection for the year and married a weak hive with a strong one and pinched my queen from the weak hive and transfered all of the good frames to the strong colony and did the newspaper trick as described by Michael Jordan. I was kinda sad about having to kill her off and did try to give her away but there were no takers. If left alone, I know that the weak hive would have never made it through the winter here even though it’s zone 6. Sometimes “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.” (Spock) I probably messed up that quote.

    Northern Virginia
    MSB Member
    Ham radio operator, General class

      • MJ,

        Everything appears to be going well. We had our first frost a few days ago and it will be warm on Thursday so I will monitor them. I hadn’t planned to do a proper inspection as it’s been breezy and cold and I don’t want to chill any remaining brood. You were a great help, I have used the newspaper trick in the past but I added water to it this time. Now you have me thinking that I should go in to take a look if the temps are above 60. I feel pretty good about my accomplishments of splitting twice and making 2 mated queens. That’s a first for me.

        In October, I removed my bottom super from each hive cuz they were empty and moved the super with the most bees into the top position with a full box of capped honey and pollen as the bottom box. So now I have 3 supers of 10 frames each and at least 20 frames covered with bees and brood. I will have Fondant ready to go in January just in case I get a nice warm day for a quick drop in.

        I look forward to splitting each hive in the spring and have a double layer nuc box ready to go. The Hive top feeder from Brushy mountain seems to work great if you keep it topped off while feeding. When I let it go dry, I did find about 25 dead bees in the bottom under the float. It’s a tricky but effective feeder.

        Anyway, thanks so much for being part of this community.

  4. I know how serious this episode is, I think I know how serious the times are with or without the Paris attack. But the Paris attack has rattled people.

    I was rattled too at first, then I was trying to figure out what else was going on that we weren’t supposed to notice; I haven’t heard of anything yet. I’m not numb or uncaring, but I do know I have no influence, no matter how broke my heart is.

    I can however build a bucket fodder system like you showed us in the video The 20 Dollar Barley Fodder System,

    I am experimenting with annual Rye grass, Barley, and a few sunflower seeds to feed to my brothers two meat cattle. He is having trouble finding hay that has enough nutrition this year, and is resorting to the best mix he can find locally; but isn’t what he wants.

    My little fodder system may not totally replace the protein mix he can get, but it may reduce it, so there isn’t so much of the junk he doesn’t want in his beef.

    Thank you, Jack for your help.


    PS: Now Buddy has two set’s of wings. But I’m sorry for how you have to feel as you wander all the places she used to be.

    Virtual Hug’s to you Jack.

    • Negative at best Kuwait is the same as it ever was. In reality what the US did there wasn’t the US it was half the known world, it was done fast and we left.

      The truth though!

      The Kuwait government absolutely was stealing Iraq’s oil, Iraq did warn Kuwait multiple times, so we took 500,000 Americans, 34 nations to war and killed 500,000 Iraqies to back a pack of thrives, think that really helped long term.

      Kuwait’s other offense was to support both sides of the war between Iraq and Iran, which prolonged the war. Not to mention that Kuwait was actually part of Iraq but was “created” as a nation by the British and US in 1963 as a willing Western puppet in the region. So um yea, again I said we did things that short term helped, but nothing long term.

      So lets get this strait, the US and Britten leave the middle east form on basic cultural boundaries in the 40s-60s, Iraq includes Kuwait, Iraq and Iran never have a war with the US as a proxy, norther Iraq ends up being Kurdistan, no Gulf War occurs, the CIA backs neither Saddam in Iraq or Mujahideen in Afghanistan, so there is no First Gulf War, we also don’t back and train Bin Laden, who never flips his shit due to US Troops in Saudi, so he never goes to the Afghan front, hence we have no 911, hence there is no never ending war on terror.

      So gonna say we have to think in more than 10 years time if we call something long term beneficial.

    • Me too, the show was great, but the song struck deeper. The fact that the song is almost 30 years old shows things haven’t changed a bit.

  5. With the rock situation I’d consider a snare / cable restraint. You could even make a temporary crawl under spot at the fence and most likely he’d go right through it. If you have rock that close you could possibly use a masonry bit and anchor straight to the rock. Just some ideas.

    Have you had a chance to use the dog proof trap from down at Nick’s yet?

    • No that isn’t bad, the key is a lot of neighbors have loose dogs. My side fence is bordered by no one, I could do that there. The back fence where the prick crosses though is my neighbors place, he has two small dogs, I’d not want to hurt them. If he doesn’t come back and get trapped, I will talk to my neighbor and may set up in his place and call him in and just shoot him. Pretty cool old guy and okay with guns, 3 acres wide open and three in forest, I am sure I could call him right to the edge, bang, done, gone!

      • Jack,
        From a former PA trapper now living in TX, try drilling a 3/8 hole and use a drop-in anchor for your trap stake/anchor. I understand the soil isn’t deep enough for a drag. Good luck.

        • While I appreciate the sentiment of the advice, all talk of “drilling” here is always by people who have never been here.

        • Jack,

          Just tryin to help and think outside the box. Drilling anchors worked in my limestone in Austin for my kids playhouse where I couldn’t dig to pour a footer, but I understand. A few hundred miles makes a difference.

          Saw you got the S.O.B.


    • i agree. its difficult when there are so many domestic animals nearby. That would be pretty fun to call him in vs. trapping it. However, there is something about outsmarting them with a trap that is very fulfilling. sounds like a good job for the ole .223

  6. Jack, there aren’t many other people who tell it like it is, but if you want to listen to another person who makes their living from their podcast from saying things the listeners don’t always agree with, check out Dan Carlin – Common Sense (his history podcast is top notch, too). I think you and he would have a very interesting conversation, actually, if you ever had him on. He’s been doing it for years, too.

  7. Once again, great show.

    I’ve told a few friends of mine, who aren’t full-on zombiefied by the media, to beware the trap set for them.

    You made mention that you had Fox news on mute, and I have always sworn that if you really want to see through the BS, watch the news on mute. Just take in the images. Watch the imagery, but remember what they’re trying to do to you, sell to you, and what they’re trying to tell you to think.

    It’s almost like seeing behind the curtain. You’ll soon find yourself catching them in their tricks on brainwashing the public and selling opinion as fact, and giving the sheep their daily does of thoughts du jour.

  8. Jack, what’s your % of chance that this happens here in the US in the next x months / years?

    BTW, you’re right – Use this attack to increase gov power in the end.- yep, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    Malls, star wars, holiday parades???

        • I would be pulling it out of my ass if I gave a number. Frankly I don’t think terrorists like this care about city level or even state level politics. I can’t see a bunch of these idiots going, no not Dallas or Phoenix, those guys have guns let’s go to NYC.

          I think the most likely type of thing horrifically is a place with very few guns and very soft targets no matter where it is as to state and city.

          Schools are my big concern! They are the softest targets we have, with the most innocent victims.

          The truth though is the “threat” is not as big as we are told. I know this via logic, here are things that can be used low tech to cause massive damage and fear, if there were as many of these crazy jihadies out there as they make us believe some of this would happen weekly.

          One or two man sniper teams that shoot and skoot, like the DC sniper.

          One guy, some old bottles, a late model car and a texaco card. Just starting fires all over the place, no pattern, rhyme or reason.

          Simple random kidnappings and murders. Grab any random adult or child, specifically female, kill them, toss them were they will be found eventually and put a sign on them saying all infidels should quake in fear and your wife and daughter could be next.

          I could go on but don’t want to put out too many psyco ideas into the world, not that anyone who is evil can’t come up with 200 more in a day.

          Consider that the failure rates of tests of the TSA have run from 50-90%, but only one idiot since 911 was seen trying to light his shoe bomb off and some other guy with explosives in his underwear, both seen being put on the planes by guys in suits by the way.

          It isn’t that there are no terrorists, it is that there are far less then you have been led to believe and even if “it does happen here” you and your family are more likely to die in a car wreck then in “it”.

          Hell you are more likely by the numbers to be killed by a cop then a terrorist,

        • All true. Thanks.

          I was thinking about schools too. Remember Chechen, Beslen school. Something like that happens here and you will see this the next day (, except insert current POTUS. And the rest as they say will be history. Enter WWIII. God help us.

          Oh yea, TPTB will also use that as a way to take more of our liberties away too, as you and others said.

        • Okay fine up until your nuttyness about WWIII, good God how old are you?

          No we are not going to go to WWIII over this bullshit, the US and Russia comprehend what that means and prefer very much to use that fear to control their people then to end their own ability to do so.

          But, but, but, but, sob sob, whine, what if Iran gets a nuke.

          Jack puts own gun in mouth and ends it all! Can’t take it anymore that his fellow countrymen are so brain washed. BANG!

          PS metaphorical bang, not actually going to kill myself, point made though.

          Next you will be telling me that 2016 is the most important………BANG!

  9. BTW Jack,

    IMO, none of what you say will matter (but you’re right -intellectually/factually) WHEN this happens here. Nothing.

    And you’re right – you’re pissing me off (emotionally) as your inclined to do some of the time.

  10. This is really serious globally, in a way that is different from the typical “invasions” that modern wars have showed us previously.

    Europe is totally going to cease to exist as we know it from this point forward, as there is NO WAY to reverse what is going to happen ethnically first…then politically, architecturally, culturally, etc…then finally historically. EVER. You can’t separate the various ingredients of a cake after they are all mixed…especially once it’s baked!

    I think we are going to see lots of refugees here in the US soon…and many of them will be not the refugees we see on TV, but EUROPEANS leaving their own home countries trying to salvage a life they once had!

  11. Trapping is a much needed survival skill not only for predators but also for those pesky omnivores and herbivores too, like rabbits, possums, raccoons, moles, voles and mice. I love my conibear traps, took care of my ground hogs that invaded my yard for the first time. Live traps baited with sunflower seeds with or without peanut butter work great for voles and mice.

    So sorry to hear about buddy, too bad that your dogs didn’t recognize the presence of that coyote. Kinda confused of why they didn’t notice him and keep him out.
    In my conversations with people that I work with, I try to remind them that our leaders decided to invade and destroyed Iraq on a fabricated lie, WMD, yea right. How many innocent Iraq’s died and look at what the conditions that country’s population has to live in now. I cannot believe that there hasn’t been more revenge from people that have suffered from our country’s actions in the middle east.

  12. Unfrortunately none of your information about our involvement in the Middle East or what can legally be done about the refugees was new information. However, I don’t think I am uniquely educated in this area and that others are aware of these facts. I would like to say however I don’t agree with your isolationist policy. As a world power we are politically and fincachally entangled with this region and that will not change as long as it has resource worth expoilting. I do think our weak foreign policies in the region is due to our weak public interest in nation building. One answer maybe that nations we defeat become Amerian protectoriets that are intended for colonization and eventually states. So yes to stabilize the region we may need to further homogenize them. While this is not a culturally sensitive answer it is the answer the Roman Empire used. Allow the conquered to become citizens.

    • Is it new? Hell no that is the point that is how damn stupid our nation has become.

      And you are out of your mind you realize that right, to NOT INTERFERE with others is not an isolationist policy it is a non intervention policy.

      One thing you clearly ignored that is NOT new information but clearly you don’t get or don’t want to get is this fact.


      That is FACT, pure FACT. Everything we touch becomes worse, so to then say, “So yes to stabilize the region we may need to further homogenize them.” makes me wonder if you are simply brain washed or in need of medication.

      What our policy needs to be is that of Switzerland of today (non intervention) your claim that what I recommend is isolationist (Japan in the 1800s) just shows how deep programming is today.

      Sure no good will ever come from our intervention but let’s do it anyway because of some twisted fucked up belief that we are the people who can tell the rest of the world how to live when our people don’t even know the difference in basic definitions of words anymore, sure, what could go wrong?

  13. Hey Jack,
    I consider you a person who has risen and who’s been effective in change for the good. Have you ever done a show specifically about events or people imposed upon you to defeat you in your rise? Or a show interviewing those who have suffered attacks from up on high because they are of the kind who’ve risen to effect change for the good? Like what skills and actions have they taken to cope, and to not be defeated? I think experience of those dealing with such could be empowering, encouraging, in many ways. We need many to rise in such leadership. Thank you for being courageous and bold like you are.

    • Also, I see the current NDAA wording (which assumes American refugee conditions will come into existence if you ask me) as policy and procedure fitting into the UNs way of “resettling” “refugees,” and so my current thoughts wonder if allowing the UN High Commission on Refugees selection decisions in refugee groups from wherever they choose, then headquartering which Nation will accept and resettle each group, and being coordinated with so many Departments in the US, (i.e. Bureau of Population, Refugees, Migration (PRM) in the Department of State, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), offices within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) within DHS), well it seems probable 10,000 Syrian Refugees (who could be resettled in the Middle East for $12,000+ less/refugee than the cost of resettlement in the U.S.) these type events are some kind of Training or Practice for moving more out of than into our borders. I know you say election doesn’t matter to you, and I’m bout the same, but Rand Paul is the only one I know who has suggested the NDAA be reversed. Plus if you read books and research on how the State, fusing toward One United Nations, has used mass migration then you know it is not for the equitable rights of common people, etc. Hope I typed this to where it makes sense of what I wish were not. In fact, if the NDAA wasn’t worded the way it is; if it had not had the specific revisions that it has in recent times; I wouldn’t be as suspicious.

        • If you believe anything on Natural News unless you see it INDEPENDENTLY REPORTED ELSEWHERE, you are a fool. Mike Adams is a liar, a thief, a scumbag and the king of modern yellow journalism.

          I am not even saying it isn’t true I am saying find it reported by an independent second party or ignore anything this puss bag claims. In other words if you find it elsewhere but it is nothing but reprints from his bullshit, ignore it.

          Why don’t you email him and ask him why he claims to be pro second amendment, takes supposed gun training but won’t take a single advertiser for his site with any gun content on their site, just for a start?

          Then read this pile of stupidity especially the headline, then if you value anything this guys says/does after that, I don’t know what to say,

          Again fact check anything that comes from that yellow journalists douche bag 5 times over before you believe it.

      • OK. Sorry to use “Natural News” as resource. How about the actual United Nations as a resource? United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has been using their New Biometrics System, exampled in this article (from search done on UN site) from June 2015: UNHCR’s new biometrics system helps verify 110,000 Myanmar refugees in Thailand.

        • A 100% disconnect from your first article, not even close to the same thing. Using a unique identifier for people as part of a refugee program is not demanding the entire world be in a data base. Personally I see little difference in a person being retinal scanned then I do them being FINGER PRINTED.

          As I say on today’s show liars (such as Adams) always use truth when selling lies.

          I know where these conversations always lead, end times, the bible, mark of the beast, etc. I have no interest in such discussions.

          This entire concept is now moot, people are going to be tracked and they are going to be tracked voluntarily. Those in control DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR ME OR INDIVIDUALS, they track trends, they track the heard. The heard is tracked with phones today, it will be a natural extension that com devices will be integrated into our lives that in one more generation any need for chip or such things will become irrelevant.

          There be no end of the world over it, no second coming due to it, nothing but the same shit happening over and over.

          There is no need to enslave a society that puts on and polishes its own chains.

      • I may have not worded myself correctly, I mean was up late and tired when I made my comments. I certainly was not having fears, FYI. I got my idea from your exact words regarding government “only needs to control those rising who are capable of change for the good.” You said it. Ok. “Control.” How is this done? Whatever the “Controlling” involves is what I was talking about. Now, I’ve always admired your words on finding the loopholes, for instance, “If ya can’t sell eggs, sell the cartons, and give away the eggs for free.” So, this an example of getting thru what gets put upon people from “on high.” My god, I really think you’ve been extraordinarily harsh toward me. But I still like ya.

        • I have seen your comments a while now, you do come from a state of fear, if you think me saying that is harsh, you also need a thicker spine. This nation is becoming so effing damn weak. People think it is harsh to be disagreed with and to be given direct honest answers to questions.

          I can tell the sources of your info by your info! That isn’t harsh, it is fact.

          Natural News isn’t news it is fear mongering bullshit by a coward that won’t even let a site with gun content advertise on his site while saying he “takes tactical training”, that is not harsh it is fact.

          Man up dude! Harsh? For the love of God how old are you? Be a damn man, don’t get your panties in a wad because you were disagreed with, don’t get your feelings hurt due to being challenged.

          I mean I may be a bit harsh now but nothing I said to you was harsh before.

          GET THIS IN YOUR HEAD AMERICA, someone being harsh about a subject you brought up or a person you referenced is not them attacking YOU PERSONALLY.

          At times I feel my people have become so weak and easily offended I wonder why I keep trying!

    • Your two comments following this one tell me your bigger problem is fear of bullshit. Correct that and you might not need me to “inspire leadership” in you. The biggest problem those resisting the power elite have right now, is not resistance by the same. It is tilting at windmills and fighting phantoms.

      No one from “on high” has attacked me nor have they attacked or offered special deals to others you likely listen to, cough, cough, um, cough, Alex Jones.

      The people in power don’t really care about me, I am below their level of concern for influence. They don’t care about people like Jones or Mike Adams because they are so in the tin hat nutter space they do more to help the power elite then to harm them.

      Here is what you likely need, a media fast (30 days all forms, alternative/mainstream/etc) and a long series of walks in the woods. A new focus on getting your shit together for your own ends and a disconnection from the imaginary boogey man that is in your own mind holding you back.

      You likely won’t like what I just said but if you consider me honest, my honesty is all you should ever expect from me.

    • Oh, BTW, I’ve been out in the woods several times this past week harvesting Native Pecans, and wondering why we don’t just let nature do its thing a lot more for our food supply. Have a wonderful day! I’m going to.

    • Ok. I get what you are sayin’ as far as response goes. Yes, you can say whatever you have to say, and so can I. I’m not butt hurt. I’m just sayin’ it honest from me to you, as you are to me. We have Liberty that way, thankfully. I know how ya are, and I like you. I just don’t believe you’re right about me. After all I know myself better than you do. And I don’t judge you. I take you as you are. Plus I stand up for myself. Your comments have not harmed me in any way. I always self-reflect though, and so I evaluate what you have to say about me personally. There is a difference between me personally and the rest you lump together as diseased. And I will point that out with anyone. I do not belong in a box. I believe in Individuality. Which I have heard you say you do to. So anyway, everyone has fears, even you. To deny fear is to heighten fear. I know what fear is. If you really knew me you would know just how I have pushed thru fears. So if I tell you my words in this thread regarding the UN, or the White House, or things like that, are not from fear, they are not. What the F can I do as one person about these Institutions? Not a GD thing. But fear at a personal and familial protection level, yes, I have had my fears, this is a normal survival mechanism in we humans, and I have many times stood up thru them, shaking and trembling, and not having the right words to appease my opponent, but nonetheless I triumphed out of pure determination and perseverance and courage. My skin is thick in many areas. I don’t have to convince you. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. This is your show. And I respect that. I just had to say what I had to say. And that is it. I have no need to say anymore. You have a persona to maintain… Thank you for all you spur folks on to do. But as for me, I have my own internal flame which spurs me. Good Luck Jack.

  14. First, I am not a man. I am a 51 year old female. I raised 4 sons into productive men. I have 14 grandchildren on my list so far. Second, I am not religious, and I do not go about ringing the bells of end times. Third, I am not afraid. I have no control over what Big Institutions in our world are doing. What happens happens. I can only do what I can do right where I am at. Fourth, the United Nations exists. Our involvement with it threatens the foundation of our United States. “In the Cause of Peace” is a book written by the UN’s first Secretary General, Trygve Lie, and is very telling from my perspective as to its global plans. The UN reminds me of the Crown we revolted against in order to start a new nation, our nation, the United States. It is true that Americans may rise for good, and it is possible that in doing this broadly the plans of the UN could be thwarted. Yet, it is also possible we find ourselves like the Native Americans who were in these United States first. I guess you have no interest in being aware of an enemy? You would rather take my sincere gesture of sharing what stood out in my brain, and say you are just being honest to tell me that I am what I am not? Whatever. I do not have to say things exactly in your words to have something significant to contribute. Nonetheless, I’ll let you believe what you wish, while I just get back to my homestead stuff here. Perhaps you need a media break yourself. I do not need to be disrespected with your honesty. I’ll still listen to ya. Maybe finally decide to be a member. But as far as this discussion, I do not think its getting anywhere beneficial right now between us.

    • Oh good God, cry me a river, man or woman, at 51 you should have thicker skin. I don’t buy into your belief, so the F what? Who gives a shit, my show and what I do doesn’t exist to reinforce what you already think.

      But you are coming from a point of fear, I hear it even now.

      You don’t have to agree with me, but I have no requirement to agree with you or sugar coat my disagreements. You are a grown adult, act like it, get a thicker skin and believe as you will, disagree vehemently if you feel the need but don’t get all butt hurt over it when someone else does the same.

      I swear you people that think being disagreed with is being disrespected need effing JACKS BOOT CAMP.

      This thinking is the disease in our university system today, I just talked about this on today’s episode.

      You are entitled to believe what you believe, you are entitled to make your case, you are entitled to your feelings, you are not entitled to others agreeing with you or even feigning respect about something they think is completely wrong.

      I guess you would prefer that I either

      1. Simply didn’t respond


      2. That I responded in a way that made your feel good without really saying I disagreed.


      3. That I disagree but tell you that I still think your view is valid.

      In order

      1. Is a function of time, I respond to as much as I can, good or bad.
      2. Is dishonest and pandering I don’t do this.
      3. Is an outright lie, I am not going to say I respect a view that I find fear based and buying into bullshit.

      And you know what, if you are a full grown adult confident in yourself, my opinion can’t harm you!

      Frankly don’t act like these children,

      Such things, such fears, such expectations of others to not offend or upset us are a bigger threat to our society than any real or imagined NWO could ever represent.