Episode-552- Listener Feedback 11-16-10 — 18 Comments

  1. Jack, I entered the contest but wasn’t sure what email address to send the code word to. Is it supposed to be jack at (@) Sorry if I missed you mentioning it. Thanks.

  2. Ahh poop. I used the contact form on the website to enter the contest. Oh well, next time.
    I don’t think Jack’s mail appears anywhere on the website .. not that I blame you.

    And yes I got a couple of timeouts on the forum just when the show came out today.

  3. The best transmission service is to flush and change the filter. Just a filter change only removes the fluid in pan, but not in the torque converter or clutches, only ~5 qts out of the total 12-15 gets changed. This only is recommended if you have regularly maintained your transmission. High mileage transmissions without continual service may best be left alone. My local transmission repair shop does it all cheaper than the corporate automotive service centers do either service.
    My idea to store tires is to have the spares mounted on steel wheels, filled with nitrogen (Costco will do this for free), and coated with lots of Armor All. If you need any input on an auto show let me know.

  4. @Scott, Actually I agree that was not the “flush” I mentioned on air. The flush I am talking about is when they do NOT drop the pan and do NOT change the filter they just hook up a machine and flush it out running it in reverse of the typical flow.

    This totally F’s up a tranny, seen it many times.

    On the tires one thing about Armor All once you apply it you better reapply it often. It is a great preservative but once it wears off it actually seems at least in my opinion to accelerate break down.

  5. Regarding vehicle maintenance…

    I religiously change my oil every 1500-2000 miles. Yeah, that often. All five vehicles in my household were purchased used and are well over 100k miles. The daily drivers are at 181k & 248k.

    Jack, I have to disagree with you on the transmission service. The transmission filter should be changed much more frequently than 75k miles. I do mine annually which works out to between 15k & 20k miles. The daily drivers are on their original transmissions and continue to work fine. Yes, I am probably overkill on my transmission service. 25k-30k would probably be sufficient, but that is nowhere near 75k.

    When I change the transmission filter, I clean out the pan as well. The filter is relatively clean. However the magnet in the transmission pan is usually coated with black goo.

    As for flushing out all the fluid… Well it usually takes 4 1/2 quarts every time I do this change (plus or minus depending on which vehicle). Yes, there is some amount of fluid which has never been swapped out, but statistically most of the original fluid is gone.

    Final point on transmission longevity that I believe in… I have added additional transmission coolers to all my vehicles. In my opinion, the stock cooler is marginal at best. A quality aftermarket cooler will keep the transmission temps down. Heat is what kills transmissions, so keeping that low extends a transmission life.

    On the subject of keeping spare parts around… It is a good idea to keep spare parts on hand, however I have an alternative to keeping extra new parts on hand.

    I proactively replace the wear parts on my vehicles. Hoses, belts, etc. The used parts still have some service life left in them. I hang on to those parts should I ever need them in an ‘immediate need’ situation. I do not stock up on new-in-box parts.

    Here is my logic… On any given commute, I could have a close encounter with a Mac truck. Unless I replace my now-totaled vehicle with an identical vehicle, I just ended up with a bunch of surplus new-in-box parts. Sure I could sell them and re-coup some of my money, but not all of it. Whereas the saved old parts were destined for the rubbish bin anyway. I have no money vested in them, and can toss them out when the vehicle unfortunately goes away.

  6. I vote for bottles designed to store water. Walmart carries a 7 gallon water bottle with a spigot for under $8 and its BPA free.
    One of these in the pantry for each person in your household and you could ride out a weekend w/o running water.

  7. @Chris my only concern with those is I bought one and put it in the back of my truck and drove down to Freeport. I thought it would be nice to have a big thing of fresh water for rinsing off at the beach. When I go there it was empty. Just the ride in the truck was enough to cause a full one to rupture, no rough riding all highway.

  8. @dvdchris,

    That is the exact one! All it did was sit in the back of the pick up, when I got down to Surfside it was empty and the seem had ruptured. I would keep a towel or blanket under it to keep it buffered from vibrations. To be fair it was sitting on the metal bed not tied down or anything but after that I stopped relying on them.

  9. @dvdchris,

    I have no doubt they will be fine sitting in a closet or what not, but I don’t see them as valid for transportation after my experience.