Episode-784- Listener Feedback 11-14-11 — 34 Comments

    • @Jake, may be it is that I use no sweetener of any kind in coffee that makes it hard for me to imagine in a positive light.

  1. ok, reading the link, that looks like a modern version of a skep. um. no.
    bad for bees, pretty much requiring destruction of part of the hive to extract any honey.

  2. I wonder if perhaps the establishment is trying to stave off the financial crisis, just until the 2012 presidential election is over (to create a sense of well being for the country). After that, there will probably be chaos, even if it’s not until well into the next presidency or even during the following presidency. Just my thoughts. I love your show Jack. Keep it coming.

  3. Wife uses honey in coffee. I like coffee and honey…but it just doesn’t taste right to me together, imo.

  4. On the air-drop in Australia, don’t you think the moisture will return to the air through evaporation? I don’t know, it may be reduced over time, but then it may rain in the interim. Just saying.

    • I think you are right. The water would be returned to the air after passing it through the plants by transpiring off the leaves. Once your system was up and running, there would be as much water coming out as you were pulling in.

  5. Jack, you will have a chance to collect tons of condensation once you finish your greenhouse, especially in the winter. The difference between the temps from outside the house and inside the house causes condensation to collect on the poly(on the inside). I usually just walk along the greenhouses on the outside with a stick and hit the poly to get the condensation to fall off but i guess if you wanted to collect it you could.

    • @ghsebldr,

      Oh definitely. With my green house in Texas all I did to “water” my plants was go down in the morning and shake it. We had a “morning rain shower”, every morning that way.

  6. Honey in coffee and oatmeal both are good. Try about a teaspoonful or less in a normal cup. We prefer to use some of the darker honey that comes later in the year. Try it you may like it.

    The picture of the Philips hive is very perplexing. I do know one thing. I am sure the bees could live in there especially if that “ORB” is on the inside of a house or building, BUT the idea of going to a hive every day and “Tapping it” to get your daily honey is going to cause the bees undue stress. To get honey out of a hive you MUST destroy comb to make it run.

    I think I will wait to see on this one. Also you are exactly correct, that flower pot on the front is stupid! It would be better to have something on there to provide water.

  7. Great show today. With respect to your market call & Buffet, have to say I don’t have a lot of faith. Your logic is sound, however Buffet seems more like a propaganda tool for the state & “green shoots” meme than an actual investor worth followiong anymore. S&P was 1271 on Jan 3, it’s 1251 now. But in between now and 1/1/2012 we’ve got Italy + Greece + the rest of the Euro assclowns dancing on a knife edge, the supercommittee BS theater, and now sabre rattling against Iran. If I were to bet, I’d bet the other way – market lower at year end than it was at beginning. But really honestly I don’t know what to predict with all this uncertainty – it could swing either way – which is why I’m keeping a lot of my powder dry, as per Denninger’s advice. If the world will be going on fire sale, why start buying now? Just my thoughts…

    I had to LOL at the “what should I be doing to change things” question – that was a watermelon softball pitch for you, and you hit it out of the park.

    The air drop thing does sound very interesting, and I would share you concern about making the air dry if it’s used at large scale. Reminds me of the debate over hydrogen fuel cells when they used to say: “and the best thing is the only emission is water!” Sometimes you don’t want a buttload of water going into your environment either. Anyway, I look forward to watching the video and also watching the Icke video. Thanks.

    • @Metaforge on the whole “Buffett is a propaganda tool” thought, for talking points, yes, for putting 24 billion dollars are risk, hell fuzz no! There may be strings between Buffett and the politicians I just think you have it backwards as to who is pulling the strings. Don’t be fooled by Bama saying crap like, “My friend Warren Buffett”, every time I hear that I see a vision of Warren with his hand up Bama’s butt and Warren’s lips are moving just a wee bit.

      • Lol! Actually I think given the crony-capitalist/fascist environment we’re in now, with big money in bed with big government, I think the real analogy is they both have their hands up each others’ butts!

        Just got done watching an interview Alex Jones did with Jim Rogers – now JR is the rich man I will listen to & learn from anyday over Warren “Butt-puppet” Buffoon. 🙂

        Here’s the link if you’re interested:

  8. jack on todays show i could not make out is it cardline from walmart the name you mention in reference to the paracord section.

    • @john, really you didn’t hear me say as in tarred and feathered? Tar brother tar, just go to the fishing area where they have the stuff for making trot lines and jug lines. They always have it there.

  9. What type of cordage from chinamart did you recommend? I couldn’t quite pick that up in the podcast today. 🙁

    – TP

    • Get over the China Mart thing man. Do you know how many Americans are employed by Walmart.

    • Jack, surely you know how many Americans and American businesses Walmart has put OUT of business? I don’t care how many people they employ now, as most WM workers are living the poverty lifestyle. Far as I’m concerned they are evil incarnate 🙂

      • People buy what is cheapest. You can’t change that. All you can do is try to find a profitable niche with higher quality products bought by people who will pay more for the better goods. Or, just get out of the retail market all together since a small business will never have the buying power of a larger business. In time, China’s economy will rise to the point that it won’t be cheaper to produce there and production will return to the US. However, the larger companies will still be able to under price the small businesses. The world and economics have changed and small businesses need to change too. Nothing stays static. The days of the small business having a captured clientele forced to buy their products because there were no other sources is gone. Now you can shop the world for the cheapest products from your computer. Local businesses are now nothing more than convenience stores where you pay a bit more for that convenience. As for the job losses, people have accepted substandard wages because it is easier than creating a higher wage job for themselves. Had they planned better, they could have held out for a better paying job, rather than take the first job they could find to continue living paycheck to paycheck.

    • @RFVOSS, so sad that people feel a need to attack the messenger. I said on the air that the man was nuttier then a fruit bat, it doesn’t make one thing the man said in this video wrong though does it. Again if you want to discuss OWS (which this vid covers) we are DONE doing that here. You can use the link above to do so, I am taking the conversation over to my money blog. It has run its course at TSP.

  10. Thanks for the question about matching in the 401k. One of my employers has a 401k with dollar for dollar match up to 5% of your pay. Our HR fool says we should be putting in 15% because the company matches 5%. Hearing that the lady’s company did matching because not enough lower income people were contributing finally made sense why our HR fool was pushing 15% and why the company offered 5%.
    (I say HR fool because she was telling everyone that the new Roth401k was a bad choice because you would not get the tax break.)

  11. @Top, no one is better at pointing out a fool and calling the fool out than a military man.

    When it comes to 401s all HR people should be seen as fools at best, idiots with influence at worst (think a green 2nd LT in the Nam). Seriously should anyone take advice about investing and money from a person who’s career is in HR? HR isn’t a place to advance it is a place to stratify and die in your career. I have never met a rich person and said, how did you get wealthy and had them reply with “a career in HR”.

    I am not really putting HR people down in general just they are the last people that should ever be entrusted with being permitted to give financial advice.

    • My experience with HR people (at least the decent ones I guess) is they come right out and say I’m not allowed to nor am I qualified to give you advice – I’m just here to explain the options.

  12. Jack I’ve got bees, and I’m pretty sure that honey thing is about the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a while.

    For one thing, bees hit TONS flowers to make a batch of honey. Six little flowers near by isn’t going to produce anything.

    Bees also need a source of water.

    Bees cap the honey comb, how is it supposed to “flow” out? Also, even the uncapped honey doesn’t spill. It just kind of sits in the comb, almost like the size of the comb is the perfect size to allow for total cohesion of the honey (kinda like when a drop of water remains in the shape of a “drop” and doesn’t just flatten out).

    Finally, if some tiny amount of honey did spill out of the comb, the bees would have it cleaned up long before it hit the bottom of the spout.

    • That is correct. The bees respond pretty quickly to any surface that has honey on it. I had posted earlier that you would have to physically destroy capped honey in order for this to work. I wonder how many people in R&D at Philips keep bees……….. I am with ya blueprint…. Looks like a dumb idea, but I bet they would sell like hot-cakes if you put them in an L.L. Bean catalog. 🙂

  13. I try to avoid white sugar whenever possible, so if I have a choice, I use honey. It doesn’t taste that bad vs. sugar. I store lots of honey as preps. so I substitute often in baking/cooking.

  14. Jack,

    I’m an Enviro Studies student and last spring I was successful in doing something very similar to that Airdrop guy except my device didn’t have any electrical input as his did (and mine is much easier to make).

    My unit worked through two principles: biomimicry of the nambian beetle (as the Airdrop) and radiative cooling.

    Basically the nambian beetle has little bumps on it’s shell that attracts water and parts that repel it. I mimicked this by melting and “painting” wax in a checkerboard pattern on a sheet of glass. Glass attracts moisture from the air, the wax repells it. The idea is the moisture will be drawn from the air and attach to the glass which then spreads and touches the wax which repells/condenses the moisture.

    I put this sheet of glass onto a styrofoam cooler and sealed the edges. The idea was by tipping it up at about 45 degrees into the night sky, radiative cooling, the cold from outer space, would suck the heat out of the space between the class and the cooler.

    This helps moisture condense on the glass, which then runs down into a tray underneath the unit.

    Using this device I was able to get about six ounces of water overnight, not much but my prof. very impressed. If you’d like I could send you a more detailed report with photos.

    I’m sure if somebody played around with the design they could get better results. I thought of maybe making the cooler less deep so there wouldn’t be as much space too cool (cool quicker/more) and playing with the layout of the wax on the glass.

    One possible application would be to place little boxes like this by plants and they would automatically “water” them each night.

  15. I’m a beekeeper and our family of 8 easily uses over 5lbs a week in baking, eating, etc. In short, we love it. But i’m with Jack on the honey in coffee thing… yuck. Like him we love it in tea, but it just doesn’t work in coffee.
    Oh ya, and that glass beehive contraption: dumb.