Episode-1461- Listener Feedback for 11-10-14 — 22 Comments

  1. It seems to me that if even 20% of the jobs go away, and quickly, then there will be a lot of people with a lot of nothing to do. If that many people don’t have jobs how will they continue to purchase items that the rest of the populations makes? If big gov isn’t there to steal from the rest of us or can’t do it because there is no wealth left then how will these people survive without handouts? Maybe we will have to actually take care of our neighbor as our self? I gotta say this episode gave me mixed emotions about our future.

  2. Watching the video with that cop was tough. What a fat pos. You’re definitely right, he’s a bully. Protecting whom exactly? Very very irritating. I guess he thinks he can just go around knocking people around. Sounds a lot like every other corrupt “government” gun holder the world over.

  3. Looking forward to watching your webinar, Mike.

    Jack, that was H.G. Wells. (war of the worlds) I watched the video version of the radio broadcast that sent the entire east coast into dithers.

  4. Jack, H. G. Wells wrote the book, the War of the Worlds. Orson Wells did the radio show in 1938 of War of the Worlds that caused the famous panic.

  5. One thing that’s been bugging me lately about all these criminal POS cops is how do their local communities let them get away with it? They live somewhere, in a regular house with non-cops around, right? They have no sense of shame with their neighbors knowing exactly what they’ve done? I’m not aware of any criminal cops in my town (one did pull me over and incorrectly accused me of being a drug addict, but he was polite about it). But if there were any criminal cops, I would hope that disapproval from neighbors like myself would make them think twice before they strike out against their own neighbors like this. I’d be making posters with the cop’s photo and description of what he did with a heading of “corrupt cop” or something on top, and posting them along the streets for everyone to see. Of course, I live in a small rural town so that probably helps… maybe the city folks never know who they live near and don’t care.

    • I think I live near like 3 or 4 cops. Wouldn’t know a single thing about what they do. Kind of hard to feel shame nowadays in societies where you don’t know anybody. That is part of the major problem with the police forces everywhere. It’s not citizens protecting citizens. It’s people paid who live from one place “policing” a bunch of people in another, that they don’t know, or have any connection to at all.

    • Good point! Back when I was a kid in PA we had this guy as a local game warden. He was a over the top super trooper type, really going out of his way to bust people for any possible infraction. Like he cited my uncle’s friend for “hunting in a safety zone”, which is legal as long as any dwelling in the 150 yard limit is either yours or you have land owner permission from the occupant. The building was a farm house and the farm a place this man had hunted since he was a kid, he was about 45 when this happened. He even had a hand written letter on him from the owner (also the law). The warden said he might have written the thing himself for all he knew and since no one was home he could, “tell it to the judge”.

      The guy beat the charge but it ruined a day of hunting and cost him another day where he had to go to court. On top of it the prick confiscated the guys gun “temporarily” to make sure he didn’t go back to hunting the land when the warden left.

      This was but ONE example of this shit. Now he never hit anyone or acted really abusive he just was way overzealous and instead of being out to protect and serve he was really out to get people.

      I had my own run in with this guy. My uncle and I stood in a cold swamp all day. Not a duck to be seen. This warden we didn’t know yet and a parter come down posing as hunters and he shoots the shit with me. We decide that the day is done and we are walking out. We see a flock of ducks coming in and get down, my uncle and I both take one. This guy comes over and says, hey I am a warden, does a badge flash and says we fired shots 1 minute after shooting hours. Writes us both a ticket and takes our ducks. According to my watch we were good to go, same with my uncles, but this guy says, “its my watch that matters”.

      This is really stupid for a warden in rural PA by the way for a two big reasons.

      The first is it will hurt your relationship with hunters, most of who might take an extra animal year to year to feed a family but don’t tolerate true poaching, etc. Such hunters make a wardens job easier and will work with him to help him bust those who really are harming the environment and over harvesting game and doing stupid and/or dangerous shit.

      The second is it can simply be “bad for your health” because people do get tired of shit like this.

      Now I don’t have any direct knowledge of who and what happened but he soon transferred to another county. The story that went around is as follows. Apparently he pulled one of these BS things with the wrong red neck one day and ended up beat to hell, stripped down and left in a briar patch in his drawers. An anonymous call was made that some guy was stripped down naked and seemed out of his mind and lost back in black wood swamp. So that he could be retrieved. Apparently he had also “lost” his keys and “accidentally broke his own radio” when this “unfortunate event occurred”.

      Well, this failed to wake up Mr. Super Trooper but another such event occurred just few weeks later. This time apparently he got jumped on his way out of a bar by some “random young punks” type of thing, ended up duck taped to a parking meter.

      A few week later he put in for a transfer. Apparently the “random young punks” informed him that pissing off a few thousand guys with guns that you have to interact in the woods with all the time, in a place known for having deep hidden mine shafts and deep water filled old stripping holes was “really stupid”, or so the story goes. Again this is just the story I don’t have any direct knowledge of who did this or even if it really happened ;>)

      I am not advocating anything here at all, I am just pointing out that things like this do happen and the old saying of “don’t shit in your own back yard” is a saying with a big root in the truth.

  6. I say we return to a more agrarian society. There will be lots to do @Rob. Just growing food will be a big employer. As Paul Wheaton says, you don’t eat, you don’t shit, you don’t shit you die.
    Plenty of work everywhere, but this time it will be doing stuff that matters.

  7. You know, Jack, the sad thing is, anyone that believes that what that NY cop did was bad has already walked to freedom and left NY state… I left years ago and I never looked back.

  8. In case anyone doesn’t really get the ‘oligarch’ thing.. I ran into this definition/explanation:

    ‘The term oligarch is reserved for those with extreme wealth who also want to control the political process, policy levers and most other aspects of the lives of the citizenry in a top-down tyrannical and undemocratic manner. They think they know best about pretty much everything, and believe unelected technocrats who share their worldview should be empowered so that they can unilaterally make all of society’s important decisions. The unwashed masses (plebs) in their minds are unnecessary distractions who must to be told what to do. Useless eaters who need to be brainwashed into worshipping the oligarch mindset, or turned into apathetic automatons incapable or unwilling to engage in critical thought. Either outcome is equally acceptable and equally encouraged.’
    – Mike Krieger

    Here’s how oligarchs think/work:


  9. For today’s prepper scenario…keep a pineapple next to their bed. Let them know that they are welcome to stay as long as I keep putting the pineapple next to their bed. If they come into their guest bedroom and the pineapple has been moved onto their bed that means it is time to move on.

    Then I would let my, and my wife’s assessment of their needs and state…versus our needs and state drive when that pineapple got moved.

    After a day I might also give them some estimate like “a week to a month” too so they knew it wasn’t going to be tomorrow or next year.

  10. HG Wells predicted that man will live in brick buildings on the moon and the people there would communicate with people on earth by jumping up and down in morris code and looking through telescopes at eachother. The moon counts as a satellite of earth. Before the modern satellites were put in space, satellite was a word used to describe any space body that revolved around another space body.

  11. H. G. Wells was the fellow who coined the phrase “liberal fascist” which is where Jonah Goldberg got the title of his book “Liberal Fascism.” H. G. Wells thought that Progressives should be “enlightened Nazis.” He also supported Mussolini and Stalin. Now you know why the Progressives changed their name after World War 2.

    To be fair, Hitler’s first goal was to co-opt religious and liberal elements and he succeeded wildly. There were also a few Jews who were actual Nazis. They all look like prize asses now. Mussolini was a very popular world figure, actually considered exceptionally handsome. Many Jews strongly backed Stalin until his atrocities were revealed. One would hope that people like Wells and Bernard Shaw would be skeptical enough to offer a balanced criticism of fascism… but you’d be wrong. They giggled like schools girls after their first kiss.

    In case anyone has forgotten, I’m Jewish, so I feel comfortable speaking frankly about my fellow Jews. Secondly, I was never a school girl but I did observe three girls simultaneously receive their first kiss on stage and they all giggled.


  12. The science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke, is the one credited with the invention of space satellites.

    You can thank President Dwight D. Eisenhower for implementing satellites. He wanted to count tanks and planes in the Soviet Union because the “military industrial complex” kept giving him numbers that varied wildly (WAGs… wild ass guesses). The paycheck of the “military industrial complex” depended on high numbers so that the US would feel compelled to buy more tanks and planes than the Soviets. Eisenhower wanted REAL numbers to counter REAL threats. That is why he launched the first spy satellites. You can thank him, Edwin H. Land and Polaroid.

    Warning: I’m going to mention the movie “Interstellar”. I don’t think I will give anything away here but if you don’t want to know anything about the movie, then stop reading. I thought it was a good movie. It was long but I didn’t notice. It was exciting.

    The new movie “Interstellar” portrays another of Clarke’s ideas… a special type of space station that allows one to feel like one is standing outside as long as one doesn’t look too closely at the horizon. Toward the end of the movie, some kids are playing baseball when the batter hits a high fly ball that goes so high that it hits the roof of the house floating directly above the field. It is an interesting change of perspective and you must realize that the space station is actually a rotating cylinder. The centrifugal force keeps objects near the inside surface of the cylinder feeling as if they are at full gravity but if they look up they see that their are people on the opposite wall of the cylinder that are “upside down” so to speak. (See “O’Neill cylinder” for a scientific treatment.)

    You can see what such a space station might look like on the cover of Clarke’s
    book “Rendezvous with Rama.” The book is good. The sequels suck.

    Here is a link to picture that illustrates reasonably well what the inside of such a cylinder look like…

    Here is a link to video of such a rotating cylinder from the inside…

    Finally, Larry Niven wrote a scifi novel entitled “Ringworld” that is more fiction that science but he attempts to portray a modified Dyson Sphere as a ring. It would never work without constant adjustment so after receiving many complaints the sequels to Ringworld introduced special jets that automatically made these adjustments. (He should have consulted Jerry Pournelle in the first place.)


  13. Good history segment. Just an observation on the witch hunts. So a prominent village leader has an affair with a young girl. He gets found out. He claims to be bewitched. She gets burned at the stake.

    Fast forward to today. Look at the occurrence of ‘swatting’. The cops are called on a person not harming anyone and gets arrested or killed. All because of a passive aggressive or completely ignorant idiot.

  14. First, that cop should not only be fired but investigated for possibly criminal charges of assault and battery.

    However, I want to pose a question. Say a well known cable news network were to do a series about preppers in where they only interview and talk about the crazy doomsday types, or published only stories about CHL/CCW holders who commit crimes, or are dangerously irresponsible with their firearms. Would we not be critical of them for being misleading? It’s not that they’re lying or making something up, but by choosing to only talking about the small handful of preppers who are crazy, or the small handful of CHL holders who acted illegally or irresponsibly, they are displaying a confirmation bias, and the end result is dishonest, even if they didn’t actually lie. Painting an inaccurate picture of a group through selective publishing and pandering to confirmation bias is intellectually wrong. We as preppers and gun owners know that the vast majority of us are law abiding, reasonable, and not at all unhinged or dangerous in any way. And yet news organization do indeed seem to go out of their way to only talk about the negative sides of prepping or firearms ownership, almost as if they want people to think those statistical outliers do indeed represent the entire group. We see this sort of thing all the time in the media. Jack even talked about it when he mentioned that one person getting sick from food is hyped up to the point where everyone is afraid even though logically they should know that it’s very very unlikely that it’s a huge menacing problem.

    I wonder how this pertains to only talking about stories regarding bad cops. Yes there are bad cops out there. There are cops who should be demoted. There are cops who should be fired. There are cops who should be in prison right now and yet are still out there carrying a badge and holding the authority to trample on the rights over other unimpeded. These cops do exist.

    But they are not the majority. Not even close. And yet, by only talking about the bad ones, an impression is made that they are the norm. This is inaccurate and either could indicate confirmation bias on the part of the one telling the story, or pander to that same bias in the listener. So all emotional reactions aside, if we can see that that sort of selective publication regarding bad CHL holders or crazy preppers is inaccurate to the point of being dishonest about all of us… it not also inaccurate to the point of being dishonest when the same selective publication of only negative stories about police is done?

    • The attempt at analogy is weak. Those preppers represent no threat to anyone even if they are idiots. They do the same with all non reality TV from couponers to hoarders. It doesn’t really matter, it is entertainment for idiots.

      Cops have a badge, a gun, a tazer, a car, handcuffs, pepper spray and a bunch more cops with the same shit, this is all used along with the authority of the State in the form of a badge.

      I grow damn weary of people saying, “talk about cops doing a good job”.

      Horse crap that would be like talking about a painter because he painted a wall, it is his job, done.

      I do talk about exceptional officers that stand up, WHEN they do so! The fact that there are more oath breakers to talk about then stand ups who oppose the oathbreakers isn’t my fault.

      It is the fault of the LEO community! Plain and simple!

      You cops want people like me to point out oath keepers in your ranks BE ONE. Not just in what you don’t do but in what you do!

      I highly doubt the average officer doesn’t witness abuse by a fellow officer at least and I mean AT LEAST once a year and I can tell you my experience is most of you look the other way.

      Why do we point out oath breakers 10 to 1 over oath keepers opposing them?

      Ask a cop the last time he stepped in and did something to prevent another officer from abusing anyone, then look at the total reports of clear abuse and you have your answer.

  15. Regarding todays scenario, I’d probably use the following line in the very first conversation about the matter: “how long do you think you need a place to stay for?” And regardless the answer my immediate response would be something like “OK, but I can only provide you with shelter at my place for X weeks, will you be able to set everything up during that time?”

    I think that setting boundaries as soon as possible makes the guests more comfortable (they probably don’t want to be my burden as well), but also provides them with an incentive to try to solve their problems during that time.

  16. (Catching up on shows)

    Thank you for bringing to light the idiocy and pervasiveness of cotton seed meal and cotton seed oil in foods & feed. It’s a textile crop. It’s toxic! And upsetting, WTF. I believe not enough people realize this.

    “Now let’s take everything toxic, poisonous, and inedible; modify it so it can be used as food!” “Japan scientist uses bacteria to turn human excrement into protein meat substitute.” It’s a malevolent joke!

  17. So is it Keyesian economics when 4800 former JackCo. employees use their final paychecks to send Jack a Punch-In-The-Face. 😉

    • No Keyesian economics would be the government pumping money into JackCo to keep it afloat in spite of how many times it has punched the American people in the face. Ah ha, now the metaphor is complete.