Episode-2525- Listener Feedback for 10-7-19 — 5 Comments

  1. I work in a DEFAC. One of the dining halls. I am an attendant but our cooks are not allowed to give the solders extra helpings of the protein source. Keto isn’t recognized, but vegetarian/vegan is. Go figure!




  2. It’s been a few years, but my last experience at a chow hall/DFAC was in the ass-end of Alaska at Fort Greely. We contractors ate at the same DFAC as the soldiers, and I also seem to remember that they frowned on substitutions or extra portions (except for those rare occasions when it was near the end of lunch or dinner and they had too many leftovers).

    BUT… even the DFAC out at that small, out-of-the-way Army post had a salad bar, and we WERE given pretty liberal use of it. So yeah, I don’t see it easy doing meat or protein heavy keto, but if you’re comfortable with filling up on a lot of vegetables it COULD be doable. Can’t vouch for the carb content of the dressings though… they all seemed pretty standard (i.e. loaded with sugar and preservatives). And breakfast was pretty similar to how Jack described it with omelets available, so at least there’s that too.

    The larger bases & posts I worked at had other cafeterias and food courts with pretty decent options, but I imagine the caller will be located too far from those areas during his training/exercises.

  3. Re: Earning interest on crypto

    There are a few companies that allow you to earn interest on Bitcoin and Ether, and not just stablecoins. I’ve been trying to sign up on BlockFi (interest on Bitcoin max 6.2% APY and Ether max 4.1% APY) but my address in Mongolia is hanging up the verification process. My understanding is they don’t have “bank-failure-type-insurance” like banks have with the FDIC , but some of them do have insurance against security breaches and hacks that may affect deposits. So it is high-risk, but given crypto is high risk in the first place I’m willing to risk a tiny portion of my mining income to experiment with it.

  4. Jack,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my indoor aquaponics question on the show!  You provided me, and everyone, a ton of useful information.  I especially liked the idea of only heating the water – not the entire garage space.  If I get this up and running, I will give you an update as to how it is working.  With the exception of the sunlight issue, I think this might be a great way to keep fresh greens year round.  I grew lettuce outside this season with limited success due to weather variability here in Wisconsin.  Thanks again for all you do!