Episode-1653- Listener Feedback for 10-5-15 — 50 Comments

  1. Funny, too broke to send out registration reminders (nkw that you mentioned it, they never sent one for my motorcycle), but interesting enough when they realized I had cancelled my IL insurance policy (something they could fine me for if I were still an IL resident), they quickly sent me a notice to send prrof of insurance or a valid reason for cancelling my policy…. I just said “no longer a resident”… Not what I REALLY wanted to say 😛

  2. Jack –
    Just as a small point of correction, Illinois doesn’t have state-wide annual inspections. Areas in northern Illinois/East St. Louis have bi-annual emissions testing, but those of us in downstate never had to do emission or safety inspections. Just pay your money to the DPRC and be on your way. Otherwise, you’ve got a solid, reasonable plan there.


    • Nope, not really. My folks are stuck in that failed state for a few more years and I’m trying to get them moved down with me to Alabama so that all of us can be closer and not be under the thumb of Chicago (although, those running the show here don’t seem to be much more competent . . . they just aren’t to the level that the Illinois Politburo is at). It’s a shame that my homestate, for all the great things it has (lots of land available, good soil, not too bad of a growing season, etc., etc.), is going down the tubes because if the incompetence/criminality of those that run the joint.

  3. Eating well on a budget.
    First rule, Don’t eat out.
    Second rule, DON”T EAT OUT.
    Third rule. Purchase reduced priced items. Learn the mark down procedure of your local grocer. In my case, Kroger. They mark their produce on the sell by date, and their meats the day before. They have their mark down items tagged by noon most of the time, and if they don’t hunt down somebody in their department to mark it down for you, they are usually happy to do so, especially if you bring them all of a certain item. I have a freezer full of grass fed organic beef, organic chicken. I buy a bunch of reduced, chopped onions/peppers/carrots/ etc, and fry and freeze them for later use. Also, show no shame in this. I have put reminders in my phone to hit up kroger on a certain date that meat is going to be marked down. All the local stores run on the same schedule (for me). So I spent $100 on grass fed hot-dogs one day hopping from store to store. If I ate those every day, I would have a less than $2 lunch for 3 months. If your into bread, there is ALWAY reduced bread. Buy it out and throw it in your freezer.

    Fourth Rule: Source good quality fats, then proteins, then carbs. This is the order that binding toxins favor. Get the organic butter, and the conventional produce, not the other way around.

    Fifth Rule. Since your buying things in bulk, your going to have to get creative, but also learn to live with a little bit of boredom. Roasting a chicken every week, Ground beef again. Should I be eating hotdogs EVERYDAY?!

    • @John. I prowl the grocery stores every day after work. No cart at first, but up and down, the aisles. Does not take long. I scored some nice 50% off ground veal last year, vacuum sealed it and good to go. .97c lb whole chickens. (I’m in Canada so things a bit more $$$ up here, so that is a good price). I’ve gotten to know the butcher at one of the stores here, so he clues me in when they have too much stuff coming up

  4. I wonder if the state of Ill. (heh) figures to make some extra money on fines for failure to renew tags. It’s not like forgetting, and getting a fine, absolves you of the need to pay the tag fee. So if they quit sending out reminders they might see the number of fines go up significantly while ultimately still getting the same revenue from tag fees (albeit slightly delayed)

    • This is exactly what Massachusetts did a few years ago when they canceled the driver’s license renewal notices. They were hoping people would forget, then have to pay huge fines and insurance premiums for being pulled over for forgetting.

      I can’t speak for Illinois, but Massachusetts IIRC had something like a 400% profit from these registrations at the DMV. Of course, they like to wring their hands and go “oh no poor us we’re so impoverished, we can’t figure out how to send an email reminder for free”.

      Anyway, I’m glad I live in NH now.

  5. Jack on the micro greens keep us up to date. I was very interested in hearing some more on them. I was hoping to get some insight on growing them for me and my birds and the eventual sale of some of the excess.

  6. First of all, the recipe is LARGE, however it breaks down into smaller portions very easily. I’m sorry it is large, but I am cutting and pasting from my word document. I got this off of the AR15 forum a couple of years ago. I add smoked sausage or chicken. Better Than Bouillon is worth it’s weight in gold.

    Survival/Prep Food, Cheap and Easy
    Scotch broth
    Scotch broth is a combination of grains and legumes to provide a balanced highly nutritious foods. This particular combination is said to provide a balance of ALL of the appropriate amino acids required for a person.
    You’ll need a large and long container, – we use the Rubbermaid ones which are approx. 4ft x 2 ft long. This will allow you to make up *batches* of 165lbs of soup mix at a time, which you then package in Mylar Bags w/oxygen absorbers, heat seal (we have a steam iron and a plank of wood 36″ x 20″ which we just smooth the bag out across and iron shut for a vacuum seal) and store in smaller Rubbermaid containers which each take the 165lbs you’ll be packaging. The ones we use say they will hold 26 gallons (volume) and they cost about $6 each here. Not much more than a cardboard box from U-Haul.
    You’ll need to make it in 12 batches, – it’s hard work to mix.
    For each batch you’ll need…
    4 x 22lb (or 10kg) rice.
    2 x 11lb (or 5kg) kidney beans
    2 x 11lb (or 5kg) barley
    2 x 11lb (or 5kg) lentils (yellow)
    1 x 5.5lb(or 5kg) green split peas
    1 x 5.5lb(or 5kg) chick peas
    Put in two bags of rice to mixing container
    Then add each of the other ingredients 5kg at a time, mixing as you go. (Use surgical gloves or you’ll have no nails left, LOL!).
    When you have all the other ingredients mixed in with the first two bags of rice, add the last two bags of rice and *REALLY* mix well or you’ll get all rice on the bottom of your mixture.
    Then take 3 *large size* Mylar Bags and start scooping in mixture. We just use a 2 quart juice jug for a scoop. When you have it 2/3rds filled, add 2 oxygen absorbers and put plank over the mixing container and then spread the Mylar Bag tops over the plank and seal with a HOT steam iron. You should have a 3″ seal at least. The mixture will fit nicely into the 3 Mylar Bags and we usually fill them and then seal them all at once so we can get the best seal possible. Then place Mylar bags into your 26 gallon container, label, and put lid on tightly. These are Rodent Proof and can be stacked three high. They should be kept in a cold dark place and they will keep for 20 years at least stored this way.
    Take 16oz of the dry mixture and put in about 6-7 quarts of water (with a nut of butter or a tsp. of olive oil to prevent soup boiling over) and add 3 tbl spns (or to taste) of powdered soup stock. We like to use chicken stock.
    Then add any veggies, meat, & seasoning you like (if available). (We like to also put in lots of garlic) (DO NOT USE ONIONS – they’ll spoil the mixture).
    Bring to a boil and let simmer for two hours and you have enough soup for two days for 4 people.
    On the second day you’ll need to add some more water (it thickens in the fridge overnight) and another tbl spn stock. Make sure to boil for at least 10 minutes the second day to kill off any potential bacteria, – especially if you are not storing in fridge, but just in a root cellar or like that in the event of no electricity in summer.
    We make our own bread and have a thick slice fer dunkin’ with a large bowl of this delicious soup and it serves as a main meal. You are FULL after just one (large size) bowl of this stuff.
    Kids will usually only be able to eat half a bowl w/bread, or a small bowl, whichever you prefer. Adults will likely want a nice big bowl.
    If there is any mixture left on the third day, just add the new mixture to it. You will need less of course, but you’ll get to know how to gauge things as you go along catering to the requirements of your own little family.
    If you make up one batch at a time, it’ll cost you approx. $125 for all the ingredients, including 3 x 10lb canisters of powdered soup stock. (One for each Mylar Bag). That’s very doable I think, and in no time you’ll have your 12 batches or 1,980lbs of soup mix. (Do it over 12 pay-days, and if you are paid weekly, – you’ll have your 10-year-supply in just 3 months).
    We saved up and bought ours all at once and just took a weekend to get it over with, – the packaging I mean. I get my Rubbermaid containers from Wal-Mart, both the long ones for mixing, and the small ones.
    If you are going to store your soup mix in a garage, you might want to get those rolling Rubbermaid Garbage cans and use these instead of the 26 gallon containers. They have locking lids, can be wheeled around and are water and Rodent Proof. Only RUBBERMAID products *guarantee* that they are Rodent Proof, so I rarely buy anything else. The Rubbermaid Garbage cans are twice as expensive as the 26 gallon containers, and can’t be stacked, but if you have a lot of room in your garage and don’t like lifting, they may be the best choice for you. Remember, – either way, you’ll have 12 containers with 165lbs of soup mix in each.
    Stored in cold storage, they don’t need to be rotated. If they are stored at room temperature, you will want to slowly rotate them over a 10-year period.
    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for the recipe, is it supposed to be 11 lb, or 2.5 kg for the split peas and chick peas?

  7. On the education bubble: “Wait a minute I’m not borrowing all this money screw that” is EXACTLY why I haven’t gone to college and I’m learning a trade skill.

  8. Dirt freaking cheap, very healthy meal, recipe: rice, lentils (preferably cooked in broth for flavor), red cabbage, which is less than $1/pound where I am, some onions, and whatever fat you can afford. Caramelize the onions, and then throw the cabbage in, season to taste, serve with the rice and lentils.

  9. Here’s some cheap eating ideas.
    Ramen (these involve a small increase in cost, but up the nutrition) –
    Add an egg. This gives you a lot more protein and nutrients.
    Add some vegetables. These can be frozen, canned or fresh. I have friends in japan who keep a container of sauteed vegetables to add to instant ramen.
    Forget the packet of soup flavoring and use something like better than bullion. Those flavor packets are almost nothing but salt.

    Yogurt – Make it yourself. It’s easy. And, if you don’t buy organic, you can make a half gallon for about $2 (in my area).

    Granola is another cheap food that is easy to make. America’s Test Kitchen has a recipe that costs about $2 to make a huge batch.

    I’ve found the key to eating well and frugally is to make as much as you can yourself.

    • Also, when eggs are on sale, buy them. You can boil them and then have them as part of your lunch.

  10. Jason, could not access reply on your post. Thanks for the recipe, is it supposed to be 11 lb, or 2.5 kg for the split peas and chick peas?

  11. “Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon.”

    I understand this is your opinion Jack, but I am getting really frustrated with the negativity toward education, and medicine. You have become so bitter toward furthering education and the medical field that it is becoming almost nauseating listening to your rants about this. Your comments have become so vile and hateful that the information you have been putting out has been bordering on the untruth. Do you really think that there is some conspiracy that medicine has the power to cure disease, but chooses not to in order to treat and keep the cash cow flowing? This is tin foil hat conspiracy garbage that i never expected to hear from you.

    If you blame this on big pharma then you are saying the rest of us practicing medicine are guilty of being blind sheep and being so ignorant that we blindly follow their lead. That is simply untrue and the accusation that this is even remotely possible, frankly pisses me off. 99% of the people I have ever met in this field are hard working, dedicated to their life’s work, give you the shirt off their back to help you get better and live a long fruitful life. Is it perfect? No, but it is far from the evil empire that you continue to portray it as being.

    Is there some form of moral degradation and corruption in some aspects? I would say yes, but what field isn’t there. That’s not an excuse, we can all stand to clean up our own house a bit, but for crying out loud let that horse die, stop beating it and dial back the negative be and focus on the really good things that are happening. Do you think it is fair that someone would group all of the “survivalists” into the same bucket as that freak in Pennsylvania that murdered the two state troopers and hid in the woods for 2 months? Likely not, so please stop doing it to us.

    Education has served me well in my career. Was it expensive? Yes, I’m 45 and just now finishing up my loans, it it ridiculously expensive? It depends on your perspective. I wish you would learn to curb your hatred for higher education and taper it with rational thinking as well. Not everyone out there with an education has a degree in basket weaving and a minor in art history. You tell everyone that sometimes things aren’t for you and if you are not doing this for the right reason, don’t do it.

    I happen to love what I am doing and I worked very hard to attain my goals, please stop putting us all in the same basket and treating us like we are morons for choices we have made. Doc Bones, Nurse Amy, Steven Harris have all done some really great things that would have been nearly impossible without an education. Forcing a young person into the education process when they are not ready or the right fit is wrong, and I completely agree with you there, but being so negative regarding these choices is without taking the time to consider the positives is just as wrong.

    Honestly Jack, I hate even writing this but I guess I reached the saturation point of this nonsense. I think you have done some really good things here, I know I have learned a lot in the preparedness arena and looking out for my family in ways that I may not have even considered 5 years ago. I think you are better than this, I simply wish you would move on and get off of the soapbox regarding this, it has turned into something far worse than a lecture or a serman, it has turned into misguided information and the inability to see the Forrest for the trees.

    • Well Dave our education system is a disaster where children are being trained for a world that no longer exists. In your rant you didn’t refute that in anyway.

      Our medical industry is a parasite producing drugs solely for profit, creating diseases to sell more drugs like “SDD” (shift differential disorder) and “Non 24” just so they can create a drug to treat a non disease.

      The number of vaccines we put into children in their first two years is disgusting, absolutely criminal. Note I am not anti vaccine by the way, just the quantity at such a young age for so many things is frankly criminal.

      Here is what I think you can’t let go, you are holding on to the matrix and it is uncomfortable when I show it to you. Likely you haven’t done a single bit of research or fact checking into what I say about these two industries.

      You can do one of three things about YOUR problem here…

      1. Stop listening
      2. Realize these shows come with fast forward
      3. Consider the claims I make and research them and prove or disprove them

      Now likely you will say something like, so much for,

      “Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon.”

      If you are even thinking that it proves my point. Being heard doesn’t mean being agreed with. You are free to disagree with me, as I am with you.

    • And Dave I would like to give you one challenge something that may open your eyes if you will accept it.

      1. Define the value of your degree vs. the cost of your degree when you bought it at say 19 as a college freshman in 1990. What was it worth at the time you got out of school in say 94-95

      2. Define the value of your degree in 2015 based on the same criteria.

      3. Determine the cost of a degree identical to yours to a student entering university in 2015 today.

      If you are as smart as I think you are the value equation to do next should be self evident.

      This is the problem we have people who bought degrees 20-40 years ago telling our kids what a great value they are in the long term.

      However the cost of the education has gone up by 1120% in the last thirty years, that is NOT A TYPO. 1120%.

      Wages haven’t gotten close to that. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

      Your value equation is based on 1990 costs and 2015 wages. By the way, school taught you to think that way.

      Do it man, take this little project on.

    • As someone in the medical field, I fully agree with Jack’s summation of modern medicine. It’s not that the individuals themselves are evil, but the system as a whole absolutely 100% makes trillions off of treating disease rather than curing it. It only takes a few suppressed patents or appropriately applied research dollars for the powers that be to steer the whole ship of modern medicine. This is also the reason prescription drugs sold to you for $100 a pill have synthesized 90% of their formulation from herbs you can buy for a dollar a pound. Believe what you want, but cash is king so they say…

    • Jack

      Let me respond to your comments.

      I did not refute your comments on childhood education, because I was very clear in my discussion of education at the college and graduate level. I have no skin in the game, so to speak, at this time regarding the childhood education system. My comments regarding education were based on your theory that post high school education is wasted money. I agree it is expensive, I agree it is inflated and I can see the bubble starting to pop. My point is it has worked for me, it has worked for a lot of people that you choose to discount, and that is simply misinformation. I have done the math regarding the value of education and it does work to be an advantage for specific fields, not basket weaving and Art History as I believe I had been very clear in saying that. Do you own a house Jack? I know you do. My grandparents purchased a house well over 60 years ago and paid under $10,000 for it. That was a huge amount of money at the time for a Pennsylvania coal miner (I grew up not far from you Jack, so I know what it is like to grow up with little advantages). Do you know what that house is worth now? It is a lot more than the 1120% rate that you mentioned for education. If your logic holds true, then you are saying that a young person, that can afford it should not buy a house because it is not as value based as it was 30 years ago.

      “Our medical community is a parasite producing drugs solely for profit, creating diseases to sell more drugs like SDD and Non-24.” Again misinformation here Jack. These disorders are described, not created, based on evidence of presenting symptoms from real patients. Have you ever had jetlag? This is classified under the same circadian rhythm (CR) imbalances as Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). I can tell you, and the data supports it, that a significant number of people, in fact the majority do not even see their PCP for this and when they do the standard treatment is decreasing the interruption of the CR and predominantly holistic modalities such as melatonin, teas, cool and dark sleep areas, white noise, etc. Non-24 is a disruption of CR based on on cycles that do not match the 24 hour day/night cycle. Do you know who the majority of these patients are? Legally blind people who have difficulty syncing this rhythm that we naturally do. Are there for profit drug companies that will try to find advantage in this? Sure, just like you find advantage in putting on workshops to teach people how to grow their own food, raise ducks and get a little work done around your property. If this is your explanation of a parasitic medical community, I’m sorry but I couldn’t disagree more. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. It is irresponsible generalizations like yours that feed the truly uninformed like Ron who commented below thinking that every pill is sold for $100 and is just full of herbs you can get at the store for a buck.

      As far as the vaccines given to children, I somewhat agree, but how would you do it differently? The very young and the very old are the most susceptible to disease, would you hold off on a child’s MMR or hepatitis vaccine until they are older, knowing this risk is greater in the earlier years? What about polio, influenza? Which one do you want to pull and risk life threatening disease? Your opposition seems to be that of concern for the child’s experience, not based on clinical effectiveness, and there is some merit to this because vaccines are combined in as many as possible to limit the number of injections for the child, but the earlier you get them vaccinated the better they are, this is supported by multiple data and research, I would suggest you do yours. It would be criminal for a child to contract polio, or hepatitis, or influenza when they are 5 years old, because you think they were too young to get the vaccination when they would get the most benefit from them.

      Interesting that you say that this is MY problem because I “can’t handle the truth” and because of your assumption that I have not “done a single bit of research or fact checking.” Jack, the research and fact checking has been done. It has been done in my education, that I apparently “bought” and did not earn (your words, not mine), in my research and my practice that I do every single day treating patients with “parasitic” methods that work a hell of a lot more than they don’t. Where does your research and data come from? Wikipedia? Pharm drug websites? People like Ron?

      Its interesting that your first two solutions were to steer me away from your podcasts by “stop listening” and “fast forwarding.” Aren’t we all lucky that I chose number 3. and decided to “disprove your claims.”

      Ultimately I think we will end up agreeing to disagree here, you are allowed to believe what you want, but I am confident that my opinions have come from proven research, clinical experience, and data to support it. The medical community is not 100% successful, believe me I wish I were unemployed for that very reason, but we all to the very best we can. When we don’t there are more of us than you likely think carry those experiences with us and try to make some sense of them and hopefully use what we have learned to make it better for the next patient.

      I’m not trying to change your opinion here, it is clear that I cannot, but I would like you to open your eyes and see this for what it truly is, not what you want to believe it is. So what I would say to you is….”Do it man, take this project on.”

      • You sound like my wife BEFORE SHE QUIT, one year out of the industry and getting separated and she said, EVERYTHING YOU SAID IS TRUE.

        Believe your own BS if you want to. Your rant no longer interests me.

        • So this is what happens when someone disagrees with you, and refutes your nomsence, you just quit. I’ll take that as an”OK Dave, you are right.”. You just took the cowards way out Jack. Pathetic.

        • Actually you proved my point right there. How the fuck do you think I am in any fucking way obligated to spend time fucking with you here and answering all the bullshit above which I have addressed OVER AND OVER AND OVER in the past. People like you are NOT WORTH THE TIME man. What the hell would I get done if I were dumb enough to engage every single person like you on every point back and forth until they were satisfied? The answer is not a fucking thing.

          You are absolutely not right, you are committing dozens of fallacies but you are also in the system to the point where your beliefs are damn near religious. I recognize this and don’t waste further time or energy and you think I owe it to you to do otherwise? Wow how smart can you really be man?

        • More bluntly

          Your opinion may be in my circle of influence but it is not in my circle of concern.

    • I’ve been observing your posts for months without saying anything. I gotta wonder, why are you even here? It is clear you either do not listen to the show, or if you actually do play through the audio, then you are listening for key words to set you off so you can turn on flame mode and post here. It reminds me a bit of how I used to write well thought out polite letters to politicians pleading with them to screw me less. But, all they would do is look for keywords and spew out their canned reply. “Oh, I see mention of guns is in here, okay, I’ll check off the box in the response generation software to say why this voter is wrong about owning guns.”

      Your posts are full of logical fallacies, too many to even begin to try to go through, although straw man seems to be especially popular with you. If you don’t know what that means, here is a very well done web site you can go to educate yourself on them: (And, yes, that’s right, it is possible to educate yourself without paying $50,000 a year for a degree in bullshit studies. The above web site is free. That’s right, FREE. I realize that upsets your paradigm, but too bad!)

  12. Jack,
    You aired the story of the gentlemen tissue culturing plants in gallon pots but I can’t find any more info on him. I am interested in the tissue culture process. Can you direct me to info for contacting that guy?


    • It is on him man, I don’t give out personal details of listeners. If you want to email me I can forward your email to him. Someone did that yesterday.

  13. Jack

    You asked me to do one of three things. Go away, fast forward or refute your testimony. I chose number three. You keep talking but there is no substance to what you are saying, you have not given any evidence to prove your position, other than playground name calling and insults. You know, I actually feel bad for you, you simply just don’t know how to admit when you are wrong. I would have much more respect for you and your position had you simply admitted that you are wrong, that this is not your area of expertise and let it go at that, instead of crying like a baby and taking your ball and going home. You lied jack, this is a sermon, when the conversation gets difficult you yell louder, use less reason, and show your true colors. This whole thing really makes me question everything you say even more than I ever did before. I’m not in your area of concern? Do you realize that this is the equivalent of a 15 year old girl holding up her hand and saying talk to it. This is just laughable and pathetic. Why don’t you do everyone here a favor and man up and grow a pair Jack.

    • Dave again you are the one that BROUGHT NO FACTS, just disagreements, you didn’t even do the value equation I challenged you to.

      As for me I have presented these facts so many times I am not about to redo it here just because you are holding your breath and demanding it.

      I think you should read @Going Galts post and it makes my point quite well and it doesn’t come from me. You exist only to be a thorn in my ass on these two issues, your total response is summed up in

      It works for me so you are wrong. You respond only to my macro opinion and never once have refuted a single individual claim with anything more than you are wrong because I say so and I am qualified to say so because I work in medicine and I went to college. Again I leave you with the following,

      I also didn’t call you a single name. Well other than Dave, saying something like, “your beliefs are damn near religious” doesn’t not equal name calling it is a statement of opinion and in this case you are proving that opinion to be factual.

      What did you pay for your degree? Man perhaps you should get some money back if I have to explain this to you.

      Now if you want any further response, give me the actual numbers in my challenge to you or be discredited and ignored.

  14. Jack

    Once again your are evading the comments I have made to your nonsense opinions that education is wasted and medicine is a parasite. You are so blinded by your hatred for something you have no control of and it has clouded your judgement. Your sole argument that you chose any specificity was based on Non-24 and SWSD. I defined it, I clarified it and I gave treatment protocols, I even used an example for which you may have suffered its effects, on a very mild scale. You gave nothing but opinion, and chose to run away from the discussion. If this is your sole basis for a parasitic field, I think it is pathetic. Give me specifics and I will continue to refute them.

    You Jack, are the one who brings no facts to the discussion other than my wife said…or Going Gault said…These are also opinions, not fact. Incidentally your conspiracy crony Galt must have me confused with someone else as he/she has not been following my posts for several months because I have not commented until this episode. Clearly, he is mistaken. I challenge you to find me posting anything aside from something about a siphon or some other minor comment. You also chose to agree with a person who like to use terms that he likely doesn’t understand. He says there are too numerous to count so he does not address it, again no evidence. I have to admit he listens well to you though, as this is an argument you choose to use when you have nothing else. Straw man? That’s interesting, your arguments have been nothing but this tactic.
    As far as your nonsense evaluation equation, it simply does not need to be done, it is that simple, it brings nothing to the table. The fact of the matter is I broke even a long time ago. New graduates today will break even in under ten years then reap the reward for the rest of their career.
    I think you are the one who should be looking at this evaluation. You claim that you have owned and run multiple businesses over the years, but yet have to open up lifetime memberships because you are cash poor to run one of your seminars at your homestead. This doesn’t sound like someone who has done as well as he professes. I don’t need to do any evaluations to see through that.

    I am convinced now that you are simply a bully on a pulpit screaming to whoever will listed. Too blind by your own ignorance to even realize that someone else may be actually smart enough to call you on your own BS.
    Know this, I will reply to every comment you make on this post as I am convinced that you are DEAD wrong and have nothing to show for it. I am not doing this to convince you of anything, but to give a differing opinion to anyone that hears the nonsense you choose to spew regarding the medical field and furthering your education. My only challenge to you, will be to keep my comments here and let everyone else decide for themselves what they choose to believe. Otherwise delete them, scream louder than everyone else, and run away from the issue as you are so skilled at doing.

    • Wow dude, toxic much?

      If you hate this show that much you should probably bail rather than waste hours of the limited time we have in this world listening to it.

    • Ill give you one then you can fuck off out of my face.

      Non 24 is NOT A DISEASE it is a disruption of the circadian rhythm. The solution is to eliminate the disruption or to learn meditative techniques to adapt to the situation.

      Not to take a drug that has side effect that include, elevated liver enzymes (ALT), nightmares or abnormal dreams, and upper respiratory or urinary tract infections.

      You say this drug works, well no fucking shit, giving someone a melatonin receptor agonist will make them sleep, so will quaaludes.

      They key is non 24 and SDD are both the same condition, they are nothing but circadian rhythm disruptions. But what drug do you give a person with SDD, why not Hetloiz since it is the same fucking thing. Well you need a new patent and a new way to fuck people so instead you create, Provigil.

      This piece of shit has its own side effects like it may cause serious side effects including a serious rash or a serious allergic reaction that may affect parts of your body such as your liver or blood cells. Any of these may need to be treated in a hospital and may be life-threatening.

      Oh and stop taking provigil and call your doctor right away or get emergency help if you have any of these symptoms: skin rash, hives, sores in your mouth, or your skin blisters and peels; swelling of your face, eyes, lips, tongue, or throat; trouble swallowing or breathing; or fever, shortness of breath, swelling of the legs, yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, or dark urine.

      If you have a severe rash with provigil, stopping the medicine may not keep the rash from becoming life-threatening or causing you to be permanently disabled or disfigured.

      Oh fucking wow sounds god damn wonderful as a way to deal with not sleeping well due to being on swing shift doesn’t it?

      Again this is nothing but a disruption to daily rhythm, that is what circadian means (about a day) but what the fuck do I know, I am just a red neck duck farmer right.

      It isn’t like developing a routine that recreates a rythm and possibly adding a cup of tea made from chamomile, passion flower, peppermint and valerian won’t do the same thing with no side effects or anything right? Oh oh fucking wait that’s right it will.

      Now I am done with you, you refuse to take my numbers challenge and that shows you have nothing except your belief in the system that pays your bills.

      To quote great man, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it”. ~Upton Sinclair

      Upton left us in 1968 proving once again that the more things change the more they stay the same. You can’t understand this because doing so will have a definite negative impact on your life up to this point. You want the matrix so stay in it but do not try to infer that those of use that disagree are uninformed. Now begone or PUT UP THE NUMBERS I ASKED FOR.

      As to your house objection, it is stupid. A house appreciates in value and can be sold. It is an appreciating assert. The COST of a degree is going up up up while its value is going down down down. Got that? Only a fool pays for a depreciating assert, only a bigger fool does so with debt.

      You have been weighed, measured and found wanting. Bye bye now.

  15. Lukkas

    Never said I hated the show, I actually quite like it. I just happen to disagree with jacks opinion on these two subjects and it appears we are in polar opposite of our thinking on this. Do you have anything of substance to add to the conversation?

    • Not particularly, I was responding to the nature/tone of your comments not the content thereof.

      I haven’t been following your debate with Jack so I lack the history of this dialogue and can’t speak to that.

      As for the topic at-hand? In your generation higher education functioned well enough. You got ripped off with the debt but it was functional.

      My own generation [as a 26 year old turning 27 this December] though? We missed that ship.

  16. Doctor Dave,
    I have to say something: Why don’t doctors know the difference between Beriberi and Congestive heart failure? Why do they assume, without even testing, that a person has congestive heart failure? The cure for Beriberi cost’s AT MOST $7.00, and as little as $3.00, Vitamin B-1, Thiamine. (Guys do not assume you have Beriberi!) The same goes for you… Check!

    Why is cholesterol considered such a demon when every membrane in our body requires it for integrity?

    Why is fat such a demon when it’s the one thing the body strives to store in large quantities, just in case!

    Why don’t doctors check to see if a person presenting with an onset of Diabetes might have a copper or chromium deficiency?

    Why is the only B vitamin doctors check for a deficiency in, vitamin B-12, which since they can synthesize now, is given in large quantities but spread far apart, like monthly, when if you would tell the truth about meat, and eggs, (they feed you) and Prilosec or Nexium, (they starve you). Okay, they turn off the acid pumps in the stomach lining, but by doing so, your food goes through without being digested and therefor unavailable to your body– Starving you!!

    I started to say up there B-12 is not the only B vitamin in the B-complex family, they are a complex because they need each other to work right. This type of testing takes time and patients because every person is different, yeah not standardized! We’ve standardized ourselves right out of good health into the hands of —DOCTORS!! Actually the truth is the board of directors at the hospitals and yes the pharmacology suits.

    Why don’t doctors try D Mannose for stubborn urinary tract infections? It actually binds with the bacteria to wash it out even with the biofilm they form. I know because I cured my step father with it. But if they had listened to me in the first place, it wouldn’t have taken me 8 months to do it. It’s the active component in Cranberry juice; actually, the sugar found in Cranberry’s.

    Why did all three of my parents die in the hospital from Sepsis!!! Under the care of these miracle men you call learned doctors? DISREGARDING my observations for days because I lacked a few letters after my name.

    Oh yes I could go on and on, but I’d better stop.

    One thing though, Med school students have their heart in the right place, I’d say 95% of them go into medical fields with big dreams of saving the world. Too bad the funding, books, and curriculum are dictated by self serving corporate giants who only require a token class in nutrition. You learn about all that is wrong or could go wrong, were you ever shown what was right in human health? Did you ever see a perfectly functioning human being, or even a whole being and not just the mechanical body; Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotion. Shouldn’t ALL doctors be holistic, regardless if they are Allopathic, Naturopathic, Homeopathic, or whatever ~pathic?

    You doctors are pushed harder every year to see more patients in a day, in an hour; do you see the human face in your office, how much of the chart did you review before walking through the door to that scared, naked, human being looking up to you for help.

    You can’t fix what’s really broken, but you can get it started, one patient at a time, start listening and learning the truth.

    Sorry I went on and on, for those tired of the long winded posts, but I had to speak.


    • I will throw one addition onto this.

      Do you know what word is almost never uttered in medical school?


      Yep, Source of Data, Dr. Andrew Weil in his book, “Natural Health, Natural Medicine”

      Much as teachers are not the problem with education, doctors are not the problem with medicine. It is a broken system, decisions are made by drug makers and device makers based on profit over care. We don’t have a heal care industry, we have a sickness and disease industry.

      No doctor can change the system and it is getting damn near impossible for them to rebel against it. They are making a doctor doing what is right outside the system very close to illegal at this point.

      Dorothy and I personally know someone who can’t buy pain medicine because she has no insurance and no Doctor will see her as a cash patient. Think about that.

    • Jack,

      I believe that. I did have a doctor who tried to be a health practitioner, balance was is main goal. He would spend time with his patients, more than an hour at times, depending on the issue. He even took the time to call patients personally, gave out his personal cell phone number encouraging calls and questions. He still tries to do the best he can, doing all his reports after hours so he has more time with patients.

      He still finds enough time to give a real hug if a patient needs one, I mean he cleans out his pockets for comfort, and really gives a hug.

      He is an Osteopath, rather than an MD which are more personable anyway, but he’s the last of the good ones I’m afraid.


  17. So I have had some time to reflect on this series of exchanges between Jack and myself and I want to offer a sincere apology to Jack and this community. My opinion regarding the comments and Jacks opinion have not changed, but I am sorry for the way in which I expressed it. Many of the things that were said, I took personally and it angered me. In fact I cannot remember a time when I had been this angry about something. My personal comments made to Jack questioning his character were unacceptable and I should have been able to isolate my feeling, reflect upon it, and comment otherwise.

    Again, I apologize to Jack and anyone in this community that I have offended in this.


    • My skin is plenty thick, believe it or not I understand EVERYTHING you are saying. I just don’t agree because my view is OPEN MINDED, I know you don’t believe that. That is okay.

  18. Jack

    In regards to your October 10th post:

    DISEASE via the Oxford dictionary: a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

    I would continue to assert that non-24 is a disease as I have described in a previous post. As I also stated, this is a condition that is often not seen/treated in the medical community because of its often limited effects. Only the most persistent cases ever make it to the medical community. The staple of treatments is as I described earlier with attempts to reset the CR with various methods, including your tea, but mostly of a homeopathic nature. In some cases there are indications for medication such as melatonin. Melatonin is a natural substance in the body, we all have it. As far as the other drug mentioned I think this is rare that it is given, generally speaking but this is my opinion. I have never felt the need to prescribe it. I do not know how many people actually get relief from this nor do I appreciate the ACTUAL SIDE EFFECT PROFILE. If I ever feel the need to use this or the question comes up with a patient, I will certainly be more versed in the subject. Jacks comments list potential side effects of this drug, and they likely may be true. I would guess that a vast majority of people will not have these interactions, but you must be the judge of that and personally make the decision to use any therapy after careful consideration and guidance from your healthcare provider.

    Maintaining the same thought, what do you know about garlic? There is evidence to believe that there is benefit in vascular disease, helping to lower risk for high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels, which may lead to heart attack and stroke. There is also evidence to the fact that it can increase your bleeding risk, decrease the effectiveness of birth control, and cause significant irritation to the GI tract, just to name a few. I am not against garlic at all, but I think some clarity is in need regarding side effect profiles in medications and herbals, in some patients, I have actually recommended it. Just because it is a natural substance, does not mean that it is benign. Again the best medicine anyone can take is to explore all options when making a healthcare decision weighing effectiveness, side effects and other potential complications.

    As for your house comment, I guess we just need to agree to disagree. Speaking personally my degree is an appreciating value. My wage has increased over the years accordingly. A new graduate into most medical fields will be in the hole initially via loans, but will likely break even after 5-10 years. I would suggest that this is true of other fields such as engineering, most of the sciences, etc. I only mention these because this is what I know, so no I do not agree that a degree, is some respects is a depreciating asset. I know of a lot of failures in business, but I don’t know of many failures in the science fields. What I would always suggest, just like you would when purchasing a car, a home, a flat screen TV, look for the value in it to you and weigh the options and BE RESPONSIBLE. Don’t blame other for poor decisions that you may have made in the past (general comment, not directed toward anyone in particular).

    Again, I am only trying to support my claim that the macroscopic statements that medicine is a parasite and education is a depreciating asset, in that tense, is simply inaccurate.

    Give specific examples, and I would likely agree with some of them. A perfect example of this would be the absolute crime that is going on with the Univ of Pheonix. Less that 7% of their students actually end up with a degree. In fact it is so bad, that the government will not pay for their active military personnel to take coursework there, and the GI Bill restrains are likely right around the corner.

    Im sorry to say again Jack that non 24 and the issues that SOME have with the educational process significantly lack the stamina to support your generalized claims.

    • This is your BELIEF, indeed that is the right word belief, it doesn’t make it true. It is a disruption of circadian rhythm, that is not a illness. It would be like calling being smacked in the face three times a day an illness and prescribing pain medicine for it.

      I don’t buy your claims about only the most persistent cases, way too much advertising for that to be true and even if it was, clearly the drug makers are trying to change that.

      Like I said, you sound just like my wife when she was in the industry for YEARS AND YEARS it only took one year of separation. I can’t even talk to you about this at this point. Upton Sinclare said it and you are proving it.

      Oh and the side effect you say may be true, they are the side effects listed by the company that produces the drug and many show up in as high as 7% of all usage vs. 0 in the control group.

      You act as if I say all modern medicine is bad in spite of me saying good about modern medicine more often than bad.

      You act as if I say all colleges should be burned to the ground in spite of the fact that I LIST THE EXACT SAME PROFESSIONS AS YOU DO as to who belongs in college.

      Why? You are SO BLINDED you see any negative statement as a stand alone full on attack. You take it personally and your conduct here showed that.

      I leave you with this an then this line of discussion is OVER, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

      You can’t discuss this with an open mind, you refuse to acknowledge valid points and use studies by the companies selling the drugs to defend your position.

      Trust me run the numbers in the value equation I presented to you, we both know why you won’t, we both know what it will look like if you do.

  19. Re: October 12 comment from Jack

    Well I cannot speak specifically to your friends condition, I think there are a potential list as long as my arm of reasons why, but I do not know of ANYONE that would not take a cash pay patient as long as everything is on the up and up. I do not know what is on the back burner there.

    Medicine is evolving every year, just as most fields and careers. I can say that preventive health is absolutely in the forefront of practice today. There was a time of pay for services, not pay for health, but those days are almost gone. Was it wrong? Likely yes, but you do the best with what you have. I’m not making excuses for anyone, including myself. Healthcare is in the process of a change for the good, just don’t hate the player, hate the game Jack and please don’t base you opinion on an obscure diagnosis the 1% that are not doing good work.

    • Another quote, you don’t know what you don’t know.

      This surprised me too but it is now virtually impossible for a chronic pain patient to even be seen much less have pain medication prescribed without insurance. If you didn’t know that what else might you not know. The condition is quite rare, can’t remember the name but he couple who are two of the most law abiding citizens I know are ready to go to the street to deal with this issue. Again you are inside a house looking out the window, you can’t see the outside.

    • Plus listen to yourself and how personal you take this. Hate the game not the player? What sort of poor me BS is that Dave? I said above, “blaming doctors for the medical industry is like blaming teachers for the public education system”.

      Okay I am done now and so are you with this. You are moving fast to the point of just being a dead horse beating troll.

  20. Dave,

    You might try balancing the B vitamins especially Niacin, (real B- Vitamins)

    The minerals are another group that gets out of whack real easy, Magnesium is very helpful.

    My grandfather on my mothers side (we called him Pippy) would have us kids turn three summer salts before bed, when we got our days and nights out of sink. If we were still baby’s, he had my mother flip us end to end three times. Sounds weird, but it always worked.

    She explained it to me a long time ago but I don’t remember the detail’s. but it had something to do with the fluids in the brain, and ear’s.


  21. After the PA TP didn’t have change one time, I started taking alternate routes. They have been ripping PA drivers off for years, and it is only getting worse. They can keep that rubbish road.