Episode-2107- Listener Feedback for 10-31-17 — 13 Comments

  1. Shooting off a bench:
    With how you described your trigger squeeze, I think that your problem is more likely just not establishing a comfortable, stable shooting position and not taking the time to set you and the bags up so you have a natural point of aim. You will never get really tight groups as long as you are having to muscle the gun at all into the target. You don’t need expensive bags to do this, three 1 gallon ziplocks filled half full will do just fine. Stack the front two under the fore end of the stock making sure that they are not touching the barrel at all (touching the barrel can be good for over an inch at 100.) It can take me a couple of minutes to get rifle set in the bags for each shot. When it’s all set up and lined up relax, close your eyes for a few seconds. When you open them your cross hairs should still be on target. If not, go back to adjusting.

    Make sure you are fully contacting the bench. You want to basically want your entire upper body laying against the bench. Both arms and chest. Trigger hand just laying against the stock and other hand near the rear bag and your chest. Don’t touch the rifle with your non shooting hand. It may also help to add a cheek piece. As I remember the BAR does not have the raised cheek piece which makes it hard to get a good cheek weld. Another issue could be parallax. Most scopes are built to have very little distortion at 100 and beyond but it is still there.

    When you get the rifle all set up and ready to shoot, make sure that you can see the entire circle in the scope. If you can’t that could bee good for 3/4″. Lastly, if you are using any of the higher rise rings and bases. Rifle cant can also be pretty big. If the rifle was leaning a little to the right on one shot and a little left on another your groups can open up. This can be eliminated by using a sheet of printer paper with about a four or five inch “plus” sign drawn on it and lining up the lines with your scope retical.

    Last thing, give the rifle time to cool between shots. Many barrels will walk with heat.

  2. Hello Jack. I value your advice on many topics, such as shooting, preparedness, ducks, homesteading, etc.
    However, can you clarify your support of Bitcoin by addressing a couple of questions?
    1. Do you financially benefit from promoting Bitcoin/cryptocurrency?
    2. How is Bitcoin better than any other fiat currency? It is not backed by the full faith of the US government, for example.
    I have researched and even used Bitcoin, and I find it, in simple terms, to be a scam.
    Why? It has no audit process, no way of keeping them honest, no trail and no verification procedures.
    I hope I will see an honest reply…no reply will be a confirmation to my message.
    Keep up the otherwise good work.

    • 1. Yes but I was a big supporter of BTC long before I ever made a dollar from it by promotion or ever planned to. Opportunities along the way arose and I accepted two good ones, that is all, this question is almost insulting by the fing way.

      2. Everything you said here is either wrong or backwards.

      “It is not backed by the full faith of the US government” – well no shit that is the point that it is not controlled by government. All the full faith and credit of our government has done to the dollar is devalue it by 98% in the last 100 years. Yay full faith and credit!

      “I have researched and even used Bitcoin, and I find it, in simple terms, to be a scam.” – That demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of what bitcoin is and how it works. We will see that as we proceed with your next claim.

      “It has no audit process, no way of keeping them honest, no trail and no verification procedures.” – And there you go! You know the big rallying cry of “audit the fed” that has been sounded and unanswered for 10 years now, it is US debt backed currency with no real rules, no means of audit and the creation of wealth though debt that is the scam not bitcoin. I don’t know what research you did but I hope like fuck you don’t also research like new cancer treatments or something because your research method is total shit. Sorry it just is.

      First anyone at any time can audit the blockchain, it is public and fully disclosed. Every rule to how the blockchain and BTC work together is known publicly and changes are only made by consensus of the community in which chain they follow as BTC etc. The blockchain is in fact the ULTIMATE TRUTH TELLER, you can’t change it retroactively, it is, it says this happened. This transaction occurred at this time, it occurred between these addresses. This bitcoin now exists here and until transferred can’t exist anywhere else ever.

      Unlike US government money which now has a M3 of about 13 Trillion (we think because there is now way to audit anything) BTC can’t be inflated, such a thing is impossible. There will only ever be 23 million bitcoins, it is in effect a cap and fractionalize currency. So it encourages saving, lowers costs and wages over time. It is not subject to government controls, they can try but they can’t do it. If you want to wire 5K to a nephiew in Japan tomorrow you don’t need fucking permission of the state to do so. Neither of you even need a bank account for this to occur.

      Your claim that there is “no way of keeping them honest” shows a depth of ignorance so deep you should not even be speaking about crypto currency at all. There is no “them” you use that pronoun so tell me who “they” are? If you want a they that is screwing the people with a scam, there is the “they” of the Federal Reserve and the “they” of the Fractional Reserve Banking System.

      I am sorry but do you even know the current process of monetary creation that occurs in our banking system, how it works, do you? Do you comprehend that when a bank loans you say 200,000 dollars to buy a house that they don’t give you 200,000 dollars, that it is created by your promise to repay it out of thin air?

      Bitcoin is the most publicly audible currency ever created. There have been advanced skilled hackers, haters, wanna be counterfeiters watching it and doing their best to tear it apart from day one and combined they have accomplished the square root of fuck all. People have been making claims that BTC is a scam, just a fad, a bubble, etc for 7 years now, 7 years. Bitcoin came on the scene worth about $0.008 and rose to $0.08 in the first month, that was July 2010. That is forever ago in internet terms!

      In April 2011 BTC achieved dollar parity and cries like yours rang out and the drum beat of “tulip mania” was worked up by those with no understanding of tulip mania or bitcoin or frankly money. Today BTC sits at 6500 dollars, it will go up and down sure that is the nature of the currency, but over time it has preformed exactly as designed. Oh and people that keep saying “tulip mania” should realize that it lasted about ONE YEAR. If I want more tulip bulbs how do I get them? I shove one in the ground and get 10 next year by division. Dear God but the depth of ignorance in this analogy is amazing, and some very smart people continue to make it.

      Again this statement “It has no audit process, no way of keeping them honest, no trail and no verification procedures.” demonstrates a level of ignorance as to how Bitcoin works that is staggering coming from one who say he “researched it”. What research did you even do? How can you claim that there is no auditing when the entire block chain can be audited, that we need to keep “them” honest when there is no them and that there is no verification process when the entire process of mining is verification and everything is written to an immutable public block chain that anyone can audit at any time?

      So much for your smug attitude about confirmation of your message! Now tell me why is Debt Backed Currency superior to crypto currency? There are actually some ways that it is, for now, which is why the majority of my wealth is in dollar backed instruments and cash and WHY I ALWAYS RECOMMEND THE SAME (for now).

      The reality is clear, people refuse to see the truth because the truth is scary. Our entire economy runs on an empty promise designed to enrich about .5% of our population, in the end it is only a system of accounting and any system of accounting people accept that can’t be counterfeited will work, ANY SYSTEM. The difference is BTC was designed to benefit everyone, the dollar was designed to control almost everyone.

  3. Not meaning to nit pick, but you mentioned it not being practical for excavators to be electric. Though this is true in most day to day cases for the typical dirt work contractor it however is not true for most mining applications where an excavator will be at a location for a long period of time like say an open pit. These are also the biggest excavators and they are primarily electric shovels. You may know this already, but I saw it as my opportunity to “that guy”. Anyways, love the show. Keep up the great content.

  4. Sounds like the store of the future is going to significantly increase the value of digital identities. Which leads to theft and security of those identities. This seems to fit in with the block chain tech nicely. I’m curious how this is going to play out. What are your thoughts Jack on how this will effect our digital identities? What can we do to prepare?

    • I think someone is going to skin KYC with block chain and make a fortune, I think several different versions will exist in fact.

      A main stream digital ID, that makes ID theft not a think of the past but about 10,000 times harder to pull off.

      Another one will be a Virtual Nation type of ID. Another nail in the coffin of the collectivist state. They will probably get there first.

      KYC = Know Your Customer

      If you are not clear on the concept google it and it will all make sense. Talked a lot about this here

  5. I’m in automobile manufacturing and we have been planning for the electric/autonomous market for quite a while. Some of the big things they are talking about is building charging stations a la tesla across the country, and also the future of automobile “subscription” services…You don’t need to keep or park the car, it just comes to you when you need it. This is especially convenient for people living in large cities where owning a car is not financially or logistically feasible. (NY City, for example…)

  6. To the young author. I will donate the webspace for one year for you to run the blog that Jack suggested you start to build audience.
    You order a domain name and have jack pass on your info to me and I’ll get you set up. (WordPress included)
    Is this shameless promotion, sure, but mostly it is to get you started on your journey.

  7. Jack, I’m pretty sure Tesla is already either prototyping or producing a swappable battery. You will drive in and a few minutes later new fully charged batteries so you don’t have to wait for a charge. I remember reading an article regarding it a while back.

  8. I wonder if Patrick at MT knives has any comment about the line “glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife” from Paradise by the Dashboard lights. It’s a great song and tells a great story, as great songs are supposed to.

    Thanks for playing it.