Episode-1883- Listener Feedback for 10-3-16 — 18 Comments

  1. I have a suggestion for Re-focus. Deer season is appoaching. Replay three episodes of that.

  2. Yes Jack, please load up old episodes of TSP while you’re away there’s so much amazing content there it would be a shame not to use it

  3. Jack, you mentioned blueberries in containers to the guy in Afghanistan. They said the same on Permaculture voices podcast.
    I have 3 bushes “growing” in my backyard. Two directly in the ground and 1 in that self watering container that you have in the MSB stuff.
    The container one is killing it, the other two look like stray dogs.
    So my question to you is why does the container make it work so much better for blueberries?

    • Could be a variety of reasons but the most likely as I said today is soil PH. If your native soil is alkaline blueberries just don’t like that.

  4. I would like to get in contact with the software engineer that commented on IoT. I have 10 years embedded experience and am working with the ESP8266 and other small electronics to work up my own solution. Not looking for employment, just looking to help out. My email is the above name with gmail suffix.

  5. Yes, post up some previous shows! Also, it looks like you missed sharing this episode on facebook. I went to comment there and couldn’t find it.

  6. Would love a ‘Best of Jack rewind’ series of shows. TSP is my main source of sanity that I listen to a work every day.

    • Starting them today so I can get things strait before I leave. So any suggestions for an episode you really like are welcome.

  7. Regarding your “kids are in school for about 180 days” comment, I happen to have my kids school calendar beside and a quick count gave 173 days of school this year. Spot on as usual.

  8. Rush is one of my favorite bands to this day. Jack, have you heard the newest album ” clockwork Angels”? I think you would really like it, especially the lyrics. To me relates to the government and the sheeple….” Blind man in the market buying what we’re sold”

    • I always liked that other 3 man Canadian band from the late 70s and early 80s, Triumph, just a bit better.

      Rush is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But man, Triumph was way, way underrated, and it’s because Rush just dominated the air.

  9. Regarding the ‘out of service’ SIT’s (Special Information Tones) on a voicemail announcement – I have had that on my cell phone for quite a while (my wife hates it) and even though I saw a great reduction in nuisance calls, I still get calls that are apparently from the same source. They spoof numbers from all over the country but are usually one of about three messages. A possible problem with the effectiveness is that a disconnected number will go straight to the SIT tones without ringing where a voicemail box will ring several times.

  10. As you explained the school of the future I thought it sounded a lot like one some friends send their kids to, it is a private Christian school that is less then $200/month if you have more then 1 child ($640/month for 4 or more) and it uses this curriculum with a “teacher” only needed if the kids have questions.