Episode-2319- Listener Feedback for 10-29-18 — 5 Comments

  1. On the subject of everything being politcal now:

    Back in high school (02-03), I worked the typical teen burger flipper job. (Although at this establishment the burgers flipped themselves as they fell off of the conveyor.) This area of eastern PA has a large percentage of people from Puerto Rico living here, and at the time I was wondering why. Not intolerance or whatever, but what brought this large group? Why here instead of this tropical paradise that I would hear about from them?

    My one manager had come from there, so one night I asked what made him leave. His answer was that everything had gotten political and came down to what your politcal affiliation was. You could be denied a job, refused service and so on based solely by it. So he and his family came here to leave that all behind.

    I am reminded of this story a lot as time progresses…

  2. I remember my mom, I will never own a microwave. (they are in their 80’s)
    She uses one every day, and my dad got his first cell phone a couple years back.

  3. Re Roadside Assistance through your insurance company…

    Be sure to ask how a claim for roadside assistance is treated by your insurance company. Some will treat it as a claim against your insurance just as they would an accident claim, and could result in higher rates.

    Not all do this, but some do.

  4. My dad made me move a pile of river rocks(about 2 cu yards). From one side of the yard to the olther and then back the next day. All by hand one at a time for “safety”. Got my attention from that point on.

    I have used once on my daughters when she was 7 or 8. Four years later the simple theat of moving rock gets her in line real quick

  5. Alice Cooper became a sort of born again Christian some years ago. I recall a Christian men’s podcast I used to listen to going into details on that