Episode-1454- Listener Feedback for 10-28-14 — 35 Comments

  1. Just unloaded my plants from a trip to Bob Wells Nursery. Some really good looking plants, and a group of good guys. Now all I have to do is dig a bunch of holes tomorrow and maybe Thursday.

  2. Jack,

    You mentioned giving us your take on Twitter ebbing, but you never got back to it. I was curious what your take one it was. I don’t use it, but I do use Facebook. I just never could limit myself to 160 characters. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Yeah, I was curious about Jack’s opinion/prediction about twitter too. I signed up for it back in 2007 when I was at a “Women in Technology” conference. It was just starting to be pushed out to the public at that time and I signed up to follow the conference’s twitter account. I never once got a tweet and then switched my phone number shortly after. Never signed up again. I don’t need yet another thing to check after email, blogs, and facebook. That’s also the same reason why I won’t sign up for instagram, tumblr, and snapchat. I work in IT so the last thing I want to do when I get home is stay glued to my computer or phone screen checking all the various apps I have.

      Facebook, to me, is also dying. It’s so full of advertising now. I never really used it to begin with since I’m a pretty private person, but I did enjoy following family who lived far away and friends I haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Anyone who knows me knows they can’t contact me on facebook because of how little I use it. They have to either text or call me.

      Jack – have you seen the new facebook-type platform called Ello? I haven’t signed up or seen it yet, but I’ve been reading a lot about it and it’s been in my technology newsletters the past week or two.

      • It’s good to know and use technology and social media tools, but when they enslave you then it becomes bad. I have a twitter account and FB. I really don’t care much for either. The only times I use Twitter is when I travel to Mexico. People use it to communicate hot areas of violence, military and drug gangs going at it in broad day light. Two years ago in particular, as I just arrived, things began flaring-up on several parts of town. Twitter was very useful to plan routes around those hot spots. Other than that, I really don’t care for it. I’m also in IT/PM and get grief form everyone on my old flip phone. I don’t care.

    • Grew up with it, me and the boys drinking beer at 16, getting lightly note lightly toasted and hanging out on Race Street in Pottsville, Montey Python was a main stay.

      The same scene is better if you see it all. Specifically the part about the Holly Grail, “he’s already got one you see”. LMFAO “I told him we’ve already got one, har har”

  3. So I’m confused. You said that you supported patents, but everything you described is trademarking it. (Totally different, as I’m sure you know). I talked to One Green World about this specifically because they had both.

    Trademarked: You cannot use the name without purchase of a license.
    Patent: Yout cannot propagate it without a license, period.

    I’m completely and totally ok with the trademark (just like you). Why? The trademark protects the branding particularly through the QUALITY of the item. If you own a trademark and somebody wants to use your variety to sell, if you want your brand to be worth a hill of beans you’d make sure that they don’t produce absolute garbage and sell it to customers. If they want to do that, they can call it a “Jack Apple”.

    As I’ve read up more and more on fruit varieties, Stark bros is continually dropping on my list because of their over the top patenting, and their influence in the Red Delicious apple. (F___ that apple, ew). The same goes with Dave Wilson Nursery. I would LOVE, to purchase EVERYTHING they own and make (via Zaiger Genetics) but since its all patented, I’ll pass.

    • No I don’t support patents I said I understand the reasoning and think at least they could have a lesser time restriction until they become open sourced. I said I believed that TMing was sufficient to protect those that develop a cultivar and name it.

      • And specifically I have a hard time accepting patents on life forms and even more so when they are claimed due to cross pollination, which I find to be complete and total bullshit.

        • Couldn’t agree more.

          Ok I relistened to it and its a VERY VERY small subtly to the words I missed. I had to rewind it twice ha.

          “….. people who create new cultivars shouldn’t be able to patent their apples either?”
          “Yeah I do”.

          I was like… wait he just said no… now he’s saying yes? Yes I do think that people SHOULDN”T be able to patent.. GOTCHA. whoops. Not trying to “call ya out”, but I needed more ‘splainin.

          My biggest problem and it just keeps getting worse is the invisible implied contracts that you never sign that restrict the consumer. Its like GMO labeling. We have a right to know whats in our food, UNLESS…. we elect to WAIVE said rights. (I am going to put to the side for a moment that a person has the right to waive their own rights which is not an easy conversation). The implication is that ANYTHING you purchase you waive ALL rights and everything is reserved by the company. Regardless.

          So if I get sick and we don’t have any contracts of whats in it, shouldn’t they be on the hook? Why not? It’s in the contract. Oh wait they didn’t read or sign a contract either? It’s just silly. This patent nonsense and endless protection contracts (always in the favor of business) has gotten so far out of control.

          Even if there is a “contract” or Terms of Use out there, basically the company gets it both ways. You can use their service without reading or following the terms of use, until they don’t want you to anymore and they have all the legal means necessary to crush you. Great. Craigslist is a great example of the kind of service that acts this way.

        • I would be happy to have no GMO required labels if government wasn’t in charge of labeling law in the first place.

          But if government is going to take our money, with the threat of violence at the point of a gun, use it to enforce label laws and tell the people they steal money from these labels tell you what is in the food, then I say it should tell them EVERYTHING in said food.

          I don’t even need it to have a big old “contains GMO” warning. SImply on the back where it says Soy Bean Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Enriched Wheat Flour I would expect it to say, GMO Soy Bean Oil, High Fructose Corn Syrup from GMO Corn, Enriched Wheat Flour. Of course it should also say, atrazine, glyphosate, 2-4d.

          Again if you steal my money, then promise to use it to make sure labels tell me what is in my food when I never asked you to, you better tell me and everyone else EVERYTHING IN IT.

        • Short and sweet, my answer is as often as possible to not participate. Doesn’t work in all avenues. But you know what? I live in reality. And while my rights exist, in reality they’re not respected.

        • Couldn’t agree more about the labeling.

          The reality labeling isn’t even the answer because you can’t reform it. Government created labeling because consumers bitched. The way government works is law. Law creates specific definitions of things of which it either IS or is NOT in compliance (sometimes the compliance depends on the person enforcing, but the higher up you go the less this is delegated, cough cough federal gubmnit).

          “Real labeling” isn’t even realistic especially with a global mass of foods. How do they know WHICH apple is even in your apple sauce? They don’t. They buy apples as “apples” on the high market. (Of course I’m referring to the big companies). But even then food producers send their food to a centralized location which gets packaged under the same label.

          So what is ACTUALLY in high fructose corn syrup? Sure its a process, but which corn? From which location? To what extent was it sprayed? Just because it is GMO doesn’t mean it was (of course it is, but I’m just saying). I’m sure a “little” 24-d is better than A LOT of 24-d. What containers was this corn-syrup in? Is their leaching effects? On and on and on.

          It’s like how the whole “Milk” ingredient is/was? under scrutinty to add artificial sweetners under that title. It’s all a legal issue with the gubmnit at the center of it. The answer to “we need labels on this food” shouldn’t have been “let’s require labels” it should be “don’t buy what you don’t know”.

  4. Jack, you keep saying that the Republicans are going to win the Presidency in 2016, and i just can’t see it. The Republican party is collapsing. I really think that the public at large has bought into the narrative that they hate women, minorities, members of the LGBT community, etc. That they’re the party of and for rich white men. That they’re anarchists, without most anyone really understanding what anarchy really IS.

    And as for the Republican voter base, it’s just fractured. And beyond repair, I think. True small(er) government social conservatives hate establishment Karl Rove types, Libertarians hate them too, but also aren’t really comfortable with the social Conservatives, either. And the GOP establishment is stubbornly clinging to influence over the party granted by the machine they built and the access to huge reserves of cash. Meanwhile demographics keep shifting in such a way that even just by attrition due to old age the GOP is going to continue its downward spiral.

    I think your projections are accurate for 2014. I think the Republican party can continue to maintain and maybe even pick up Senate/House seats for many years to come, but I really can’t help but think that WHOEVER the Democrats nominate, except maybe Joe Biden, is going to be able to put their really effective get out the vote machine to take the race in 2016.

  5. Who is the go to guy for Republicans? Jeb Bush? Laughable. Romney? He couldn’t get it done when everyone knew exactly what they were getting with a second Obama term, and every dyed in the wool Republican I know has said at one time or another they’d much rather have had Hillary over Obama. Newt Gingrich? Too much baggage, too provably Progressive for all but the most deluded of people to ignore. Ted Cruz or Rand Paul wouldn’t hurt my feelings, but I still think the powers that be and the big money in the GOP is still skewed away from ACTUAL small government types like them.

    • I forgot Rubio. He stands an okay chance, but the Tea Party types don’t trust him as far as they can throw him because of the amnesty thing. So maybe he can kiss enough behind and flip flop hard enough to convince them he’s changed his mind or whatever on the issue. But I wouldn’t vote for him. Hell, the me from the recent past who still desperately wanted to believe voting in the right people could start a turnaround for the country would have struggled to find the motivation to get out and vote for him.

    • The republican will likely be someone you don’t think is in play right now. All the people you mentioned are not “strong men”, you are going to get a tyrant, one that looks like one and people will cheer him.

      Honestly don’t count out Perry, the man is complete Bilderberger scum, perfect for the job. He didn’t run this year to stay as Texas Governor. Yes he has been indited, no it won’t matter or stick. I despise the guy and even I know that he didn’t do anything illegal in regard to this current issue. This is nothing but a pathetic attempt to get Davis elected, it will fail and charges will be dropped before the end of the year.

      Yes he had a big gaff in the debates, doesn’t matter plenty of people have come back from worse.

      That said I think again it will be a name you don’t even know right now, a name no one even considered. Dead on with Bush, not going to happen! Romney is done, you’ll not see another run by him.

    • Don’t discard Santorum. Considering all the others, except Cruz, have shown to be ball-less, conservatives may be willing to swing to the ultra right.


        What part of strong man don’t you comprehend? And I know you love Cruz, I consider him a statist, just for the record. Another guy with no chance in hell though of making the cut. Might be someones running mate.

        Best of the bunch is Paul even though I don’t trust him and know damn well he isn’t his dad. The media though will make him out to be his dad and SLAUGHTER him. You can then again tell me about our freedom and how voting matters.

      • Cruz will make run for it. He debates very well and appeals to the libertarian swing vote. The white conservative vote is taken for granted by the GOP. If he doesn’t make it, it will be on account of the republican party tripping him. Perry has a very good chance also. His business track record in Texas will make the case for him.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if democrats pull the San Antonio mayor as a candidate: Julian Castro. I think he would carry the state.

        • Oh yawn! I really think you need to pull up from this for a few weeks, go “seal yourself in the voting cubical” next week and vote for Kang or Kodos and make sure not to waste your vote. Watch the polls and sing victory when the GOP kicks ass as they likely will.

          Then realize it is all over for two years, turn your attention 100% away from politics for a few weeks, see what comes of it. Humor me.

        • Oh, Cruz is going to run, it just doesn’t matter. While I disagree with Jack that a Republican will win in ’16, and that Democrats are the presidential party for the foreseeable future, he’s right in that it doesn’t REALLY matter anymore. We’re on a path, whether it’s just the natural decline of most every empire of an active plan being enacted by the powerful few.

          Even though I still pay attention to politics because of some morbid fascination I can’t explain, I’ve finally given up on politics as a solution at the national level. Everything has a lifespan, even empires. The focus now just has to be surviving the decline.

        • @Tyler,
          Just go vote. Close your eyes and do straight R. It’s better than D any day, twice on Sunday.

          Votes don’t matter in countries with dictators, but in the US they still matter. Jack may yawn all he wants, but in the end he still enjoys the benefits of our political system, no matter how broke it may be. If votes didn’t matter, pretty much all the blogs and podcasts of this nature would have been censured a long time ago.

          The alternative to ousting tyranny when votes really don’t matter is a rifle.

        • Telling someone how to vote while speaking of liberty at the same time is just complete bullshit! Total and complete fucking bullshit Jose, seriously.

          I enjoy the benefits of our political system? What a load of bullshit as well, may be you should read this,

          I don’t enjoy the benefits, I work with the hand I have been dealt. Saying people successful at such things “enjoy the benefits” is total complete bullshit.

        • @Jose

          No rifles needed as long as they can keep people playing their game. Don’t you get it? They’ve rigged it without- firing a shot! As long as nobody tries to break up the game, they’re both happy and can go on doing business as usual.

        • @Chad,
          I think it’s you who does not understand the consequence of giving up on the political process. Think of the political process as one big raised bed tended by the people. For the first 150 years, people tended to the garden meticulously. Then people began walking away, letting others carry their weight, and the garden began getting a little unruly. More people walked away, distracted by nonsense and feeling of dis-empowerment, and the garden grew yet more unwieldy. Now that garden has more weeds and that productive crops. If you walk away completely from it, the weeds will eventually choke it and you won’t even have a small produce harvest. What you do, instead, is put a hoe to all the weeds, and once again introduce good productive crops. This is a metaphorical as I can get. If you don’t get or don’t want to see it, that fine. Apathy has already been accounted for in the election process. A few pesky non-votes of protest won’t matter much. The country will continue rolling with or without your vote.

        • @Jack,

          I’m by no means minimizing your success. I’ve seen you grow from episode 3 to now, and often brag to people about the success of your show. But let’s be frank, your show in places with no political process (Cuba, Venezuela, etc…) would be banned and you’d thrown in dark dungeon. That’s what I mean that you and myself enjoy the benefits of a democratic process that still remains one of the best in the word.

        • “A few pesky non-votes of protest won’t matter much. The country will continue rolling with or without your vote.”

          Yes, it will. And it will do so whether it’s an R or a D that wins.

          Look, this sounds important to you, so I think you should vote. But you shouldn’t assume that if I voted that I would vote like you – I’ve never once voted republican in my life.

          All I’m saying is that one has to engage with some serious cognitive dissonance to think that voting D or R will amount to a hill of beans. I mean, I’m supposed to ignore a few things while I hold my nose and make that vote:

          1. Perpetual war that’s strongly supported by both parties.
          2. That the killing of tens of thousands of innocent civilians all over the world is justified by the death of 3,000 innocent civilians on 911.
          3. That spying and the collection of information on American citizens by every imaginable way are strongly supported by both parties.
          4. That the Patriot Act and its expansion under other bills is strongly supported by both parties.
          5. That people should be criminalized for the possession of a plant is mostly supported by both parties.
          6. That what people do or don’t do in their private lives should be regulated by government, even though it affects no one else.
          7. That both parties support the militarization of law enforcement.
          8. That both parties support the war on drugs and all the destruction it brings.
          9. That both parties support stacking more debt onto the backs of Americans not even born yet.
          10. That both parties are slaves to corporations that seek to criminalize any behavior not in line with their interests.

      • @Chad,

        I don’t care who you vote for, really, or if you vote at all. I recommend R because that whom I think it’s better. All I’m saying is that walking away from the political process won’t fix the problem(s). It just makes it easier for problems to become more rooted. You vote for your guy and hold him accountable. Living a responsible life, leading by example, is not mutually exclusive from attempting to elect to power those you think are worthy. All the problems you enumerate are not going anywhere if you walk away from the political process. That’s the only tool we have for fixing the country. Planting gardens, no matter how much I love gardening, ain’t gonna do it. Being self sufficient and living off grid won’t do it. Sooner or later, America has to retake control of its government and the people that run it.

        • “Hold him accountable” HA! Sorry, I don’t want to come off as mocking you, but you can’t expect me to take the concept of holding politicians accountable seriously when we still see a reelection rate for these people in the mid-high 80 percent range. People. Do. Not. Care. They hate change, they want to believe the easy lies over the hard truth, and they prefer mindless entertainment over developing critical thought. None of this is going to change any time soon.

  6. The Fed didn’t end QE. They are still reinvesting dividends on the MBS’s they purchased. So if you look at PIMCO’s MBS fund it has been returning about 2.5%, then look at how many MBS’s the fed purchased, they are still pumping $80 billion or so a year into the market.

    • 80 Billion a year vs. that same 80 Billion plus 85 billion a month. It isn’t the same thing at all.