Episode-2102- Listener Feedback for 10-23-17 — 18 Comments

  1. For the guy thinking about doing a remote consultation I would say go for it. We did one with Ben Falk and just the exercise of filling out his pre-consultation form was worth the time and money. It forced us to actually think through some questions we had not thoroughly thought through prior to that. We made some changes in our plans based on that as well as based on some of the feedback we got from Ben during the call.

    We did try to schedule something with Nick but I had no luck getting that taken care of. I like what Nick does and he seems like a great guy but I was not impressed with his lack of response when we filled out his request for a remote consultation. I exchanged emails with him a few times and he always told me he would get back to us when he could schedule it but he never did. I contacted him a couple more times to remind him but it never did get scheduled so we went with Ben. I am not saying Nick won’t do a good job for you but it seemed he was really too busy to handle us. I would have preferred he just said that so we could have scheduled something with someone else earlier rather than waiting for a consult with him that was never going to happen.

  2. Peppermint works as a repellent for all sorts of things. I use it in my homemade bug spray and mice can’t stand it either. Since I don’t have homestead cats, it has me thinking about my wax warmer and our mouse problem right now. 🙂

  3. Maybe my area is just in a bull market but the only $500 savage rifles are axis. I’d rip someone’s arm off if I could find a $300 model 10 in any Nato or 6mm chambering.

  4. Can someone explain what the listener was saying to do with the mint from Wal-Mart? I didn’t quite get what he said to use to heat it up. I’d like to use it for bugs but to also clear my sinuses like he said he did.

    • He is putting it in one of those little heaters for scented oils and what have you.

  5. re: UBI, downtrodden at 1:23:25.. “…if you do you’re a psychopath or a sociopath and you need a bullet in your head…”

    Also said by you: “…What I do care about is if you seek to use the power of the state (which is the threat of violence at the point of a gun) to enforce your opinion upon others. How any of you spout liberty out of one side of your mouth and do this with the other is beyond me.”

    You need to get a handle on your use of hyperbole, Jack. For God’s sake I hope it’s hyperbole, anyway.

      • Yeah I understood the possibility of that… that’s what “hyperbole” is about. It’s just a ridiculous statement on your part. How about not being childish about criticism? Not the first time you’ve done this.

        • Again how about you get over yourself and if you don’t like what I do, you are free to go elsewhere.

  6. I just realized I misread your first response due to your poor (sparse) use of punctuation. Regardless, neither possible position surprises me of you now. Your current sizeable (for now, at least) audience benefits from what you’ve shown here.

  7. By the way I already cancelled my MSB some weeks ago, following another occasion of you responding in now-apparent typical fashion. If you are willing to put your money where your mouth is and refund some portion of my MSB subscription, it would be appreciated. Same email address I’m using here.

    • 100% of your last charge is coming back. Please go find someone else to annoy and please don’t bother me with shit like this,

      “Your current sizeable (for now, at least) audience ”

      If I had a dollar for every ass hat wanna be bitter troll who advised me that if I did so and so it would be the end of TSP, etc. well I would have a lot more dollars than I already have.

      Frankly you came here then bitched about what I said in a podcast that has been done the same way for almost 10 years now, when you were told simply, “you are free to get over it or not.” your ass hurt grew further.

      You then devolve further into critiquing the use of a fucking comma in a blog comment. All to ask for a refund that all you ever had to do was ask for.

      To quote a great movie, “you forget yourself Michael, I seek neither your company or your council”. Be well Michael you will be forgotten before the next edition of TSP is published. It would be before WordPress published this comment except I have to refund you.

  8. Jack, I love, love, love Meatloaf. I probably have all his discs. And I am 60, female, and have listened to you since the early Jetta days. Looking forward to the music this week! Thanks for all you do. (Lifetime member)

    PS Does that make up for the prior commenter?