Episode-1232- Listener Feedback for 10-22-13 — 34 Comments

  1. I have not listened to the podcast yet. I anxiously read the link to the Joel Salatin article. I have to say I am absolutely stunned! This is outrageous!!
    Thanks Joel Salatin for your insight.

  2. The Joel Salatin article kind of angered me. Actually really angered me. I am currently in the military and up until this article I was ready to give my blessing if my children wanted to join the military…..well the Marine Corps that is but was going to cross that bridge when it came. I digress no more though. I am going to educate my children, I will provide for them and build a life that they will desire to emulate and carry on. I can’t wait to get to my farm……….

  3. Jack did you know that in California right now that $500,000.00 cash gets you US citzenship. If you by a home in cash for that cost your family gets US Citzenship. People from China are coming in groves to get duel citzenship.

    on the milage tracking…they are coming up with state licen plates that have gps in them. if you go to state that you do not live in, the tax will be more for that mile.

      -by Jack Minor – –

      A Colorado organization is recruiting foreign investors using a government visa program that critics say amounts to selling U.S. citizenship.

      The Colorado Regional Center is promoting the program, stating that the investor, “has an opportunity to obtain permanent residency in the United States for the investor and his or her spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 21.”

      The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program provides a way for families to obtain a fast track to citizenship after only five years if they are willing to make an investment of at least $500,000 in a qualifying project in the United States.
      Government Location Tracking: Cell Phones, GPS Devices, and License Plate Readers

    • The key word being dual! So they get to colonize America but be free of all the economic restrictions placed on Americans. California is on track to be taken over by a mix of Chinese and Latin Americans. Someone will try to make that racist but it is simply the facts of the matter.

      • A good friend of mine in Sacramento had a hard time finding a home to buy, she finally bought one she loves. Issue was too many coming in and paying cash for a home, above appraisal value.

  4. I have been listening for a while Jack. I really like “Jack is Right” days. In fact, I was thinking about this: Could you perhaps jot down/list/track “Jack’s predictions?”

    I have to say, for whatever reason, you just seem to have an eye on the trends and issues that is just at the right level, and right level of critical insight. Not alarmist, yet not ‘normal’ biased. Also you seem to track into the real underlying motivations rather than be swayed by the surface noise.

    Just a simple list of things like the “people will start dealing directly with China NOT in US Dollars. ” Or the current “Debt Jump”

    I think it would be an awesome list to be able to go back to show, or examine any errors and see/discuss what happened.

  5. Breeding rural youngsters for the military is disturbing, but so obvious at the same time. They push all these agriculture programs to the kids and other similar programs, but they have created an environment where it is very costly and difficult for their parents to pass on the farms. Of course when I say farms I’m speaking of the status quo of GMO crops and heavy use of chemicals and fertilizers. I’m excited for the growth in permaculture, and I believe it is going to be more and more important to provide for yourself.

  6. Jack,
    I’m a mid-level manager for an investment firm. Think stagecoach. Anyways, just a couple of weeks ago the firm rolled out a new policy that makes it extremely difficult for business AND retail clients to do international wires. I’m sure all the other big bank/firms are doing similar things.

  7. So any news on this Oregon mileage tax being used on motorcycles, trikes, or other transportation other than automobiles?

    • Initially it is a voluntary “test program” so you have to wonder what the incentive is going to be? Likely a tax rebate on gas taxes? Or you won’t actually pay and you are just “helping to test the system and save polar bears”. Once proven it will apply to anything on the road.

  8. Sometimes I hate it when you are right…

    I have a question though. In your example about the restaurant owner not being able to deposit cash in large amounts. Could said restaurant owner instead start paying his employees in cash? Or would this invoke some department of stealing your freedom to put him in a cage, just curious.

  9. You’re absolutely right about government pensions.

    I took a Criminal Investigation class a few years ago. The instructor, a retired Whittier, Ca police officer, told everyone that if they were going into law enforcement, the first thing they should check on was the department’s retirement plan.

    He then told everyone that he retired at 105% of his highest years salary!!!!! And now also makes $70/hr teaching for the Riverside Community College system with no effect on his pension and in 5 years would also get a pension from the College system.

    How could this ever be sustainable???? Who ever thought it made sense to pay someone more for NOT WORKING than for working.

  10. Jack, I agree with you completely that community is the best way to help mitigate what is coming. Looking forward to learning more about PermaEthos in the coming months.

  11. People staying in Stockton aren’t stupid; many in the Modesto and Stockton are farmers. The big cities are near, and the farmers are hard working and are doing well (despite the city’s actions). They are meeting market needs and are successful in their business. To be wildly successful at farming is not stupid. However, that said, I do appreciate this eye-opening episode. I’m grateful that you brought all the information out for us to know, so that we will not be caught by surprise.

  12. Jack,
    Just listened to the beginning of the episode about the way you’re going with the MSB. I’m definitely liking where you’re going with the new stuff with the MSB, but I will say at a minimum I definitely feel I’m getting value out of the MSB just on the discounts alone. For sure, I would love to continue to boost this ability to just keep including other great sites. (if you could get southern exposure onboard or another great southern seed site I’ll have me jumping for joy). I have been apart of another like “members” type of site before, and just did not get nearly the kind of value I feel I’m getting out of the MSB. So first and foremost thanks for that.

    I like the steps you’re going with the new MSB stuff because it ties much more of the show/experience in with the MSB. When you mentioned opening up the workshops first to MSB (on the video) I was like DING. Good play and thanks. Keep up the good work as usual!

    • @Jack

      I have to say this was a very…. grounding episode. One of those that I’ve been needing the appropriate wake up slap one originally got when they realized “uh oh… everything is actually all F’ed up”. Obviously I read about this stuff every single day (Financial) so its nothing new. But “nothing new” generally indicates complacency. As we creep along, and realize how much scarier the reality is going to be, its definitely a call to dig deep to rationally, with composure and with strength, prepare for the coming “shift”.

  13. Jack I’m having problems sharing this episode. I’m a “big city boy” and haven’t really shared your episodes much but man this one wants this posted on my Facebook page. I want all my NYC area friends to hear this one.

  14. IMO 😉

    The america that most people are bemoaning the decline of, is already dead, and has been for some time. It was a great and beautiful thing, so great and so beautiful, that ever since everyone has been living off of the afterglow of its memory, while pretending it still exists.

    What is currently dying is what replaced it, the Fed/New Deal ‘great state’. And it is being replaced globally with new ‘great states’.

    Where the schizophrenia comes in, IMO, is in bemoaning the loss of the ‘greatest state’ title. As a human being, interested in freedom for individuals, I HATE ‘great states’. I think they’re a bad idea, and I want them to go away. ALL of them. They are, by their nature, built upon the backs of slaves. And therefore only beloved by would be slave owners.

    The are reflections of the human desire to get ‘something for nothing’. To have someone else do the hard, dirty work, so you don’t have to. From making your goods to planning & funding your retirement.. sit back, relax, have another beer, someone else will do that for you so you can get back to your iDistraction.

    What is certain, is that when this version of ‘government’ dies (and it will.. 100% guaranteed at this point), something else will take its place.

    IMO, there are only two questions to answer: What form will the ‘new’ government take? Who will control it?

    Those with ‘power’ now, know the current system will be dead soon. They are plotting, planning and looting like there is no tomorrow.. because there isn’t. There only chance to remain ‘in power’ is to ensure that they’re the ones with the connections and resources when it comes time to draw up government 2.0.

    (I’m not talking about politicians. This round of empty headed puppets will be tossed into the rubbish pile, along with the rest of the remains of big government 1.0)

    The big lesson of the USSR (at least for the ‘rulers’) was: totalitarianism = less shit for those in power. So any powerful person building a ‘new government’ wants to be in total control, but they want their citizenry to BELIEVE themselves to be free.

    So, unless your a psychopath, and just want to kill people, you need a revolution, where you end up on top. Followed by the creation of a government that APPEARS free (‘democracy’), while still leaving the reins of power firmly in your hands.

    Do we start playing with the big boys and come up with our own version of government 2.0? Or do we just remain ‘the little people’ and get washed back and forth with the tide?

  15. on a completely different note..

    CA ridiculous spending has convinced me to move from the ‘professional class’ to the ‘hillbilly class’ as quickly as possible.

    And I’m not alone. More and more of my professional friends are planning/doing the same thing.. homesteading and reducing their incomes by 50-80%. The bottom line reason? Their quality of life sucks. The amount of time/energy that is required to maintain a high income level keeps going up. Every time some new law/tax is passed, their incentive to work drops.

    These are ‘smart’ people. They can do the math and see that the dollars they get to keep after the thugs come for their protection money are less and less. But the tomatoes and eggs they get to keep remain the same. So their exchanging less and less of their time/energy for dollars, and more and more directly for the ‘stuff’ they actually need.

  16. yup.. many comments.. good episode. 😉

    On the gas mileage tax thing.. as a person interested on self-sufficiency and self-reliance.. I don’t care. Its just a small symptom (an itch) of the larger problem, and trying to ‘treat it’ would be pointless without addressing the cause (aspirin for a gun shot wound).

    Its just another boring symptom.

    The people that will be most effected by it? Commuters. Who ‘have to’ commute. The answer to that? Change your life so you don’t ‘have to’ commute.

    Commuting is not compatible with self-sufficiency or self-reliance. So.. it needs to go away.

  17. capital controls:
    Only apply to the ‘little people’.

    And the goal is to loot the professional class to the ‘working rich’. So, if you’re in that category.. get your money out now. Or turn it into something that can’t be taxed/seized easily (in other words.. if you turn it into valuable land.. its not safe, you can still be property taxed to death).

    Be a squirrel.. bury those nuts!
    (not an innuendo! and not literally.) 😉

  18. Jack, I don’t understand how you can talk about Chase bank’s capital controls and 401K plans losing their cash options without mentioning bitcoin! I get the distinct feeling you still don’t understand its revolutionary potential, nay its revolutionary inevitability. It is the answer to a lot of the problems you highlight on TSP.

    • I understand it just fine. How about you do a podcast and you can decide what is relevant to your daily discussions and I can do the same on my end. The truth is bitcoin is likely in time to be wholesale shut down by authority. The other truth is the ONLY THING that gives bitcoin value is its ability to be converted into other currencies.

      You really think the NSA can’t at least see transactions? You really think that bitcoins can’t be shut down? Believe that if you choose. Bitcoin to me is a good way to transfer wealth anomalously for NOW and how long that lasts we shall see.

      But if you let the sun go down on your money while in bitcoin you do so at your own peril.

  19. You can’t shut down bitcoin, it’s a public ledger of transactions stored on thousands of computers spread out across the world synchronized by an open api. You can say its illegal, just like you can anything else, but that’s not a case specifically against bitcoin. The fact is bitcoin is more resilient to those types of shut downs than anything else is. There isn’t one clearing house to shut down, manipulate or control.

    Of course the NSA can see transactions, that’s the whole idea. It’s all open. There is just no way to tell who those transactions belong to (so long as the person doing them wants them to be secret). There’s no comparison short of meeting in an alley and trading your gold bars.

    Thanks Jack, it’s great to a hear a response from you