Episode-2534- Listener Feedback for 10-21-19 — 2 Comments

  1. Great show as usual Jack. Rocky mt. elk are the only subspecies I know of used for the re-introductions west of the Mississippi. There are two other subspecies of elk in the US in addition to them. Both are west coast natives. The tule elk is the rarest/smallest living species residing in central CA and the much more numerous Roosevelt elk inhabits the temperate rainforest region of the coastal ranges in the Pacific NW. They are also the largest of the three subspecies. Last weekend I saw a herd of maybe 50 hanging out in a front yard in Southern OR at 11am and again at 7pm. As to your point about megafauna interfacing with human infrastructure, the sight the herd was amusing for me as a passerby, but I can’t imagine the frustration of going about one’s day-to-day life with 60k lbs of free-range ungulate 8 feet from the garage door.