Episode-1663- Listener Feedback for 10-19-15 — 38 Comments

  1. Ah medication controlled thru your cell phone. Sounds like the Robin Cook book aptly named “cell”. Good conspiracy read……

  2. “Smart medication” + “smart guns”

    Because think of the children. We have to protect the mentally insane from access to guns.

    Get charged but not convicted of a crime? You must take this pill to prevent you from hurting others with a gun. It’s only temporary.

    You’re right jack, this rabbit hole is very deep.

  3. @Modern –
    Two additional bits of pill RFID chips you missed! 😉

    ‘Think of Grandma! Do you want your Grandma to die!’
    iPhone App that lets grandma know if she’s taken all of her pills today! And let’s her kids check up on it after she gets Alzheimers.

    ‘Hackers’ (not the real definition) will drive around neighborhoods with souped up RFID antennas to determine what house to break into to get the best prescription drugs. RFID tag is probably larger than the medicine, so just sift the RFID tag out, and resell it on the street.


  4. To pay off mortgage or not. Struggle with this one every day. Yeah looking at all the options. Play the numbers game with paper pencil and calculator. We are so very very close only 18k left to go. pmt only 320 @ 3%. Hate to hit savings that hard. Plan was to have it paid off at this time. As it goes other unexpected things came up like a huge survey issue and carpenter ants were eating the house. GRRR glad we had the cash to deal without taking on more debt. Dayum seems that’s always the way it goes. make a plan then poof something comes up.

    At 53 I am so excited to sit with ZERO debt. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So badly I want to pull the trigger and throw down the cash to cross that finish line. Now with the survey done no longer tied to big bank with the neighbors (what a nightmare) That freedom feels GREAT!! I want more. Just is pay off the best way to get it? That’s what we have to look at. Time is not on our side for a mistake correction. Crystal ball would be great sometimes wouldn’t it. LOL

  5. As someone who’s part of the regrarians group and your group and a handful of other overlaping permaculture-ish fb groups, I think that you’re retelling of the story is a little off. A quick search of regrarians, and your first post there was the end of February, and all you contributed since then was posting memes about liberty and links to the Duck Chronicles. I don’t think you gave a non-self-serving contribution the whole time. I like most of your work, Jack, but you kinda drama-queened it in a way that is kind of embarrassing for you. I’m sure you’d never admit it, or that you bullied people who outwardly disagreed with you. But, whether you like it or not, you came off as a big baby, taking your toys and leaving (though you denied it). Yeah, there were some liberal/commie/sjw/man-hating/vegans in the group, but through those posts, it was revealed that there were a lot more thin-skinned white males just waiting to take offense at something. And as a straight, white male and a fan of your work, it was embarrassing to see.

    • You are entitled to your opinion but not you own facts, the story as I told it is true.

      Your opinion is that telling people they are full of themselves for constantly attacking white males for being the problem in the world amounts to bullying. My opinion is it amount to defending the people who do the most and seem to be appreciated the least by a growing segment of people that want shit handed to them.

      And I have answered hundreds of questions in that group, my main contribution was that, not posting my stuff.

      Good luck bashing yourself and trying to fit in by doing so with people that want life handed to them.

    • not sure about that. A simple search of the group didn’t bring up very many comments by you. Also, there were a couple times you threatened violence to people. Some aussie name Cam or something like that. I think your skin is just much thinner than you are willing to admit.

      • Violence, really. I think being insulted by someone and saying, I don’t think you would say that if you were standing in front of me is not a threat of violence only one of fact. People are quick to MF a person online, pointing it out not a threat. Believe as you see fit.

        But let me put it this way, if people like me are the problem, when all the purples are left there in loathing of their own privilege everything should be great right?

        You see I am done with this, I left, I am not part of this nonsense any longer. I won’t be baited back into it, I just don’t have the time or energy to care any more. I have important shit to do and teach, that is all I plan to do at this point.

        Violence? Good God some of you people use words with no understanding of the meaning. Social Justice as this so called warriors wish to practice it is violence. The state is violence. Taking people’s property is violence.

        Telling a person who has insulted you over and over and over that they would not do it standing next to you is not violence or even the threat there of. I am in my 40s and have never put a hand on anyone for what they said. I have however called them out on their bullshit, it is interesting when ones and zeros and an ocean are not separating people how the tone changes.

        • welcome to social justice, Jack.
          Reason and facts don’t matter. The only things that matter are your skin color, race, gender and sexual orientation (and they have the audacity to call other people racists and bigots) and how oppressed/how much of a victim you are because of these things.
          These people are a goddamn plague that try to suck the fun out of everything because somebody, somewhere might get offended.
          look up “cyberviolence” if you wanna know why deepprep thinks you are “violent”. The tl;dr version is that mean tweets are equivalent to real violence.

        • Oh I have seen these idiots for a long time man. The level they are rising to now is quite striking though is it not.

          And in this case it was okay for Cam to attack me OVER AND OVER for a few months with almost no response by me because even though he is a white male, he is a self loathing white make so his cyber violence was fine because I am not self loathing.

          Then I turn and simply say, “I do not think you would speak to me that way face to face” and I am threatening violence.

          Again these people don’t understand that everything they advocate is violent. They claim to want to heal past wounds, that is bull, all they do is constantly pick the scabs of such wounds to try to prevent healing. But again I am getting to the point where I am done with them, there is no point trying to talk to these idiots. One day they will get tired of failure and perhaps then when the student is ready, teachers will be self evident.

  6. Meant to send this yesterday when I was listening. Do you remember the guy Grant Schultz was doing the talk with at PV? The yurt guy? I’d love to look him up.

  7. However you want to crunch mortgage numbers, there is something very freeing about not having a monthly house payment. I was done in April 2014 and it’s still hard for me to believe I never have to take the checkbook out again and make a payment. I don’t care if I could have invested the money and made a few hundred dollars, the freedom is far more worth it to me.

    • Congratulations! I think that is awesome. The freedom of not having a mortgage is what I keep looking at we are so very close. I imagine that feeling every day. Good for you.

    • You are correct about that Suzanne! I can’t argue with it, but I also have to make pragmatic recommendations in regard to cash reserves. Not having a mortgage won’t matter if you ever can’t pay for instance your property taxes, or put food on your table.

    • Though, Jack, if you’re not paying a mortgage, that would free up at least $1k/month. That amount of money would put a lot of food on the table. And it seems like you have bigger budget problems if you’re paying your yearly taxes out of your cash reserves instead of cash-flowing it or saving throughout the year.

      We just paid off our student loans with a lump $6k payment, and though that depleted our savings down to $1k, we’re building it up twice as fast as we could have since we’re not paying $500/month to the bank.

      • But you are making assumptions and just making up numbers, numbers that do not match the question.

        The man has 80K in savings/investments, pulling 45K from that makes little sense when money only costs 3%. Do that you have ONE option, one only. Do what I said you have many options.

        The payment here is NOT 1,000 a month again you are just making up a number. The payment on a 10 year load as calculated is about 400.


        I take 45K out of my reserves and start saving 400 a month, I need,

        112.5 months to get back to par.

        9.3 years.

        Paying the mortgage at 3% takes 10 years. I am only paying for 8 more months and I have the capital as well the entire time.

        Again if SHTF and you decide it was a bad idea anywhere along the line you just pay off the balance, done.

        Now lets assume the guy looses a job and pulls money to pay on the mortgage for a full year.

        At the end of that year he is on his feet, he only pulled 4800 dollars out, about 10% of what you need to pay in full and that is a FULL YEAR of unemployment.

        Sorry the math here is totally clear, again if he had a half a million in reserves it would be different, if it cut monthly out flow by your number of 1K it might be different but that isn’t the way this math works.

        Again think about this, saving that 400 a month only cuts 8 months off the cost of the 10 year loan. Really and I mean really think about that.

        • Oh and the tax deduction in the first three years will exceed those 8 months of payments at the end. So even with that you come out ahead and remain liquid.

  8. Jack…
    I am a Nurse Practitioner student and I am in the process of selecting a topic for my Health Policy class. I searched for the article your source provided regarding RFID chips in medications, but what I found was RFID in the boxes for the bulk medications, not individual bottles or doses. Is it possible to get the title or author? I would love to use this as my topic….would drive my liberal prof nuts!
    Thanks in advance.

    • Below is more information including the contact information for Proteus Health

      “Proteus is creating a new category of therapy: Digital Medicines. Digital Medicine therapy includes drugs that communicate when they’ve been taken, wearable sensors that capture physiologic response, applications that support patient self-care and physician decision making, and data analytics to serve the needs of doctors and health systems. The goal of Digital Medicines is to empower patients and their families, enable physicians and health systems to more effectively manage risk and ensure that outcomes are reliably achieved.

      Proteus received FDA market clearance in the United States and a CE mark in Europe for its wearable and Ingestible Sensor devices. Headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., Proteus is privately held and funded by leading institutional and corporate investors, including:, Novartis, Otsuka, Oracle and Kaiser Permanente. For more information, visit”

  9. Are these RFID’s dissolvable? Or are we going to have billions of little RFID’s floating in our lakes and oceans and having fish digesting them? Didn’t we learn anything with the plastic microbeads?

      • Maybe the RFID is in the patch? When I read the article it said something about a device made of copper and magnesium that reacts with your stomach juices….Maybe that creates the signal and then the RFID in the patch picks it up.

        Either way, I think it’s really dumb and it motivates me more than ever to stay the hell away from mainstream medicine.

  10. As a current ICU nurse, functionally I am not sure how this would work. We often have to crush medications to put them down feeding tubes. I doubt the manufacturers would want to have two separate manufacturing process lines for each medication.

    • It is doubtful that most of the meds they would want to use this for would be the typical stuff given in ICU. If so you would likely have to remove the chip.

      But I can see this being FORCED into hospitals big time, hospitals are notorious for charging for meds not given.

      To be clear that has NOTHING to do with Docs and Nurses. You can blame accounting for that I guess.

      I can see insurance companies using over billing by Hospitals to be another justification for this privacy violation. Imagine the audits!

  11. It’s amazing to see how far trolls will go. Ive always thought there would be some place on the internet that trolls would stay away from, but I guess not.

  12. Regarding the Regrarians thing.

    It’s 100% out of sociology classes in Universities, which is one of the largest majors anywhere. It’s a bullshit major (I know I have it) and it’s a check in the box that is meaningless. Most people in those classes do terrible and yet their exceptionally easy. In almost every single scenario and every single class they preaches this absolute nonsense. Even though there is some interesting things to the discipline, overwhelmingly it’s this ridiculous crap you’re speaking about. Always, always perpetuated by white children. (Lets call them what they are)

  13. Great episode. Like the advice on keeping the mortgage and having the ability at anytime to pay it off but having the safety of the cash or investments hopefully they are safe and liquid that you can use for other things. This is sound thinking.

    On setting up your own bank. We started this 3 years ago. Hopefully won’t have to use current banks (for credit) in the near future.

    Good stuff.

    • @Michael –
      PLEASE fill out the guest form and let us know about this process. =)

      ‘Sanity’ Credit Union? (any sane person can become a member)