Episode-1447- Listener Feedback for 10-17-14 — 25 Comments

  1. Ebola: My real fear, an excuse to GROW government and CHOKE liberty. Remember the current administrations mantra is LET NO PROBLEM

  2. Ebola: My real fear, it will be an excuse to GROW government and CHOKE liberty. Remember the current administrations mantra is let no CRISIS go to waste. Government and media will fan the flames is irrational fear to fever pitch in order to accomplish their goals.

    These are simply the thoughts of a groggy, southern red neck good ole boy.

    Ignore the incomplete post above, still struggling with typing.

  3. Haha, I guess I thought my car was quieter Jack. Sorry about that. I’ll make sure to be in a much better location when I call in my composting question.

  4. Barley – my original bag mail-ordered (Starnes?) sprouted great, but that was expensive. Found some whole barley seed at Hemme Feeds in Lancaster, California. Think it is manufactured by Kruse Feeds which is supposedly California local. Stuff won’t sprout! Maybe same issue for the caller. I’m very disappointed. Don’t know where I’m going to get affordable barley seed now. And I’ve got 2 bags of the stuff. Guess the chickens will be eating seeds.

  5. Over Promoting: We have a saying at the company I currently work for “Promote the obvious choice, not the only choice.”

  6. Hi Jack,

    Where’s that video how to field dress a dove without a knife and/or other tools? I believe you said you were going to post the link for it. Thanks!

  7. Ebola-my favorite facebook pages (Pathfinder, Pastured Pigs, Raising Meat Rabbits, and half a dozen Permie pages) are alive with fear and hysteria. The latest mantra is “its going to mutate into an airborne pathogen!” Jeez, you would think that if it was going to mutate, it would have done so in Africa. While such a mutation is of course possible, its mostly science fiction plot fodder for movies. Someone actually gushed that the Black Death virus had mutated into an airborne pathogen and that was why it killed so many. Really? I guess the rats and fleas took a holiday? (facepalm)

  8. Here in the middle of Monsanto country the deer browse the corn and soybean fields the whole season, not just the grain. I would put their consumption of gmo’s at 50% or over. Yes there are many farmers that would take a machine gun to them if they could.
    We use to have a program that if you could prove heavy damage a farmer could take up to 10 deer and I don’t think it was just in season. I think they changed the program to bonus deer for each hunter (up to 8 in our county).

  9. Deer: I lived in IN for 45 yrs, Southern KY…Ppl in KY who don’t like deer bcz it’s “too wild tasting” love the IN deer, I blv bcz IN deer is more like grain fed cattle, lots of corn/soy beans in IN, very little down here.

    barley/sprouts/fodder: same problem, I was getting my barley from a Mennonite feed store, it was hit and miss, the last batch about 3 mos ago was so full of weevles, it was all dead. I tried corn as well, hit and miss, I don’t know if it was bcz some was GMO’d and some wasn’t? I’m sprouting black sunflowers and bird seeds, doing really good…for my quail, just a little sprout, barley showing, my chickens, 1/2″-1″, cow, donkey,pgs, goats, 3″s or more.

  10. Jack, would sprouting acorns for my pigs be a bad idea bcz the tannin would be maybe too toxic and could humans eat it, or would we have to boil it first? Any idea? Thanks, your show means a lot to me since my lifelong goal was to live the simpler, self reliant lifestyle, we moved to SO KY 8 yrs ago to continue our goal and your show has helped immensely, thank you.

  11. I was a bit meh about the part regarding the perrenial ground covers around annual cultivation until you said volunteers. I tell you what, for 2 years in a row the watermelons that did best, were volunteers in our grass in some terrible locations. Definitely didn’t plant them there, I’m not even exactly sure how they got there (don’t think it came from spitting).

    Maybe volunteers end up being just kinda better more hardy seeds?

    I will second your statements about over seeding clover. I wanted to make sure that these swale berms were finally covered up (the southern facing sides have been more or less bare for 6 months, while the north has been REALLY nice) and now that I’m looking at the germination rates, good god. Way over seeded.

  12. To the guy who asked about “what did early man eat?” I go toward science. As far as dental, the human mouth has incisors, canine and bicuspid and molars. These are made for eating meat as most mamals that eat meat have. Also, the digestive system for Meat eating mamals is very similar, although Kellogs would have you beleive different. Mamals that are herbivorous have different dental and digestive designs on purpose. We are omnivores by design. God put animals here for us to eat. Get some!


    • The internet doesn’t know about anything because the internet is just a virtual place. However if you think your MAC address isn’t detectable online, well you are completely and totally wrong. I know of stock image companies that restrict your downloads to only one machine. How do you think they do that. Both bitcoin and my bank know if I am on a computer that is new, how do you think they do that when they are on the same network, they have the same IP.

      Not to mention did you see the segment on Spying in the wiki link you provided.

      It takes a bit more to see a MAC address then an IP, I see the IP of every commenter here for instance with no effort just because it is automatically part of the WP comments system. But many individual people/devices share IPs. MACs are unique to each device and can be seen as such even on multiple IPs.

      • At the next link in the network, the machinery itself doesn’t know about MAC addresses in another part of the network. It’s rather a local thing.

        These nifty restrictions have to do with what happenes with the browser most likely; similar techniques are used to these which tell sales sites to offer you diapers, solar panels and wrenches.

        Really not trying to be a smart arse. Sorry.

  13. Hey Jack, speaking of organizing your preps, do you still have the Harvest 72 can organizer that you reviewed four years ago? I am an organization freak, and absolutely love the idea of a can organizer like that where you use the oldest can first (FIFO). I was curious how it has held up in your moves and many years of use?

    For anyone who hasn’t seen, Jack did a review of this giant can organizer:

    • If you want more ideas on organization and prepping look up TheUrbanPrepper on youtube. He’s almost OCD he’s so organized and his videos are great. He does tons of research and posts pdfs and charts. I asked him to apply to get on TSP, he’d make a great guest.

  14. I watched a movie about ancient humans, and the scientists mentioned that one of the biggest leaps humans made was when they learned to crack skulls (with high tech tools like sticks and rocks) of already dead animals and eat the brains. That gave them the extra calories and especially fats that allowed their brains to function better and create better tools. The scientists guessed that this was long before fire was harnessed.

  15. Jack, not that you need to know everything or talk about everything, but I’m surprised seafood wasn’t mentioned in response to the ancient diet question. The only reason I bring it up is because I get my seafood from vitalchoice dot com and they just sent out a newsletter containing an article on how “ancient” people ate. Ancient in this article was in reference to a 2,330 year old skeleton found 4 years ago in the same area where 117,000-year-old human footprints were found. The article basically said humans ate a paleo diet that was richer in aquatic meat than land-based meat. Of course, vital choice has a vested interest in that being true 😉

    Here’s the article for anyone’s curiosity:

  16. Going to have to try and remember Jack’s ‘meat’ rebuttal next time I get into an argument with one of the bloodthirsty vegans.

  17. Jack, I read an interesting book called “Born to Run” about how humans are designed to run long distances. It talked about a theory that our ancestors
    could chase an animal to the point of exhaustion. Since we run upright we can take as many breaths as we need per stride, where as most animals can only take one breath per stride because of the way their organs shift back and forth. Also the fact that we sweat. They found a tribe in Africa that can still do it, basically chase an animal for miles until it overheats. Most of the book was about ultra marathon runners but a small part was aboutthis theory.