Episode-2529- Listener Feedback for 10-14-19 — 6 Comments

  1. @ Jack

    I can completely explain the Jack Welch system briefly/medium briefly if nobody else has. I’ve worked for him…. through the layers of management of course, and then watched Jeff Immelt destroy the company. I can explain the 10-80-10 A-B-C player ratings that he used.  Then I can explain some of the things that the Immelt regime did to bury the company…. taking care of everyone’s bottom line instead of the “A” players.  I “left” the company a very short time after Immelt resigned.


    I think it will make sense, let me know if you’re interested.




    MSB 6 0r 7 years now… thanks for all you do.

  2. Jack, just finished this episode.  Great work as always.  Thanks for answering my questions about the scorpions in the house issue.  I really appreciate it.  BTW, I was at that thing that Nick Ferguson worked on in South Texas.  I saw those scorpions with his black light in person, and then slept in a tent in that building for two nights.  That was a mess for Nick.  I hope everything ended up working out for him on that job.