Episode-1226- Listener Feedback for 10-14-13 — 26 Comments

  1. Great points on the EBT segment.

    And I live within easy walking distance of lots of the FSA here in Phoenix.



  2. I was cutting firewood last spring I worked through the pain for a couple days.
    My back is just now getting back to normal now, it only took 6 months. That 6 months included a full round of physical therapy and lots of pain meds.

  3. 15+ minutes of whining about how poor people are stealing your tax dollars (that I’m pretty sure your accountant finds many ways of you avoiding having to pay in the first place) immediately followed by a rant about how the ruling class divides people on minutia (kinda like how ummm… you just did?) And then the kicker about how people on minimum wage just aren’t trying hard enough (maybe you haven’t realized that the economy SUCKS and most people don’t get paid to blow hot air on the internet like your investor friend helped you to do (?) I’m done with your macho, Ayn Rand BS. Good luck entertaining other bored suburban wanna be heroes, those of us REALLY trying to build communities will continue to do so, while you continue to cultivate a god complex and blame the victims of a corrupt system they’re powerless against.

    • Hey you keep promising to leave but you keep coming back. Please do us all a favor and keep your word for once.

  4. Just finished reading Rawles’s book, How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It. He definitely thinks the end is near and that it’s going to be bad, no grid, and last a long time. The information is not new if you’ve been listening to Jack for a year or more, but it does contain some comprehensive lists which are worth the price of the book. The whole I was reading the book, I kept thinking … Jack needs to write a book about modern survivalism and surviving the coming collapse from your unique perspective. How ’bout it Jack?

    • I think that is Rawles’ best book of all he has written. It is fact based and not a novel and that is where he truly excels. As to his view of what is coming here is a reality many survivalists face but can’t accept.

      The prepare, they prepare, they prepare. They study, they study they study. This results in a major alteration of their entire life, not all being positive. In time their perception bias grows and the scenarios become worse in their minds in a self defensive counter measure. They need to now justify why they have gone so far and so deep.

      Let me tell you this, if we go grid down long term it won’t be because the nation is broke at the governmental level. Markets are faster to correct then we give them credit for. If we are in a long term grid down scenario it will be because there is wide spread violence and it will likely be your fellow citizen who is damaging grid infrastructure.

  5. Regarding people not taking risks these days…

    I think most frequent posters on here remember that I’m legally blind. When I was a kid growing up in the 70s/80s, I did all kinds of things that would just make people’s jaw drop now, I think, and it was just “life” then. I rode a bike all over the place (without a helmet, of course), I tried to play all kinds of sports with kids who could see perfectly (which usually didn’t end well for me, but it didn’t stop me from trying), and I was allowed to “run the neighborhood” during the summer as long as I came back home when the street lights came on. I wasn’t unsupervised; my parents weren’t irresponsible. But they definitely had the CTFD parenting method going. They HAD to, because if they sheltered me and did everything for me, I wouldn’t have learned to do stuff for myself.

    Now, we all did much dumber things when we were little, and just because we survived things like riding in the back of pickup while a friend or parent was blasting down the back roads at 70, it doesn’t mean that it’s smart or that I’d do it with my kids. BUT, we’ve taken this whole thing to a completely new level, and it’s sad that we’re viewed as neglectful and the like by society if we don’t feed into the whole teacup generation. It’s hard to balance the two today since you could get in BIG trouble if you cross over that line. Be grateful, Jack, that your son is raised. 🙂

  6. I was just telling someone yesterday how my daughter travels around the house via cartwheels more than she walks. She has kicked and crashed into every wall, piece of furniture, animal and person. All with no helmet or knee pads. It’s a wonder she is still alive.

  7. I agree about the teacups and china plates but I’m curious if a fraction of this mentality isn’t due to the US becoming a litigation society. I’m waiting for the first report of a school being sued because little Billy got hit in the head by a dodgeball while in PE class. Oh wait, dodgeball isn’t permitted anymore, is it?

    • I agree wholeheartedly. And not only to schools, businesses, and other organizations have to worry, but parents do too. I mean, the state will try and take your kids away from you for the dumbest things, and it’s hard to fight back when the mentality is “guilty until proven innocent” when it comes to things like CPS.

      I watched a YouTube video once about a dad who had an overweight CPS worker lecturing him about how he shouldn’t weigh his daughter when he had visitation, and because he let her have diet pop when they went to a fast food restaurant, she was going to tell the judge as a disparagement against this guy. Now, there were clearly other issues in this case, but the CPS worker was going on and on about how he was going to lose all visitation with his kid b/c of weighing her and asking about meds that his daughter was on. It was really disturbing, and it seemed like the state didn’t have any business telling this guy how to parent (on THOSE specific issues.) You never know what’s going to get you into trouble.

      Oh, and one more quick example. I live on a busy state highway. We have dear friends who live right around the corner. The neighbors’ almost-10-year-old son has walked to our house many times, but for a while, the police kept stopping him and questioning him for merely walking along the edge of the highway )off the road.) Now, he’s small for his age (he looks about 6), so I could understand them stopping him the first time, but we live in a REALLY little town, and not only did they stop him like 3 different times, but they’d come knock on MY door even though I’ve told them repeatedly that he’s not my child but he’s perfectly capable of walking safely to my house.

      Now, I have to be honest. If it were one of my kids that was stopped repeatedly, I’d actually start to get worried that CPS would get involved just because my kid was walking alongside a road to get someplace in town. I walked alongside state highways as a kid and I knew how to stay safe. My kids and the neighbors’ son all know how to stay safe too.

      What was particularly disturbing is that one of the times that the police confronted me, they told me that it’s “safer” for the kids to walk through the hay field that’s adjacent to my property. Thing is, that’s a longer route, and it comes with its own “dangers” (mainly snakes that my kids know to watch out for, but still, it’s harder to watch out for that when the hay is as tall as the neighbors’ boy and my youngest son.)

      Isn’t it terrible that I think my 11yo and 8yo and my neighbor’s 9yo know how to walk safely along a busy road? 🙂

  8. Jack,
    Regarding the banking regulations. For sure, 100% it has always been the case that Banks own the deposits. That’s how banking works and with Dodd frank, that particular aspect is nothing new. The person giving the money to the bank is a creditor to the bank.

    Coincidentally this was discussed on The Keiser Report some time last week (maybe monday). Here is the clip. Fast forward to 15:17 to hear the lead-in and the response by the guest. (Dodd Frank is discussed as well). 16:24 is the specific statement.

    Glad to see you back at it. Great monday episode.

  9. Jack (or anyone else with an answer),
    On declining real income.. I agree, but what is the ‘action plan’ for when you’re interacting with the ‘real economy’ (the dollar based one)?
    [creating your own wealth, and barter economy.. are immune to ‘declining wages’.. you get the same number of tomatoes per plant planted now, as you did in the 60’s, and if you’re trading your neighbor apples for chickens.. the ratios are going to stay about the same]

    Is the message: ‘they’ are successfully screwing you more and more each year.. and there is no way out?

    Not trying to move the discussion outside my ‘circle of influence’ but any discussion of ‘government’ (national or global) these days sounds 100% fatalistic. And I don’t know how long sitting on a homestead while the land around you is poisoned is going to work.


  10. Hi Jack,

    Just a quick reply to the link in the show notes regarding the Solo Stove. One thing I love about stick burners is removing the need to carry any fuel. Anything that can make your pack lighter is a bonus. Thought you might be interested in what’s known as the Honey Stove. Similar principle to the Solo but this one packs flat to about the same size as a CD case. Same sort of thickness to. As you can guess from the website I’m based in the UK. Please don’t hold that against me! I’ve no affiliation with the product but I’ve used one for the last couple of years and although it can be slightly fiddly at first to get used to, with a little practice it goes together fine.