Episode-528- Listener Feedback 10-11-10 — 10 Comments

  1. If the US wanted to export more beef, you could stop shooting cattle up with growth hormones and stop cloning them. Its really that easy.

  2. @Mark, I think you just crammed a mountain of truth into a very few words. Well put man!

  3. Just a note the wheat that had frost damage in Canada was spring wheat but spring wheat is harvested in fall. This frost hit before the grain was mature. This is because the crop was behind due to heavy rains and didn’t mature before the first frost. Spring wheat is planted in spring and harvested in late summer. Winter wheat is planted in Fall and harvested in early fall. This follows for far northern latitudes like Canada or North Dakota

  4. Jack, you are so full of hypocrisy. It’s not even funny. In one instance you criticize the pollution created by big cities and then you are happy to dump your own sewage since it is so cheap. How about minimizing your own sewage and reusing your gray water so you don’t contribute to that pollution?
    and maybe you should stop making fun of bicycle commuting and instead hop on one and burn some of your excess blubber and get fit for some survival situations. =)
    I doubt this will make it past your editorial.

  5. @Dax,
    I’m curious to understand how you would have Jack and everyone else reuse their gray water without re-plumbing their entire house to accomplish this efficiently. For people who still live within a city and haven’t moved to rural location, there are city codes and regulations in place to outright prevent or at least hamper what your suggesting. Its a great idea, but one thats hard to implement if your like most people and buy a house already attached to the city grid.

    Also, FYI, calling someone fat and then ending the insult with a =) doesn’t make it OK.

  6. @Chrusher thanks for the clarification.

    @Dax your comment makes you look like an idiot and I will allow you to make yourself look like an idiot if that is what you want. So of course you comment is allowed to stand.

    First as Randall stated converting my existing home in town to use gray water is all but impossible. We are very water conscious and do what we can in the limits of the city. I shower with a f’ing bucket and dump the excess into my garden! I also will be converting my home in Arkansas to use the gray water when we move there, in that case it is relatively easy to do. My pipes go into a CONCRETE SLAB in a common sewer. About all we could do is vent off the washing machine output but it hasn’t seemed worth the effort.

    Second I don’t make fun of anyone for riding a bike I do make fun of morons that actually think it will fix global warming to do so. The two are quite different. We have bikes and ride them often. Riding one to work in Texas is not practical though, ever been here in the summer? OH and we have about 9-10 months of summer.

    Third I routinely hike in the neighborhood of 6-8 miles at a shot with out sucking wind. I have a gut yes, it is the way I am built as are many Ukrainians but you can very well go screw if you think I give even a mild shit about your view of me physically. I am a happy guy and a hell of a lot more fit than you might imagine.

    The real problems with waste from cities isn’t just what they produce it is that they make someone else deal with the waste for them.

    “There is nothing so unsustainable as a city.”

    If you don’t like that quote take it up with Bill Mollison, not me! I feel he is more qualified on the subject than both you and I.

    Last, I have actually shed 25 lbs this year, I will probably loose about 15-20 more total, when done I will still have a “gut”, I always will. If you don’t like it though, I do have a solution for you, go elsewhere for your education and entertainment.

  7. As I listened to today’s show I heard you make a comment about people down on the oil and gas companies. I just want to say to you there is a reason for that! It is called “Fracking” or “Hydraulic fracturing” which has destroyed many land owners land and water. It has caused sickness in entire families from the chemicals they use on the wells and refuse to tell the people they are affecting. I have no problem with them going after the oil or gas but not at the expense of the people living around the wells they are drilling. We have a growing water shortage and fracking waste millions of gallons of water which they pull from neighboring aquifers. Once finished the water is useless because it is now radioactive and contaminated! Then they are not honest about the destruction of the neighboring Eco-system! Do not forget the BP oil spill. We need to have balance from these companies. It can not always be just about profit! Most of the mineral rights in Texas is owned by an oil and gas firm which just goes onto peoples lands and destroys it with no thought of the people living there. They do it because they can!!!!!!

  8. Hey Jack, it’s much easier to label people (e.g. eco-wackos, hippies, socialists, rednecks, hillbillies or IDIOTS) and discount them than to challenge their ideas or position with logic and sound reasoning. I’m sorry for being so blunt about your weight. But I simply stated a fact.

    If you want to be a role model and a spokesperson for the survival and self-sufficiency community you have to represent those ideals. And I believe being fit and healthy is one of those ideals. BTW, you don’t see Dave Canterbury, Les Stroud or Bear Grylls being overweight.

    It is common practice nowadays to blame all sorts of problems on genes and heredity. I doubt you would find as many obese people in Ukraine as you would in say Dallas or Memphis. If you take that concept one step further and look at pictures of old Ukraine/Russia around the turn of the last century you would be hard pressed to find a single overweight person. Reason being they had a more active lifestyle and did not eat as much or the kinds of food we do.

    Look I’m not trying to belittle the value you bring to the community. I think you are brilliant in the areas of economy, Permaculture or self-defense. But over the past year or so I have noticed you have repeatedly knocked anything that may be associated with the eco-movement.

    As for bicycle commuting and environment; How could a person with half a common sense deny their lower impact on the environment in comparison to a car. How could you not see the difference in embodied energy? A typical bicycle weighs about 30 pounds vs 3000 pounds for a typical car. A whole lot more plundering has to occur to build a typical car vs that of a bike. And how about the energy efficiency of the two? This comparison would be ridiculous. Because bicycling is the most efficient form of transport known to man. Its about 10 times more efficient than WALKING! And bear in mind that cycling consumes our own renewable energy. For a car we have to invade countries, keep a massive military, pollute our water systems, and cause massive wildlife destruction.

    Now I do think cars do serve a purpose (at least in today’s infrastructure) for hauling and carrying large loads. In fact I own one. But we could use it much less than we do today. In fact we will be forced to in the future as peak oil kicks into full gear.

    Oh and BTW, the reason why bike commuting is for the most part impractical in Dallas is because the city was built around automobile and automobile alone. Bicycling is not a safe endeavor on those Texan roads. You don’t believe me go see what Lance has to say about it. And he lives in Austin which is probably the most bicycle friendly city of Texas.
    A 30-45 minutes of morning or evening heat while riding should be a non-issue. Have you heard of Race Across America? These guys go from coast to coast in about 8 or 9 days! As survivalists we should be able to manage about an hour, don’t you think?

    Here are some other benefits of bicycle commuting:
    • Economical (no gas, no insurance, no registration, no gym, tax breaks, inexpensive to maintain)
    • Health (movement is not just good for the body but also good for lowering road rage =)
    • Independence and very little government oversight
    • Less likely to break and easy to fix
    • Oh yeah…and a lot fun!

    I know you believe in a lot of these concepts so instead of putting bicycle commuting down. May be you should give it a shot and see if you like it.

    I do agree with you about cities not being the ideal place to be in a survival situation and for the long haul. But well-designed cities do offer some advantages over suburbia and even rural areas. Energy efficiency being one of them. I know they are not as capable of producing their own food and manage their waste as well as rural areas. But with technologies like vertical gardening and composting toilets much of that can be overcome. In fact Bill Mollison has some videos on urban farming which are pretty good. And to see what is possible with urban farming, I highly recommend you see “Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”. There is a lot of value in that video and you don’t have to be a Commie to see it =).

  9. @Dax,

    I said you made yourself look like an idiot and that is what you did. Your long winded post above is better but you ignore the fact that I most certainly “challenge your ideas or position with logic”. I didn’t even call you an idiot, I stated you made yourself look like one.

    I stated that, “Second I don’t make fun of anyone for riding a bike I do make fun of morons that actually think it will fix global warming to do so.”

    So all your bullshit about bikes other than that doesn’t apply because I do not think for one second there is anything wrong with a bike, IN FACT I STATED WE BIKE OFTEN. As for Dallas not being safe it doesn’t matter even where it is safe you won’t bike to work in this town unless they have a shower for you when you get to work. The problem isn’t the heat the problem is you STINK when you get to work and are not presentable in a professional environment.

    You talked shit about gray water, I responded with “position with logic” that it isn’t possible to do legally and logistically where I live.

    Now you want to compare my weight to Bear or Les? Sorry but I don’t even go into the aspects of survival they do, I am not and don’t claim to be a “wilderness survivalist” in the traditional sense.

    Finally as I stated I have LOST 25 lbs this year, I hike 6-8 miles at a hitch, I am in plenty good shape for anything and everything I choose to do. When I weighed 185 I still had a “gut”, if you want to call it that. I don’t really focus on weight and I don’t try to be a “role model” of fitness. I try to keep my ass healthy, thriving and alive.

    I am sorry I said something negative about your sacred cow, to bad, move on.

    So one more time I NEVER PUT BICYCLE COMMUTING DOWN so your entire argument is nonsense. You are arguing a point I never made, as I said above, “I don’t make fun of anyone for riding a bike I do make fun of morons that actually think it will fix global warming to do so.”

    The fact that you continue to claim that is putting down people for riding a bike period leaves me with only two possible conclusions.

    1. You are not intelligent enough to understand the difference. This one I DO NOT believe

    So the only other option is.

    2. You are a global warming drone and believe you can save the polar bears by riding a bike. This is the only logical conclusion with “position with logic” that one can reach.

    Simply put I think anyone who rides a bike to save the polar bears is an idiot and you claim that is negative toward anyone riding a bike.

    And you want to tell me about “position with logic”, sorry but you are the one failing to get even close on that.

  10. Hey Jack,

    I’m glad you noted the Chesapeake purchase but I think you may have missed what the real goal of that new joint venture is.

    The expense and logistics of actually exporting that gas is financially insane. It could never be done for a reasonable amount of money. For physical gas China is creating pipelines across Europe and building capacity for LNG (liquified natural gas) from Australia and the middle east.

    The reason they bought into this is that the technology necessary to produce shale gas economically was developed in the US and is proprietary to US major oil companies. China also has large shale gas formations but no technological capacity to drill for it.

    With US gas prices so low for the foreseeable future there is no investment in the nat. gas sector for the moment. Gas supply drastically outstrips demand in the US, so no gas producer is going to get funding for future domestic production right now.

    China dramatically overpaid for this investment from an actual gas production standpoint because they want to be taught how to do this type of drilling. No US oil and gas investor would have matched the investment amount because of that.