Episode-Episode-2141- Listener Feedback for 1-8-18 — 9 Comments

  1. Dave Canterbury has a line of adapters with, he was the first YouTube channel that supported them and put them on the map, maybe he heard you talking about it and told them contact you, just a guess..It’s been years since Dave has been on the show I would love for you to interview him again

  2. Sorry I should have listened to the last part of the segment before I wrote that LOL but it still would be cool to have Dave on again, I don’t know if he has been interviewed anywhere on radio or TV for years, maybe a few intro videos on the internet, He’s the US Ambassador for Morakniv, his might be a store you could get a discount for..Self Reliance Outfitters has grown over the years


    • Jack has made it clear ALL guests need to fill out the guest form.


      Get with Dave and let him know you’d like to have him back.  Then aend him to:

    • Jack has said many times…  ALL guests need to fill out the guest form.

      Contact Dave and let him know you’d like to have him back.  Then send him to

  3. For password manager, I uses keepass for personal and work.  keepass is open source and there are TON of free open source programs that can read keepass2 format password database.  There are programs for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, BSD, Solaris, etc….

    As of today, nobody have crack a keepass2 database with a 16 characters long master password.  Or one can use a super computer 5 years to brute fore it 😉  For that issue, I use VeraCrypt to create a encrypted file container to hold the keepass databases.   And VeraCrypt can uses three different algorithms (AES-Twofish-Serpent etc) to encrypt your file container.

  4. …if you can’t be that prepared and you think you’ll be prepared for the apocalypse…

    Tagline material

  5. I find myself in the same boat – was walked in to HR and given the news.  Packed a box and sat in the truck to make the call to my wife.  It wasn’t great news or timing but we decided to look at it as a good thing and a start to something new.

    Yes, it was a great compensation package that I was forced to leave behind, and because of that and Jack’s teachings, I was prepared.  Not totally mind you, but better off than we would have been if the old mentality was still in play.

    We had put away a modest savings and pared our debt down to a very low level.  I’ve been trying to develop my hobby/side-hustle in to a real business, and now I had the time, if not the cash flow, to develop the business.

    It’s now been 4 months with both me and my wife out of ‘a job’.  We are still, OK.  We started home schooling, doing markets and shows on some weekends, taking orders on our new website, and preparing for an out-of-state move.  We’re not starving and if the situation remains the same, I calculate our savings would keep us at the same comfort level for another 6 months without solid positive cash flow.  I am hoping that with great teachers out there like Jack and others I can learn what I need to do to get this business to keep me from having to go back to a cubicle farm.

    Thank you for all you do and sharing the TSP community.


  6. I’ve been in the habit of having to keep my passwords memorized because with my last few jobs we couldn’t use password managers and we had to keep any written down passwords in a sealed envelope in the safe (it really sucks when you have a half-dozen or more systems where each password must be different). One gets better at keeping passwords memorized with practice and some mnemonic tricks, but I find even so I hit a practical limit of about 15-20 passwords memorized. I don’t want to use a password manager and start forgetting them (like I did with many phone numbers after having a cellphone for awhile), but for most of us we use just too many sites and programs to keep remembering them all. For now I favor a password-protected file to assist me for less frequently used sites; I find it to be a reasonable middle ground.

  7. Thanks for the double barrel adapter suggestion!  I grew up using dad’s Savage 24 with .410/22LR over under.  Best thing ever for bushy tails and cotton tails!

    Had a jaw drop/face palm moment when you mentioned dropping an adapter in one barrel of a double.  Won’t be the old Savage 24, but a very close second!  :}