Episode-2798- Listener Questions and Answers for 1-5-21 — 12 Comments

  1. I hold the Grayscale ETFs for Ethereum (ETHE) and Bitcoin (GBTC) for some exposure to both underlying assets from within my 401-k. One things to consider is that they will not appreciate to the degree that the underlying assets will. Secondly, they are Trusts which either are or will be treated as partnerships and may require K-1 forms. Lastly, there is the risk that while the Govt cannot kill Bitcoin, they can shutdown ETFs quite easily. I also have self-directed Roth IRAs for both my wife and I (setup by PerpetualAssets) that we hold the native Crypto assets in (off the exchange in our own hardware wallets). I prefer this method but you are limited to annual IRA contribution limits. Do your own research before putting any money into anything and consult your Accountant/Tax Attorney. Hope this helps someone.

      • If you are interested in the group hearing about that option let me know and I will reach out to PerpetualAssets and have them fill out the guest form. They are good people.

        I expect much more gains in BTC and ETH, among others, so capturing at least some of those gains in a ROTH IRA makes sense.

        • I just spoke with one of the founders (Will). One of the PerpetualAssets founders (either Will or Gus) would be happy to do an interview for the podcast and now have the link to the guest form. Looking forward to hearing it.

  2. I always thought that the significant point is not if wind turbines pay for themselves but that they generate much less energy then other sources such as fusion and that research money into fusion seems lacking etc. I had also heard that the electrical grid couldn’t handle the load if everyone had an electric car. Those are the points I always try to stay focused on as well as what the proposed solutions to claimed problems actually are. Those proposed solutions are carbon taxes, carbon trading, various restrictions on land use, where people can live, and agriculture etc and very clever manipulation of the economy, social engineering etc. Overall I picture that they want energy and transportation to become much more expensive which is part of the plan

    How much oil there actually is is something that doesn’t seem determinable as it’s like some kind of industry secret. Just because they don’t try to extract it from some areas doesn’t mean it isn’t there