Episode-1941- Listener Feedback for 1-30-17 — 24 Comments

  1. Man, Jack, you hit it on the head about environmentalism killing itself. I’ve ALWAYS hated litter, destroying the planet, letting the water run when brushing your teeth, etc. But man, the last thing I want to be labeled is as an environmentalist simply because of the intolerance and bullying witnessed by their advocates. Bill Nye, Michael Mann, East Anglican U. in the UK and the list goes on and on. Little tyrants all these guys. Oh can’t forget Neil DeGrasse Tyson either.

    Now that the Trumpster will reduce their funding my inclination, hope, is that they’ll recede and true environmentalism will arise. Funny how the desire for money affects us all. No funding, no research grants, no media and lo and behold, these people will be off to another topic.

    And then with these people behind us maybe we can reclaim true environmentalism and focus on getting rid of this strip mining. I literally can’t believe this is legal. The destruction to the beauty of Appalachia is simply beyond comprehension. I very much appreciate your experience and passion towards this.

  2. Actually on a side note. How you discussed how the left destroyed the term environmentalism made me think of how they did the same to the term liberal. I’m a liberal in the purest sense but now we have to call ourselves CLASSICAL liberals because the other liberal is socialist and would be silly if not so dangerous.
    Same with what they did to anarchist.
    The left destroys everything it touches. THis is why I support Trump SOMEONE has to stand up to these people. And once they’re defeated maybe, just maybe we can go back to trying to be free again. Not holding my breath of course.

    • I think there is a giant pile of coke up in Hometown you can go check out, ask around about it, I bet it is still there.

      Check out the creek that runs along the Pottsville Minersville Hi Way if you want to see orange water.

      Here are some spots on google maps to look at.

      Pull up maps and search for Minersville PA, switch to satellite view you will see black spots all over the place.

      Locate route 901, follow it west/north out of Minersville and you will come to the first really big black spot where an old breaker was. There is a pond there right by the road and despite how bad the area is that pond is actually full of fish or it was 25 years ago, often when I talk about fishing I am talking about that pond but the stuff going west off the road is just dead mans land.

      If you take 901 south/east out of Minersville toward Pottsville that is what I called the “Pottsville Minersville Highway” the creek that runs along there is Orange, they cleaned up the branch that runs though Pottsville on route 61 but the part on 901 is still called a shit crick, though shit isn’t the problem iron and sulfur is.

      Just ask around where slush piles/dams are, people know where to find them. Ask where old strip mines are. Note a lot of places I used to just roam are now posted and closed off.

      Back to the map, follow valley road out of Minersville just past the Cass Township Police Department and you will see one of the most horrible things ever done to our planet, we call that areal “The Black Desert”. When you see it you will know why. And you will note that the west branch of the Schuylkill runs right though it and now you know why it is orange!

    • All that black stuff is the remnants of strip mining? How long has it been like that? That is f’ing horrible man!

      The companies will say they will engage in reclamation projects, but this doesn’t look like ANYTHING has grown there.

      Jack, I know you’re busy, but man, check out the Morenci mine in Morenci AZ via google maps.,-109.403784,20907m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8727f6d5b727780d:0xe21c0514a8c5ea24!8m2!3d33.1011215!4d-109.3654726

      Not sure if that link will work. A long time ago I used to do some work up here, is this the same kind of mining, ie. strip mining? except this is in the desert?

      I will never forget the size of the trucks that were hauling stuff out of the mine in order to get copper. The tires of these trucks were 3 times the size of me. The amount of land being moved was just incredible.

      Simply can’t be good.

      • Some for more than 100 years, some for a few decades, it all looks the same, there is a reason.

  3. A few things.

    1. I’d love to hear a history of anarchism or at least the part of Spanish-Franco war and the anarchy-communists.

    2. I’m ok with hearing the number 1 song for the time being. It is interesting to know. I do also appreciate you picking songs, particularly if it relates well to the show or a topic on the show.

    3. Voluntaryism- I love the idea of it. As I said last week in a blog comment, I think the nation would be a lot happier with each other and we would have a lot less anger at other people.
    I had a conversation recently with a friend and we discussed Planned Parenthood. My argument to her was that I didn’t mind if other people funded it. I had a problem with being forced to pay for things that I don’t want to. And vice versa for her. I said I think it’d be a better situation for all if we were able to choose what we financially supported and not had out money taken from us to pay for what the Congress thinks we should pay for. She agreed and she said she’d be happy to be able to pay for PP without others being forced to.
    I love the idea of anarchy but if we had a voluntary society within this republic, we wouldn’t ever even need to go there. There would be far less government control and force in a voluntary system. And yes, I agree that no state would be ideal. But I’m also like you Jack and I’m pragmatic. I’m just not sure we could get there.

    • Number three, there is a way to have taxes and still almost get there.

      It would work like this, you have a tax foot print, the taxes you pay at the state, county, city and federal levels. This is likely easy to calculate.

      The state (estimated sales tax and income tax) and federal are easy enough though.

      So what if each tax payer got a survey with all the places their money could go each year and allocated it by percentage. In other words tax payers ear mark the money vs. the congress clowns.

      The clowns then get a budget, X for this, Y for that and their job is to do they best they can with what they get.

      While this isn’t pure voluntarism it is a lot closer and it is doable and most people would like it.

    • Oh and if they borrow money we don’t have (they always do) since it is borrowed on our behalf, it must follow the allocation from the people.

      So if department A got 2% allocation, if they borrow 500 billion to the deficit, only 2% goes to that department.

  4. I love the choice of song-of-the-day being one of the top ten popular songs of the particular year covered in that day’s history segment!

  5. Hey Jack, I agree that climate change is a toxic term in a certain segment of the population. In my corporate fortune 1000 role, I never mention climate change as it immediately goes to politics.

    I am not afraid of the term, nor should I be. I just chose not to get into as it is not necessary to drive business value related to CSR. I only mention it when a customer begins this conversation. This proves your point!

    From my bias (we all have them), I think AGW denial could equally be called a religion as most people who site the “anti-climate change science” is based on “belief” and “common sense” and most of the time not actually looking at the science.

    When have you put your bias back on the shelf an re-looked at the science? I recently did so and started from zero. I don’t want to get into non meaningful debates but when I re-looked at the science and studies and did my own research on both sides…I came to the same conclusion. Humans are tipping the balance with CO2, Methane, Water Vapor and Deforestation activities.

    These are my conclusions and are based on compelling, evidence based studies.

    Even though we disagree on this particular issue, I love your show it makes my day go by better. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • I am fucking done to be blunt with this, continue to believe as you wish, I could explain why it isn’t true and you’d not believe a word even though it can all be verified scientifically so why bother. This response was more effort than I should have put into it.

      The real point is every single good environmental practice (other than the ponzi scheme of taxing and trading carbon credits) can be justified without the AGW boogie man. So what is the fucking point of it, there isn’t one other that control and division.

    • Hello Modern Survival, I would actually like to hear what you have to say and would like to read the studies that you are referring to. In my world, we have direct business value from customers with climate change / carbon mitigation goals.

  6. ” 97% of sportswriters agree that Tom Brady is the best qb in history.”

    Turns out those sports writers all are Patriots fans but hey, why should we believe they have a thumb on the scale. Surely, they’ll give an honest assessment.
    Oh, turns out they get paid by advocating for the Patriots too. But again…sports science. After all it’s 97% and they are the authority. Just look at their pedigree.

    Other sports writers who say maybe Joe Montana should be considered, well they are just deniers. They must be paid by the 49ers. They don’t follow true sports science AND they should be banned. Because Sports Science.

    In regard to global temps. To paraphrase old Joe Stalin, doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes. How are you measuring the temps?? That would probably be meaningful to know, one would think. Satellites or thermometers sitting by an industrial AC unit in an asphalt parking lot?

    I would chuckle more about this complete rubbish if it weren’t being beaten into my kids at government school every flippin’ day. BIll McKibbon, BIll Nye the whole run of em. And kids being kids are listening and breathing it in and feeling the world is literally dying in front of their eyes and we’ll all be dead in a generation. It’s sad actually.

    Yet there ARE real flipping environmental problems. Soil destruction, strip mining, etc.

    • ” there ARE real flipping environmental problems. Soil destruction, strip mining, etc.”
      And cutting down the trees. Bill Mollison (who made up Permaculture) explains how the trees have SO much to do with where water falls, and how air flows. Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” book is quite a bit about how societies cut down all the trees, then died of drought. I see so many comments on the net about CO2 and such, no one seems to notice the loss of trees…

      How can we get that out there?

      Instead of people whining about your light bulbs, I’d love to see them giving away lots of trees, and free planting service for people who need it. As soon as I can do so, I plan to do exactly that. Propagate trees, take my tractor and an auger to people’s house and give them planted trees.

  7. What are one or two examples of anarchism that worked for a group of people larger than a small village or commune?

    • First the entire point is no central authority so each unit should be no more than about 200ish people or less. Next here read all SIX parts all are more than one small village or commune.

      And if we are to be on an equal burden of proof give me a state that didn’t kill its own citizens and imprison its own citizens for victimless crimes, EVERY, go ahead give me six as I gave you.

  8. Your comment that listeners will be saying “You’ve gone too far, Jack, libertarianism is enough” reminded me of the phrase, “Excellent is the enemy of good.”
    Bringing one liberal/conservative over to libertarianism would do far more good than bringing one libertarian over to anarchism.
    I became an anarchist thanks to listening to this show, but I never use the word. Instead I just describe the concepts.

  9. Uh, Jack, I do need to correct you on the no taxes on stuff shipped in. Almost every state with a sales tax has what is known as a use tax on products purchased out of state and brought into the state. These taxes apply even if you the customer didn’t physically leave the state to purchase the product. And most of these laws date back quite a while, though it is only with modern business websites and information systems that their enforcement at the retailer level for items sold to individuals have really become economically viable.