Episode-2156- Listener Feedback for 1-29-18 — 9 Comments

  1. I listen to your show religiously, but today’s episode really spoke to me. As I listened to the podcast, at the exact moment you were describing how much it friggen hurts to drag yourself out of debt, I was busting my way through rush hour traffic on Portland-area hillsides in torrential rains for my delivery side-hustle. Windshield wipers on full blast and adrenaline hitting me like a 12 gauge with an open choke, I was pissed off to the point of screaming at the infuriatingly disengaged GPS voice instructing barely visible turns down 6% grade, pothole-ridden “shortcuts”. I do deliveries 5 nights a week to slay my credit card debt dragon and in 3 months I’ve chopped 16% off of the 9K beast. Your urging towards a debt-free lifestyle is partly responsible for my undertaking of this quest and hearing you describe the exact feeling I had in that moment really  motivated my angry ass to stay on the road until I hit my daily goal. Thanks for socking that one square in the nose today, bother.

    • The nightly news tells us every little girl doing a fund raiser or every kid that got injured and went to rehab is a hero with “so much courage”. Such bullshit, such things don’t make heroes, they can be decent human interest stories. Paying off debt doesn’t make you a hero either in the way these dolts on TV talk about it, it DOES make you a hero to your family that depends on you or if you are single to the family that will eventually depend on you. And our nightly news clowns would do well to make stories like this their human interest focus once in a while rather than the same recycled crap formula.

      Of course then you might become a real hero broad scale and inspire others and the nation itself may pull itself out of this cycle, and we can’t have that now can we?

      Stay the course and as you go it will get easier. Dave Ramsey is a horrible adviser for investing but the best at debt elimination there is. Snow ball that shit, smallest first, and compound on it. The second half will be a cake walk compared to the first half.

      Been there, it sucks, won the victory and yea it feels just like this,

  2. Not sure where I was supposed to talk to the person that wanted some help with the songs. But here’s a csv file with all the last youtube videos in your resources section.

    If I didn’t get it quite right let me know and I can tweak what I did.

    Here’s the code for it if someone wants to tweak it themselves.

    It was fun to do. Been a while since I did some web scraping. Not sure if there is some way to automate the creation of a youtube playlist. I’m sure there is but I need to go to sleep and get up for work tomorrow 🙂

  3. Hi!
    Any episodes dedicated to Puerto Rico? I think we have a lot to learn from that but not finding anything on mobile search right now. Can anybody point me to an expert council or any full episodes about the situation and how people are getting by, 5mo+ no power / services?

    Former regular listener now just popping in occasionally? Why? Busting my butt on my side hustle and all my podcast listening related to that for a few months at least!! In large part thanks to some of the profiles / segments on TSP, also kids love the berry garden we have established now. Thx from average suburban mom

  4. Ga. Shooter,

    Since you are looking at the Barnes bullets, I’ll assume you are hand loading.  You might throw some of your questions out to the forum.  It won’t take Carl and Machinex long to jump in.  Both are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to this subject.  In the meantime, do a search for “terminal ballistics research” and go to the knowledgebase.  They have done their homework.

  5. Jack, I have another option for living with a spouse who refuses to plan and save for the future.  I am 64, and I have been married for 40 years.  He is a great guy except that he will not control his spending.  We worked hard to pay off his credit card debt of over $20,000 three times.  THEN, I had had enough.  As a person who submits to scriptural authority, divorce was not an option.  Here is what I did:

    1. No credit cards or loans in both names.

    2. No bank accounts, retirement accounts, etc in both names.

    3. No major assets in both names except for our house.  In Pennsylvania as a married couple the state views each of us as owning 100% of the home and no creditor can place a lien on it for only one person’s default.  Also, one person cannot take out a mortgage or equity loan without the agreement of the other.

    Because of these changes, I have perked along with my own modest retirement funds secure, my own savings and investment accounts, no outstanding debts.  I pay my credit card balance monthly.  I paid cash for my car, in my name only.  This arrangement allows for peace, and relieves worry for me.  My husband is in about $100,000 debt with a boat and new car.  I’m not legally or ethically responsible for one penny of it.  Just another option …