Episode-2368- Listener Feedback for 1-28-19 — 6 Comments

  1. Your segment on video recording made me realize on driving prep everyone should buy.  It’s a dash cam.  I receaved a dash cam for Christmas and a couple weeks later a truck lost control and slid into me.


    Im currently waiting on the police report but talking to this guy on the phone he’s starting to say that I came into his lane and that’s why he didn’t straighten out and go right.  Luckily my video says otherwise.  The one I got is on amazon for $40 and it’s probably going to save me a couple grand.  Dash Cam – TOGUARD Mini Dash Camera.


    That is the video of my crash.. start it at 2:45 to avoid watching me drive for a couple minutes.

    • So you like that camera I am guessing?  Damn man that video made me get a pit in my stomach, flashed back to my wreck in the blue Dodge two years ago.

  2. Regarding the Searzall and the torch. I’ve been using it since their original kickstarter (2014).

    It’s great but it takes a while to finish a steak. I also always set-up the smoke detector in the kitchen when working on it (Seattle: rain / kind of cold, so no easy grill to use)

    My current technique (evolved over the years):

    warm on low a rectangular pan I have (no non-stick coating, strong, heavy), use a little high temp avocado oil with a silicon brush (recommended by Jack / tspaz). Take the meat out of the bag with some tongues, dry it very well. Brush it lightly with the oil on all sides. Put it in the (low temp) flat pan. use the searzall torch “really near” the surface of the meat. Use metal tongues to move the meat around. There’s a sweet spot between too much gas and not enough, but you have to try.

    do that on all sides. leave the meat in a plate once done. That only works for 3 people. More and something would need to be done to keep all meat warm I think. (have 2 cooks 🙂 )

    Searzall had a nice turning (like lazy susan) wire rack contraption on their videos but I’ve never found one. That could be interesting to go faster, eliminate the need for tongues…


  3. Dash cam is great.

    As for being a workaholic. HA! I’m an older millennial and I work smart and play happily. I’m the ultimate lazy person; I am efficient asf and only work hard when necessary, and if you’re smart and/or not starting your own business, that is not often needed.

    I work hard for myself in terms of how to game the corporate system and capitalism to get what I want and need, and that actually means I just always learn, and improve my efficiency. I will never work my ass off for someone else. Point blank. My ancestors would rightly knock me out if I even thought of doing so.

    I just got two promotions this corporate fiscal year, and plan to work just 10 more years of my life and have enough money to last the rest of my life and play around with, so trust I’m doing it right. Thank you for acknowledging there are those of us millennials who put in and do the work.


    Good episode. I’m looking forward to the homestead episode in my queue.

  4. Oh and thanks for that info on taxes. I am transitioning from small time free TurboTax tax filing to more complex tax filing, so this is good to know.