Episode-1719- Listener Feedback for 1-28-16 — 21 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, thanks for sharing my story on today’s episode. I hope it helps to inspire other people to do the same. Let me just add for anyone considering a similar plan: It’s possible, it’s possible, it’s possible. Plenty of friends and family were aware of what my wife and I were attempting to do, and almost all of them didn’t think it would work. There were plenty of stressful moments during the process, however, now that we’re on the other side everything that I had hoped to accomplish was and is worth the blood, sweat, & tears. A major consideration for us was monthly budgeting. We took your advice from an earlier episode and each eliminated not one, but at least three things in our lives that we could do without. Additionally, we strove to take the free and or cheaper option EVERY time. Some examples: get free movies from the library instead of renting, buy good used cars instead of new, when shopping for an item – check craigslist first, buy used clothing at Goodwill or Salvation Army, only buy clearance and/or bulk discount items at the grocery store, and stop going out to dinner and/or eating fast food. If anyone can legitimately do that for one year, they’ll soon become addicted to the savings and quickly realize that even in this terrible economy, we as Americans still have more disposable income than most – make use of it and take the red pill.
    PS: Everyone listen to John Pugliano’s first ten podcasting episodes at They were instrumental in pointing us in the right direction.

  2. Hey,
    I am a Lefty!!!! Please understand unless you are shooting a bull-pup that only can eject from one side you do not need left vs right ejection….
    Sorry about that but I HATE when people thing you cant fire a machine gun(M240 and M249) as a lefty….
    I have put many rounds down with both and I have NEVER had brass hit me from the rifle/firearm.

  3. Any lead alloy with Antimony can be water quenched to make it harder.
    I have an AK they are less affected by lead fouling. The gas port has enough flow that lead deposits on the gas piston and tube.
    Lee molds are around 150 to 160 grains for the AK.
    Possible because some of the loads were original 7.62×54 bullets. 160 grains is about maximum unless you get a custom fast twist barrel ( too much $$ for me)
    Velocity is around 100 fps slower than 30/30.

  4. Hey Jack, quick question on concentrating the appley goodness.

    You highlighted that the awesomeness of the apple also freezes more slowly/melts more quickly than the pure water.

    Can this method be used to concentrate apple material out of unfermented cider? Say either to create a potent flavored drink for limited direct consumption [bearing in mind the increased sugar concentration and health concerns] or perhaps to ferment more potent cider without adding additional sugar to the juice?

      • I should have just done the search for myself from the start, but since you didn’t know either I’m reporting in.

        According to this instructable one can indeed use freezing to concentrate juice.

        Wine Maker’s Academy seems to confirm that one can use a more concentrated juice [in their case they are discussing diluting canned concentrate less, but it’s the same principle] as opposed to adding more sugar.

  5. Jack, thank you very much for the mention on the show! Standard lefty upper receivers work fine with War Lock. We have a couple coming in to get the ejection ports enlarged (milled) for use with the larger bore calibers.

    Our advice for the beginner is to get comfortable with a standard AR-15. As your confidence, skill and training increases, then you might consider more advanced modifications. Congratulations on increasing your capabilities in the shooting sports. If you have questions, feel free to shoot us an email! -Nate

  6. I’ve done the freeze concentration method on store bought apple juice without any fermentation before. The goal was to bottle condition a saison without watering down to much. Worked well. Just confirming the above comment.

    Excellent short breakdown on appley goodness jack. If i were to do it, id probly kick the sugar addition up to 10lbs per five gallon, add some serrano Chili’s, crab apples, and orange peel to the ferment, then age it for a year on oak cubes and cinnamon sticks… If one had it to age… Seems like it could be a very versatile way to not spend money on liquor, just a time investment

    • So you are saying you made AJ concentrate to use as priming sugar? Cool but you do know that is sold by the tube in the freezer section right?

      • Heh, true. At the time here’s how it went. Pull half gallon of apple juice from fridge, put it in the freezer. A day later add the concentrate to the Saison til my gravity saw a .006 increase. Done. Put apple juice back in the fridge.

        Tubes of concentrate are easier. But, work with what you have.

  7. Hi Jack,

    I’m a lefty long gun shooter (right handed, blind in the right eye) and I’ve had no difficulty manipulating the standard controls on an AR. I don’t own one but am considering one at some point. And I think I might choose a standard configuration rifle. That way I’m training on a weapon that is interchangeable with 99 percent of those out there. So if I ever need to pick up a rifle I’ll have the manual of arms squared away. Also, the brass deflector on a standard AR upper does a great job kicking the brass away from your face if you are shooting lefty. No problem at all shooting a right hand upper.

  8. I have to say that my KSG is my favorite! I went to a shotgun/handgun training and was every bit as accurate with my KSG with a red dot and everyone else that had Mossbergs and Remingtons. The instructor was annoyed because he dedicated 1 hour of the training to feeding the shotguns (reloading on the move) but I had 15 rounds at a time. Can’t get better than 1 tube with flight control buck shot and the other tube with slugs!

  9. Jack, your history on jacking hard cider has made me wonder. If it would be possible to take a waste product like the settlement at the bottom of your primary fermentation. Jack that and turn it into a high dollar item. Hypothetically of course.

  10. I’m struggling with your comments at the beginning of this show regarding defeatists, some of which are liberty-minded. I agree with you.

    But I’m having a hard time reconciling the idea that we shouldn’t give up fighting for liberty (and I agree with that) with the idea (that I also agree with) that voting doesn’t matter much so why bother.

    I suppose we need to work in the area we are most effective. For some, that’s politics. For others that working within the system. For still others, its peaceful, civil disobedience.

    Not trolling here. Just genuinely wrestling.

    • @Bryan –
      voting (is not equal to) fighting for liberty (for you coders, that’s != )

      In a way I think this idea (‘do YOUR PART by voting!’) is one of the most insidious lies promoted by ‘the system’. It’s an ‘out’ where if you do/participate/talk about this one thing, then you can sleep soundly (for the next two years) feeling you’ve done your part to ‘fight evil and preserve democracy!’ TM

      IMO, freedom is something that should be pursued DAILY, and in every area of our lives. There’s no ‘pass’ for what you did yesterday, or last week, or last year.

      And it doesn’t need to be ‘a slog’ or a burden. Its something, that like practicing gratitude, should be ENERGIZING. If it’s not, your doing it wrong.

      Probably by trying to CONVINCE or coerce someone else into ‘doing it your way’.

      Have you maxed out your own opportunities for personal freedom? If you haven’t, work on that.

      Until you’ve maxed out ‘my freedom’, it’s kind of silly (again IMO) to move onto trying to max out ‘our freedom’ (usually meaning freedom from the FEDERAL government).

      Its that upward spiral of locus of control: myself, my loved ones, my neighborhood, my town, my county, my state, my country, my world.

      Just look at how far away from YOU ‘my country’ is. Yes, what happens ‘up there’ can affect you. But you can’t do a whole lot to affect it.

      This is kind of like the disaster probability scale. Stuff that’s closer to you is more likely & more able to be affected by your actions (a illness or death in the family is MUCH more likely than FEMA camps).

      So start at home.

      A good book on this is:
      How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World – Harry Browne (kindle version is reasonably priced)

    • You are wrestling with a belief, another way to describe a belief is a faith. When we move to faith we move to religion, now we deal with a cloud of moral beliefs, I am bad if I don’t do what the system says.

      Do not murder? Well that is fine if you believe it as an article of faith.

      Do not steal? Again if you do so purely due to personal morality or due to an article of faith, fine, good way to live.

      Okay but what about when you see those two as being a pair of the two ideals you hold the highest? Do you? I bet you do, I know I do!

      So does the state murder and steal?

      Let it burn in real good like the guy told his son in the original Red Dawn, burn in really good!

      This is one reason I don’t bother to vote 99% of the time and GOD but that 99% is important. Give me any chance to lend my voice to prevention of theft and murder I’ll do it.

      But voting for a guy that will murder and steal in a way slightly different then another guy will and calling it working for liberty, yea read insidious’ response on that.

      Don’t get me wrong I love seeing people work to REMOVE local ordinances, etc. Great steps! If this back woods nonsensical state of mine ever really gets its shit together on marijuana you bet your ass I will vote to legalize it. If there is ever a chance to REMOVE any law that punishes any victimless crime, yea I will support it.

      I’d simply say show me one in the 2016 elections and go back to feeding my ducks and planting trees.

      • I DO take the time to vote NO on tax increases & YES on ‘restriction removal’. All the info I need to do this effectively is contained on the absentee ballot, so I don’t need to spend any additional time listening to peoples (or ‘experts’) opinions about the issue.

        This makes it a ‘low cost, low impact’ activity. Federal elections on the other hand are ‘high cost, super tiny impact’, particularly if you’re ‘investing’ in them for the entire ‘buildup year’ before the election.

        Always IMHO. If after careful consideration, you believe otherwise, please act in accordance with your own beliefs.

  11. Perhaps I was extrapolating “not voting” to giving up on political solutions, which frankly I have. I see no need in calling or writing my congresswoman or senator. I’m wasting my time. Even the little help I was ever able to get from my congresswoman on anything was completely useless. She’s completely sold out to the lobbyists and corporate interests. And I see no need in getting involved in lobbying type organizations like the NRA, GOA, ACLU, and others.

    The advocate for voting and the political process always encourages people like me to get more involved in the process, not less: donate to and volunteer for candidates you believe in, etc. Hell, run yourself, etc. I decline telling myself the system is too far gone to make a difference. Even Ron Paul got nothing done within the system in what, 30 years? God, that had to be frustrating for him. (Although one could argue he started a revolution in thinking outside the system)

    But in light of your discussion on defeatism in the liberty movement; well, it’s giving me pause. That’s all. I’m trying to think about is unplugging from political solutions (as I have done), is that defeatism? Am I giving up on that to my own determent?