Episode-2589- Listener Feedback for 1-27-20 — 3 Comments

  1. For frustration and quick temper situations. If you can feel the twinge before you actually blow your top the best… I mean even better than CBD is Valerian root extract, liquid or capsule. Start with half the recommended dose. I had the same problem real touchy temper, when ever I felt my position or my work was threatened, or dismissed. I would spew green stuff and my head would spin according to my sister anyway.

    The Valerian really helped me get a handle on my anger, hold my tongue, and keep my job. I only needed a third of a dose to do the trick but I am a small person. It also works to shut off the chatter in your head, even if you had caffeine.


  2. As an alternative to the sump pump water have you considered a well point that you drive into the ground with a hammer.  Search Tractor Supply to see what I’m talking about.  If you really have that much ground water close to the surface this could be an option for you.  It will cost you maybe $200 for the point and pipe and another $100-is for a shallow well pump.  Then you will have all the irrigation water you could want.

  3. Jerry, valid concept BUT I think he was more concerned with the sump water which must be pumped being wasted.