Episode-1922- Listener Feedback for 1-2-17 — 18 Comments

  1. Hey Jack! Interesting piece on the homefront history of World War 2. Not sure if you missed it or if you were underselling it, but you commented on a vague call for workers in the Knoxville area. I am going to jump to a conclusion and suggest that this was for Oak Ridge, which was a production facility for the Manhattan Project. I could be wrong, but the timing and location would both be about right.

    • Yep it was but the piece got really long and talked more about what a graphite rod was, how it was made, etc, rather than the larger project itself so I called it short.

    • “Land of the Meek and Home of the Slaves”

      Fair warning I am going to steel that at some point!

  2. Ok jack, I accept your challenge. I will start a business with the goal of reaching a yearly income (after expenses) of $100,000+.
    I am currently living in the People’s Republic of California, and am itching for more freedom.
    My first business will be reselling books on amazon. I can do it in what little spare time I have, and I will use the profits to start my second business (yet to be determined, but I have some awesome ideas).
    Anyone needs more details, leave a comment.

  3. Jack,

    Thanks for the segment on Ian and Forgotten Weapons. It was inspirational to say the least.

    I am answering your call out. For the last 7 years I have been running a YouTube channel focusing on outdoors, firearms, survival, and self reliance. I started it with my best friend back in 2009; we never expected it to go anywhere, we just thought it was fun. But as the years went on and I ended up moving to Wyoming and leaving my friend in Texas, I found that creating content for this channel was a passion. It encompasses my love of the outdoors and firearms, along with my love of film making.

    I let the channel slip for 2 years; I got married, had a son, and just didn’t make time for producing videos. In late 2016 I decided I missed making videos regularly and jumped back into it full force. I’ve started several new series for the channel, along with a VLOG that I post 3 times a week. I have a renewed passion for what I’m doing and I intend to make 2017 a great year, full of adventures, product reviews, shooting, hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, homesteading, permaculture, and self reliance.

    My goal is to grow my channel from it’s current 3,000 subscriber base, to at least 10,000. I believe this milestone is achievable and realistic. It’s a niche market, but I intend to make my mark in it.

    Thanks for the inspiration. 2017 is looking to be a great year. Thanks for all the work you do.

    Lee Wilson
    TGO Wyoming

  4. Jack,
    I too am answering the call to build my own 100k business.  I have the skills as an engraver but have never applied myself to put them to work for me. Im gonna work my butt of to be there in 24 months. By the time my little girl can run and talk in full sentences i will be in control of my own destiny.
    Jason in Ferguson

  5. Call out: Building my own website and brand and within 18 months I will have tons of content avaliable, hard and soft products for sale, advertisers, and more. I plan on walking away from the government job I currently have and earning myself a livible income as an entrapenure. Thanks Jack, Thanks TSP community!

  6. Keepin it short.

    5 yr plan.
    Quit my $150k job and raise sell livestock and farm crafts and do contractor work. WHATEVER IT TAKES to make it without being an “employee”
    Just sold my 2013 truck to eliminate my last large debt. On to my student loans and little bit of CC debt. Then were debt free, including no mortgage. Then on to super saving while building my knowledge and skills. Then. FREEDOM, fully.

    Im doing it!

  7. I will increase the both the quantity and quality of the content available on to the point where I feel I can respectably ask for money. There were a lot of technical challenges I addressed in 2016 with moving the site off of Jack’s servers and on to mine. It would have been far easier to scrap the site and start over, but out of respect for those that worked on it before me, I migrated the content.

    I still have to figure out the monetization aspect, but I’m going to set my fist goal as $10K in revenue. It has taken a bit to figure out what format I want to go into, while it is a part time effort I will focus on instructional content that is evergreen and hopefully has a long tail. A good write-up as well as a video to go with it.

  8. Well I’m a couple days behind so I just finished listening to this episode. But I’m gonna Start my walk to $100k of self-employment too. Here it is; my public declaration. It might take four or five years but that’s okay. I’m gonna do it. Good luck to all others who commit as well. It’ll be a long but good journey.


  9. Jack, I too am on the road to the financial independence. I’m a little behind and it has become a situation not so much where I want to, but rather need to. In some way, shape or form, I am cutting out unnecessary expenses, and working on putting together a number of related income streams to first meet a certain level of expenses, and then hit all expenses, and finally that $100K mark. The goal is no later than 5 years out.

    Part of the plan you mentioned in one of the rewinds over the holidays – and that is to build a few smaller (not tiny) houses on my property – about 500 square feet, but rather than rent them monthly, I plan to rent them daily… 4 days each @ $100/night makes the $400/month that you mentioned (think First one is to be completed this summer from start to finish. Wish me luck!