Episode-1934- Listener Calls for 1-19-17 — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve bought several “real wood” dressers from Salvation Army for $30-$40. I refurbish them, usually put on new knobs and they’re beautiful. Also got 2 smallish “real wicker” end tables. Love my eclectic Sal Army finds.

    • The thing about real wood is with a bit of knowledge you can always make it beautiful again, often more beautiful than it originally was.

  2. Good thing about a garden in the Cuba climate is you can grow pigeon peas (Cajans cajan). It’s one of the few perennial vegetable/legumes and is popular with permaculture folks in that climate. It’s probably one of your best bets for the situation described by the caller as far as poor soil and low rainfall. Locals will probably refer to them as gandules.

  3. Regarding the cool bot idea. sounds very interesting. we are going to build out a commercial kitchen on our farm this year. Been looking for a cost effective cooler/freezer solution. Our son who works in the trucking industry has suggest picking up an old reefer. That might take care of the insulated structure. I am not sure if it is possible to place a cool bot system on an old reefer, but I intend to ask the question. Also you are correct about getting an old cooler box. We are searching for one too. We owned and operated a number of restaurants for years. They dont go bad too often, but we rebuilt several locations and the old cooler and freezer boxes were replaced. checking with a company that installs them for McD’s and other franchises might be a good way to find an old used box. thanks for the tip on this setup.

  4. I did a lot of research on the Semi Auto pistol caliber carbine platform a couple months ago. The final round went between the Aero survival rifle and the Just Right Carbine in 45ACP The aero seems to have a considerably lighter build than the JRC. I wanted something that would take a bit of a beating and keep going so the JRC won out even though it was just a little bit more expensive. I got the take down marine version that has a stainless barrel, aluminum receiver and are both nickle plated. It will take most of your AR15 parts like your trigger, and furniture, and gives you a great low cost practice rifle that feels like your AR10 or AR15. It is left or right handed by moving a couple screws. And it all breaks down to fit in a backpack. Oh, and it uses Glock Mags and has conversions for other pistol cartridges available for this same receiver. The only warning is that they had issues with the first rifles in 45acp, so get a current G3 production rifle. I got it at for about $900 for everything including the backpack. This is a high quality gun. Non take down, non marine versions are much less expensive. But, I live in a swamp and plan to shoot this rifle A Lot. It has been pretty accurate so far, but have not really done a lot of testing. But, with 40 rounds, no issues, no hangups and it is so much fun you can feel ashamed of yourself. Hope this helps.

  5. If you like alternate timeline stories involving World War 2, you should check out Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Video. It is definitely inspired by the Star Trek episode mentioned on this show.
    There is a lot of exploration into what would the world be like if we lost WW2 and how long could peace between the victors last. What would society look like if Nazi and Japanese social ideals from WW2 continued.

  6. One quick note on the Aero Survival Rifle. Aero isn’t the manufacturer, it’s made by TNW, and called the Aero Survival Rifle. It was designed for bush pilots and such for a lightweight and compact gun that still had some firepower.

    Another neat takedown rifle is the Ruger 10/22 Takedown with the new Magpul Backpacker stock that hooks both half of the gun together, and has storage for ammo and mags in the stock.