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  1. For the scenario, I would decide who needs help the most and first. I know all of my neighbors except a small few who are farther away. Food, water and electricity to them where needed. I might even double check their comms if their phones are also out due to the power outage. Give them a family radio and show them how to use it. Set a check in time if they have any problems. I have spare 800 watt inverters and cables to at least they can have some lights on. Cover their other needs like warmth. We are all on wells and most people have a genny. Sanitation needs are known due to Septic. Security probably wont be that much of a problem, most everyone is armed here.

  2. I had no student loans, gi bill. But my wife came into the marriage with over 22k. We have paid down 10k in 3 years as well as pay for 3 cars in cash. No debt. Its hard but hopefully will have the last 12-15k done with in about 3 years.

  3. Prepper Scenario: A major ice storm hits, help out the neighbors and nudge them to prep…

    Basily: assess your situation, get organize, help out, reassess

    Step1: Talk to your neighbors and find out what is needed.
    This happens in WI. I usually fill up my thermos of hot chocolate and start shoving to my nearest neighbor. When I get to door, I say hi and offer them some hot chocolate… that usually makes conversation easier of “How you doing, how are the kids, and you good for heat and food?” Always ask what they heard, you never know what heard on the radio…. Repeat step1 until you run out of: hot chocolate, energy to shovel, or neighbors 🙂

    Step2: Review what the needs are.
    You know the saying “it take a village”? It amazes me how two neighbors both have extra (and exactly) what the other one needs. Make a list, figure out who can help who. Get organized and get a plan together. I always feel bad when you give all your extra flash lights to Neighbor1 and then you find out Neighbor2 needs some too. You look kind of silly going back and forth all the time

    Step3: Help out where you can. and check in everyday.
    Sometime you can help them, sometimes they don’t want help. But always a good idea to just checkin. This is where is start nugging people to prepping. (not durring the first day of panic…) “How is that generate working? Still keeping the fridge cold? When this is over we can find you one at home depot and show you how to store up some gas.” “You need anymore green bean casserole for tomorrow? I know you pantry is small, but I bet later we could setup a extra shelf in the basement, I even know a trick about storing flour in a 5gal bucket safely.” “Did you know you can use your car as a generator?” “I hope the soup tastes ok, it is mostly dyhidrated items from my garden”

    May favorite are the open ended questions:
    “I wouldn’t have enough gas for the generator for both of us for 2 weeks. What would you do if was 2 weeks? Or if I was on vacation?….”

  4. Regarding the efficacy of using some substance that claims to cure various diseases…

    This reminds me of an ad for farmers that reads “Guaranteed method to kill locusts. Send 10 dollars.”

    Please don’t send money. This is just an example.

    So… if you sent your money what you would get are two blocks of wood and written on one block of wood is “Place locust here.”

    It’s OK to laugh at the idiot who sent in his money but in reality this tool really works. The problem is that it is not even remotely practical. In fact, I think the US Postmaster considers this mail fraud if you complete this transaction through the mail.

    Warning: I’m not kidding. I think this is fraud so don’t actually try to sell such a device… even as a joke.

    I could create a a device guaranteed to kill cancer. You would get a block of wood with a little label that says “Place cancer here and pour the bleach on it”. If I tried to sell it, even as a joke, some official would arrest me and they would be right to do so, but if I made one for myself, and used it for myself, I would be a fool.

    This is America and so far you can’t be arrested for being an fool. You can be elected to be a lawmaker though. 🙂

    I assume any Boy Scout could figure this out. Yet another benefit of being a Boy Scout.


  5. About the guy taking MMS, it also bothers me that someone called the authorities on him. Who would know what he’s doing, and squeal? I mean how would CPS know about this in the first place and then have enough cause to get a warrant and bring an army. Yes, I think you’re correct, this has many layers and is complicated to unwind.

    • I’d be surprised if a “neighbor” called in an “anonymous” tip as precise as “He’s using MMS!” I’d guess most likely some government agency did it, although how is still interesting. Are they really watching what people buy to the extent that they’d notice some fool buying a bleach supplement? Odds are many others bought this but I haven’t heard any reports of wide-spread arrests for it. Maybe they were already specifically watching him because he’s an “evil crazy doomsday prepper Christian homeschooler” and then they happened to notice this MMS thing and said “Aha! We have a way to get him now!” I’m just guessing too. I wonder how it really happened.

    • About a dozen years ago, friends of ours also had their home besieged by law enforcement. Their 10 year old was dying of pancreatic cancer, medical doctors said they couldn’t do anything other than make her last days as comfortable as possible. After the doctors’ verdict, the girl’s parents did much research into alternative health and cancer. They had several kids.
      They came prepared to take the kids away from their parents. Once they were satisfied that no alternative meds were being used by the 10 year old, they left with a warning. You must continue to do only the things your dr recommends and not “experiment” with alternative solutions. If you do, we will come and take your kids.

      Recently, a home school family moved into the area, fixing up a broken down trailer (vacant for over 10 years) on a couple acres of land in return for a rent free place to live. Over time, the husband did more work for his landlord. They had a disagreement and the landlord asked the family to leave immediately. The family said no, you must give us 30 days notice. We need time to pack and move. Landlord said no, get out now! They started packing, looking for a new home, had a newborn who was home birthed a few weeks earlier. Authorities showed up on their doorstep, ready to take their kids away for unsafe living conditions. (The landlord said his place was not safe for kids and that the family had a new baby which wasn’t growing well, not getting proper nutrition) As they checked out the home and family, DHS/CPS said everything looked good but the baby must go to an emergency room for a “proper checkup”. Baby passed with flying colors but parents now had an additional bill. Returning home they found their landlord used this time to change the locks on their home. Fortunately he missed a window or something and they were able to get rest of their stuff out of their home, moved to a new place quickly with help from family and friends. Follow up visits passed, yes the family was taking great care of their kids.

      In both of these cases the kids were left with their family, thankfully. What is bad is that without evidence (choosing alternative health care for a minor should not be a crime) family homes are suddenly besieged by multiple government official, officers, ready to take kids away from their parents, without evidence. Families have to prove that they are good parents. Not everyone has the same definition of “good parent” just as not everyone has the same definition of “nice yard”.

      I don’t know enough about the Stanley case other than without hard evidence of a real danger, children should never be taken from their home.

  6. Today’s scenario. I would go to all my neighbors within walking distance and ask them if they needed anything. I would provide what I could to them to get through the crises.
    1) this will create a lot of goodwill; 2) I’m teaching by example; 3) any neighbors in a future event who would cause me harm would be checked by those other neighbors with whom I’ve created the goodwill; 4) I’ve started to develop a community spirit; 5) I would try to enlist help from the neighbors who are in good shape to widen the sphere of assistance.

    Great show Jack!

  7. If you look at the link it talks about a drug NP001 that is being used to treat ALS. “NP001 is a purified form of sodium chlorite, which has been shown to alter the behavior of immune system cells called macrophages. Macrophages are a normal part of the immune system, but in ALS they may change their behavior and worsen inflammation, a damaging process in ALS. NP001 blocks that change in laboratory models.” So A pharmaceutical company is using the main ingredient of MMS to treat ALS.

    • See now that is concrete information. I don’t know that it proves MMS is valid or safe as produced and as advised for use but it is a significant point worthy or further consideration. Thank you.

    • We all know drug companies lie but the full story from that link is as follows, bolding is mine FWIW

      “NP001 is a purified form of sodium chlorite, which has been shown to alter the behavior of immune system cells called macrophages. Macrophages are a normal part of the immune system, but in ALS they may change their behavior and worsen inflammation, a damaging process in ALS. NP001 blocks that change in laboratory models.

      To determine its potential to aid in ALS, researchers led by Robert Miller, M.D., of California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, conducted a 12-month trial of intravenously delivered NP001, given monthly for the first six months of the trial.

      There is no evidence that taking the drug orally can offer any benefit in ALS, Dr. Miller emphasized. Any use of sodium chlorite outside of a clinical trial is unsafe, he stressed.

      In the trial, 110 ALS patients were enrolled to receive a placebo, a low-dose, or a high-dose of NP001. Neither patients nor researchers knew which patients received which treatment.”

  8. Having some medical training I was interested in this story. First I would not take sodium chlorite orally. I would think that it would react to the stomach acid. Just because you can give something IV doesn’t mean you can drink it. I just think that all the facts should be laid out, the fact that none of the websites about MMS enclosed it

    • Sodium Chloride, isn’t that just plain salt? NACL right?

      You can take that any time you wish. It just make you thirsty.

  9. Jack and TSP Gang,
    One thing to consider with the phone line is do you have kids/people at the house WITHOUT cell phones? You’ve gone to work and your kid misses the bus how do they call you, or the school or anybody at that? Could you have an extra cell phone for home use.. sure. Just one man’s 2 cents.

  10. Hey Jack,
    Sodium chloride is table salt. If mms is sodium chloride and distilled water, then it is just salt water.

    • Sorry jack,
      I misunderstood you. Sodium CHLORITE is toxic. No 2 ways about it. Search for sodium chlorite msds. This crap is poisonous snake oil

  11. My comments on today’s show:

    1. I love Jon Pugliano’s wealthsteading podcast. It’s good stuff and I really appreciate you, Jack, introducing me to Jon. I used to think that investing was the rich man’s gambling (still kinda do), but now I’m interested in learning more and using it to protect and grow my wealth in the ways that Jon talks about.

    2. The student loan bubble is going to be crazy when it pops. I was lucky enough to get through college with only $12000 in debt and I paid all that off within 5 years. I did this through getting multiple scholarships to attend a private university in town where I could still live with my parents and commute to school. I also graduated in 3 years by taking my gen-ed courses at a community college during the summer. I also worked 3 jobs at one point while going to school, but I always had at least 1 job. I never got a break during the summer and I always had to work, but the debt scared me enough to work hard and make sure what I was paying for would work out. My sisters, on the other hand, attended colleges away from home and lived in off campus housing. They used their loans for absolutely everything they needed during college – tuition, books, rent, gas, groceries, bills, etc. They didn’t want to listen to their big sister about how that money should only go towards their schooling. They didn’t think there was any other way even though I did it another way. Now, they are working jobs making less than $20K a year barely making their loan payments and scraping by every month. Their friends are in the same boat too. The problem is that when the loan bubble pops and students quit paying their loan payments, you are right Jack, the economy is going to take a beating. All that money was borrowed to pay for so much other than tuition and books. That money has already been spent. When the payments quit coming in, you will see tenured professors laid off. You will see off campus housing empty and abandoned. You will see huge sections of towns that support these universities abandoned. We live in such a false economy, it is ridiculous. It almost reminds me of the ghost towns that China builds with no one living in them (see Vice’s documentary on it).

    3. Prepper Scenario – the first people I would help would be the ones closest to me in both location and personal relationships. The people who live close to me are easy to help in the way of transporting supplies to them and they could potentially be a security risk if they know I have supplies and are not sharing. The people in my close personal relationships (like the babysitter, best friends, handyman, etc.) may be harder to transport supplies to, but they are important to me when there are not disasters. Helping them in their time of need will not be forgotten when society comes back online after the disaster. I don’t feel I would need to say anything since the action says more than words could, but if they say something to me like “Are you sure you can give me this? What about your family?”, I would say “I have plenty to help right now. I will just need to re-stock before the next disaster and maybe you should stock some up for yourself next time too. I can’t guarantee I will be able to help next time be that I’m not around or I can’t get supplies transported to you.”

  12. Prepper scenario: The easiest thing I could do is try to reach out to people I know in the area by electronic means. Odds are the cell towers will be up, although not everyone would necessarily have sufficient battery backup for their own devices if the power went out. (Almost everyone probably does have sufficient battery backup, if it occurs to them to use their car charger!) I’d put out a message on Facebook and also the church’s mailing list asking folks if anyone needs assistance. That would readily cover most people we actually KNOW, and I’m fairly at ease at the thought of helping any of them that I know already. From past experience with big ice-induced blackouts, me and others tend to get bored sitting there in the dark with nothing to do, so we take out the phone/tablet and start posting, chatting, etc. mostly about the situation to keep people up to date.

    This is rural NH, so the majority of the people around here at least have wood heat as an option. (I don’t, but the pellet stove has sufficient electric backup from a generator to stay heated, plus there’s the pellet stove.) Someone we know could hang out with us where it’s warm if they like and help themselves to whatever we manage to cook. Water would also be a need…. well pumps are the norm, and that means no water for everyone who doesn’t have a 220V generator and a way to connect the well. We could help others fill up their water containers from our well.

    By the way, I know the scenario included travel restrictions, but fact is up here they’re really good at quickly clearing roads of downed trees and salting them no matter how bad the ice storm is. 24 hours max to be able to have little trouble for travel. What isn’t so simple is getting the power back up… that can take a week to as long as 6 weeks. I’d expect to be able to drive to friend’s places to pick them up, deliver water, pickup fuel at the gas station, etc.

    Yes, I’d also see what my immediate neighbors might need, but we’re spaced far apart and only know about 4 of them.

  13. Dear Jack,
    Thank you so much for explaining your personal beliefs about education. It was wonderful to hear you use this platform (TSP) to encourage everyone to listen and encourage their children and explain how the motivation to learn comes from within everyone. You just have to find your niche.

  14. Phone: I haven’t had a landline phone in at least 12 years. The current setup is a VOIP phone through a device called an Obi, for $50. It can easily hook up to many VOIP providers, including Google Voice for free. We have it hooked up to PhonePower because they provide E911 service along with unlimited calling. I think PhonePower was like $60 a year, IIRC. Every few weeks, the system flakes out and requires resetting, not sure why… so that’s something to keep in mind about VOIP systems like this.

    As added assurance, when we sleep, we keep a properly charged cell phone near the VOIP phone’s handset just in case there’s an issue. The odds of both failing are very low.

  15. This Monday’s Prepper Scenario:
    this Scenario is the basis for my preps in general(and the walking dead and History channels zombie documenties!!) as we here in Missouri have some crazy weather and I have had to deal with this at least 6 or 8 times in the last 20 yrs. so for me the basics are keep a tow chain in my car kit. I’ve found that just helping folks get up that hill their stuck on does wonders. I’ve also found that once one guy with a 4 wheel drive starts helping people up that hill. Others will stop and start to help also. Last winter there was a huge pile up of stuck vehicles on this one hill( I Was coming home from work) i worked my blazer around a few, stopped and got out the wrecker chain, and started pulling people up the hill. within a few minutes a guy in a pathfinder stopped and started helping push people up the hill, a few minutes later a ram joined in with a whench and before i knew it there were wrecker trucks on site helping to get these people on the move. The funny thing was when I was talking to the tow drivers, no one had even called them(there wasn’t any accident). Another wrecker driver that saw us while passing had CB’ed a couple buddys in the area and told them what some regular people where doing.

    My point is you only need to help with what you can. Myself and others helped a few people get home safe that night. That is what I could do for them. I can only hope they got the point.

  16. I have actually given a great deal of thought to a scenario just like the one mentioned today. I have great neighbors, not to much in our business, but everyone helps everyone in times of need. I had a Thrive freeze dried food party a few years ago and it didn’t go well. My neighbors just don’t get that a disaster like an ice storm can happen. We are adequately prepped and could feed our neighbors for the 2 weeks if necessary. There is one caveat – some of my neighbors are far better off financially than us. I would still offer them food and warmth but I would expect to be reimbursed for not only the cost of the items used, but my time in prepping. We don’t go on 3 vacations a year, drive new cars, etc and I wouldn’t want to subsidize their activities.

  17. To fight cancer you would want to shift your body to the alkaline scale anyway. Cell mutations thrive in an acidic environment.

    I perfer just a plain old flip phone they are just more durable, but i perfer to talk than text or email anyway.

  18. RE:

    Hey Jack. I’ve seen yellow journalism articles from these guys before. They are the same people that run

    They cherry pick info for their stories. You may have seen another viral around thanksgiving about CPS “kidnapping” some kids because the mother chose natural remedies. The truth was these people had a big history of domestic disturbance calls to the house, and the kids were in the 1st percentile as far as weight for their age. Important facts left out of their articles.

    They could be right this time… but I always

    • …oops
      but I always treat both health impact news and medical kidnap with a grain of salt till I see the original source and hear the story from other sources.

  19. I have used MMS for more than 10 years, with excellent results. Just because it smells similar to bleach, doesn’t make it bleach. Just because penicillin is a mold, but doesn’t mean you should eat mold. Why am I so passionate about MMS? Because I went out on a limb and tried it, and it worked. Amazingly. So far it has gotten rid of a very painful tooth problems (MMS has no ability to heal deep tooth abscesses, but mine was not). Additionally, it healed my daughter of a bad case of blood poisoning in less than 20 minutes. Also, it got rid of a bad case of cellulitis on my leg. I have friends and family who have had their own successes with it too. MMS is strange, and counter-intuitive, but effective nonetheless.
    Jack, you asked if I would want it in my food – no, but I wouldn’t want ANY medicine in my food. I have a great documentary which explains the science behind it called Understanding MMS. I’d be glad to mail it to you. It’s no scam – anybody can make the stuff. Believe me, nobody is getting rich, or even well-to-do off of MMS. It is pretty much as open source as it can be at this point. Bottom line is, the people who say MMS is dangerous are correct. MMS IS DANGEROUS, if you don’t follow directions and dilute it before using it. I use 5 drops in about 10 ounces of water. Very diluted.

    • I had never heard of it, but I looked it up and the product that it makes is chlorine dioxide, which is not household bleach (sodium hypochlorite is bleach) but it is used as a “bleaching” agent and for disinfection purposes, like bedbug control, cleaning medical instruments, etc.

      I’m guessing that Ingesting it in very diluted quantities may not do any harm, but I’m very skeptical that it would do any good, so why take the chance? If your girl had septicemia (tested and confirmed) then she should have gone to a hospital.

      • The man who discovered it just kind of stumbled into it. It’s great for some things, ineffective for many other ailments. Initially used as a 4 hour cute for malaria with great success. We were ready to take her to the hospital, but wanted to try MMS first. If it hadn’t worked, we would have gone shortly thereafter.

      • @Chad –
        What little I know about chemistry (going back to my school days) would say that’ s impossible. Sodium Chlorite and acid couldn’t make Chlorine Dioxide.
        First, “Chlorite” is Chlorine Dioxide. It’s the same thing, but the Sodium just doesn’t disappear into thin air.
        Second, an acidic solution is just something that has extra Hydrogen ions floating in the liquid. These hydrogen ions are going to want to bond with oxygen to make water and become stable.
        Sodium Cholrite’s formula is NaClO2, bleach is NaClO, table salt is NaCl
        So, if and when, the acid takes the oxygen molecule from the sodium chlorite, you will likely end up with at least some mixture of bleach and salt water. What concentrations of each, probably would depend on how much acid you add to the mixture, but I’m not sure anyone would know for sure without controlled testing. Keep in mind that when you drink it, the citric acid you added is only a small portion of the overall acid the MMS is going to come in contact with if you drink it, there are acids and enzymes throughout your body, not the least of which being in your stomach.
        You probably don’t want to drink bleach, and you probably wouldn’t want to drink salt water, and I assume you probably wouldn’t want to drink salty bleach water either, so I’m personally going to stay away from the stuff.
        @Charles – best of luck to you with consuming MMS, if it works for you and your family, great. But I’d be concerned of possible side effects and the placebo effect if I were you.

        • Not sure I said all that, but…
          in the laboratory, ClO2 is prepared by oxidation of sodium chlorite: 2 NaClO2 + Cl2 ? 2 ClO2 + 2 NaCl

          Traditionally, chlorine dioxide for disinfection applications has been made by one of three methods using sodium chlorite or the sodium chlorite – hypochlorite method:

          2 NaClO2 + 2 HCl + NaOCl ? 2 ClO2 + 3 NaCl + H2O

          or the sodium chlorite – hydrochloric acid method:

          5 NaClO2 + 4 HCl ? 5 NaCl + 4 ClO2 + 2 H2O

        • @Chad – Only the first couple sentences were in response to your post. The rest was me just continuing my point. But since I didn’t separate by paragraph, I can understand the confusion. Sorry.

          Your formulas showed bleach and salt being created, so it sounds like we’re mostly in agreement. The only thing I’d say, is this isn’t being manufactured in a lab with temperature and pressure closely controlled to ensure the exact outcome they want, it’s being mixed up on someone’s kitchen counter, and they’re (as far as I know) not using HCl, but either ascorbic acid or citric acid, possibly vinegar or some other household food grade acidic liquid. Whatever doesn’t get activated by the acid mixture on the counter, would then react with the acid in their stomach or enzymes throughout their body.
          It seems to me that there are too many variables to know for sure exactly what would be created, other than salt and bleach have got to part of it. But what % of each, and what else is created in the process, I’m not sure anyone could know for sure.

    • Jack – There is no “reply” link next to your comment, so hopefully you will stumble across this. You wrote “Charles, it is bleach, even the maker acknowledges it!”. The MMS wiki offers this answer:

      Is MMS a bleach?
      MMS (drops of chlorine dioxide mixed with water) is not a bleach. Every single chemical known to man can be poisonous when taken in too large of quantities. Recently – a girl died from drinking too much water. [2] Ninety five percent of the medicines known to man are extremely poisonous when used in large quantities. About 15 aspirins can kill a person. One half of a cup of most of the chemicals under your sink would kill a person. I am very very sorry that no scientist or scientific laboratory has ever written up and signed a scientific paper stating that MMS is not a bleach. The fact is, no laboratory ever thought that it would be necessary to come out and say that. It never occurred to any of them that someone would be dumb enough to start calling dilute solutions of chlorine dioxide a bleach. (Industrial strength Chlorine dioxide solutions has absolutely nothing to do with MMS.) MMS is only a few drops of Chlorine dioxide (or even just Sodium chlorite) diluted in plenty of water – it simply does not have the potential to bleach anything at all. That is ridiculous – to push the idea that MMS is a bleach, as no one has ever used MMS for a bleach. [3]

      However, let me state this: 60% of the water companies in the USA are now using chlorine dioxide to purify drinking water. Chances are very high that if you believe that MMS (again, a few drops of Chlorine dioxide heavily diluted in water) is a bleach, then my friend you are now drinking bleach in your own home. Do you think then it is logical, to start a campaign saying; “STOP USING BLEACH TO PURIFY OUR WATER.” Well, the girl that has it figured out and is now telling the world that MMS is bleach, just might start another such campaign with water. I am using a bit of sarcasm here but I hope you understand that someone pushing the idea that MMS is a bleach is highly illogical, and probably wouldn’t state so unless they were paid to do it.

      Sunlight can bleach. Even lemon can bleach. However, we don’t really think of sunlight or lemon as bleach (and certainly not three drops of lemon diluted in a glass of water.) Would you start avoiding the sunlight just because a so called skeptic told you that sunlight is a bleach and therefor bad for you? Or, would you go out and enjoy the sun in moderation as to not get burned? Again, the point of it is: Anything in excess, or anything that is used in too high amount — can be bad for anyone. This paper is written for the layman to understand. Sometimes, scientific proof of things exist only in logic. For example, scientists have never come out with a written and signed paper saying that ocean ships don’t fly, or that one cannot fly a Piper Cub to the moon. Many highly obvious things are simply left to logic and there are no scientific papers making many obvious statements. Another example would be that there is no scientific written paper that states that the water will run out of a glass of water if the glass is held upside down. Obvious things are just assumed in this written paper here, and in civilization as a whole. I hope you understand this point, because one woman assumed for some unknown reason that MMS is a bleach – thereby causing irreparable harm to many people by continuing to push the idea, as there will be those with autistic children that will walk away without giving their children a chance to be cured this way.

      • Jack – I don’t see where that paragraph I posted says that MMS is a bleach. It is trying correct the statement where someone erroneously declared MMS a bleach.

  20. Charles,

    I’m not going to keep harping on it because the subject is new to me and I think what you put in your body is your business, however just a quick google search led me to this:

    Now, again this is all new stuff to me, but if the post is correct about the methodology used, then there is indeed a problem. Mixing the results of an antigen based test with blood smears in that way could give you very screwed up results (just assuming ignorance and not malice here). Blood smears are still the gold standard for diagnosis, but the quick dipstick tests are nice under certain circumstances. Any researcher worth his salt would know the difference and what each test is telling them.

  21. Chad – did you watch the video the site attempts to debunk? You should. The video is linked into the page I am going to post below. The link is to Natural News – someone who Jack has rightly exposed as being an alarmist and possibly a yellow journalist. I still keep an eye what he says, but do further research on anything he says. Regardless, I find many of the comments on the article (on the bottom of the page) to be telling.

    Many people have had great success with MMS. I keep it in the fridge and only use it when I have something that I would normally turn to antibiotics for.

    Here is some good info which may answer some of the questions better than I can:

      • Thanks Teresa- here’s the quote.
        “We were hit hard yesterday. The DHS finally turned in their report to the court and we were able to go through it with a lawyer. Their main focus is on the MMS. Of course I can’t give the details but it does hurt our stand in court because of the negative information they have on the substance MMS.
        We care nothing for MMS and want our kids back. We would never do anything knowingly to hurt any of our children and none of the children ever took it. At this point those who are begging what they can do, there are two things that would help 1. Show up at court if you can to show your support if you believe in us as parents. It is closed door hearing so you won’t be able to go inside but the show of support would speak on the side of our character. 2. If you know us personally and you can’t be there, or if you just want to, you can write a letter of reference defending our character if you believe we would never do anything knowingly to harm our children.”

        They’re not the only ones in hot water over MMS right now:

  22. Jack – Are you still looking for Child Protective Services Whistleblowers/Subject Matter Experts? I saw this on Liberty Forum’s speaker’s lineup. I don’t know him, so I can’t ask him to fill out a guest form:

    “Carlos Morales is the best selling author of Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services, former Child Protective Services Investigator, president and founder of Child Protective Services Victim Support, the host of the Truth Over Comfort Podcast, and a committed legal advocate for family reunification. Since leaving his career as an investigator, he has actively helped families throughout the country fight for their children in and out of court. His pursuit of a radical overhaul for child protection programs has taken him from university lecture halls, to television and radio studios, and the pages of a variety of publications.”

    “Child Protective Services Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that he witnessed as a CPS investigator.Through keen insight, analysis, war stories, and legal research, Carlos Morales breaks down the truth about Child Protective Services, and how to protect yourself from an agency which attacks hundred’s of thousands of families throughout the United States. Parents across the country have already used his legal recommendations and saved not only thousands of dollars on lawyer fees, but also protected the future of their family.”

  23. I am in no way defending MMS. However, bleach, straight household laundry bleach can be used to purify water. I am allergic to iodine. So during some rather un-fun military training that I would rather forget, while everyone else used iodine tabs in their creek water this kid had a baby dropper with good old chlorine bleach to put in his. Even the government says you can do it in a pinch.