Episode-2359- Listener Feedback for 1-14-19 — 5 Comments

  1. If you are looking for good fruit trees, check out Adams County Nursery Inc. in Pennsylvania. I think the price Selection and quality, the best that I have found. I’m just a satisfied customer.

  2. 1) If anyone wants a a quick system for growing food in your house on your counter top or in your sun room I suggest:

    Mine arrives next week and I can review it in a few weeks if anyone is interested.

    2) On the topic of which news to watch, this is what I do: Use RSS feeds or the Google android feed to get a large swath of sources.  Read them. Then, use your brain via critical thinking, and ‘circle of worries’ or something Jack touched upon in a way earlier episode, to analyze them and determine how and why something effects you, your community, your state, and the world, if it does. All of the news sources have an agenda, and all national level are politicians are useless, including Our ‘Great Leader’ Trump. Occasionally, from time to time, they’ll make a good decision, but it’s rare, including Trump.

    Sure, you can ask if it makes sense, and fact check them, but that’s not an issue either. The existence and popularity of these headlines, talking heads, and societal discussions, have a cause and effect among the masses (hence our current political and economic states worldwide). Their existence means they will effect something. You get to determine if you get caught in their wake.

    • Let me know on the aggressively organic thing after you have it a while.  Not gonna lie, I have my doubts just casually looking at it.

  3. For flooding area in the Houston area, two good sites are: and (Harris County Flood Control).

    If you search “Harris County Flood” in your browser, you will also find links to flood and warning maps that have interactive tools. It will take you straight to the tools instead of fumbling around on the Flood Control’s website.

    On the Transtar maps you can view all of their freeway cameras in real time.

  4. As what Frank Zappa termed a “suicide chump”  I can say with certainty that suicide can have a very angry, passive aggressive aspect. “F***you, you’ll hurt like I do when I’m gone!” Can be a big part of the act.