Episode-2579- Listener Feedback for 1-13-19 — 3 Comments

  1. Jack, I think you went a little too deep/far on the “My vote does not matter.”   I agree that your personal, individual specific vote would not change anything.  But isn’t that part of the propaganda of “The Machine” at the same time?  If everyone thinks that way, we continue to vote for no one, and the remaining sheeple vote red or blue, so The State wins.

    But if enough of us decide that we are going to make another choice, and we build mass and momentum, our vote either counts or we actually realize we need another revolution.  Yes – it would take a few entire election cycles.  If we elected fresh non-red/blue representatives at a rate of 20 percent per election, it would take six years to put a majority of of “something else” into the machine and thus begin to change the process.  Senators are replace at a max 1/3 per cycle, so at a 1/3 of the third it would take 8 years to get 2/3 or the Senate replaced.

    we need to think beyond the current “most important election” and get a long term plan together.  The challenge is acknowledging that the incumbents and institutional parties will fight this hard until they become a minority.  Tough to not be corrupted in that duration.

    • Bob there are five stages of grief we call the one you are in “bargaining”, next comes depression and eventually acceptance.

      Also what makes you think the machine wants us to not vote? Sorry that is delusional indeed you cling here because we are programmed from childhood to believe we must vote with stupid fake elections in grade school where kids are voting on shit they know nothing about and should not be even bothered by during the brief period of childhood we are gifted with.

      You acknowledge the math and then deny the reality of it. Do as you will but than the word of the day then is catharsis.

      The American people will NOT EVER think in a long term plan, they will never vote for actual liberty because most Americans and most people are terrified of liberty. Who are you gonna replace that 2/3ds of the senate with anyway? Americans have voted for more government in every single election since the very first one.

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