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  1. I was just reading through the show notes (I haven’t listened to the episode yet) and it took me a few times reading it before I realized that it was “helping women to begin hunting,” not ” beginning to hunt women.” Ha ha

  2. Loved the part on hunting, Jack. I’d love to hear a show or a series of shows about hunting. Maybe a show for beginners, a show about more advanced techniques, and a Q&A show?

  3. Regarding Jack’s musing that a third reason why King Edward I of England may have targeted the Jews for coin-clipping was because the Jews were a target for their wealth. That would make sense if the Jews had wealth at that time but by this time the Jews have been squeezed almost dry by previous kings.

    This proves the point that the rich can actually run out of money if you continue to target them, thinking that money is an infinite resource or hiding in a box under the bed. When the Jews came to England we did make good, and helped the Kings of England (which is probably why the Prince of Poland had been trying to attract Jews to Poland at the time), but the good times for the Jews in England are long gone by the time of King Edward I.

    During King Edward the First’s reign, he is attempting to push the Jews toward more normative occupations … like farming… but the locals aren’t having any of it. There could be many reasons for this dislike of the Jews, antisemitism being only part of it. I suspect the major reason is that the Jews are perceived as the King’s tool (which is true in many respects) and since many Jews are merchants (which are essentially quasi-bankers as well) and usury is a religious issue for everyone, anyone dealing in money is looked upon with suspicion.

    So… to address Jack’s original point… King Edward seems to be sympathetic to the Jews in some sense as are many of the nobles in Europe… and even many bishops. As Cecil Roth, the English/Jewish historian mused (I’m paraphrasing), the Jews did well by most of the leadership of Europe. It was the peasantry that was the problem for the Jews just as the peasantry was a problem for the nobility though less so.

    I believe King Edward will expel the Jews from England for political purposes… not because he particularly hates the Jews. The King doesn’t particularly love the Jews either. It’s just what will make sense for him at the time.

    FYI, I am an Orthodox Jew. I’m not trying to beat up on Christians. I’m actually pointing out what happened to the Jews in England because I believe the government is doing the same thing to the Christians here in America NOW and if they can do it to the CHRISTIANS and get away with it, do you think anyone will give two shakes when the government does it to the Jews too? Helping you helps me.

    This is just how I read the history. If you have a different reading of history, I’m glad to hear about it.

    • I want to emend my remarks by saying that I am talking about LIQUID ASSETS. King Edward the First needed cash and unless a landowner committed treason or some other hanging offense it was very difficult to take the property away from the landowner (actually landholder). All lands were “owned” by the King, technically speaking, but from a practical standpoint, you actually had to be plotting against the King for him to take the land away from you so in the practical sense, noblemen owned their own land.

      The difference between the economy of the Middle Ages and a more modern economy is the ability to break money free from the hands of the people and put it into productive use. If you are hiding a pot of gold under your bed instead of investing in better farm equipment, the economy stagnates and the King has difficulty taxing you once you’ve given him your pot of gold and all you have left is your land and your home.

      You are land rich but cash poor.

      You saw this problem illustrated in the animated film “The Corpse Bride”. If you will recall the so-called “rich family” lived in an elaborate house set on vast acreage, but they needed the fishmonger because he was a MERCHANT and thus he had some liquidity…. he had ready cash. Liquidity was the problem.

      You can read about the problems America has had in the past with liquidity in the book “Empire of Wealth: The Epic History of American Economic Power” by John Steele Gordon. It is an easy read if a bit too “Hooray for America”. It gives an overall view of how America gets into an economic slump and then finds a way to break loose money and flood our economy with liquidity (ready cash). We’ve done it so many times we think we can do it EVERY time, but the few times when it has really goofed things up was when government interfered with the private sector or tried to gain liquidity by devaluing the money supply…. sort of like what America is doing today but the consequences are being delayed due to a flood of foreign investment. Once that flood stops, though, that is when you will see the collapse. I believe that is what people are talking about when they express a worry about what will happen when China stops buying our debt.

      FYI, I am not an expert in finance. I make no recommendations. Like you, I am doing my best to understand what has happened in the past regarding the economy and what is happening now.

  4. In NC the state ( is promoting a program called BOW (Becoming an Outdoors-Woman). Until this show I had not paid much attention to it because I’m not a woman and my wife is pretty outdoorsy as it is. It’s an international program and the link for the main site to find a program in your area seems to be .

    • Michigan has the same program. From what I have seen it is more skills based than hunting. Shooting, archery, camping fire building, canoeing, etc, etc.

      Looks like Texas has the program as well.

      Might be worth the lady who asked to check out.

  5. A great way to learn hunting without guns or killing is the good old camera. You can invest 250 bucks in a pretty nice 80x zoom camera and pick an animal to pursue.

    I once went on an Elk hunt with a group, but I could not afford the out of state license. I was not upset, or going to miss the trip; so I photographed the yearly gathering, and hunted that year with a camera. Even got an out of season Bull Moose. Can’t/shouldn’t do that with gun/bow…

    Of coarse I wore orange…

  6. I think we should set up the single homesteader and the single lady that wants to hunt. “”

    • Another couple of good books to learn about hunting are “The Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Deer for Food” by Jackson Landers and the follow up “Eating Aliens: One Man’s Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species”

      The Deer book really helped me go from someone who had only gopher hunted a few times with a .22, to hunting White-tail with a .308. Deer habits and daily routines are outlined.

  7. Jack, thanks for answering my question about hunting. I feel at least like I have some direction now. I’d be very interested to hear a whole episode about hunting. Thanks for all you do!

    By the way, my husband knows he’s a lucky guy! 😉

    • For a second, I was like… is this my wife? (Her name is also Christine). Bought to say she didn’t say anything about sending this in last night when we were listening to this podcast…


  8. I’m a single homesteader in Prince Edward Island, it’s hard to meet women of the same ilk. And damm, Im funny too

  9. Jack you definitely hit the nail on the head with the Canada thing.

    I keep reading again and again about Europe looking to remove data from the US so it doesn’t get spied on. Uhm.. HELLO. The NSA “scandal” stuff can be categorized in two ways. A. US Persons being allegedly being spied on by their Government and B. The NSA spying on foreign governments/companies etc.

    The biggest of which is the US Persons thing. Lets get a few things clear, the NSA has carte blanc authority to touch ANYYYYYYTHING not US persons (without court approval etc, we’re not going to get into that but, it doesn’t matter for this scenario). So in otherwords, moving your data out of the US removes ALL LEGAL BARRIERS for the NSA or any other spy agency to conduct spy operations. It has never been legal for a spy agency in a foreign country to spy on another countries citizens (except without you know working together with their governments). That doesn’t mean it is illegal in the foreign country to conduct spying operations in another country. (This should be obvious to anybody with a brain, and is the nature of… uhm SPYING).

    The whole US persons situation is another story. Forget about the NSA its all about the FBI. They’re the “spy” agency that is in charge with collecting US persons data, and all they have to do is go knock on doors and they get it. NSA does not have that authority.

    • Just heard the part about doing all the work when another person is down. Very very noteworthy. That is why getting hurt in the “real world” is something reaaaaaally bad. My wife does not have the strength, time or fortitude to do heavy lifting outside in the middle of summer, whilst cooking and taking care of the million of small things. In fact she does so much of the daily small scale stuff that she effectively IS the household. Couldn’t be a better reason why community isn’t just a nicety, its a requirement.

      Once we have a child (or two) this situation is going to be much more intense. The pace that things are evolving here, I already think are a tad slow for me, but they’re going to creep along even more.

      We have a friend who is a full time super small scale farmer, and he has a wife who doesn’t work, with 2 kids. If he didn’t have the more or less “free” help he has he wouldn’t come close to “making it”. The man has no time for anything. Should he be doing smarter things, and including more permaculture to make it easier? Yeah. But that takes time away from the daily required stuff, and usually years of commitment with zero return. (Think trees).

    • Besides, Canada is part of the five eyes or whatever that all share information (along with Australia, Britian, and New Zealand) anyways. If I remember, as a funny side note, that when this leaked out by Edward Snowden, that some other country had “its panties in a wad” over not being part of the five eyes.

    • He said “self replicating robots”, show me that please. Doesn’t exist and if you have read sci fi at all, count your blessings. Using one 3d printer to make another doesn’t make it self replicating either.

      Tech doing the work and people kicking back is an old Marx promise, ain’t going to happen.

      Yes a small number of people have the largest amount of total money. It doesn’t matter they are NOT going to give it up, they are in charge and there is NO POLITICAL SOLUTION TO IT. The class warfare never really targets the supposed 1%, it targets the top 10% that bust their ass in the name of targeting the 1%.

      This is all very old, sadly many of our youth think these ideas are new today.

    • @Jack
      I find myself saying this all the time now. I personally don’t feel that compelled to jump up and down over people “taking from the system and not putting in”. (Classic “republican” move to get you to hate your neighbors). However, I say that whats going on is people are taking from people whom own robots/factories.

      Yeah sure plenty of people are just “kickin’ it” and living the “communist dream” (usually a pretty sad existence) by living off technology. Turns out, they don’t own it, and they’re taking real goods from people whom produce them. (Taking in the sense that in some combination taxpayers fund the “wealth transfers” and that backing money is actually highly distorted and worthless and those physical goods are worth more than what people pay for them).

      Its real simple. Capital is extracted from the working force via the Federal Reserve system. The manipulation of the currency and interest rates is used to remove the need for real capital formation, in exchange for unbacked debt to purchase real goods. (Of which you’d have to be at the top to get access to that). But then again our “money” is a exponentially growing debt bomb anyways.

      • To me the money itself is the problem. The whole system is designed for control, period. Paying people to not work doesn’t work in any system, it isn’t possible in many systems but it can be done in this one. As such as you say those “on the dole” are living a pretty sad existence.

        I do think things like bitcoin and more and newer ways to privately trade value for value you change a lot. I started watching that movie “Will Work for Free” linked to here, I will watch the rest when I have time. It is linked to the Zeitgeist people and hence as always is a mix of real truth, misatributions, solid conclusions and delusional utopian nonsense.

        What no one ever seems to get in these utopian pay everyone to do nothing ideologies is simple, they have no idea where intrinsic worth comes from, mostly it is the DIRT, the SOIL, TERRA FERMA, the EARTH. You can automate a lot but not care of the earth and you can’t automate people care either. People need things to do that are productive and valuable to be happy, healthy and fully realized humans.

        I have seen what life on welfare looks like, it isn’t pretty and it isn’t fulfilling. Frankly to quote a famous phrase, “Its a Trap!”

        • Now…, why couldn’t you have talked like this in the actual show instead of the “moron,” “idiot,” “stupid” name calling that teaches nothing and builds/reinforces bigotry. Those rants against the Rolling Stone author were incomprehensible because you weren’t teaching but having a blow out. The only thing that struck home for me was the wonderful admonition to not lump small and medium enterprises with trans-national, global, brutal, monopolistic enterprises, something I know but often fail to make clear in my own communication.

          The hunting and 3 sisters stuff were suberb.

          Sometimes an extra hand or two are essential/efficient to some tasks and/or safety, so, yeah, if you’re a committed single, neighbors, and community are the only reasonable way, so your advice to formalize the start of those relationship, if you have trouble asking for help when needs arise, was excellent and wise.

        • Because a moron is a moron, period. For shit sake Ron if you don’t like what I do, you know the solution.

        • @Jack
          HAH. Man I find myself saying “Its a trap” in ackbars voice nearly everyday. I agree regarding wealth, and also you definitely cannot automate care for the earth. That much is quite obvious.

        • Jack, get the fuck out of here man! Insulting those who desire and strive towards real change is going to get your ass fired! Every time this stuff comes up you call it utopian, and call those helping the cause losers and retards. Get a clue man! You have never watched or absorbed the whole RBE ideal or the science behind it. I know this because you talk about it like any other person who has none of the science, psychology, sociology, or philosophy on the subject. Even classically combining it with Marx… Dummy! You lack the education, so shut the hell up about your OPINIONS (non-educated feelings) on the elimination of money and forwarding of robotic advancement for the betterment of the human experience. You sound like another punk ass who went to college, believed everything they told you about economics, then completely stopped educating yourself after graduation. Putz!

          As I have said and you denounced; get Peter Joesph on the show! He will come even if its skype… Learn something boy! And roll with the changes!

          There, how does it feel to be insulted you retard…loser….ignoramus! Fat ass turd of the desert!

        • LMAO, yes I told you no way I am going to help a communist further their agenda. As for how does it feel to be insulted by you, it feels great because I don’t get all butt hurt when someone doesn’t like me, specifically if they don’t effect my life.

          Again if you don’t like what I do, the solution is simple. I don’t worry about losing listeners, I worry about attracting those that what what I have and like what I do. It has been that way since 2008 and we seem to be doing just fine with it. Thanks for going off like a moron about defending Marxists and utopian pipe dreams! It gave me a great laugh! Made my whole day, really! Still grinning and chuckling now.

        • Oh and I find this hilarious,

          “Insulting those who desire and strive towards real change is going to get your ass fired!”

          See when you grow up, put on big boy pants and build a business from the ground up no one can fire you. Do you not comprehend this? Who exactly is going to fire me? Exactly who are you going to complain to about me?

          Geeze no wonder you guys are bitter about economics, capitalism, business, etc.

          Still laughing brother, thanks!

        • No, I am certain you won’t invite him because you couldn’t stand to have someone on the show who is ten fold your intelligence, and threatens to change your views.

          I’m having a good laugh as well, thanks for letting me cuss and not banning me… it was definitely a purposeful exception to my standard persona.

          And hey, I’m not sorry I get butt hurt when people try to tell me 1+1=3, some of us call it honor. And some of us are more than willing to stand up for what is RIGHT, no matter the personal pain it may bring. Its about the next generation, not me.

        • You sir are a sad little bitter person. I suggest you go enjoy your fake utopia in your dreams, that is the only place it will ever exist. I have watched all the Zeitgeist stuff, don’t assume you know things you don’t. No go soak your butt in a cool bath or something and let me get back to work. If you think you can do a better job then me, go prove it. Otherwise you can bitch but no one is going to care.

        • “You lie!” Then I threw a shoe at you. Go back to work, comments can sit here and never be answered back. Its easy. Stop making excuses for not getting your work done.

          If you watched those films, read the companion guide and followed the citations, keep up with Fresco, and know Fuller yet still can’t grasp it, then you sir are too incompetent to participate in that society. Maybe that is why you dislike it so much?

          And uh, I have no desire to have a podcast. You definitely do it better than I would…? See that is how an RBE works, go where you are the best. Not forced into invisible slavery as most are today and would continue to be in your dreams; doing nothing that fits their desires, just trying to keep afloat in the caged pool of poo built for them…

          Go back to work! Ignore those who displease you! You just keep building a world that revolves around your ideals, screw the rest of the planet and whats best for its future… Stop reading already…

        • My God you either have inhaled to many fumes in your garage today or are way deep into the wacky tabacy! A nonsensical rant if I ever heard one! There are plenty of flat wrong quotes in Zeitgeist and plenty of misattribution, how many did you find by the way? Hell the quote of Wilson supposedly from his memoirs lamenting the creation of the federal reserve was from a CAMPAIGN SPEECH IN 1910!

          Let me ask you why you think you have any right to tell me stupid shit like “get back to work” or to tell me I am making excuses for not getting my work done? Seriously who do you think you are? Do you not comprehend business ownership at all, I guess not, you think everyone should own everything right? Here is a test of that, go put all that you own in pile and offer it to any that will join you, let me know how it works out.

          Francis this has been fun and all but yes I do have work to do. You have ranted enough on this one, you are not taking the entire thing down the path of wasted time and ideas so you are now done with this one.

        • hmm.

          Well, I DO have a pretty good grasp of Fuller.. and IMO, theoretical technocracies have the same problem that theoretical libertarian or anarchist societies do..

          the human race doesn’t have the maturity to live in them.

          ‘common sense’, ‘selflessness’ (concern for the good of the whole, as well as for oneself), and respect for the rights of EVERYONE, are VERY unevenly distributed throughout the world population.

          and without them, the only ‘utopia’ possible.. is a brutal dictatorship.

          (I just returned from a country in the ‘3rd world’ that I last visited ten years ago. The people of that country (not a ‘western oppressor’) have in ten years DESTROYED almost all of its natural beauty, and significantly damaged the natural environment. They have absolutely no problem with cutting down every tree, catching every fish, covering every square inch of land with garbage, and dumping toxic waste into their water. Are they ready for utopian ‘self government’? Travel.. its enlightening.)

        • @Insidious
          I actually kind of disagree (If i could call it that), from my perspective of anarchism. I believe the real world is ACTUALLY anarchy already. Governments are organizations and fixations of people. They only exist by philosophical boxing (all organizations are). Do we call a couple of guys who call themselves taliban standing on a bridge demanding payment to cross government? Most people wouldn’t but I can tell you it goes on in this country as well (see government toll booth).

          I personally think anybody who thinks that an anarchist society is “utopian” (as in everybody is smiling and reaching their best self) is absolute nonsense. Its not even something to “strive for”. Not realistic. In an anarchist society you’d still have to deal with people whom you don’t like, don’t see eye to eye with, and it may require force.

        • @Mike (wrong reply level) –

          Are the guys standing on the bridge government?
          – they have made a claim of ownership to a piece of land
          – if you dispute their claim, they will use force to assert their claim
          – they are collecting ‘use fees’ for ‘their’ piece of land

          Yes. By every definition they are a ‘government’.

          Which is why I like to think of ‘governments’ as crime families.. it keeps my thinking straight. (this is our neighborhood, if you don’t like it, we’ll bust your knee caps.. you owe us $x a month for keeping you safe)


          By definition the ‘legitimate government’ of an area is the strongest (by force) one. The one most able to defend its claim of ownership. Another group almost equally strong are the ‘rebels’.. a much weaker group is termed ‘criminals’.

          anarchy = utopia
          not my idea of a utopia, but anarchists think anarchy would be a ‘perfect world’.. therefore it is their idea of ‘utopia’. any such subject is ‘opinion’.. as it has to do with preference, not big R reality. Saying ‘system X can never work’ is opinion.. stating ‘I am not consciously aware of any historical instances of system X working’ is a statement of fact.

        • @Insidious, I don’t think many anarchists at all think anarchy=utopia, more accurately I think most anarchists think that anarchy would give us the best opportunity to work though and solve the problems that always have and always will be with us.

          Do I think that, the honest answer is I don’t know. As a minarchist I think some sort of protection of liberty is necessary by a third party that can’t be bought and treats all equally.

          Where the anarchists always best me in the debate though is pointing out

          1. The government doesn’t protect liberty or treat everyone equally


          2. Even if you really restrict a government they will use the limited power they have to grow their power over time, and the proof is that they always have.

          I can argue point one pretty well, because you can make a case that a small highly restricted government might do a better job of protection of rights then a third party for hire. But point two, I have absolutely no counter argument for.

        • @Insidious
          I loved the response.
          I laughed at the taliban response. EXACTLY MY POINT.

          Government = force, GENERALLY at the behest of somebody else (whos controlling the force). Why they do what they do is completely all over the place.
          Where I agree with how “the founders” thought of it, the only conceivable just government is one that YOU create and ordain. (You’ve instituted and it follows what you say).

          It has never made any sense to me that one should pay taxes, and pay the paychecks of people whom would seek to harm you if you did something they didn’t quite like. That would be like me paying for body guards and them attacking me. What kind of fucked up service is that! You’re paying for the whole legal system to see whether or not you’re guilty of a crime. Paying for it… You’re not only paying in taxes, but you’re paying in COURT FEES. HAHAHAHA oh the irony.

          All of your logical statements regarding anarchy are factual. Its one reason why I might even say “i’m not even an anarchist”. I’m a “nothing”. I don’t believe in utopias, only reality (countless perspectives and countless people engaging in any level of action about those perspectives).

          Maybe voluntarist is the appropriate “label” for myself. It seems to me society has worked best when people want to work together.

        • @Francis & Jack,

          Well, not being in the middle and only the original instigator this has been entertaining. It’s like watching two roosters who have been in furious battle, strut at each other trying to deny their respective wounds. I don’t believe for one minute that either of you, in spite of your laugh and mock attitudes, have not been stung. Being disrespected, or feeling that you have been, always stings.

          Francis, you and I hang around here because we’ve learned or found re-enforcement from Jack about both valuable facts and valuable thoughts, or maybe that’s just me. I can’t speak for you. I value it, however, and have been stung myself by the fact that even though I go out of my way to praise Jack when I find his thoughts praiseworthy, he never acknowledged that, but slings a bullet at me when I disagree. What are you gonna do?

          Jack, Thanks ever so much for your “debate” link above. This Zeitgeist thing was vaguely familiar to me but I didn’t understand it. The debate proved to me that no debate can function well with out a good moderator, but I still got a lot out of it. As far as who spanked who, it was a wash, IMO. Stefan was definitely a somewhat better rhetorician and more accomplished bully, and Peter held the edge in intellectually honest focus. At least 5 times during the “debate” Peter spent sometimes too much time setting up his argument and was just ready to launch into the pay-off, while I’m saying to myself, “bring it home, brother,” when Stefan would cut him off with another extraneous bit of “common market sense.” Very frustrating.

          For those who opened the link and were dismayed at the nearly 2 hr. length, the last 20-25 minutes, where each of them did closing minutes without interruption, would be a good way to get a good flavor of the whole thing.

        • I guess this is why people like you and Ron get so butt hurt about shit? You really think I am hurt or whatever, seriously? I mean how the hell do teacups like you guys function. Do you really think anyone can do what I do and get “hurt” because one person says you should fuck off or calls you stupid or some other dumb ass shit?

          I mean God do you not understand that I get a good two dozen hate emails a day? I mean for shit sake, really,

          “Being disrespected, or feeling that you have been, always stings.”

          Not it really doesn’t unless you are a weak minded individual. Now it does if the person really matters to you. Like a long term friend or something. Someone you have an actual connection with but a guy like Francis who only opens his mouth to bitch and really thinks he has a fucking right to demand yes DEMAND that I take a specific guest, man if that “stung” frankly I would be totally F’d!

          Let me put it this way Ron, you bitch a lot but I do sort of like you. I find some of what you say quite useful and valuable. You wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you called me a name or told me to fuck off and you even actually sort of matter to me. So what chance does Francis have?

          See I think this proves what I say about a generation of T-Cups raising a generation of China Plates!

          Help me out here Ron, why would you give a shit about some random person cussing or insulting you in a stupid blog comment? I mean really? This actually “hurts”? Help me out bro, how and why?

          I am being serious because I don’t get it. I’ve seen it in the real world too, I tell someone WHO ASKS, I don’t like their idea and it won’t work in my opinion I mean like business stuff. They are hurt, yea I have even seen people cry. I told a woman who worked for me one time that she used the word virtually to often and inappropriately in her sale pitch. She got upset and even shed a tear or ten! This was an accomplished saleswoman who did over a million a year in sales with ten years of solid experience.

          I mean if anyone is actually wounded over some shit like that, I don’t get it. But hell that lady did work for me, I guess I could have fired her, though I never would have. But really “hurt” or “stung” over a strangers opinion of you, much less a stranger that doesn’t effect your life.

          I mean I am HONESTLY ASKING because I want to understand the dynamic that has crippled our people to this level.

          I used to think may be it was my aspergers that gave me some sort of lack of empathy, I know I did struggle with learning to be more empathic but damn, on some levels people are just fricken wimps anymore!

          Now don’t get hurt of stung over this Ron, none of it applied directly to you, I am just asking you an honest question how the hell can a person who doesn’t effect your life hurt you with their opinion about you or your ideas?

        • Man, most of you are just way out of line, Jack in particular this time. Assumptions are a killer. I can’t possibly spend the time it would require to clarify all these misinterpretations and blanket assertions.

          Even if I did, no one would read the words anyway, that is how it works on these sections. It is a great division tool that I have been sucked into many times, but not this time.

          I will not stop listening, but this is as bad as Brink of Freedom turned out to be, and this isn’t even a forum for long debates!

          Me, a tea cup… Comedy! If you only knew my story…

          Like it or not, we all agree more than not; or we wouldn’t be here right now.

        • Jack,

          From one of my most favorite authors and thinkers: “When people do not respect us we are sharply offended; yet in his private heart no man much respects himself.” –Mark Twain

          You wrote, “I am just asking you an honest question how the hell can a person who doesn’t effect your life hurt you with their opinion about you or your ideas?”

          I don’t know shit from Shinola about aspergers. Perhaps it protects you from slings and arrows, but whether it does or not, however we meet one another, untempered slings and arrows do sting most of us. When we interact it’s important to us or we wouldn’t take the time. When met with revulsion we pull back or attack back, so at that time at least, the other does effect your life.

          I like you as well, Jack. Those of us who chose to attempt significant communication find it a constant stuggle, you perhaps less so than most of us. You and I don’t know each other well enough for more than liking, and thus as you say, it’s not that important, as separated as we are. More important is the effect that we have on those we come in contact with, however trivially, and vica versa, a permaculture, nature web principal. I am in true awe of your talents both intellectually and otherwise, their productivity, work, drive and, in most instances, humanity. My goal in interacting with you here at TCP is to try to aid you in making the best use of your talents, because those talents could have a tremendous impact on understandings that are in very short supply in America. The understandings that I refer to concern the absolutely crucial role of land management as it relates to agriculture and ecology in a very complex modern economy. The vast bulk of America is agriculture illiterate in the extreme, and until we can change that, other changes that we might want to make won’t be rooted properly. You can help more in that education than most anyone else that I know of.

          Let me tell you an amusing story from my childhood. When I was about 12 my father was looking for a way to enclose the steer yard and found a way to do it with almost no direct expenditure. It proved to be not Pa’s finest hour or best decision ,and we all knew it eventually, including him. Here’s what happened. He found a sawmill owner and logger who would trade him rough sawn 1×6 pine lumber for 3 or 4 solid, what we called wild cherry main tree logs. We burned a lot of the smaller stuff from these trees in our very inefficient wood or coal burning central furnace. So for the cost of nails and a few steel fence posts we could build gates to surround the cattle yard. The actual building of the gates fell to my brother and me. We spent the better part of the winter cutting and nailing the 1/6’s together into about 2 dozen, 12ft long gates that were bitch heavy and very rough.

          When the logger showed up with his load of lumber to drop off and pick up his cherry logs, It was obvious from the get-go that he had a fiery temper. Why was it obvious? Because every knuckle on both his hands was covered with 1/4 to 1/2” thick, horny calluses. When a log would frustrate him he would haul off and punch it before working out the problem. It was monster creepy. It turned out that his pine lumber was so green that much of it was still weeping. But Pa was not about to back out on a deal with this character, so for 15 years we had to live with a steer yard surrounded by a gated fence that looked like it was built out of rectangular pretzels and demanded periodic baling wire fixes to keep it from falling apart.

          The moral to this story is that blowing off steam by punching out immovable objects just damages you, however satisfying it might feel at the moment to hurt yourself and imagine you are hurting something that can’t feel hurt. It’s the same with people. Permaculture, if I get it right, however much initial and ongoing truly creative destruction is involved in practicing it, is essentially a nurturing enterprise, is it not? Strength is good, but so is nurturing. When Jack Spirko allows himself the indulgence, particularly in political rants, of blowing off and punching out wimpy progressives, libtards, morons and stupid folks of all dimensions, he only hurts himself and his influence, and turns these folks into immovable objects. They are folks that might be likely to become his allies in Earth nurturing, if he doesn’t blow them off, drive them away, and thus fail to educate to a crucial need. I know that it is a fine line that all of us cross. Keep looking for it, and pull yourself up when tempted to cross it, and all of us of good will, will attempt the same.

          I see you pulling back right-wingers from the brink of idiocy all the time. I think that you are capable of doing the same with left-wingers, if you can get them to stick around, by tempering the level of insult when politics and society are the subjects. While perhaps you are right that we are a nation of wimps and T-cups, whatever they are, I would caution that no strength in either direction ever came from insult. What results from insult is simply slavery. While this might not be the most prudent business choice in terms of immediate $$$ return, immediate $$$ return is a whole lot of what got us into this mess in the first place. You’ve done so well, that you can afford, I suspect, to lose a few hard line idiologs, in favor of building a broader, more comprehensive audience, and extending your influence for the longer haul.

          Two little pieces of unfinished business and then I’m done. I was wrong in using the word, “militant,” about you earlier, and I apologize. I didn’t know or understand you well enough.

          I hope I haven’t infuriated you, but suspect that is of less importance to you than it might be to me. Slings and arrows do sting me, so please practice a little gentility, friend.

        • Not at all you have not infuriated me but I still don’t get how anyone is harmed emotionally or otherwise by the opinion of someone who has no effect on their lives. Now you did say this, and you won’t like my answer.

          “I see you pulling back right-wingers from the brink of idiocy all the time. I think that you are capable of doing the same with left-wingers”

          You may think I am but I don’t, here is why. Most left wingers are lead by emotion not logic. It is very hard to convince anyone with a rational argument to an emotional issue. Liberalism is all about how you “feel things should be”. The only way I can reach a liberal is when they give up on the system they trust.

          Conservatives I can often reach because I can use their own logic to reach them. I can do this with just about any issue that you would call socially liberal.

          See conservatives say they want smaller less intrusive government. Sooooooo, when they want to legislate that, I just point that very fact out to them.

          While I agree with “liberals” on many things most liberals worship at the foot of government. Add to this they want to regulate things into the way they think they should be and it is a hard conversation to have.

          The path to conscious freedom is usually these two

          Conservatives generally become libertarian/minarchists seems to make sense!

          Yet liberals tend to become anarchists. Very few liberals ever become conservatives or libertarians. When they do become libertarians they become “left libertarians” and they can never answer the question of how do you get people to support your ideas about wealth redistribution with out leaving the no aggression principle. Hence they are “false libertarians”.

          Show me a former liberal and more often then not I will show you a current anarchist.

        • @Jack who wrote, “…I still don’t get how anyone is harmed emotionally or otherwise by the opinion of someone who has no effect on their lives.”

          Because I’m not face to face with you doesn’t mean you don’t effect me and perhaps I, you. Wasn’t it the Bard who wrote something like, “If you prick me, do I not bleed?” I don’t doubt that you must have or have developed a thick skin to criticism, but really I don’t buy into your complete indifference to pricks, so to speak. Your impassioned and caustic responses to critiques belie such a conclusion, unless those responses are simply calculated personna building, in which case you must be a sociopath. I don’t believe for one second that you are, and that you don’t bleed just a little at least. I can’t answer that question any better than that.

          This may turn out to be a disaster but I’m going to quote you and then quote you again with some changes to maybe make a point or two.

          Jack: Most left wingers are lead by emotion not logic. It is very hard to convince anyone with a rational argument to an emotional issue. Liberalism is all about how you “feel things should be”. The only way I can reach a liberal is when they give up on the system they trust.

          Ron: Most right wingers are lead by self interest not logic. It is very hard to convince anyone with a rational argument that self interest is not the whole of life. Conservatism is all about what you “feel you have a Right to”. The only way I can reach a conservative is when they trip over their own self interest.

          Jack: While I agree with “liberals” on many things most liberals worship at the foot of government. Add to this they want to regulate things into the way they think they should be and it is a hard conversation to have.

          Ron: While I agree with “conservatives” on many things most conservatives worship at the foot of Exxon/Monsanto/Chase Bank. Add to this they want to un-regulate things into the way they think they had it during the Great Communicator or 2007 and it is a hard conversation to grok, knowing what has gone down since then.

          The point to this exercise is that logic and rational debate are a small part of either of these characterizations, and emotion rules when folks are stuffed into two categories. The stuffer is always prone to error, based on his/her very own logic AND emotions.

          To borrow a page from Joel Salatin: I am a radical, populist, progressive, libertarian, situational, social, Christian. Notice that I didn’t claim liberal. liberal is too close to neoliberal anymore. Depending on what I learn/experience/think about between now and then, that may change in order or part tomorrow. Human beings are never as simple as our thoughts and beliefs demand. But you can talk to me. Why not others that you have convinced yourself are hopeless because of your categories?

        • Ron I am tired of trying to teach pig to sing. While I can certainly show you that libs worship government it is government that worships at the foot of Monsanto and Exxon, etc, not conservative voters. The same government liberals trust.

        • Oh and if you label yourself a progressive and a populist you might as well just add socialist and statist to it.

        • Jack,

          Since we are talking in circles at each other about things that we could probably sort out a lot better around the coke machine at the filing station after the chores are done on a bitter cold winter’s day, it’s definitely time to give it a rest, and get something else done.

          This socialist, statist pig wants to go sing, and your toil is over for the moment. But just for the moment. (grin)

          Your show, your soapbox. Please take the pleasure of the last dig and laugh with no rejoinders, or… don’t, which may be a tastier pleasure?

        • FTR I never called you a pig, I referred to a quote, the pig is a representation of something that can’t be taught to sing. It is about as hard to teach a pig to sing as it is to teach a liberal that government is bad. It is a saying, noting more.

          Next I didn’t technically call you a socialist or a statist, I said if you are going to call yourself a populist and a progressive you might as well toss in socialist and statist because buddy that is what populist progressivism is.

  10. Jack I would like to add to a comment you made about Deutche bank, for clarity. The article (which I’m not fact-checking, I presume it is accurate) says that DB has a $70T exposure to derivative (60:1). You said that means their asset:liab ratio is 60:1. I’m sure you only misspoke but it would probably confuse people.

    What that article means is that the ratio of “real” assets (cash, etc) to financial derivatives (funded with debt) is 60:1. The reason that’s scary is those derivatives could drop in value significantly and quickly AND we can expect that to happen at some point (that is the financial collapse everyone is waiting for). When that happens, the underlying debt doesn’t go away. They “lose” some huge portion of that 70T in assets but the corresponding liability balance remains.

    So lets say they had 70T of asset and a corresponding 70T in liabilities (thats what they mean when they say “leveraged” 60:1). Those assets drop 80%, leaving 14T of assets to back 70T in debt. That gap can never be covered* which leads to bankruptcy.

    *Actually, it CAN and WILL be covered through inflation and tax-funded bailouts. Taxes collected at the point of the sword (remember the quote from the 3rd Cen Roman leader you mentioned?). So DB will get all these profits and when it falls apart they will use their enforcement arm (the government) to collect the shortfall from the populace. This is the function of a corrupt monetary monopoly.

    Anyway I thought that clarity might be appreciated.

    Thanks for the show.

    • “ratio of “real” assets (cash, etc) to financial derivatives (funded with debt) is 60:1″

      That is stated backwards, lol. Derivatives:Cash is 60:1. Point remains.

      • That’s a good point. I mean I was reading earlier about the holy Paul Krugman talking about how the Nordic countries government debt is troubling. (Needless to say i was blown away this clown is now taking this OPPOSITE position…). In that article the politicians in those countries stated that if bad things happened individuals could use pension funds and equity.

        Yeah if we lived in a world where no assets decline in value. (A commenter pointed out rightly that equity can only be extracted for debt loans, rather than as cash, or paying down mortgage debt. You can’t pay mortgage debt with equity).

        Point being that solvency of these companies requires that their non-cash assets have values, but if their assets are derivatives, with unknowable extensive counter-party risk.. uhm yeah. Its like the question of “who has the gold”. Some people believe/state that if shit hits the fan, the gold that is currently used as collateral we could see a situation where people say “I want to see the assets” or “I want the physical gold as collateral” because paper gold fails to materialize as a real collateral. (Gold hypothication).

  11. Im good with a 2 hr show. Keep them two hours and you may have to say 9.15 cents an episode.

  12. Jack I’ve lived in Washington State since my father was stationed here in ’96, when I was 6 years old. I’ve got typical, although health conscious, sub-urban American parents who neither drink more than a glass of wine at a time, or consume any type of drug.

    I played lacrosse religously from age 10-18, and by my senior year of highschool my joints had taken a beating. I was recruited by the Naval Academy to play, luckily for me this was the same year I tried cannabis for the first time.

    Not only did the medicanal effects do wonders for my joints, but the culture behind the plant opened my eyes and I began to “unplug from the matrix”. I started to see evil in our governemnt, specifically the military. I turned down the Naval Academy, to my fathers dismay, but still managed to graduate high school with a good enough gpa to get into our local state universty. Yay…

    In college I joined a frat, and got involved in medical marijuana and the corresponding market.

    Long story short, I dropped out of college to avoid further loans, started a delivery service of sorts, and found your podcast while driving.

    Since then I’ve bought 20acres of timber, completed my Geoff Lawton pdc, built a 3000sqft house, expanded my business, built food security as well as securing the majority of you suggested preps.

    All while medicated.

    I know that the plant affects me in a way much different than most, but thats hard to say since the majority of the people using cannabis are stupid/criminal, or at least thats how the majority see it. Most hard working, legitimate Americans avoid it for the legal and social implications.

    However for me its just another beneficial plant in my polyculture. I rarely smoke anymore, I concentrate the essential oils, a valuable skill for all herbs, and bake with it. My pigs love all the extra vegetation, and its a beautiful insectory plant as well as a dynamic accumulator that produces an abundance of organic matter.

    So when you say stupid pothead, I think stupid guy who then, by default, smokes pot. And I hope that stereotype changes as people wake up.

    Love everything you do Jack, you have changed my life in every way imaginable, just sharing my perspecive bias.

    • Very insightful, imo. In my state this activity is illegal so of course I’ve never tried the stuff, but hypothetically I might suggest that others have had a similar experience:

      “Not only did the medicanal effects do wonders for my joints, but the culture behind the plant opened my eyes and I began to “unplug from the matrix”. I started to see evil in our governemnt, specifically the military.”

      I did finish college. I have an undergraduate degree (BS) in Computer Science. I am an accomplished software developer. I currently support a framework, the core of which I wrote over 10 years ago, which now is used as a configurable corporate standard to build very large marketing databases for some of the largest and most well known brands in the world. We used to hand-code everything from scratch. Now we configure data layouts, database update rules, etc. and the framwork “handles it” under the hood. These are huge contracts.

      I later earned a Master of Accountancy and am a CPA. I don’t do that for a living now. I make more as a software developer. I also now have a permaculture farm I’m building as well as a (so far) successful new company in another area. I don’t think anyone could suggest I’m a “stupid pothead”. Especially since I’ve never even tried the stuff. 😉

      However, for some, it helps to make different types of connections. Different realizations. Not just some trip that happens during, but a rational, long-standing perspective which persists. Some might suggest it aids in fat loss, appetite control and post-workout “pump” (e.g. Some might suspect it increases the potency of a heavy workout).

      More important than that, some might suggest it has helped increase empathy, presence of mind and a better ability to remain aware of ones owns thoughts and emotions. What some practitioners of meditation refer to as “walking meditation.” For some, it provides an alternative perspective to increase understanding of complex systems. Seeing things a different way. Some might credit it with helping develop the correct perspective to “unplug” from the matrix more easily and see things more clearly, undoing the effects of the mass-media brainwashing. For some it has aided in building better relationships with coworkers, strangers and spouse. Possibly even recently saving a 15 year marraige. Stress management, and on and on.

      To say it has been a valuable herbal supplement is an understatement, for some. To commit or support violence against a “user” is beyond immoral.

      I agree its typical that “stupid people” are more likely to break the law and therefore smoke pot within a culture in which its illegal. And b/c of that it gets a bad rap. More people should understand. Humanity would benefit. Which is probably why its illegal.

    • PP we could take this somewhere else, but I’m interested in your comment about essential oils. Is there a place we could discuss that?

      • Likely there are discussions on it in the forum, try the search box there or start a thread on it.

  13. Single homesteading is a challenge for me. I heat with wood, so I have to process about four cords a year (kindling included extra).

    I have eighteen square foot beds, plus three 3×16 beds. I am partially off grid, so I have to manage power use as well. I live on 3.5 acres. I am fifty, so it is alot of work and yes, the days are long, especially during harvest. So far, I have been able to do it alone. What I have done recently, as Jack suggests is barter labour. I have a co-worker as a friend who is much younger than I and is getting into gardening with his wife. So I have some large trees that need to be taken down, and in return, I am starting some seedlings for them this spring. The other thing to do is to really manage your time. As Jack say’s, stack your functions. On the plus side, you can make decisions unilaterally, no negotiation needed with significant other. As the Nike motto says. “Just do it”

  14. Oh, and I have two greenhouses. 8×10 and a 12×16. I would say my life is nuts from Mid Feb to Mid June. It then quiets down, and then I switch to other tasks. And then it picks up again in late August and is nuts until early November. There is little time for TV. Winter is spent reading and reviewing my lifestyle as to where efficiencies can be made. But I don’t have children and have been divorced/single for ten years, so my energies are pretty will focused at this point in my life as to what I need to do. It’s funny how you get older, you may slow down a bit, but you really do learn to work smarter.

  15. I also live on a seasonal road which turns to complete mud from March 15th to May 1st. So I usually go into squirrel mode in September/October and each trip into town or on my way home from work I stop at the grocery stores and fill the RAV4 to the gills with supplies for the winter. I constantly scour the stores for deals on everyday items. As a single person, you cannot rest for very long, my true downtime is usually this time of year. A diary is important, I break my major tasks down by season/quarter, I put them into Outlook with reminders. Such as “Top up batteries with water”, “Make kindling”, “Change snowblower oil”. Technology can assist a great deal here. The gardening is the gateway to relationships with both sexes; guys like hot peppers, woman usually dig a guy who can grow stuff. I bring in excess produce into work and it is a guaranteed conversation starter, and it all flows from there..

  16. I will be hopping on the forum and if anyone has any questions, we can start a thread over there…

  17. Re: The solution to economic collapse for millennials?

    What happens when revisionism history is taught in school.

    Dear Mr.(?) Jesse A. Myerson, Go exhume Mr. Satlin, Mr . Adolph Hitler and appologize for plagiarizing their speeches. Your ideas were stolen from their playbooks.

  18. I have a different point of view regarding how schools are reacting to toy guns etc. This is not about an irrational fear of guns or gun violence, and there is nothing stupid about what they are doing. If you want to change a culture, you start with the kids. I believe their goal is to eliminate gun play. They want to have as many kids as possible grow up fearful of guns. If they never pretend to have a gun, never own a toy gun, they won’t want to own a real gun. Which explanation is more likely? They are so stupid they think making Hunter change how he signs his name will reduce gun violence or they just want the kids to grow up afraid of even making a gun shape with their hand, much less using a real gun.

    In my town, and many others I believe, they have mostly outlawed toy guns. It is illegal for a minor to posses any gun. Rubber band gun, illegal, plastic dart gun, illegal, nerf gun, illegal. Any gun that fires any missle or projectile via any means of propulsion. Spring power, compressed air etc. All those guns are also illegal to fire anywhere by anyone except on a gun range. Why would they make a nerf gun illegal? It looks to me as though they hope to raise a generation of kids without guns and gun play. When these kids are a majority of the population it will be much easier to eliminate our gun rights. Check and see if your town or city has criminalized toy guns. When you put these two together and look at the bigger picture, it stops looking like idiot school officials doing stupid things.

  19. Uh Oh!!! The unicorns have landed at TSP and the Rainbow Based Economics crew is spreading the manure!

  20. Just got done listening to episode 1278 from 13 Jan, good one, I enjoyed it and it was hard not to have some road rage on the way to work as I thought about the governor of Washington State and pop-tart guns!

  21. Hey Jack,

    Love the show, catching the last 45 minutes just now. I heard the comment regarding Peter Schiff and not hiring or taking on Americans as new clients.

    Little point of clarification: Peter Schiff is hiring folks domestically for both Europac and his new venture, which is his bank. He is looking for folks that want to move out of the country for the bank. He’s not taking on any Americans as clients for the bank due to US regulations. However, as far as I know Europac investments is still taking on American customers. For example, I rolled my mom’s 401k over to Europac a couple years back. So I just wanted listeners to know that they can work for Peter, and they can work with his team to help them invest and diversify.

    Thanks Jack,


  22. I would LOVE to hear an episode on hunting without a gun! I have been listening to the show for a while now and have never been intrigued by a topic more the section on hunting!

  23. I continue to be amazed by how I get mostly blank stares back from Preppers on the subject of banning toy guns. With all the damage the progressives have been able to do by taking control of our schools, I would think more people would be able to see where this is headed. It may take 30 years, but if you control the minds of the children, you will control society. Goodby gun rights.

    • I remember when smoking bans in restaurants first became popular. Those opposed to the ban said that one day smokers would be banned from outdoor events such as ball games and even restricted in their own homes! I laughed but I’m not laughing now. It’s come true because the anti-smoking lobby was patient and persistent.

      While I don’t lament the loss of smoking in restaurants and planes it goes to a more fundamental problem with lawmaking. It is easier to organize a small group to push a law through than it is to organize a larger group to oppose it or to switch the law back once it is changed… especially if it has a few points in its favor. It’s too easy to demagogue.

      Here are a few examples:

      1. Limiting toilet tank size BY LAW to reduce water consumption. It was a good idea at the time but it really didn’t save water. It simply made people flush twice so that over all water usage remained the same… but even though people are standing over their toilets with plungers you can’t get the law changed because the moment you try, someone will say you want to waste water and that you are evil.

      2. Prohibiting the pesticide DDT by Law. This is probably the worst of the laws because the claims that it is harmful are bogus and the benefits to using DDT are enormous. But it is still prohibited because if you try to change the laws they accuse you of wanting to kill baby seals and California condor. Even though using DDT will make a farmer’s life safer, and it would save the lives of millions of Africans in Africa. Apparently once Europeans and Americans were saved from malaria they didn’t care any more and banned it. I suspect population control advocates and a bit of racism.

      3. Global Cooling/Global Warming. I’ve been hearing this noise since I was a kid. Apparently it concerned me so much as a child that in the 6th grade I remember writing a short scifi story about the freezing of the Earth and the switching of Earth’s magnetic field. We were afraid of Global Cooling then. Now we are afraid of Global Warming. It’s like that story of Mark Twain, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arther’s Court” when he uses an eclipse to frighten the English into paying him to “bring back the Sun”…

      “I said to myself that my eclipse would be sure to save me,
      and make me the greatest man in the kingdom besides; and straightway
      my mercury went up to the top of the tube, and my solicitudes
      all vanished. I was as happy a man as there was in the world.
      I was even impatient for to-morrow to come, I so wanted to gather
      in that great triumph and be the center of all the nation’s wonder
      and reverence. Besides, in a business way it would be the making
      of me; I knew that.”

      When we pass a law, even one with good intentions that everyone agrees is a good idea, we never put a provision in the law to go back and evaluate whether the law met the goals it was supposed to achieve and if it didn’t then to repeal itself automatically. Sometimes we can’t really know the consequences of a law until it is fully implemented which is why so many Obamacare advocates tells us that we need to wait until Obamacare is fully implemented. (This is somewhat like waiting to pull the cord on the parachute because we don’t really know if ground is that hard, but I digress. :-))

      But once we find out the law is not achieving it’s goals do we repeal the law? Almost never. Instead we add on to the law to “fix it”and when that doesn’t work we “fix it” again. Then someone says “I can do it better” so we elect him but he does no better and he has a ready excuse that makes perfect sense… “No one could fix this monstrosity.” But does he repeal it? He says he will try and maybe he will try but the government inertia is usually too great for him to do anything… if he is not lying straight to our faces.

      Sorry for rambling on. You seem to have triggered a long standing complaint in me and this is what has spilled out.

      • Well… thank you for supporting my position, Ron Shook. That is exactly what I’m talking about. It is very easy to demagogue these issues as you have clearly demonstrated.

    • @ Alex Shrugged,

      While I concur with the proposition about revisiting laws to see whether they are working as intended, you sure could have picked better examples.

      1) My water saver toilet works just fine, requiring a double flush no more than twice a month. Do you flush twice when you pee? What and how much are you eating to have to double flush every time or was that a considerable exaggeration? I’ve noticed that they do require somewhat more frequent swabbing out. On the other side of the coin, I’ve never overflown a water saver toilet. It’s so sad that the dastardly government has given you such a cross to bear just so that you are forced at gunpoint to save a considerable amount of drinkable water.

      2. The DDT thingy is an out and out lie. Are you too young to know the story and have been hoodwinked by someone? DDT is a persistent bioaccumulating toxin that grows as it moves up the food chain, and is poison to nearly all living things, not just plants. It was particularly a disaster for our largest, most magnificent meat eating birds, both scavangers and predators, rendering these large bird’s eggs so fragile that their off-spring couldn’t come to term. We almost lost the American bald eagle, the national bird. Tell me how that isn’t dangerous and how it should be unleashed on America again.

      3) Climate Change. I can only repeat what I said to Jack a few weeks ago:

      …you are very careful with your disclaimers, but you can see the effect of your influence on your audience with one cackle after another about the global cooling scare in the late 50’s and 60’s. It was real and based on the best scientific evidence at the time. People were understandably freaked out because one of the discoveries of early 50’s from geological evidence was that a climate tipping point can happen with unbelievable geological speed. One of the ice ages that have been happening every 100,000 years like a clockwork cycle for nearly a million years went from interstitial (between the ice) to ice age in a human lifetime or less. Many at that time thought that we could be seeing the beginning of that.

      If you want an interesting story, look up “John Hammaker” on Wikipedia, maybe even read his book. It would be particularly interesting to you because John was a farmer, inventor, and environmental activist who jousted with Al Gore and the entire congress during the Clinton Presidency. John was a top, perhaps the top activist, for the power of rock dust to remineralize depleted soils. His influence spread world wide into the organic farming movement, and even got rock dust used as a filler in commercial bagged chemical fertilizer. He wanted to use rock dust to stave off the eminent ice age by bombing forests and fields from the air. It’s possible that he was just a few decades or a century early.

      Science didn’t stop in the 60’s, and scientific knowledge and data has grown geometrically since then, hence the current climate change warnings, which you dismiss as piddling alarmist. I don’t think that there is any doubt that of the 97 or 98% of world wide climate scientist who agree, and who research and teach current global warming, that well over 90% are following the climate science crowd. That’s common in any profession. But we simply can’t ignore the top researchers’ findings. They are following the data, modeling it in detail taking into account all other possible causes that the deniers trumpet, and finding climate change happening even quicker than they had thought it might a decade or two ago. Yes, they are alarmed for all species and ecologies.

  24. Love the show and how politically incorrect Jack is for not caring about stepping on people’s toes. But I whole heartily disagree with his view of states recruiting businesses with tax incentives and tons of freebies. Their should be fairness and equity in these matters and the way it is currently done it is not. Only the big companies get these privileges and the rest of the businesses or citizens pick up the shortfall of taxes done by these deals. Business and individuals should take pride in paying their fair share but this thought process has taken a back seat and all society cares about now is ME and ME ONLY and screw everyone else. Taxes and government are way to big but is a different topic. Our current business model is based rampant consumerism made possible by cheap and plentiful energy that is quickly coming to an end. My 2 cents thanks jack for your show


    • Disagree or agree about what states should do or not do all you want but should there be a LAW, do we need another LAW, would that help anything?

    • Jeff,

      Thanks for your input. Those two thing bothered me as well, but I had other fish to fry.


      If you have an alternative to the rule of law in circumscribing human bad behavior, please trot it out. There are lots of laws that I think overreach or are unnecessary, but blanket condemnation of law, particularly in a democracy is a pretty slippery slide. As Jeff points out, pitting state against state unfairly erodes all states’ tax bases in an exceedingly unfair manner, and thus, only the mega-corporations win like they do at the federal level. Individuals, families, communities and small businesses lose.

      • Ron arguing with a liberal statist about reducing the power of the State is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It is a waste of your time and annoys the pig.

        If you think it is wrong for state to compete with state within the State you find the constitutional republic to be wrong. Arguing with you about something that deep is like trying to teach a liberal to stop his trust in government. I would rather try my efforts with teaching a pig to sing.

      • Oh and Ron when a liberal refers to the United States as a democracy it would be necessary to have a civics lesson about the difference between a democracy and a republic with them before discussing anything with them logically.

        This nation is not supposed to be a democracy and it is NOT a democracy based on its foundational law. Democracies are disasters! This nation is by its very foundational law a republic.

        If you tell me this difference is a technicality you are even harder to talk to. It is NO TECHNICALITY.

        As long as people trust the State and deny the difference between a republic and a democracy no real dialog is possible in how things should be in the US based on the law of the land.

        I mean I personally think the constitution gives WAY TO MUCH power to the Federal government. But I am willing to discuss the constitutional role of government and accept the reality that it represents.

        I am not willing to waste my energy on debate with either those that don’t understand what a republic is and what the constitution says. Or far worse do but are okay with the current Statist take that even though we have shit on, wiped our ass with and ignored the constitution is okay.

  25. @ Alex, I’m not sure if that was a reply to me or just happened to follow my post.

    @ Joe, The problem with Global Warming is the reliability of the science. Scientists have a financial interest in finding something that needs more study. If they report “nothing here to worry about” how will they get more grants to do additional studies? They wouldn’t and they would put themselves out of a paycheck. This is a reason for skepticism, I know it doesn’t prove them wrong. Then you have the problem that all are trained by true believers. You are not likely to get a degree if you didn’t believe in global warming. Then there is the problem of self selection. How many people enter this field of study thinking everything is fine with the world. People who are predisposed to believe there is a problem, self select themselves into this field of study and already believe man is harming the earth. Then you have the problem of indirect and statistical proof. It is too expensive or impossible to do good science these days. It is a problem with drug studies as well. Computer modeling is only as good as the input. Garbage in, Garbage out. Did you know that stars do not Super Nova? I read a report about a study with computer models that showed stars don’t super nova. Every time the star in the model would collapse in on itself instead of exploding outwards. We have visual evidence that the computer model is wrong, so we dismiss the results and tinker with the garbage that is going into the model trying to get a results that matches what we see in nature. With global warming we don’t have examples to compare our computer models to. If the results match the expectations of the scientists then it “must be right”. Then you have the problem with study shopping. I watched a movie about global warming solutions. The guy was willing to accept global warming as true, but considered the proposed solutions to be ridulous. Getting rid of incandescent bulbs was supposed to slow the warming so we would reach the tipping point several minutes later than expected otherwise. Spend tremendous amounts of money for solutions that make no reasonable improvements in the warming of the planet. The movie spoke about a study about the cost of the damage pollution is doing to human health. It seems they had to shop around till they could find someone with a study that gave them the answer they wanted. The study may have been scientific, but the process that got it into the report, wasn’t. There are many many unknowns when studying a system as complex as the totality of our environment. When creating the computer model, those unknowns must be filled in with a best guess. When you are a true believer, those guesses always seem to lean towards man caused global warming. Therefore the computer models reflect that bias. It can happen even if the scientist is honest. It is human nature. I would be more likely to support solutions that are creative in nature rather than destructive. A new rooftop solar panel that creates hydrogen for your car and electricity for your house. Compare that to shutting down power plants or taxing our energy use. Those take away from us or destroy our economy. Creative or constructive versus destructive solutions. If we are going to solve a problem that we can’t really PROVE is real, we must do it my making what we do better rather than taxing or outlawing the energy and technology we all depend on.

    • Ken… some stars indeed do supernova. Most do not. We know some stars supernova because they are observed to do so. So… if the model does not predict some stars trending toward supernova then it is the model that is faulty… because we observe in reality that some stars supernova.

      That doesn’t negate your main point that garbage data will produce garbage results and that models are limited in their usefulness. Certainly that is correct.

      Regarding whether global warming is true, it depends on what you mean by “global warming”. If one means that the globe has been in a warming trend for the last few thousand years. The answer to that is yes. The Globe has been warming and we see evidence that New York was once under a glacier and we observe today that it is not under a glacier. Thus, ipso facto, it got warmer sufficiently to melt the glacier for some reason.

      BUT if you mean MAN MADE global warming, then that is questionable. Certainly Man is doing things that create warmer local conditions. All one need do to prove this to oneself is to take a temperature reading downtown and have your wife take a temperature reading twenty miles outside of the city. Call her on your cell phone and ask her what her reading is at the same time you take your reading. Chances are you will see a 5 degree difference (give or take). 20 miles is a very short difference for such a temperature difference. Why does it happen? It has to do with the man-made objects found in cities…. like roads, sidewalks and buildings. That makes a significant local difference.

      But do many man-made LOCAL temperature differences add up to a significant GLOBAL difference? From what I see it makes a slight difference. I’m not sure it makes a significant difference and even if that slight difference is significant, I don’t see how we could reduce that slight difference without going back to pastures, horse-drawn wagons and sailing ships. Since that will NOT happen, we should concentrate on mitigating whatever changes we anticipate with climate change… like issuing everyone a window air conditioner unit (as an example). It would be cheaper than doing things that will cost a lot of money and won’t help.

  26. Yes it is the supernova model that is faulty. That was my point. I am saying I don’t trust the reliability of the “man mad” global warming model either.

    Out of curiosity, are you suggesting free air conditioners for everyone would “fix” global warming?