Nine Mile Farm to be Featured in a Great Documentary — 3 Comments

  1. We has a farm in Illinois since 1849/51, but recently sold it… darn! A three brick thick house on a road by our last name, that kind of home stead farm was a neat one that my German forefathers were given for their switching sides during the revolution. I’d love to see your expose’ once you have it finished! Let me know how I can help, I don’t have a job as yet so donating may be a stretch but I;ll see what I can do. God bless your efforts!

  2. Can’t wait to see this. Loved yours about Duck farm. Great to see these skill never go away. Past small farm started out in 1978. An Old run down Farm in Nichewaug. A Town that no longer exist, due to reservoir built for Boston.  Now part of Petersham MA. Town of 1200.  Our family grew up on our farm and we were there until 2005. While our sons didn’t wish to own the old place. 1815. One son built close by and does have chicken & goats. Our other son went to college in Boston and became computer engineer. The tide has turned for him however. He has purchased off grid 15 acres in LaGrange CA. He is starting a farm. So glad the joy of growing up on the farm we had, has them both carrying that on. I have turned Jesse on to you. I told him your site the best for info and more.