Episode-1583- Galen Chadwick on the Farm Resettlement Congress — 48 Comments

  1. If a young smith owns his business and turns out to be a miscrient or unwanted then his property becomes transferable….

    That sounds pretty socialist. If I own my land, I don’t care if you think I am an asshole and should leave. Its mine… Check the sign on the front lawn.

    • I think that is A WAY a system could work not THE WAY a system would work. I think every group runs their shit their way.

    • Also Ron how did young Smith get the land, I think this infers that the group helped him get it, he agreed to certain terms for this assistance then failed to meet those terms. Seems a better deal than you get from a bank.

    • The land is given to you as a life lease. In that, you have responsibilities to take care of the land, ethically, along with your neighbors. Each Congress will have some changes of rules pending on what the people want in that congress.
      But, If that young smith, starts using chemicals on the land, they have broken the contract and is then forfeited that right to live on the land. If that young smith raped a young girl, then, being kicked off the land is probably the least of his worries.
      There is really no signs on the front lawn, we will be living as a community, helping each other when others needs help. Eating together/sharing meals, getting to know each other in the community. If you are not a game player in any of these ways, Then living on FRC land might not be for you.

  2. I am a land steward, farmer and permaculture teacher and practitioner. I have been waiting a couple of decades to see something like the FRC hit the horizon. This movement got great traction with me and others in my community. As a result we are creating the Kaw Valley Resettlement Congress, a watershed form Manhattan to Kansas City Kansas. Galen is something else… a pied piper

  3. Great podcast and interview with lots of good stuff to ponder! It’s always heartening to hear from someone who’s out there getting good things done.

  4. We are hungry for answers, for action, for integrity. Galen has brought all of the above to us. Farm Resettlement Congress is a framework for community creation.
    It is a coming together of like-minded folk who, like Steve Moring said, honor their land and talents as stewards. I am IN!

  5. Mr. Chadwick speaks to the deepest truth in humanity – our innate search for meaning. I am happy to hear someone dig down to our inner core and offer a way to be human in the truest sense. He mentioned Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” (he mistakenly called it something else, but no matter). Mr. Frankl was a young man interned in the camps in Nazi Germany who was a keen observer. Ultimately he concluded that we lose our “humaness” and even our will to live when we don’t have a meaning (purpose) in life. i think that says just about everything and we need no more than that to understand what ails us. Thanks Jack for having this guest – I know he is a little outside the realm of your listener but he was profound and mind-enhancing.

  6. Listening to this podcast just reminds me of how the REAL divide is not ‘right vs. left’ or ‘black vs. white’ etc., but between those who are mentally switched on, and those who are not at all. On virtually every level, if you met Mr. Chadwick and me in person, you would assume that we are complete opposites of one another.
    Some of his approaches may not be the same that I would do, but there is absolutely no difference as to what he identifies as the problem, and what the end result should look like when the problem is fixed.

    Very interesting interview.

    • USCPrepper… your comment hits the bullseye, so far as where the real traction, and real solutions will be found.

      Hammering out the points we AGREE on is where it all starts. American “corporate” media, focuses on what folks DON’T agree on… creating fears and divisions is how the “divide and conquer” system of status quo operates. It has worked very well thus far… but folks are waking up…

  7. Jack, thank you so much for having Galen on the show. I am so pleased to see his message reach your audience.

    When I started listening back in the “Another day another dollar” days, I was already on the path you promote, but over the years your contribution has been substantial. My experiences in community activism had left me with the belief that anything involving human beings was doomed to failure, and I am only partially kidding. I decided that my path should be to get my own life in order first, build the homestead I had put off for over 30 years, and secure my own needs so that I could then be in a position to help others.

    About halfway to that goal, Galen showed up and began pouring his heart into our community. His message has stirred my spirit at a deep level, and his plan has inspired me back onto the path of working with other (awesome) people to champion a great cause. “You can’t stop an idea whose time has come” seems very appropriate here. I am very excited and enthusiast about the Farm Resettlement Congress, and invite all interested listeners to make contact with this young but energized and growing group. Right now it seems that the Facebook page might be the best venue for that.

    There is an opportunity to meet Galen and hear him speak on June 6 for anyone in the eastern Kansas area. Click on my name for details on that.

  8. Estrogen Overdose, Not Spirituality – Episode 1583

    This is in response to Episode 1583-Galen Chadwick on the Farm Resettlement Congress.

    Besides going on “buzzword overload,” main reason for my response is the “Pastures of Plenty” “gospel” being preached by the monk, Chadwick; specifically its “Earthnocentrism” – when that is not the adhyatmik message of the tradition he claims. Chadwick is a monk or swami in a tradition of Advaita Vedanta, which is a non-dualist approach. Advaita teaches that if you can “name it,” it isn’t real. Why then am I feeling his utopian collectivist leanings so deeply? In our time we have a problem distinguishing with clarity between collectivism and community; although the two are as radically different as Marxism and Free Market economics.

    The Mosaic Law illuminated by the Rabbinic teachings gives the key. How does a man order his duty? First, to God. Second, to his family. Third, to his neighbors. If he is neglecting his duty to his family with the excuse of serving his neighbors; then he has placed the burden of their care upon the backs of others. He is engaged in a subtle form of plunder. The family is the essential unit.

    “Big Mama” has “shaken her back” eleven times according to the geological record. Why is it we acknowledge so little of this disharmonious dark side of mother nature?; the eleven mass extinctions?
    Little more than two hundred years into a technological culture, a prominent scientist has set the high bar standard for a civilized culture to be the ability and will to “lift off” the entire population during a geological or stellar “mass extinction event”; to be able to hover in safety or even relocate to another planetary body if necessary. That may seem far distant from my organic garden or the market where I sell my produce, but this goes to mindset.
    In Hinduism, Earth is a very minor goddess; much as the elements wind, fire, air, are also gods. Realize Hinduism is very generous with the title; i.e., your high school math teacher is your guru, and is thereby also brought to the threshold of deity by way of being a teacher.

    So, Jack, I’m the karma dog biting Chadwick’s ankle on this not being a Hindu approach. Maybe New Age; maybe American Indian; not East Indian. And why is this even important? The road to prosperity is an individual road. To avoid the refining process of individual development and the necessary steps to personal success in lieu of seeking community (collectivist) participation is to figuratively remain in adolescence. When you go to community thus empty you leave empty as well.
    Other than that spin, I agree with much of what your guest shared, Jack.
    Maybe my point is too subtle? Hope not. But if so, review:


    • “Estrogen Overdose, Not Spirituality”?
      I believe your titration conclusion is off. If you’re going to deconstruct so much, you’ll need to define what you intend by 1) estrogen, and 2) spirituality. The above quips don’t currently support your summary heading.

      • Very easy to mistake an over abundance of the “Yin” principle; i.e., relationships-connectivity between people, as being spiritual. Ken Wilburn gave a talk which is currently hosted on a website where he is speaking of the four or five states of being-awareness-consciousness. Spirituality in that sense means transcending the carnal material “man”, moving from that awareness, into a state of knowing where one realizes, yes, it’s always been there. So, primarily spirituality = transcendence. * * * The trigger for me, semantics. Too much invoking of “for the Earth”. Felt like was at a Greg Braden lecture of the 1980’s. Juxtapose that to the Hindu monk/swami status; the actual name of “Hinduism” is sanatana dharma, the eternal duty. Stewardship to the Earth would not top that list, although it would be on it. Did you try the link, watch it? I am actually very supportive of Chadwick’s program while being critical of it. The rub boils down to the issue of Individual versus Collective. I would lean toward mentoring and growing strong individuals and de-emphasize utopian collectivist constructs.

        • Spirkodamas Say, “If this cup you do not enjoy, then the universe’s suggestion for you is, find a different cup of tea.”

          How is that for spiritual!

  9. It is a fascinating journey in life… in trying to arrive at the simple solutions for problems in life, without over analyzing the stream of ideas and language used to express those ideas.

    Galen Chadwick seems to be doing what human beings do… using the language of his INDIVIDUAL experience, to describe ideas and solutions to to a set of problems, that most of us can agree are problems. I don’t hear him saying “THIS is the solution!” so much as I hear him saying if we remove the constrictions of our “beliefs”, and can be open to not getting hung up on EXACT words, but hammer out workable solutions together on the things we agree on, we can go far towards creating the local conditions necessary to live in a way, that many of us that are older, have a recollection of from our earlier lives.

    I don’t think Galen is hung up on these ideas being articulated using his words. I think he is focused on a truth, that will be a rude awakening to the majority of Americans… “they” are not coming to help.

    The established societal institutions CAN’T help… they have been co-opted and shifted into being the engines of learned helplessness, and decimated the underpinnings of towns and neighborhoods that many of us saw working well, when we were kids… in a time before our country had been economically clear-cut.

  10. This episode makes me think of Paul Wheaton… Instead of spending energy being angry at bad people, spend energy doing, constructing, and building better things; and infectiously encourage others. You can choose to spend time quibbling over this and that & this and that, but when it comes to the do-ocracy you either do or do not.

  11. “Non-dual is as non-dual does.”

    Philosophical placque aside, we are all still growing, all still learning. The goal is to seek understanding and self mastery over our minds and find ways to demonstrate that mastery with practicable action. Its time to join Eastern wisdom with Western activism. Social justice begins- not ends- with universal compassion. A deep commitment to a shared and peaceful future lights an inner fire, a karmic fire, that will come to test us in every way. If so, then let it begin with a personal consecration to a path of non violence, and with a vow to serve this small wayside planet with all our heart. Dirt under the nails now counts more; mere education and/or piety alone is insufficient to face the challenge.

    Humanity is crying for the awakening of a love that spreads with its own demonstration, spreads faster than Empire can corrupt, faster than Big Religion can de-fine. The hot-diggetty blasphemy vine of globalized “Free Trade” is failing; and is not fooling most people, most of the time. Tipping points in history are brief; how things turn out means what we do with our time is of the essence. Otherwise, we’re toast.

    Non-dual, or participatory, consciousness is beyond words. At some point, we must recognize that all forms of language amount to sonic trance induction; spoken and written words function precisely to the extent they underdetermine meaning. A subtle Cartesianism permeates every discussion, even when we are fully aligned in feeling and intent. Little wonder, then, how we so often mistake the map for the territory.

    If the ultimate purpose of a belief system is to inspire people to love each other, to live together in peace, then the history of this approach is the history of our failure. Withal, this planet burns and we find ourselves a species in full swarm with no shared vision of a better future. Much less a Plan to fix it. Enter the Farm Resettlement Congress. The 20 Year plan to restore food and energy security is the first baby step towards addressing a failed modality of human consciousness, now global.

    To me, this means we must work together as never before, play together, reason together and rebuild human scale communities worthy of the name. Food and seed freedom means, for starters, forgetting personal selfishness in order to broaden our minds more and more. Our future depends upon divorcing ourselves completely, yet responsibly, from every technology and power that is destroying this planet.

    When geopolitical push comes to shove, the proof of self realization will not be measured by the ideas in our head, but how many people we can feed and for how long. It’s loaves and fishes time, folks. Walk the talk time. If we can’t independently feed ourselves in health and harmony within natural law, what possible human perspective can be claimed to represent dimensions more sublime?

    I think all of us want to see a little less talk and a lot more action. That said, let’s do good, do big things, start up local congresses everywhere, take good care of the local wateshed we live in, and stay in touch.

    Oh yes. I appreciate all these excellent exchanges and perspectives. Alas, I live mostly off-grid, so my participation may not be so frequent. May this unique and intelligent webite prosper in every way!

    • Galen, if my critique evoked this response, then it was well worth the effort. I emphasize once more the chasm between collective and community. Maybe a discussion for another time. The FRC is an idea whose time has come! Blessing and success follow your footsteps.

  12. Early n the podcast Galen mentioned the statistic re: Veteran suicide being 22/day. Additional research of this to find the actual numbers are between 18-22/day. I was completely floored by this statistic. I had never heard this before, I mean WTF!!! I can’t believe that this statistic is out there and we as a country are not bringing every resource to resolve this. I also found interest in Jacks comments re: Patriotism, Americanism, and Apple Pie and ones support or lack of for our current military troop deployments around the world. I am so pissed off about this suicide statistic, I am of the mind that every member of our current congress and Exec Brach should be brought to charges of involuntary manslaughter of our self inflicted troop losses. I’m sure some will disagree but I just have to vent today.

    • Exactly these guys have killed themselves at rates that exceed combat deaths and on one cares.

      Now say we should stay out of these wars and you are accused of being a commie, a liberal, a troop basher, a hater, etc. But do you think all those people have a clue about this?

      Then think about this, to kill yourself you have to be bad off. It isn’t a dip switch, it isn’t kill myself or don’t, it is, no way, then depression, then serious depression, then contemplation, then rationalization, then do it or don’t for many. And I am sure that there are a thousand shades in there I can’t even imagine myself.

      Going out on a limb I would say it would be fair to say that for every 20 people truly fucked up by this “service” they are part of, say 1 kills themselves. So multiply 22×20=220

      That is likely the number of people a day who are released from service and are seriously fucked up in the head by it. They end up anywhere from in gutters drunk, to in jail cells, to in programs, to some that do okay in life.

      This is why I get so pissed at the bullshit outrage feigned by the so called “patriots” not to mention the self absorbed smug assholes who say the troops are baby killers, etc. I would like to lock both groups in a room together and see what happens on some days.

      • How is it possible to actually hold the ruling class criminally response when they obey no law and work in unison with courts? Its the division of we the people that keeps them from being held responsible. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

        • And we have a winner, of a game no one likes winning!

          You have it dead cold we are NOT going to hold those responsible as such in any meaningful way.

          What we can do is fix what they have fucked up, that is indeed all we can do.

        • @Scott –
          I think the issue with the thinking is the idea of holding them ‘criminally responsible’.

          If the politicians are my lackys, I make the laws.. and therefore the courts and police work for me.

          Therefore, nothing I do can be ‘illegal’.

          The issue IMO is not illegality.. it’s immorality. Not in a ‘religious’ sense.. in a human sense.

          This is where your beliefs about WHAT IS MORAL become the most important things. Followed by ‘how can I ensure that MY ACTIONS are in accordance with my morals.. and ensure that I’m not contributing directly or indirectly to actions that I feel are immoral’.

          (Jack is going to laugh at me again, because many people are going to interpret this as a ‘republican’ argument..)

          To end on a more entertaining note:

          Some Greek colonies held a vote once a year for the citizen that should be executed or banished.

          A lot of years, there was no vote.

          But OCCASIONALLY.. someone got the ax or the boot. If nothing else, I’m sure it kept the powerful on their toes. 😉

          (Yes.. I know this is tyranny of the mob..but.. makes ya think!)

        • @Insidious

          Funny how nowadays not even for a second would I interpret as what you’re saying as “republican”, but I see your point.

          The reality is we need, as people, to do what is RIGHT. When I see what has gone on around us, we’re lacking principle and we’re lacking future vision beyond “wouldn’t it be cool if XYZ technology”. Life isn’t always about making things easy. The reality is making things easy often times pushes problems under the rug until they’re so UNeasy to fix. I think we’re there today.

          I’m going to relisten to this podcast again because I enjoyed it so much.

  13. What an episode, wow!

    This puts to words so much of what I feel and have discovered for my self. Rudolph Steiner outlined in one of his books the missing spiritual component of the modern industrial slavery. The next iteration of mass slavery will in fact coopt much of this and include spiritually and better food. Look how they coopted no till farming.. What ever comes in the future I hope that people are never content to accept duality. It kills ones spirit. From what I gather the human domesticators are planning to thin the herd. That is why there is no person talking of a peaceful future with plenty. Its a strange morality they have. If they let you know that they are going to kill, then in some twisted way they are not responsible for their actions. There are so many things write on the subject I’ll leave it at that.

    Most people will not get out of harms way because they are so vested in the system their entire life would have to change to something they have no known. Fear is a big motivator to stay in the fence that does not exist. As a person who began to live a spiritual life first I can tell you its not easy, but the grass is far taller and greener on the other side of the hedge. I let the bank have everything back and started with some land and some Lawton video . I still work, but for my self and only 20 hours a month to meet our needs. Its good and I can now see a future where I will not need to leave the land to have what I need. There fruit and but trees are beginning to produce and the problem is not production, but making use of or preserving everything. I can’t tell you how alive I feel now. Every day brings a new challenge and I never have to do the same remedial task endlessly to make someone else rich. My production is mine alone. Mine.. That is often summed up as radical peaceful non compliance. If most people could just understand the power of that it would change the world. Everyone knows something is wrong, but they have no way to put it to words, no knowledge of history or the power that IS theirs. If only they would stop mindlessly complying. Sigh, I just don’t see the masses ever getting out of the line going to the milking shed for their sweet feed grain.. Perhaps, though the only freedom left is because the masses are so eagerly milked and blead that there is no need to kill those who push through the hedge of the unknown?

  14. Self mastery really is a noble persuit. Its a life long task I think. Without mastering our selves the world will continue to reflect the state of our inner being; a real selfish mess. I believe that to reach and teach the world requires first to master our own lives and to be able to feed our self. Society makes it out to be so impossible to produce enough food for your self, and even go so far as to say its a selfish stupid thing to desire. However, until we can do this we ARE children. Once we produce enough calories then we can trade with others to gain variety and fellowship. Its is then that we can show another option for living. I have had people say they could never dig in the dirt all day, but when I tell them how many days a year I work vs their hours worked then I see the gears working it their head. When they realize what they could do with that much time then they get it, but then the house payment and toy payments and life of luxary goods quickly seends them back to work. Its just not bad enough yet. Its not time. For me the need to live a meaningful life was enough, but most people are so very materialistic and educated…

  15. Great episode, great guest. I was a little worried that he would head off into what Paul Wheaton would call purple or woo-woo, and he did a little, but all the rest of his dialog was so obviously intelligent and well thought out that it impressed me enough to trust the whole at least far enough to deserve further research.

    • It didn’t take me long to realize this guy is NOT full of bs. The amount of “we must take responsibility for ourselves” mantra gives it away.

      I have completely dyed myself in the permaculture prime directive. “The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children. Make it now”.

  16. I absolutely loved this podcast. This is definitely not a newbie podcast, but its one of the reasons I keep coming back.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard you (Jack) speak so little in a podcast. What is so unbelievably hilarious is how much Galen summed up so much of the topics we’ve all gone over in the last year or so.

  17. This is excellent to hear. I am a young fellow that is a part of this Farm Resettlement Congress movement and I feel it is a highly prioritized beneficial alternative plan. No one else has a plan. This plan simply includes making agriculture a crucial priority and getting back to the land as we the people to feed ourselves and to in a science grow up together. If you can’t sustain yourself by default you are an adolescent because you are relying on others to provide for you. Let’s make a move together to retain and utilize the little healthy soil we have as more unhealthy soil is being marketed and ruining our land, food, thus ourselves. Let’s make health a priority. Let’s do this and do this strong, hard, and fast together. NOW while the opportunity is here. Thank you. Bless all!

  18. This was great to hear. We the people can rise to make a difference and feed ourselves. I would love to hear more in the future.


    Matt Hitt – Pond Fork Creek to Bull Shoals Lake Watershed

  19. Spirituality is as Spirituality does.
    Let us come together with visions of a self governing, self sustaining, loving, working future.
    The time is now!
    If not now when?!
    Change is the only constant so let us allow
    Change into which ways we prefer base on the 3 relationships of Health. Health with our creator/source, Health with Mother Earth, and Health with each other. It’s simple as Galen has explained. Unless we are big enough to feed ourselves, we are adolescents and part of the problem. Let’s feed ourselves, get back to the land and self governance.

    Steven Turner of Osage River Watershed/ White Bloodcell Congress

  20. This is the best episode yet. Big thanks to Galan for making our dream manifest. I’m in! See you all Solstice.

    Love & Peace,
    River at Bryant Creek Watershed

  21. When dualism is planted instead of food for our neighbors and when economy is a stacked deck against We the PEOPLE the definition of civility crumbles from the top down. RELATIONSHIP is a key to the crisis we as humanity face presently and have no doubt, we are in crisis. The moment the grid falls and /or the trucks stop running the “citizenry” are all sitting on about 2-3 days worth of food on their grocery store shelves… you can imagine the strife and unrest that a reality like this offers. The land is presently being mismanaged and the true stewards have to show up. Look up the root meaning of “education”. The FRC offers the only plan out there while the forests are being clear cut and poisons are being sprayed across the only land we have. The solution is relationship and that can be broken down into 3 simple parts. 1) Our relationship to source /creator. 2) Our relationship to each other in community / family / tribe. 3) Our relationship to our planet. Simply, we did not come to this planet, we came from it.
    Education: derives from the Latin word educare, which means “to lead out”. In other words extroversion. It is not leading people inward, which is where the real learning is done. It is a misguided idea of knowledge and wisdom. If we don’t love our self how can we possibly know how to begin to love another? If we can’t feed our self then how can we begin to know how to feed another? If we haven’t learned how to conduct our own universe then how is it that we hold any real authority in how another universe “should” be run. To be true to the self we must first know a self.